Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
03/30/1998 Kansas City Fulfillment Services Center Audit Reports RG-MA-98-001
03/31/1999 Performance Audit of the National Change of Address Program Audit Reports DS-AR-99-001
09/10/1999 Mankato Post Office Audit Reports DS-MA-99-006
09/20/1999 Point of Service ONE Audit Reports DA-AR-99-002
04/10/2000 Corporate Call Management Program - Customer Satisfaction Audit Reports DA-MA-00-001
02/25/2002 Critical Factors & Best Practices Managing External First-Class Mail Measurement System Scores Audit Reports TD-AR-02-001
02/28/2002 Factors and Best Practices for Managing External First-Class Mail Measurement System Scores Audit Reports TD-AR-02-001
03/26/2002 eServices Registration Application Development Review Audit Reports EM-AR-02-004
03/27/2002 Postal Service Test, Evaluation and Quality Audit Reports DA-AR-02-004
02/14/2003 Mail Product Supplies Audit Reports AC-AR-03-002
02/25/2003 Management Advisory - Commercial Internet Companies Offering Change-of-Address Services Audit Reports OE-MA-03-003
03/12/2003 Address Change Service Audit Reports TD-AR-03-004
03/19/2003 Delayed Mail - Bridgecreek Station, Wichita Falls, Texas Audit Reports TD-MA-03-002
03/31/2003 Product Tracking System Audit Reports AC-AR-03-005
05/21/2003 Postal Service's Procedures to Validate Change-of-Address Orders Audit Reports OE-MA-03-005
12/18/2003 Managment Advisory - Self Service Platform Audit Reports DA-MA-04-001
04/19/2010 Network Security Assessment of the National Customer Support Center Audit Reports IS-AR-10-007
11/22/2010 Full Service Intelligent Mail Program Customer Satisfaction Audit Reports DA-MA-11-001
03/04/2011 Follow-Up Review of Operations and Service in the Philadelphia Customer Service District Audit Reports NO-MA-11-003
03/30/2011 Retail Customer Service Operations Realignment in the Hawkeye District Audit Reports MS-AR-11-002


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