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    I was looking at the financing problems of the USPS and I came up with a wonderful idea to help the postal service survive!

    1. I think that with the green energy push by this administration that the USPS could pair with NREL for a unique money making service.

    2. I am a big fan of Hydrogen fuel cell technology and the big bar to it becoming a reality is lack of infrastructure.

    3. The best start to the use of H2 fuel cell technology is in fleet vehicles. Public transportation...and delivery companies who have many vehicles.

    4. The USPS has thousands of vehicles throughout the United States.

    5. My BIG IDEA, is that Hydrogen fueling stations be set up at post offices throughout the United State so that an "instant" infrastructure could be provided. Not only to fuel the fleet vehicles, but to provide the public with access to hydrogen fill ups.

    6. Honda has a stand alone fuel station which people can put at the end of their driveway and it uses natural gas as the converter for H2 vehicles. I think similar structures can be put in post office compounds.

    7. I bet Honda Corp would love to work with the US government to make this a reality, not only could their cute cars, the Clarity, gain some traction, the CO2 footprint of the US could be lots less. So far, California is the only state which provided some H2 stations around the state and Honda can only lease their Clarity, but they want to come to the East Coast. Really, the USPS, with nearly universal compounds throughout the US could be the ideal space to broaden its reach.

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    Stop house to house delivery?!!!! Are you kidding me do you realize how many people across America are employed by the USPS? All those jobs lost, ya that will really help the economy, What are u thinking??

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    If the P.O. wasn't wasting money on RIDICULOUS things, such as theses FSS machines, that was a big waste of millions of dollars! And now there is talk of new scanners AGAIN!
    Here are some easy ways the P.O. can make ALOT of money
    1. Raise the price of the stamp to a $1.00, (no one is going to have a problem with that I guarantee it)
    2. Take away one of our 11 paid holidays, (I'm sure employees wouldn't have a problem with that, we don't need that many holidays a year!)
    3. These patents that we could be receiving 18 MILLION a year for, well why aren't we??????????? That's just plain DUMB!!

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    Many of you have some of your facts wrong. The white paper does not cover all that was involved with the origional intent of bypass mail. Senator Ted Stevens, may he rest in peace, was the author of the original legislation that brought bypass mail into being. One of the primary reasons was to subsidize air fares and increase flights into rural Alaska. Alaska is a very large state. The north slope borough is as large as the state of Wisconsin, yet has fewer than 30,000 residents. Our nations gas and oil reserves are largely in the north slope borough.
    Senator Stevens wanted greater commercialization of the rural communities because that would lead to further development of the resources, and it has. Bypass mail is a good thing. If you disagree, try studying a bit of economics, and do some further research into the history of bypass mail and the changes that have been made in the past ten years since the postal service has began struggling.
    Eliminating bypass mail is but a bandaid. The real issue is that the postal service was privatized during the Carter administration. An easy solution is to return it to a government agency and fulfill the constitutional requirement to deliver the mail. Mail is not delivered in most of rural Alaska. Residents must go to the post office to pick it up.

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    The USPS Holocaust is the precursor to the American Holocaust (premediated and orchestrated population control through law enforcement collusion / terrorism). The Corporation (United States Government) its collusive subsidiaries (VA, DHS, HHS, USSC (99-565), SEC, FDIC, IRS, DOJ, FBI, DOL, SSA, DHHS, USPS, OPM, EEOC, MSPB, NLRB, OWCP, etc.). To achieve the National Goal in Executive Order 12871 (reduce government (we the people) and reduce government spending (benefits - compensation, pension, medical, military awards, etc.) death fix it / deficit. Terrorism - Murderbyproxy / Terminal Injustice using coercion / corruption/ collusion / subversion / sabatoge / subterfuge / cointelpro tactics etc.

    This message sent by proxy by the National Whistleblower Allen Carlton (USSC 99-565 & supplement). His sent mail at his email address uf1@netzero.com) goes his trash for some strange reason. If the USPS and the Government investigates Lance Armstrong they will be investigating themselves. The USPS continues to use Collusion / Terrorism in the American Holocaust (Population Control). To understand how things don't work or work at the USPS read USSC 99-565 & supplement.

    The Deficit (death fix it) does not allow for justice it cost to much so instead the decision makers, lie, delay and deny until you die (Murderbyproxy)






    Some other sites that may give you an understanding of the Postal Holocaust.









    YHVH suspends mercy in response to god (government of deceivers) suspension of inalienable rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in the American Holocaust (moral corruption - fraud - terminal injustice - economic oppression - murderbyproxy - population control - death fix it>deficit<). National goal accomplished reduce government (we the people) reduce government spending (no justice, no liabilities).

    This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal/military /government congressional, federal, state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your remembrance and your strength



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    I strongly think they should close some bad facility like the bethpage NY .sorting . people there are goffing off. could not forward mail right.

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    how do you expect mail handlers to deliver mail with 3 feet of snow in bridgeport ct..and clerks to get htere with roads closed,come on think for a minute..it's a no brainer.STAYED CLOSED!!!

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    Not in my office... I can truly say that my entire staff of city carriers and clerks are caring of one another and do not feel the same as you.My reasoning for deciding to be come a Postmaster was to create a positive working environment. Too bad so sad for you. :(

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    Personally, I think delivery for personal residences could be reduced to 3 days a week. Post offices could remain open 5 days, and people could rent boxes if they needed 5 day delivery. Most of the mail I get is direct mail advertising and waiting 1 more day wouldn't make a difference. Businesses and Priority Mail could still be delivered 5 days a week. Times have changed and the Post Office should change with it.

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    I am surprised to hear that postal facilities are underused. Whenever I go in them, the lines are long and they are crowded.

    But the main thing I want to suggest is that the USPS should consider becoming an e-mail provider to raise revenues. Since mail has largely transitioned to e-mail, it would be completely logical for the USPS to transition to e-mail also. I think there would be a large interest in e-mail through the USPS even if it was a paid service. I'm sure there are many people who would prefer to have a usps e-mail address instead of advertising Google or Hotmail every time they send a message. I would be one of the first to sign up. You could even set up the exact same payment strategy as snail-mail - no charge for an address and for mail receipt, but pay-per fees for sending mail and mail storage. Considering the profits that commercial e-mail providers make, e-mail definitely has the potential to save the USPS's finances.

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    My idea to help the USPS raise revenue is to allow people to purchase a money order from the post office and allow someone to pick up the money order at another postal facility. The convenience alone would be wonderful. There are many ways to send money so why couldn't the postal service jump on the bandwagon. The facilities are already there and they would definitely be able to take advantage of the interest that would be accrued between paying for the money order and the time it is picked up.

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    If the USPS elimated the Union they could survive. Bad enough with the Government rules but then the post office has to deal with the the unreasionable & irresponsible demands of the Union Bosses that milk the employees of their hard earned pay. At least give the postal worker the freedom to choose & not be mandated to join a union against their will. If most workers were given that freedom - unions would fade away.

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    One of the nicest parts of dealing with the USPS is doing business with a trusted source. I'm not sure what can be done to bridge the gap between the "old way" and new school methods. It alomost seems like the newer, younger generation that "grows up" under the new format must be aged into the process. The same theory exists for newspapers as many old timers still like to read the actual printed paper yet the younger generation that never experienced this notion is getting older. So I see a time variable to the equation and that is just something we cannot speed up.

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    The Postal Service is trapped in this debate about whether it is a business or a public service, and this debate is killing it. Regardless of what the solution is, there needs to be a clear decision on this. If it is to be run as a profit-seeking business, then of course it should be allowed to leverage its intellectual property. If it is a public service, than its focus should be on universal service (possibily with a government subsidy) without much regard for whether it makes a profit or a loss - in this case it could share its intellectual property as infrastructure as it has done for decades.

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    The USPS is a public institution that should focus on it's core purpose - universal delivery. They should not be able to mandate regulations and requirements, and then try to profit from being both referee and player in the same game.

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    Years ago I contacted the Post Master General's office to suggest offering a USPS Gift Card...perfect for anyone serving our nation over seas, school and college bound kids...families with members on fixed incomes and many, many more. At present, American Express cards are on display but that's who generates the income and the financial benefits.

    I couldn't break through the bureaucratic with either state representatives serving on postal committees but believe it is still a viable way for the USPS to glean a substantial surge in income relative to costs...why it hasn't been done is a mystery...

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    I am all for eliminating Saturday mail delivery. Perhaps the local post offices could be open and minimally staffed for those who want to pick-up their mail or mail packages on Saturday. I think no delivery of Saturday mail would obviously reduce fuel costs by 15% or more, and vehicle maintenance costs on delivery trucks, but this also may help reduce mail theft for many of us that are not at home all weekend. I do not think eliminating Saturday delivery would reduce revenue, because people would still mail the same volume, only 5 days a week rather than 6 days a week. I also agree with another reply on this blog, that the post office can serve additional functions. Newspapers seem to have trouble keeping delivery personnel, maybe the newspapers should be delivered by mail. Still, thise that want their mail and or newspaper, can collect it on Saturday at the post office.

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    It is time to sell all surplus and underutilized properties. Too many facilities are leased for more than they are worth. Has everyone forgotten the cost of maintaining the buildings? Ie; Chicago? There would never be enough revenue to cover the cost involved.

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    Doesn't USPS have a gargantuan unfunded liability? Sell off all surplus property. Then immediately use the proceeds to rationalize the balance sheet and get off the federal dole. Businesses that stray from their core mission rarely do well.

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    Temporary vacination centers, emergency centers for homeless, State Motor Vehicle express centers. Always open month of April for tax drop off. State and federal IRS help centers...ever wait in line at the DMV or IRS? How about for unemployment, social services? Basically they could be used for any local, state or federal government activity that requires citizens waiting in long lines (besides mail) which is legion in every state Im sure. Why not take advantage of this infrastructure even if only used for peak demand times of the year? Libraries could use them like they do book mobiles bringing books and computer services to underserved rural areas.

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    This is futile. Gather resources to convert the current LLV fleet to electric. Re-structure the whole of propulsion and energy usage of the last mile delivery. Construct solar car ports for the vehicles, charging stations. The whole network will pay for itself in time. Stop house to house deliveries with the exception of the elderly and disabled.

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    Given its ubiqiotous locations the Postal Service is in a prime position to become local certified testing centers. With the growing online education boom (see Thomas Friedman's 1/17/2012 NY Times piece) the biggest upcoming hurdle will be verification. There is no way to really know who is completing online tests when individuals are sitting at home. Sooner or later somone - or some agency - will need to see the person and witness the completion of some part of the program.
    These testing centers WILL come into existence, either by a private company (or psuedo-private company like ETS) or others. The Postal Service will need to move fast to seize this opportunity. Best of luck.

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    The excess space should be used, under the provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley, to incarcerate those claiming the USPS is practicing lean six sigma. The excess space should NOT be used to store my downsized casing equipment.

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    Really... uping the price again??? How about if we start by getting rid if the postal workers that are not working for half of their day!!! Example: my house us second to last on the route and runs between 4:30 n 5:00 pm on the normal, as the post office is less than 5 minutes from my house. My mail carrier actually comes between 12:30 and 2:00 pm on the norm and has sat in front of my or my neighbors or the business next doors parking lot for an hour or so or just left and came back to scan at the designated time 5 out if 6 days...I am disabled and watch this daily!!! This angers me when I live in a fixed income. I have actually written a complete letter and took it out knocked on the vehicle and interrupted the carriers phone conversation to have it mailed!!! This misuse of money is sickening... something besides postage increase needs done to pay for this!!!

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    I like the idea for the safety deposit / self storage idea. And maybe even not just the 'traditional' self storage but perhaps an almost locker like system ( with some types of security) for say homeless people / hopefully paying for the service via funds or by themselves such as the 'working homeless' / who need small locker storage so they wouldn't have to be bring their precious personal papers and perhaps other smaller stuff like clothes and other personal belongings to work. Also perhaps an area doesn't have more shorter time period locker systems.. maybe a facility can compete for that. And if National Archives doesn't have room or another agency doesn't have time to complete National Archives storage requirements (which isn't that bad but still if for what ever reason maybe the stuff isn't worth officially archiving ) and needs some sort of extra space, they could rent a space at a USPS facility.