Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
03/31/2011 Lima, OH to Toledo, OH Area Mail Processing Consolidation Audit Reports EN-AR-11-004
06/29/2011 Mail Volume Measurement for City Delivery Carriers - Greater Indiana District Audit Reports DR-AR-11-005
07/06/2011 A Strategy for a Future Mail Processing and Transportation Network Audit Reports RARC-WP-11-006
07/07/2011 Modes of Delivery Audit Reports DR-AR-11-006
07/19/2011 National Assessment of City Delivery Efficiency 2011 - Office Performance Audit Reports DR-MA-11-002
09/13/2011 Timely Processing of Mail at the Richmond, VA Processing and Distribution Center Audit Reports NO-AR-11-008
09/22/2011 Retail and Delivery: Decoupling Could Improve Service and Lower Costs White Papers RARC-WP-11-009
09/26/2011 Follow-up on City Delivery Standard Operating Procedures Audit Reports DR-AR-11-007
10/04/2011 Standardization of Mail Processing Equipment at Processing and Distribution Centers Audit Reports NO-AR-12-001
10/06/2011 Flint, MI Processing and Distribution Consolidation Audit Reports EN-AR-12-001
11/28/2011 Alaska Bypass: Beyond Its Original Purpose White Papers RARC-WP-12-005
01/09/2012 U.S. Postal Service Past Network Optimization Initiatives Audit Reports CI-AR-12-003
01/12/2012 Mail Verification Procedures at Detached Mail Units Audit Reports MS-AR-12-002
01/20/2012 Consolidation of Mail Processing Operations at the Mansfield, OH Customer Service Mail Processing Center Audit Reports NO-AR-12-003
06/25/2012 Service Performance Measurement Data - Commercial Mail Audit Reports CRR-AR-12-005
08/24/2012 City Delivery Route Optimization Pilot Initiative Audit Reports DR-MA-12-002
08/24/2012 City Delivery Staffing Audit Reports DR-AR-12-006
09/10/2012 A Framework for Delivery Network Optimization White Papers RARC-WP-12-015
09/28/2012 City Delivery Operations - Brick Main Post Office Audit Reports DR-MA-12-004
09/28/2012 City Delivery Operations-Lancaster Carrier Annex Audit Reports DR-MA-12-003


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