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    I tried to call my PO and Neighboring PO's for an appointment several times. The phone is never answered. City Hall which is across the street ,take walk ins, had me finished in minutes.

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    NO to Harry Potter stamp. There are far too many issues to help share awareness such as Scleroderma or other invisible in curable diseases.

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    So far my experience with Sunday delivery and increased Amazon carriage by the USPS is negative. On the Sunday delivery the carrier just dumped the package in the public lobby of my building with no attempt made to leave it at my door, knock on my door or otherwise notify me. I only found it the next day when a neighbor told me they'd seen a package for me in the lobby. Carriers don't want to work Sundays and as a result customer service suffers.

    Regarding increased package carriage from Amazon by the USPS, I ordered 2 day delivery through Amazon Prime. Today tracking informed me that my package had been delivered to "the pickup area", whatever that is. No attempt was made to deliver the package to me, no knocks on door, no pink slip, nothing. The USPS is evidently trying to prove that 2nd day delivery was accomplished by delivering the package to a holding area, rather than to me, so on paper it will look like they are fulfilling their contract, when in actuality they are not.

    Whatever their rates and finances are, the USPS is again proving that they are a lousy carrier as far as I am concerned. Amazon should never have given the USPS a contract, and is going to take a huge PR hit over all the late and lost packages that the USPS generates.

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    As a 32-year Fed, the role of the IG is to apply the law, not run a popularity contest to determine which way the wind blows. You should be directing your attention to the problems created by the unique accounting burden imposed on USPS by the Congress, but they are your masters, aren't they? The USPS has to do whatever it has to do try to keep its head above water. These stamps are likely to appeal to people who do not buy stamps. Maybe they will be inspired to buy stamps and not use them. Maybe they will buy more and send them to friends just to use them, creating new customers for First Class instead of sending text. Maybe this will create new stamp collectors. I do not see the downside to anything that will allow USPS to seen a square inch of paper for 44 cents.

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    I vote NOOO!!!! We have a lot more of History, factors we could contribute our US stamps too. They have character stamps, historian, nature, love, Disney etc... You want to sell stamps, put Michelle Obama, President Obama, the planets, Jesus, Angels something educational, etc .. but if Harry Potter tugs your chain...so be it

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    I think this would be a great revenue source for the USPS. HP fans are a zealous lot, and I think they'd buy a lot of stamps. I know I would.

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    Yes yes yes!!!! Harry Potter has been a massive movement for pushing children of all ages from 8-80 to read and believe in the magic of writing! I grew up with Harry Potter the books and movies and by far it will be one of the happiest memories I have that brought joy to my youngimagination for years to come!!! I'm sure hundreds of thousands of others would agree with me!! Bring on the Harry Potter Stamps!! I would buy them!

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    The USPS has to do anything it can at this point to stay relevant and get more people to buy stamps. The Harry Potter stamps are a great idea and I don't see anything wrong with issuing stamps that may have a British actor on them. Who cares? People in the USA will find anything to complain about. If you don't like the Harry Potter stamps, don't buy them. There are many others to chose from.

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    I would totally buy Harry Potter stamps. Every medium has had to change with the likes and dislikes of the general population. Yes... make the Harry Potter stamps. And Super Heros, Pop Stars, Actors, anything... staying relevant is a great way to stay solvent.

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    I think these stamps will be very popular-what you are aiming for is perfect. Many of the stamps seem dull, and Harry Potter stamps will bring the Postal Service a step up!
    I don't collect stamps, but HP stamps look pretty cool to have

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    I think the USPO should issue the Harry Potter stamps. Those books and movies had universal appeal and are true works of literature. I also think the USPO should recognize any significant person or topic that will interest the stamp-buying public.

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    Stamps that appeal to a younger audience -- great idea!

    Non-American themes? It's initially surprising to see something outside of the tradition of "American" stamps, but personally I don't see that as a fatal flaw. What's non-American? You can buy a Toyota made in Tennessee or a Ford made in Mexico. The Harry Potter books may have a British author and characters, but the movies came from Warner Brothers, with an American co-writer for the scripts.

    Art & history vs fads & celebrities? There's room for both. Let the market say what it wants to buy.

    What would I like to see? Personally, I buy whatever my post office has in rolls. :-)

    What would I most like to see? A solution to the USPS's financial problems that doesn't involve raising rates. In that context, without meaning any disrespect toward the people objecting to these stamps, the more energy we can focus on the big issues, the better.

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    Definitely more interesting to young people, and these stamps were nicely done all around. I find very few young people today who care anything about stamps (or writing letters), so this is badly needed.

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    Should the Postal Service market stamp images that focus on a younger audience in hopes of reaching beyond traditional collectors and generating sales?

    Yes, print what sells and stop auto-shipping what doesn't! These will fly out the door while the inverted Jennies seem to be grounded.

    Should the Postal Service be allowed to develop themes and images that do not focus on American heritage for the sake of sales?

    Yes, absolutely. Customers keep asking for fall stamps. Their only option has been Zazzle.com which charges over $20 for a sheet of 20 stamps! Make some fall booklets, they will sell.

    Or, should stamps be works of art and pieces of history and not based on fads or celebrities?

    Can't we do both.

    What stamp images would you like to see?

    Fall stamps, what customers call "pretty stamps," and please stop the auto-shipments.

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    It is causing a lot of confusion with my customers, so I just use the old names. Why anyone would think Priority Mail Express makes it less confusing is beyond me. It would be funny, if it didnt harm my business so much.

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    I think if Bart had worn funny glasses and Homer wore a cape and pointed wizard's hat, we could have sold more Simpson's stamps...

    I'm just kidding. :) I hope this interests young people to buy stamps to pay for postage on thank you cards and letters, and inspires collectors to buy and keep the stamps. Good luck to the Postal Service in their efforts!

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    When can I have my virtual PO Box? The ability to rapidly shift physical locations will find a customer segment immediately. This was demonstrated so effectively by USPS after Hurricane Katrina -- a great USPS story you never hear about. GoPost is almost a virtual PO Box now. Combine this with my USPS email address and you will have great synergy in new IT enabled products. The USPS can make innovative use of IT to build an entire postal ecosystem with needed capabilities. From the business traveler, to the touring bicyclist crossing the country, or Appalachian Trail hiker, many will find this USPS product improves their lives. Implemented with the USNG geoaddresses and ZIPGrid, and anywhere can be your virtual POBox delivery point. There are details to be worked out, but the concept is right for today's IT and patron needs.

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    It seems to me that innovation must be encouraged and rewarded throughout at every level, but an innovation organization is also needed to explore ideas if big changes are to come about. The USPS is about securely, and reliably delivering communications and commercial resources.

    Today that isn't just hardcopy, but also softcopy. USPS must get involved in securely delivering softcopy internet communications.

    I would gladly pay an annual fee to have a USPS.com email address that I could rely on for life. And I'm confident the basic fee would be modest given the scale of market concerned and other products available. Rather than a 'free' service, where the provider rummages freely through my emails to build commercial data bases on me and my connections, I would know USPS was protecting my privacy. A USPS based email address and larger environment would set up many synergistic opportunities such as my email address could deliver my physical mail.

    All in all, the USPS has an enviable record of accomplishment for a mission as large as it has. With the money running out, I see great promise in the institution's response with its use of IT solutions. GoPost is one example of the synergies of the internet and physical delivery of mail emerging from USPS adapting to the times.

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    ZipGrid, a USPS patent, has huge potential applications. The concept of integrating coordinates in association with Zip Codes needs to be begin implementation now, but the complex numbering scheme of lat/long is too complex and impractical for many intuitive uses which is why the FGDC adopted the US National Grid as a Federal standard. A good place to start is with the USPS smart phone apps and to supplement USPS facility street addresses. Similarly, the USPS is missing out on a great revenue product by not developing digital GIS data products for sale that are a secondary effect of USPS's huge physical prescience across the country.

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    GoPost = Great innovation! It's a virtual Post Office Box (for parcels) anywhere, anytime, only when you need it. It's an innovative use of back office IT, internet, and adaptive physical delivery. Greater expansion will be needed for true success, but there is much room for more innovation with the concept. Like more locations with fewer but maybe larger lockers, to accommodate occassional large packages.
    I needed and used a similar locker at the AMTRAK station for a day in Chicago, so these small secure authenticated user spaces have product potential for other than delivering and accepting parcels to postal service. Think about having a small section of these in many 24/7 open locations, some with larger lockers, some 24x24x12 inches. What if I could send bulky things ahead to a few outside a Marriott Courtyard... For the traveler planning ahead, GoPost has huge potential given the cost of baggage fees on airlines. GoPost locations should be given with USNG geoaddress also because they are such small, discrete locations, finding them can be difficult. GoPost has huge potential in the internet age.

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    Carriers and customers are in danger with mail deliveries this late. A carrier cannot drive safely after dark with an interior light on. I saw a carrier in the north Alabama area wearing a head lamp similar to what a coal miner would wear. Businesses are closed, the mail is brought back to the office, put with the next days mail, took out again for the carrier to arrive at the closed business again. It is not closing the plant in Huntsville that is the problem but poor management at the Birmingham plant and the mail arriving at the plant later and later to be processed will only make the problem worse. I am not a carrier, but Donby sayingna, print out this blog, you or one of your co-workers, or a customer, will soon need it. Someone will be hurt or killed by this mismanagement.

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    I am sure you have remedied this already but, you contridicted yourself in your post. You state you have "fresh fruit" but then say it is "dried". Dried they mean all moisture removed, not just dry to the touch. If you have "dried fruit" then mail it. You do not need to tell anyone what is in the box......

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    Could eliminate the metrics and get them in the pocket or wallet. Impose a higher than normal "tariff" and professional insurance to cover them in the event of liability and tort events. And make the duration of the contract very short-term!!

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    it's agreeable that the majority of consumers are advocates of saving dollars. so a coupon is more likely than not to encourage a sell. is it really necessary to have a direct accounting of a coupon receipt or free sample that lead a consumer to make a purchase. i think these sheets and books of coupons i get in the mail weekly are waste and abuse of the system.

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    Am I missing something? I just bought Christian Christmas stamps at my Post Office. Were they left over from last year? In any case, I asked for them and got them. Karlene, there have always been at least two choices of Christmas stamps, one religious and one not, calm down---and yes Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and don't forget the EID.