Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
12/06/2016 Cost Segment 14 - Transportation Audit Reports CP-AR-17-003
12/16/2016 Self- Certification Process for Domestic Competitive Product Negotiated Service Agreements Audit Reports CP-AR-17-004
12/19/2016 International Cost and Revenue Analysis Report Audit Reports CP-AR-17-005
02/08/2017 Lessons in Price Regulation from International Posts White Papers RARC-WP-17-003
03/13/2017 Examining Changes in Postal Product Costs White Papers RARC-WP-17-005
03/22/2017 Cost Segment 3 – Clerks and Mail Handlers Audit Reports CP-AR-17-007
04/24/2017 Fuel Consumption and Cost Risk Mitigation Audit Reports NL-AR-17-004
10/18/2017 Accuracy of In-Office Cost System Data Audit Reports CP-AR-18-001
01/19/2018 Delivery Charge Codes Audit Reports CP-AR-18-002
01/23/2018 Inbound ePackets Cost Attribution Audit Reports CP-AR-18-003
04/20/2018 Inbound International Parcel Volume Variance Audit Reports CP-AR-18-004
07/19/2018 Inbound International Letter Post Performance and Strategies Audit Reports CP-AR-18-005
07/23/2018 Postal Partnerships: The Complex Role of Middlemen and Discounts in the USPS Package Business White Papers RARC-WP-18-010
07/26/2018 Refunds and Voids - Hoffman Estates, IL, Branch Audit Reports FCS-FM-18-022
08/01/2018 Marketing Mail Letters Workshare Discounts Audit Reports CP-AR-18-006
09/25/2018 Use of IMb for First-Class Mail Letters’ Processing Costs Audit Reports CP-AR-18-007
09/25/2018 Electronic Verification System Internal Controls Audit Reports MS-AR-18-006
04/03/2019 Management Operating Data System Errors and Adjustments Audit Reports CP-AR-19-001
09/11/2019 Competitive Products Pricing Best Practices Audit Reports CP-AR-19-003
09/17/2019 Costing Best Practices Audit Reports CP-AR-19-004


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