Job Number: 
GS-15 Equivalent (Director Band)
Arlington, Virginia
Closing Date: 
Monday, May 24, 2021
Brief Description: 

The employee manages and directs the activities of staff engaged in performing audits and reviews that examine how the Postal Service's activities, organization, and policies relate to its strategic vision and mission. Audits focus on the Postal Inspection Service.Responsibilities include planning and assigning work; collaborating with peers and subordinates to assure effective advisory services; and otherwise ensuring continuous progress toward stated goals.

  • Demonstrated ability to strategically plan audit work: stay abreast of critical issues that may affect the Postal Service, Law Enforcement, industry partners and other OIGs to support audit planning, make informed decisions, and support organizational goals.
  • Clearly and concisely communicates to include proactively keeping OIG leadership informed of key information and also relaying information to staff and the auditee. Exercises sound judgement and critical thinking to identify which issues merit escalation.
  • Plans and oversees the conduct of complex audits, evaluations, reviews, surveys or other analytical processes. Reviews and approves the purpose, scope, and audit approach of each audit project.
  • Ensures audit projects meet professional standards in planning and execution and in the accumulation of evidentiary data. Also ensures approved audit objectives are met and that adequate practical coverage is achieved.
  • Reviews and edits audit reports, and discusses the reports with appropriate management. Presents oral briefings to management. Written products, including briefing papers, require minimal revision.
  • Accumulates data, maintains records, and prepares reports on the administration of audit projects and other assigned activities. Assists in evaluation of overall audit results.
  • Leads by example to bring about a shared understanding of job objectives, roles, and report messages by facilitating job related meetings and coaching others when necessary. Proactively coaches, mentors, and develops staff. Accomplishes results by communicating job expectations; monitoring and appraising job results; addressing performance issues; and providing actionable feedback and career development opportunities.
  • Represents the Office of Inspector General in meetings with high level officials from the United States Postal Service, other agencies, vendors, and members of external organizations. Responsibilities include presenting results of assessments and studies (which may be complex or controversial), and influencing approval and implementation of agency wide solutions and plans.
  • Assures implementation by subordinate staff of the goals and objectives of the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General. Determines goals and objectives that need additional emphasis; develops measures that evaluate performance; makes recommendations for program improvement; and manages all resources as agency assets.
  • Identifies and resolves, as applicable, unique issues where no policy exists, taking innovative actions to address new needs and/or issues.
  • Furthers the Equal Opportunity Program, including assuring equal opportunity for all subordinate employees in recruitment, selection, promotion, training, awards, assignments, discipline, and special program objectives.
  • Practices sound position management when assigning work, combining/separating duties, establishing and abolishing positions, and in fulfilling other human resource management duties and responsibilities.