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    I have an idea that should get attention and hope it does for the sake of the USPS and me of course.

    I can save the USPS well over $100 million a year without making an investment that does not exceed what they already do every month as well as not change any procedure they already follow. It would not require any downsizing of any nor would it require any additional training. The program will work I have done it with other company as well. I don't have actual numbers but do know my numbers are low!! The savings could be alot higher with the actual numbers.
    Also this would be a "GREEN" initiative.

    Perhaps this will be read to speed the process of getting in front of the right person.

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    thank you ovvv very much:)

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    Very happy to see your article, I very much to like and agree with your point of view. Thank you for sharing.

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    I do know that mail carriers are stressed with work like the rest of us and I know that our carrier works most Saturdays as well. There has got to be some solution that could help our mail system and balance it with a cost-effective, possibly privately run system - like UPS?

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    Rail would be effective in heavily populated high volume areas. Of course it should be considered and tested.

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    Yes, I know where you can get a stamp vending machine like you would see at a convenience store. It mounts on the wall.

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    This seems easier than wadeing through puddle after puddle of wrong contacts.
    "Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I can recover thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for the US Postal Service every month by analyzing specialized data for services they are overpaying. The money can start coming in 60 days. Send email Postal Service so we can get your cash flowing back losses back into your pocket. Guaranteed. ..."
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    I can recover thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for the US Postal Service every month by analyzing specialized data for services they are overpaying. The money can start coming in 60 days. Send email Postal Service so we can get your cash flowing back losses back into your pocket. Guaranteed. dennis@sageinn.info.

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    Nice work Harry. Honestly, we don't need mail delivered more cheaply or reliably. We need to pay more to support the services we get. After all, well tip a waitress $1 on a $7 purchase. Why would be complain about a 70 cent stamp - given all that it does.

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    with the new rules coming on stamps, living people, etc, lets us put advertising on the stamps, charge a little more for the service.

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    India Post’s future profitability. is getiing bigger and bigger, One thing they should look at abroad is what is working for both public and private postal services.

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    Many neighborhoods could have mailboxes on the street here in Columbus. There is no reason for mailmen to have to go to each house to put mail in the mailbox attached to the house.

    There are so many good suggestions in these posts.... maybe it's time to impliment some of them?

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    "The study found that selective decoupling of retail and delivery operations, mostly outside of rural areas, could result in
    1.lower costs
    2.increased revenue
    3.better service that is more responsive to changing market conditions and diverse customer needs."

    I read nothing in the paper that proved lower costs, increased revenue or better service. If anything it lead this reader to believe that a decrease in revenue with higher costs could incur.
    And the service? also not explained.
    If anything this is a good example of waging the dog.

    "•A decoupling strategy affords the Postal Service more flexibility to respond to changing customer needs for retail service."
    seperating delivery from retail would basically mean that EVERY present office (not rural, as suggested) would close. As why would a lease continue on a building that no longer needs so much space. And in addition, new leases would be needed.

    And thats another issue in itself. Conflict of interest, the OIG study and the new corrections they wish to make suggest that the corrections to avoid conflict of interest will be for buildings of 3000 sq ft or less. It is not far fetched to believe if decoupling the delivery side that many new leases would be established with buildings requiring space more then 3000 sq ft. So will all these new leases be exempt from the same scrutiny of the smaller leases the USPS signs?

    "•The Postal Service too often ignores retail functions, which receive secondary managerial attention when competing with delivery for resources and clerk time."
    When does this happen? Delivery is mostly handled prior to retail hours. This is another statement, without fact.

    " •Decoupling could help transform both retail and delivery into separate best-practices driven, strategic business units."
    Best practices can be performed without decoupling. Why pay more for leasing buildings and increase management to oversee seperate sides of the business?

    "•Major private-sector delivery companies in the United States as well as foreign posts previously separated their retail and delivery functions with each having its own distinct skills, training, and performance measures."
    And what issues have they had to deal with truly.

    This is not an effort to build a business, this is an effort to do something different for the sake of doing something different . . . as certainly we don't want to improve on what works now, we just want to change the setup.
    Of all my years, sadly I cannot think of a single instance that the USPS said, "Hey we tried this and its working so lets do more of this."

    Ex: lets use Lance Armstrong to increase brand name association. Winner with Armstrong, winner with USPS. Did it work? nope.

    Lets advertise on television Flat Rate Boxes. Did it work? yes.
    Are we advertising anymore on television of our services? NOPE.

    I apologize for getting diverted.
    No offense to those that worked on the study, but you've been instructed to Wag the Dog.

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    I think decoupling makes sense.

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    I have an idea that would raise revenue that involves the ability for anyone to special order a stamp.

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    One thing I don’t understand is how someone that has no idea how the postal service operates can even comment on what the postal service needs to do to fix its budget woes? Now with that said take it from someone who knows what they are talking about> why would you want to stop mail delivery for 1 day per week when this is what it will do for the postal service> All of the offices would continue to be open on the days that just the delivery personal will be off> This would mean that most if not all of the substitute carriers would loose their jobs which could add a profit to the budget, but then that means that since the delivery or mail carrier which gets paid by the amount of work he carriers(not an hourly wage base) with the offices remaining open and the mail trucks/plants and such still running , The mail delivery person would be delivering the mail that was supposed to be delivered on the day he or she was forced to be off on the next day along with the mail for that day also, which means he or she will be delivering two days or being forced to do two days of work in the next day he is allowed to work. And I am quite sure he or she will be expected to do this double day of work with the same pay as one. Now with that said if you pay that delivery person by the work he or she is doing (which is how they are suppose to be paid) You will have to pay them for the extra days worth of mail which will wouldn’t be much of a saving at all (maybe a little for equipment allowance would be all you would save). Also lets say that you stop a day of delivery and keep the offices open which is what the postal service is wanting to do and you force the delivery person to do this extra day of work for free> then that would mean the budget for each office would save quite a bit> then as you probably don’t know is that the supervisors/managements pay and bonuses are based on the profit margin for that office so then most of the saved money would go to extra pay for the supervisors/managers and such since the profit for that office would increase. So where is the savings? This proposal just want work unless you put a pay lock on the overhead at the same time you stop mail delivery and also you should close all operations on that day. Now with all that said why should just the delivery personal be the ones to take the majority of the cut in salary for the entire postal service and the rest of the employees pay continue as normal or even at an increase? And might I add that as the mail volume has decreased over the past years the mail delivery personal pay has already been cut with the decrease in mail volume (they get paid by the work they do not an hourly rate) and be rest assured as the mail has decreased so has their pay been adjusted already. And that is probably something else you don’t know the postal service has and is continuing to adjust the pay for their delivery personal as the mail volume changes. So now I ask you this question where or what is the postal service savings going to be by stopping mail/parcel delivery on any day of the week? Also what has the postal service done with the pay they have already taken from the mail delivery personal over the past years as the mail volume has decreased? I know the answer; let’s see if you can figure it out?

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    I understand the Postal Service would like to encourage more people to collect stamps. I have collected US stamps for 58 years and it's been fun----until the self stick stamps came along. Some will soak off paper easily and others will not come off even if they are soaked for an hour and then they are ruined. This may not be a big deal to the powers that be, but this is one frustrated collector. Is it possible to be consistent with the glueused on all stamps?

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    There should be only the flag forever stamp and a postcard stamp until the economy improves. No collector prints, no fancy boxes, postcards or mailing materials at the post office. No shopping bags either. Not everyone has a computer to download postage. How many jobs and post offices would be saved.

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    I am an RCA (just over a year now) and I came into the Post Office at a difficult time. No complaints there--I knew what I was getting into. I can only speak about rural routes, as I know so little about the city routes in our office.

    The rural routes in our office are inefficient and don't make any sense. They criss-cross each other in their line of delivery and many times split subdivisions unnecessarily. It would save money and time if more thought were given to the layout of these routes and "route clustering" were implemented for each route. Some routes have potential for growth, while others clearly do not. This is obvious from even a cursory glance. I think that a bunch of third-graders with a box of crayons could do a better job than what has been established at our branch office. With the recent shake-ups and threats of eliminating one of our rural routes, I thought these issues would be dealt with by now. However, in spite of threats to that effect, nothing has happened.

    I hesitate to suggest this, as it would mean eliminating jobs (mine included) and make me very unpopular, but I wonder why this is never addressed? I am not leaving my real name, as I cannot risk repercussions.

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    With Google able to shut down blog sites because what is said or on them is the truth about the Federal Government, the USPS ought to become a sight that bloggers can use. Google and Word press are the dominant ones now. These companies make billions offof paid advertisers. Compete with Twitter, Facebook, My space or other social medias by having your own social media site that is not monitored by the USofA government,does not require extensive profiles and then start getting paid advertising to go along with that an a social media site which might be called Mailspace, Mailbox, etc. Also advertise on TV that a blogger can use your site through which to blog. Use the click system which pays both you and the blogger when someone clicks on an advertisement. You would have to investigate how this woks. Bloggers are looking for away to express themselves in a positive manner. If a blog is distasteful to many people kill that blog as it is not what your uses want. Most blogs look like web sites. Show that the USPS honors the first amendment, but will not honor certain sites, just like Craig's list does not allow certain thins put up for sale on its sites Think abut it, you would not have a deficit at all. I even hate to use email, as I know that this too is monitored by the Federal Government, which calls all USofA citizens "terrorists" Again, I emphasize introduce and advertise a new social media site with an app on the Iphones, etc, plus get paid for advertisers. Google and Yahoo both offer setting up blogs plus putting ads on the bloggers site, for a fee that offer something that a person reading the blog would be interested in, but many times the advertisement has nothing to do with the blog, but the ordinary Peron would be interested in it. This is more than worth exploring, it would be a money maker for the USPS. You should let more people know that you will accept blogs on your site, but you conrol the blogs not google or word press.

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    Most commentary on the Post Office's financial situation misses the big point. I'm just a consumer but it's clear that stamp prices have not kept up with inflation and that reduced mail volume affects revenue. The privatization forces offer a disastrous alternative. See http://nogginstrain.blogspot.com/2011/09/that-terrible-inefficient-boondoggle.html

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    Marge I finally found the article you mentioned. You may have the wrong link. It would be nice if they had included mainsteam browsers too, though they must have reasons. Well worth though the hassle.

    I was laughing too about your references to "snail mail." I also work for the Palm Springs Post Office, did anyways, retired last year, but my point is I would tell my bitchy customers in a polite but sarcastic tone, "Yes, we are sorry about the snail mail service but we are proud to have perfected it over the years. If there is anything we can do to improve the slow speeds just ask!

    I wish now I had those published statistics but what I determined is there is "not" an abnormal rise in online shopping other than typical blue chip average growth industry. With each new day the population gets denser thus on a graph there is incline. However, the Trip Article graph showed this actually slowed down, in sync with the failing economy and the housing market fallout. Especailly since the most online shoppers are the middle to low income families. The super rich, I am drawing a blank. I guess I would have to be super rich to know their buying and shopping trends online. Sorry for the long post.