Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
03/31/2006 City Letter Carrier Operations - National Capping Report Audit Reports DR-AR-06-004
06/22/2006 USPS Cost Burdens White Papers MS-WP-06-001
06/22/2006 USPS Cost Burdens Audit Reports MS-WP-06-001
09/27/2006 Capping Report on the Efficiency of the International Records Units Operations Audit Reports NO-AR-06-008
09/29/2006 Postal Service Officers Travel Expense Guidelines Audit Reports FT-WP-06-001
12/05/2006 Postal Service Board of Governors' Travel and Miscellaneous Expenses for Fiscal Year 2006 Audit Reports FT-AR-07-003
12/07/2006 Postal Service Officers- Travel and Representation Expenses for Fiscal Year 2006 Audit Reports FT-AR-07-005
11/08/2007 Review of Postal Service First-Class Permit Reply Mail Audit Reports MS-AR-08-001
12/14/2007 Fiscal Year 2007 Peak Season Fuel Audit Reports FT-AR-08-003
03/31/2008 In-Office Cost System Telephone Readings Audit Reports CRR-AR-08-004
05/27/2008 Private Branch Exchange Systems Audit Reports IS-AR-08-010
07/30/2008 Mgmt of DPS Percentage Increases for City Delivery - SE Area, Atlanta District Audit Reports DR-AR-08-005
08/11/2008 Management Advisory Report - In-Office Cost System Phone Readings Additional Analysis Audit Reports ESS-MA-08-001
09/30/2008 City Letter Carrier Operations Office Time Processes Audit Reports DR-AR-08-013
02/02/2010 Postal Service Officers' Travel and Representation Expenses for FY 2009 Audit Reports FT-AR-10-007
02/08/2010 Postal Service Pricing Policies after PAEA White Papers RARC-WP-10-002
02/09/2010 Plant-Verified Drop Shipment Controls Audit Reports MS-AR-10-001
07/12/2010 Assessment of Worksharing White Papers RARC-WP-10-005
02/09/2011 Compliance With Travel Policies and Opportunities for Cost Savings Audit Reports FF-AR-11-007
02/14/2011 Columbus, GA Customer Service Mail Processing Center Originating Mail Consolidation Audit Reports NO-AR-11-005


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