Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
04/28/2015 Customer Service Operations Efficiency - Chicago District Audit Reports MS-AR-15-005
06/11/2015 Customer Care Centers Audit Reports MS-AR-15-006
12/01/2015 U.S. Postal Service Mail Recovery Center Audit Report Audit Reports MS-AR-16-001
02/26/2016 Management Alert - Capital and Northern Virginia District Courier Service Audit Reports MS-MT-16-002
04/13/2016 Function 4 Customer Service-Connecticut Valley District Audit Reports MS-AR-16-002
07/14/2016 Delivery and Customer Service Operations - Austin-McNeil Station Audit Reports DR-AR-16-006
08/25/2016 Customer Service Operations in the Capital and Northern Virginia Districts Audit Reports MS-AR-16-007
09/23/2016 Omaha, NE, Processing and Distribution Center Customer Service Performance Audit Reports NO-AR-16-011
12/08/2016 Function 4 Efficiency in the Colorado/ Wyoming District Audit Reports MS-AR-17-001
04/03/2017 Function 4 Efficiency in the Greater Boston District Audit Reports MS-AR-17-005
04/20/2017 Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Bronx, NY Audit Reports DR-AR-17-004
08/28/2017 Postal Customer Satisfaction: A Primer of Four Surveys White Papers RARC-WP-17-010
12/13/2017 Delivering the Best Customer Experience White Papers RARC-WP-18-003
08/20/2018 Improving the Customer Experience with USPS Customer Care Centers White Papers RARC-WP-18-012
09/28/2018 Customer Retail Experience Audit Reports SAT-AR-18-001
11/02/2018 U.S. Postal Service Customer Service for Non-English-Speaking Customers Audit Reports MS-AR-19-001
12/12/2019 National Operational Assessment – Customer Service and Delivery Operations Audit Reports 19RG002DR000-R20
05/06/2020 Reevaluating the Universal Service Obligation White Papers RISC-WP-20-004
05/19/2020 Mail Delivery and Customer Service Operations – New Orleans Central Carrier Station, New Orleans, LA Audit Reports 20-189-R20


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