Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/23/1999 Savings in Rail Detention Costs Audit Reports TR-AR-99-001
12/01/1999 Internal Controls at the Dulles, Virginia, International Records Unit Audit Reports FR-FA-00-008
02/10/2000 Phase 1 Remote Encoding Center Consolidation Audit Reports DA-AR-00-001
02/29/2000 Southwest Area Expenditures for Extra Highway Trips Using Leased Equipment Audit Reports TR-AR-00-005
03/21/2000 Cost Savings Identified in the Use of Calling Cards by Postal Service Employees Audit Reports FA-MA-00-003
06/30/2000 Extra Trip Expenditures at the Dallas Bulk Mail Center Audit Reports TR-AR-00-008
07/25/2001 Bulk Fuel Purchase Plan Audit Reports TR-AR-01-004
09/17/2001 Authorization of Funds for Construction Projects Audit Reports FA-AR-01-001
09/27/2001 National Refrigerant Management Plan Audit Reports FA-AR-01-002
09/23/2002 Costs Associated witht he Hechinger and White Oak Facilities Audit Reports CA-AR-02-003
01/23/2003 Consolidation of the San Francisco Mail Recovery Center Audit Reports OE-MA-03-002
08/20/2003 Postal Inspection Service Resource Allocations for Fiscal Year 2003 Audit Reports SA-AR-03-005
02/26/2004 Use of Reverse Auctions - Headquarters Audit Reports CA-AR-04-001
06/17/2004 District Consolidations in Eastern, NE, and Pacific Areas Audit Reports ST-OT-04-001
10/25/2004 Reports Distribution Audit Reports IS-AR-05-001
12/21/2004 Automated Postal Center Program Management Audit Reports CA-AR-05-001
11/16/2005 Postal Service Officers Travel and Representation Expenses for Fiscal Year 2005 Audit Reports FT-AR-06-003
02/08/2006 City Letter Carrier Operations - Detroit District Audit Reports DR-AR-06-002
03/20/2006 Cost Reduction Programs Audit Reports MS-MA-06-001
03/28/2006 City Letter Carrier Operations - Greater Indiana District Audit Reports DR-AR-06-003


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