Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
05/10/2011 Simplified Address Mail - An Easier Way Audit Reports RARC-WP-11-004
09/06/2011 Service Performance Measurement Data - Commercial Mail Audit Reports CRR-AR-11-003
09/07/2011 Postal Service Performance During the 2010 Fall Mailing Season Audit Reports NO-AR-11-007
12/28/2011 Expedited Packaging Supplies Program Audit Reports FI-AR-12-001
06/19/2012 Carrier Contributions to Revenue Generation and Customer Service Audit Reports MS-AR-12-005
08/17/2012 Efficiency of Customer Service Operations Audit Reports EN-AR-12-003
09/10/2012 Customer Complaint Resolution Process Audit Reports MS-AR-12-007
12/17/2012 Customer Service Feedback Audit Report Audit Reports NO-MA-13-001
05/21/2013 What America Wants from the Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-13-009
07/09/2013 Retail Customer Experience Program Audit Reports MS-AR-13-010
08/01/2013 The Postal Service’s Use of Social Media Audit Reports MS-MA-13-003
11/18/2013 Enhancing Mail for Digital Natives White Papers RARC-WP-14-001
02/18/2014 What America Wants and Needs from the Postal Service White Papers RARC-WP-14-009
08/15/2014 eCommerce Customer Registration Audit Reports IT-AR-14-008
09/25/2014 Customer Retention Audit Reports MS-AR-14-008
09/29/2014 The Postal Service Customers of the Future White Papers RARC-WP-14-014
10/17/2014 Management Alert – Retail Customer Service Management Alert Audit Reports MS-MA-15-002
11/17/2014 Guiding Principles for a New Universal Service Obligation White Papers RARC-WP-15-001
02/23/2015 What Postal Services Do People Value the Most? A Quantitative Survey of the Postal Universal Service Obligation White Papers RARC-WP-15-007
04/21/2015 City Delivery and Customer Service Operations – Red Hook Station, NY Audit Reports DR-AR-15-005


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