Datesort descending Document Title Type Report Number
09/30/1998 Supplier Diversity and Minority Contracting Audit Reports CA-MA-98-003
09/30/1998 Supervisor Knowledge of Union Contracts Audit Reports LM-MA-98-001
09/30/1998 Procurement Prequalification Process Audit Reports CA-AR-98-003
09/30/1998 Local Requisition of Cleaning Services Audit Reports RP-MA-98-002
07/07/1999 Contracting Concerns Wilmington Delaware Audit Reports CA-MA-99-001
07/23/1999 Procurement Trng for Contract Employees Audit Reports LA-FA-99-002
09/30/1999 Responsibilities of Contracting Officer's Representatives Audit Reports CA-AR-99-003
03/31/2000 Contract Audit Practices Audit Reports CA-MA-00-001
05/11/2000 Highway Transportation Contracts Audit Reports BI-MA-00-001
06/08/2000 Review of Selected Billing Practices of a Postal Service Telecommunications Contractor Audit Reports FA-MA-00-005
07/14/2000 Review of Minority Contracting Opportunities Under Advertising Contract Audit Reports CA-LA-00-001
07/28/2000 Review of Influence of Postal Service Officials on Contractors' Employment Audit Reports CA-LA-00-002
02/27/2001 Contracting Practices for the Procurement of Mail Transport Equipment Services Audit Reports CA-AR-01-001
04/30/2001 Neal Gross and Co Inc Audit Reports CA-MA-01-002
04/30/2001 Responsibilities of Contracting Officers' Representatives Audit Reports CA-AR-01-002
06/26/2001 Interim Audit Results of FedEX Transportation Agreement Audit Reports TR-LA-01-001
08/08/2001 Interim Audit Results on FedEX Transportation Agreement Audit Reports TR-MA-01-002
08/14/2001 Consulting and Audit ServicesContracts Audit Reports CA-AR-01-004
09/06/2001 Supplier Diversity Program for Supplies, Services, and Equipment Purchases Audit Reports CA-AR-01-005
09/28/2001 Manual Payments on Rail Transportation Contracts Audit Reports TR-AR-01-006


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