Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
06/07/2010 Benchmarking Best Practices with Presort Bureaus Audit Reports EN-MA-10-004
06/01/2010 Facilities Optimization - Controls Over the Selling of Assets Audit Reports DA-AR-10-004
05/04/2010 Des Moines Network Distribution Center Congressional Request Audit Reports EN-MA-10-003
03/31/2010 Color-Coding of Standard Mail and Mail Condition Reporting at the Albany Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-10-005
02/26/2010 Capital Metro Area Reducing Pieces at Risk Audit Reports DA-AR-10-001
01/11/2010 Excess Mail Processing Equipment in the Portland District Audit Reports EN-AR-10-002
12/16/2008 Maintenance Facility Repairs Audit Reports SA-AR-09-002
09/17/2008 Mojave Post Office Facility Consolidation Audit Reports EN-AR-08-006
08/18/2008 Regatta Annex Lease Audit Reports SA-AR-08-011
08/07/2008 Equipment Maintenance in the Fort Worth District Audit Reports DA-AR-08-009
07/23/2008 Leased Facility Maintenance Responsibility in the Great Lakes Area Audit Reports SA-AR-08-008
06/17/2008 Location of Southeast Area Office Space Audit Reports SA-MA-08-002
04/09/2008 Facilities Energy Management Strategy Audit Reports DA-AR-08-004
03/21/2008 Use of Existing Postal-Owned Space - Capping Audit Reports SA-AR-08-007
03/03/2008 Postal Service Facilities Single Source Provider System Audit Reports SA-AR-08-004
11/09/2007 Use of Existing Postal-Owned Space in the New York Metro Area Audit Reports SA-AR-08-002
09/27/2007 Use of Existing Postal-Owned Space in the Southeast Area Audit Reports SA-AR-07-006
09/26/2007 Priority Mail Hub Operations in Plano, Texas Audit Reports NO-AR-07-011
09/13/2007 St. Louis Equipment Maintenance and Waste Disposal Audit Reports DA-MA-07-002
07/31/2007 Great Lakes Facilities Service Office Use of the Parsons Indefinite Quantity Contract Audit Reports CA-MA-07-004


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