Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
04/29/2013 Click-N-Ship For Business Audit Reports DP-AR-13-005
04/29/2013 Domestic Negotiated Service Agreements Audit Reports MS-AR-13-007
05/01/2013 Analysis of Postal Price Elasticities White Papers RARC-WP-13-008
08/14/2013 Benchmarking of Costing Methodologies Audit Reports MS-MA-13-004
09/17/2013 Shortpaid Postage – Information-Based Indicia Packages, Southern Area Audit Reports MS-AR-13-011
09/18/2013 Postal Service Purchasing Policies' Impact on Defective Pricing Fraud Cases Audit Reports SM-MA-13-006
01/07/2014 Greenfield Costing Methodology: An Opportunity to Deliver Transformative Change White Papers RARC-WP-14-005
04/30/2014 Cloud Computing Contract Clauses Audit Reports SM-MA-14-005
02/26/2015 Challenges in Controlling Costs with Standard Mail Flats and Periodicals White Papers SM-WP-15-001
05/12/2015 Lease Cost Saving Opportunities – Eastern Area White Papers SM-WP-15-002
10/13/2015 Management Advisory - Management Operating Data System Flat Mail Exceptions Audit Reports CP-MA-16-001
12/08/2015 Electronic Mail Improvement Reporting-Workshare Mail Quality Audit Reports CP-AR-16-001
01/13/2016 Market Dominant Price Adjustment Filings Audit Reports CP-AR-16-003
02/04/2016 Market Dominant Billing Determinants: Special Services Audit Reports CP-AR-16-004
05/25/2016 Strategies for Underwater Market Dominant Products Audit Reports CP-AR-16-005
07/11/2016 Market Dominant Billing Determinants: Standard Mail Audit Reports CP-AR-16-007
08/05/2016 Market Dominant Billing Determinants: Package Services Audit Reports CP-AR-16-009
09/08/2016 Postmaster Cost Segment Audit Reports CP-AR-16-010
10/07/2016 USPS's Delivering Results, Innovation, Value, and Efficiency Program Capping Audit Reports CP-AR-17-001
10/14/2016 Use of Independent Contractor Studies Audit Reports CP-AR-17-002


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