Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/28/2012 Timeliness of Mail Processing in Processing and Distribution Centers Audit Reports NO-AR-12-010
10/11/2012 Delivery Operations Data Usage Audit Reports DR-AR-13-001
12/06/2012 Delivery Unit Optimization Initiative Audit Reports MS-AR-13-001
02/06/2013 Fiscal Year 2012 Financial Testing Compliance Oversight Business Mail Entry Unit/Staged Detached Mail Unit Reviews Audit Reports FT-MA-13-006
02/08/2013 A Possible Pilot Collaboration between Rural Telecom Providers and the Postal Service OIG Briefs RARC-IB-13-001
02/12/2013 Hybrid Mail Efforts Audit Reports SM-MA-13-004
02/19/2013 Statistical Tests for Fiscal Year 2012 Audit Reports FT-MA-13-009
03/21/2013 Military Mail Reimbursements Audit Reports MS-AR-13-006
03/21/2013 Lessons Learned from Retail Network Optimization Initiatives Audit Reports DR-MA-13-001
03/27/2013 Lessons Learned from Mail Processing Network Rationalization Initiatives Audit Reports NO-MA-13-004
03/29/2013 Postal Service Performance During the Fiscal Year 2013 Fall Mailing Season Audit Reports NO-AR-13-002
05/06/2013 U.S. Postal Service Parcel Delivery Lockers Audit Reports DR-MA-13-002
05/24/2013 City Delivery - Street Efficiency Southern, Pacific, and Western Areas Audit Reports DR-AR-13-004
06/18/2013 Postal Service Management of Closed Post Office Boxes Audit Reports DP-AR-13-007
08/07/2013 Modified Altoona, PA Originating and Destinating Area Mail Processing Package Audit Reports NO-MA-13-006
08/16/2013 Efficiency Review of the Atlanta Network Distribution Center – Processing and Transportation Audit Reports NO-AR-13-005
09/26/2013 Assessment of Overall Plant Efficiency 2013 Audit Reports NO-MA-13-007
09/30/2013 Altoona, PA Originating and Destinating Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-13-010
09/30/2013 Timeliness of Mail Processing at the Hartford, CT Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-13-009
12/11/2013 Readiness for Package Growth - Delivery Operations Audit Reports DR-MA-14-001


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