Datesort ascending Document Title Type Report Number
08/03/2012 Efficiency Review of the Los Angeles Network Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-12-007
07/12/2012 Cost of Appeals for Closing Retail Facilities Audit Reports CI-AR-12-005
07/09/2012 Postal Service Contributions to National Infrastructure White Papers RARC-WP-12-012
07/03/2012 Frederick, MD to Baltimore, MD Area Mail Processing Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-12-006
06/05/2012 City Delivery - Street Efficiency San Diego District Audit Reports DR-AR-12-001
06/05/2012 Efficiency Review of the Cleveland, OH Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-12-005
05/25/2012 Survey of Postmasters' Paperwork and Reporting Requirements Audit Reports DR-MA-12-001
04/27/2012 Assessment of Overall Plant Efficiency 2012 Audit Reports NO-MA-12-001
03/22/2012 Cancelled Postage Statements St. Paul, MN Business Mail Entry Unit Audit Reports EN-MA-12-001
03/06/2012 Oxnard, CA Processing and Distribution Facility Designating Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-12-004
02/28/2012 Standardization of Integrated Mail Handling System Loaders at Network Distribution Centers Audit Reports NL-AR-12-002
02/09/2012 21st Century Post Office - Opportunities to Share Excess Resources Audit Reports DA-MA-12-003
12/19/2011 Integrating Sustainable Energy in Facilities Audit Reports DA-MA-12-001
08/26/2011 Nationwide Facility Optimization Audit Reports DA-AR-11-009
07/29/2011 Oshkosh, WI Processing and Distribution Facility Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-11-006
07/20/2011 University Station, Eugene, OR Consolidation Audit Reports EN-AR-11-007
07/06/2011 A Strategy for a Future Mail Processing & Transportation Network White Papers RARC-WP-11-006
06/17/2011 Internal Controls Over Facility Rental Income Audit Reports DA-MA-11-003
06/09/2011 Barriers to Retail Network Optimization White Papers RARC-WP-11-005
05/20/2011 Follow-Up on the Assessment of Overall Plant Efficiency 2011 Audit Reports NO-MA-11-004


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