Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
12/08/2004 Efficiency Review of the Mansfield, Ohio, Main Post Office Audit Reports NO-AR-05-004
11/02/2004 Beach Haven, New Jersey, Post Office Audit Reports CA-OT-05-002
09/30/2004 Lessor Maintenance Enforcement Audit Reports CA-MA-04-006
07/09/2004 Walsh Memo - Regarding Arlington VA Main Post Office Audit Reports CA-OT-04-002
03/31/2004 Management Advisory - Contract Management for the Curseen-Morris Facility Cleanup and Modification Audit Reports CA-MA-04-003
02/24/2004 Network Integration and Alignment Audit Reports NO-AR-04-005
01/09/2004 Realty Asset Management Program Audit Reports CA-MA-04-002
09/30/2003 Management of Facility Lease Program Audit Reports CA-MA-03-009
09/30/2003 Inventory Management - Maintenance Stockrooms Audit Reports AC-AR-03-007
06/30/2003 Facility Conditions at the Groton, Connecticut, Main Post Office Audit Reports LH-AR-03-010
03/28/2003 Inventory Management and Maintenance Repair Operations Audit Reports AC-AR-03-004
03/26/2002 Facilities Database Application Development Review Audit Reports EM-AR-02-003
09/28/2001 Transition Planning for the Priority Mail Processing Center Network Audit Reports MK-AR-01-003
05/04/2001 Mail Transport Equipment Service Center Decision Analysis Audit Reports TR-AR-01-003
09/29/2000 Review of Postal Service Major Construction Contracting Process Audit Reports FA-AR-00-004
09/29/2000 Deviations from Postal Relocation Policy Audit Reports FT-AR-00-005
09/28/2000 Audit of New Construction Owned Audit Reports FA-AR-00-003
06/15/2000 Disposal of Chicago Post Office Audit Reports FA-LA-00-002
02/29/2000 Roofing Product at United States Postal Facilities Audit Reports FA-MA-00-002
01/24/2000 Asbestos Abatement at United States Postal Service Fascilities Audit Reports FA-MA-00-001


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