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    I purchase a lot from sellers on eBay and I am constanty amazed but the sellers use the free express mail boxes as packing materials indide the shipping boxes and how many times they use two or three express mail envelopes when they are sending old stamps that I purchase. Totally out of control.

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    The average postal worker is 54. What kind of logical premise is:
    "attrition but w/o getting rid of employees who have families"?

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    Thank you for the many comments you sent on our blog, “Having Problems With Your Time and Attendance Records? The OIG Wants to Hear From You”. We had more than 5,000 views during the first week it was posted on our external website. In fact, the volume and content of the comments helped the OIG auditors as they examined the issue.

    In their comments, respondents expressed a great deal of frustration with supervisors because of this issue. Below, we summarized some of the more interesting comments we received.

    A Postal Service manager deleted overtime hours.

    The Postal Service should consider putting employee clock rings on Liteblue in the ePayroll section, so ‘errors’ could be discovered sooner. A clock ring is the compilation of recorded times spent on various work transactions from the beginning of an employee’s tour to the end of that tour; for example, time in, out to lunch, return from lunch,time out, and so forth.

    A manager did not understand how to use the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) and subsequently enter supervisor hours incorrectly in the TACS.

    At a Pennsylvania Postal Service facility, the manager deleted overtime and placed employees on stand-by time while they worked on their bid jobs in a productive work status. In addition, casual employees worked without taking a lunch, but lunch hours were deducted in TACS.

    The OIG will provide the blog results to Postal Service management in an upcoming audit report.

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    I went to the Issaquah, WA post office tonight to get a stamp for a flat rate envelope that I need to get in the mail tonight. What I found was that ALL 3 APC machines were OUT OF SERVICE at the same time. If this is some type of nightly system maintenance wouldn't it be better to cycle the service on the machines rather than have them all be out of service at once! There should also be some type of information to let people know when the APC will be out of service for maintenance if this is the case.

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    Integrity in the system is totally missing. This system is not PFP but a way to shift performance or non performance however the AREA finance department wishes. I have documentation showing specific lower performing districts receiving budget savings from high performing districts. The question is Pay for who’s performance. The performance ratings are not equitable when arbitrarily changed by Managers to stop the employees from achieving a rating for a fixed goal. Ratings are changed and the employee is never informed of the change. This system is being manipulated and abused and it is for the gain of the Executives and their operating budgets and total Area performance. I would like to be part of any OIG investigation and can provide specifics if needed. This needs to be addressed. How can I contact the Investigator?

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    Yes, the mission is great.

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    The Post Office is in dire need of restructuring. Someone needs to step in and refresh the whole system.
    Why are there rural and city carriers doing essentially the same thing and their rules are very different. Find the best characteristics from each and use the best method which should in some way be like the private sector. City carriers have more incentive to not work efficiently. Some rural carriers make up to 80k per year plus benefits and work less than 40 hours per week.
    Establish a rational high and low salary and give incentives to all carriers. Pay carriers to work rather than being on the clock and the number of routes will shrink and the mail will get delivered earlier in the day (city carriers).

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    I think this country needs a nationwide ID card. This card should embed the Social Security number assigned to the individual and could faciliate a more secure way to carry and transmit/provide this information when needed vice the current "Paper" card provided by the Social Security Administration. This card should be a smart card that would also contain digital signature information, providing capability to digitally sign documents such as loan paperwork, contracts, etc. The DoD is on the cutting edge of this technology and has identified ways of keeping this information secure. Lessons could be learned from them in that area. While there is not widespread use of this technology now, it may be primarily because there is no organization to facilitate implementation on a nationwide scale. The USPS could be this conduit.

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    I want to change my address.

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    Now it is March 2011.....Fast forward and the city carrier overtime is growing.....Hmm...could it be the extra time on the street trying to juggle DPD, FSS, boxholders, raw mail, sprs, parcels and.....now a new barcode which you only know will need a signature when you scan it at the customer...Now you are fumbling for a pink slip, it is raining/snowing/ windblowing and you wonder again who thinks up these lame brain schemes without ever asking the people who carry it out their opinion of these schemes? Doesn't anyone try to forsee the unintended consequences of their actions???

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    I think USPS need to expand and digitalize some of it's services, like an official certified e-mail for example. Also they should do attrition but w/o getting rid of employees who have families.

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    Thank you for your comment and let me further explain that we do not intend that any containers be left on the ground because they are not full. We are trying to identify ways to ensure we maximize container capacity because the cost to fly mail is expensive when compared to ground transportation.

    We also agree with you that service is important and maintaining a high standard is paramount, however, the the Postal Service must still meet its financial obligations.

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    Maybe the best thing for The Postal Service is for employees to care for their own jobs and not worry about what the other employees are doing.
    There is always a seniority and craft jealousy.
    For instance....The carrier who claims VOMA's do noothing for 6 hours a day !
    Hmmmm....That same carrier is probably sitting on his rectum on the street hiding somewhere until it is time to return to the office.
    (Most likely he/she has the lightest route in the office)
    He/She is worried about VOMA's while taking a 2 hour lunch break.
    So funny ! So very, very, funny !
    Hopefully, he is taking spelling and grammar lessons during that 2 hour lunch !

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    Your premise that all air containers must always fly full is flawed. If every container is full, we will always leave some mail on the ground. That's detrimental to service. Controling costs is important, but service should be our priority.

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    The idea that local management, the last I knew, has to approve and test the idea, etc, (in any form or fashion) is ridiculous. Most of them either don't have time, or would not know the first thing about improving things, and now they have no empowerment at all. They can't do anything without approval from all steps higher up.

    I have two ideas that would save a lot of time and make things easier at such little cost, but even to dare ask for time on the clock to get to one of "their" computers to be able to access wherever it is you submit ideas now is a joke.

    Suggestions should be totally accessible via LiteBlue, and the general sense of it should be all that is necessary. Diagrams, cost analyses, etc are not necessary for some of the simpler ideas.

    Make saving money and time easy and accessible!

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    There are reasons that injured employees should be required to changed over to retirement at age 55 or 62 and the tax advantage is one of them. I have read many pointless comments about suing the USPS. All postal employees raised their hand and took a oath. If you wanted to have the same benefits [chuckles] as private industry, you should not have come to the Postal Service as you knew the benefits and the pitfalls.

    I have reviewed other likewise pointless comments about how hard the employee worked and were injured [mostly because they failed to work safely in the first place] and somehow are entitled to FECA for the remainder of their life. NOT SO! Congress does need to give retirement credit to compensate injured employees for the time they have been off "through no fault of their own."

    Lastly, I reviewed comments about OIG and PI investigating fraud as if it is not needed. Come On Man! I do personally know allegedly injured people who are milking the system when they are able to do everything at home they claim they cannot do at work. EVERYTHING! They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because they are thieves. The abuse of the system is what need to change. If individuals on WC paid their taxes I might have more sympathy. Just imagine what would happen if every non-injured employee to claim they are injured right before retirement so as not to have to pay taxes. There would be no Postal Service and the injured fake Jack A-- would have killed the golden goose.

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    Also on point of subject.
    So explain to me how "Postal Customer" is going to benefit from
    the global Chamber of Commerce reduction initiative of greenhouse gas?
    (does one exist?)


    Then explain the "skinny" on IRS pre-paid debit card tax
    refund pilot program, it's communication strategy (which
    includes mailing 600K letters of invitation to select low income participants),
    and the logic behind how this FC letter killer will sustain the Postal business model.? (Testimony 03/04/2011)
    When in reality, it ultimately serves to expand interchange
    charges to the financial services industry, and indirectly
    to the back of the consumer.

    Additionally, comparing the USPS to the interstate highway
    system could not be farther from the truth. i.e., the cost of building
    a mile of interstate highway in Oklahoma City,
    Oklahoma vs. City of Bridges, Pennsylvania.

    And, this may sting a bit, but the concept of intellectual
    property at the post office is simply not evident! Unless
    of course your defining "intellectual" as the MOU's
    on pilot programs that appear to be in vogue with
    government consultant circles these day's.

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    How about actually delivering it?-Or better yet, DELIVERING IT WITHOUT IT BEING DESTROYED?-OR NOT LYING ABOUT ATTEMPTED DELIVERIES? Start mass firings of mail carriers, and supervisors for horrific job performance, and replacing them with people that actually want to work? NO BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE WITH THIS KIND OF SERVICE. THE USPS IS A JOKE,A PUNCHLINE. I now refuse to do business with companies that ship USPS. The problem is the "take it and like it" attitude, nothing more. I suggest burger flipping, as it fits the attitude and abilities much closer. I was actually told by a mail carrier that you didn't care at all about your customers, not to bother contacting you, that the only recourse I had was to contact my Senator.

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    I was just notified by my accountant that I have had over $60 of duplicate charges by click and ship.
    When I called, today, March 2nd, they told me they have a strict 60 day refund policy and that there was nothing they could do ($50 of the $60 worth of charges occurred in Dec).
    There is no one else to discuss this with apparently within Click and Ship, which I believe is contracted by the USPS to service the website side of things.
    I just went searching on the website: NO WHERE is this 60 day policy stated, NO WHERE is there ANY customer support listed for Click and Ship. If the post office wants to truly move itself into the digital age, it is time to offer a better C&S website- and make changes to the way they are handling the printing and charging of shipping labels to avoid these duplicate charges (for one) that I am getting each and every month.

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    I believe that any of these type of measurements left in the hands of the people it will affect will always be manipulated. Most of the goals are arbitrary. Most of the measurement points go on SPLY (Same Period Last Year) which changes with every day of a new calendar year. (eg. 1st of January is on a different day of the week than last year). I have seen this work in the field where they reduce staff to make the quota this month then can never make the quota again because of permanent understaffing of operations which result in realignment of operations because of this flawed system. I believe that COLA and step increases work best and I believe that Pay for Performance reduces the availability of the Postal Service to replenish some of the fiduciary revenue for our Nation like the original system set up by former Postmaster Generals. The whole reason the Postal Service is here is because it is Constitutionally mandated that the Government provides a safe mailing system for its citizens. All these changes are subtle attempts to make this a Wall Street ran corporation and we all have seen how reputable they are. I would like to see our overages at the end of our fiscal year reduce our Government's deficits.

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    Love the DoNotRead sign. Most people don't bother to follow the rules though.

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    PFP program has created a serious safety hazard in the lack of prevented maintenance for the postal service.No one wants to spend the necessary money to maintain our equipment or facilities because it may affect thier bonuses.

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    How can you give bonuses to the people who have no productivity? The only way they look good is to motivate the workers below them. For carriers,what incentive do you have to perform better when your reward is an addition to your route? As usual it's us against them.

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    There's no more time to make a choice
    and status quo has no voice
    The path more traveled is not the way
    As it only leads to yesterday

    So unions and management please take heed
    We no longer can walk on this path of greed
    The future is now and you must call the shot
    It's time to Sh*t or get off the POT!!!!

    5 day is the only way!!!!!!!!!!!!