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    The Post Office would do OK if we could only get the goevernment off our back.

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    First, Direct Employees of the Postal Service, have legal authorities and protections civilians don't.

    Second, the training and background checks can be cost prohibitive, when you have high employee turn over.

    Third, if the value of the square foot allocated to the USPS is less than the retail value, your out.

    Forth, apathy, will quickly replace due diligence.

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    Make Parcel delivery 365 days a year espically on medications, go after after UPS with force and redeliver the next day; unless the customer requests to pick up their parcel. Have a call by 6:15pm same day hotline for pick up. Have a person designated in each office detailed to separate parcels for redelivery or pick up daily with the utmost accuracy and accountable for detail.
    Postal service pay for email service which gives their email the same legal protection as regular mail.
    To supplement postal service funds have businesses able to advertise on the the postal vehicles based on averaged driver miles on a daily rate tracked and credited if vehicles are in for repair maintenance.
    Place a bid to read meters for utility companies to supplement mail delivery. They'll deliver the utility companies data at a fraction of the price.
    Cut salaries at the top. Do away with lush performance bonuses.
    Create jobs printing regionally across the US producing mail advertising layouts. Employ print press workers and graphics design employees haul with employees already working in the postal service.
    Offer shipping discounts to businesses who sign a contract to exclusively ship with USPS.
    Cut manager jobs cut manager pay.
    Cut manager health benefits, benefits should be limited to those who perform manual labor.
    Get rid of company vehicles for all managers. Do away with per diem for managers. Only move managers within commuting distances by taking advantage of temporary managers to fill vacant manager jobs. Create an all part time manager work force.
    Create an incentive bonus to employee who have a good attendance year.

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    ZDNet has an article about the USPS planning to lay off 120,000 workers in the context of whether the USPS business model is no longer viable and in the greater context of whether the USPS itself is simply obsolete. I posted a lengthy reply there that I might as well repost here:

    Some pretty clueless comments here. I live by Cambridge, MA, which is likely the techiest area in the entire US, and their post offices are usually hopping, especially the one in Harvard Square. And the UPS stores around here are even busier. The issue isn't the need for regular mail services, which is still strong among the immigrant families and the elderly (gotta have those Blair catalogs) but package services. As retail shopping become more and more frustratingly homogenized at the low end and middle and more eye-rollingly expensive at the boutique-ish high end, online shopping keeps booming. That means packages, lots of them, plus returns. Thanks to history, the USPS has great locations for their "stores" and are nicely spread all over. So why isn't the continuing explosion in package delivery helping their bottom line?

    The issue is that they have been abysmal in updating themselves for changing needs. So abysmal that a huge industry of competing private companies like UPS and Fedex have grown and flourished rather nicely while the USPS struggles to break even. Actually the USPS's efforts so far to update itself have been laughable: at one small but very busy post office near me that looks like it physically hasn't been updated since the 50's, they installed this outlandishly bulky and poorly designed "Automated Postal Center" that mostly just got in the way for the people in line. I tried it a few times but found it useless for buying stamps (I know better than to casually use an ATM/Debit card for anything other than cash withdrawals at bank ATM's), cumbersome for getting international postage, and not very useful for immigrants sending packages back home. After a while, the APC was finally removed for lack of use, despite the overall high volume of this post office. By the way, just try to Google up what those APC's cost -- apparently it's a big USPS secret, with the best estimate being around $20,000, not including maintenance.

    Ironically, another post office not that far away and much bigger in size, although not as busy (slower service and shorter hours) had plenty of room for an APC, but did they get one? No. But what would have been much more useful is an old school stamp vending machine (some of us just want to pick up some stamps, as well as prefer colorful stamps for personal mail than shipping labels), a scale, and a plain old dedicated PC for postage calculation. Off the shelf items that wouldn't require the $20,000 or so of an APC. They can even include free shipping tape, which UPS centers have but which the post offices are strangely loathed to do.

    But if they really wanted to go hi tech, they can take a good look at Deutsche Post's "Automated Packstations" -- that's how you do it. (By the way, "DHL" is a division of Deutsche Post.) The USPS has just been doing a lousy job at what they do, and if they undergo massive shrinkage, they have only their own incompetence to blame.

    The whole idea that "postal services" are obsolete is just not-too-clear-thinking rubbish. Remind yourself that the next time you excitedly open up your latest delivery from Amazon.

    Also the comment by "My2Cents" about making post offices represent the US government at large is a good one. In the age of Skype, it would be trivial to set up a little, secure booth or room for people needing to talk face to face to a rep from IRS, FBI or such and to exchange and view confidential documents securely, as well as a place in general to have very important or confidential documents delivered or transmitted to when a standard home mail box or possibly infected PC won't do.

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    Can there ever be a serious discussion thread these days without right wing troll rubbish being interjected?

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    Marie, the weight limit for all PO drop boxes is 13 ounces if it is being shipped with uncanceled stamps. If it's a preprinted label, such as one from Click-N-Ship, there is no limit.
    As far as the dimensions go, I'm not sure, but a Large Flat Rate Box (12x12x5) will fit in the chute no problem.

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    I don't see the logic why the management controlling the hours of part time clerk, mail handler & even the TE's. They only work less than 36 hours. But carrier can have overtime just to do the job of clerk & mail handler. Management do some math please!!!

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    Sorry for the re-post.
    I heard a person on the ed schultz radio show on tue the 9th. I did not catch his name. It had to do with the Wi. unions. What is his name? He said that the USPS makes money, but 75 years advanced pension funding was the drain on the USPS. Also any line budgets that bring in more money get doled out to other agencies and not to USPS. This is very interesting to me. I am a conservative and believe the USPS should not be privatized and stay with in the Gov. Can anybody help me. Thanks

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    Idea: Make the post office the representtaive for everything in government. You could get your mail, mail packages, apply for social security, get a new social security card, register for umemployment, etc. Then the USPS becomes a government service rather than a for profit quasi-gov agency.

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    Yes, I do like this idea. I think its a workable model (just ask Starbucks) that lets you scale the services as needed.

    There are many questions however I assume that the people working here will be federal employees and assume all current rights/privileges that federal employees are allocated to them, including salary.

    I would piggy-back this idea with another partnership - retail packaging and mail services companies. There are 3300+ UPS stores and 330+ Mail Annex locations, many of them are franchises. Partner with these companies and have them provide similar services as these village locations would. I think this would strike a balance between services and viability, as well as provide support for US based businesses. This could even drive others in this space to move-in when the USPS moves-out.

    You have to take a generational perspective to the evolution of the USPS. The kids today are the digital Millennials. They communicate, share, and gather electronically - online, phones, etc. How many of these kids regularly send out paper mails? This generation and all the following ones will not be heavy users of the USPS. They are adopting technology at a much faster rate than older generations and that is why the USPS must act fast in order to be relevant and continue to survive. This is a battle that only innovation and change have a chance of winning.

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    I would offer the following suggestion to the 20 billion dollar shortfall in the USPS: DO SOMETHING TO FIX IT!! After a year of studying whether to drop Saturday delivery, a decision still cannot be reached? That is beyond belief. Not only should Saturday delivery be dropped, M-F delivery could be modified to every other or every third day. Although we are historically accustomed to 6 day a week delivery, it is NOT necessary to conduct our lives. What makes more sense: receiving our mail less often, or paying a dollar for a first-class stamp? The labor costs of operating the USPS would go down if only one-third or one-half of each days' mail gets delivered. Another idea that deserves serious consideration is reducing the number of rural post offices. Mountain, WI has one. Lakewood, WI is 13 miles north and has one, Townsend is another 5 miles north and has one...each one of those communities has about 250 residents. This scenario is ubiquitous in rural areas and is totally unnecessary for citizens to have a high quality of life. With a 20-billion dollar shortfall and a 20% drop in business, it makes sense to me to cut your expenses by at least 20%. I have made two suggestions and I'm sure there are many more worthy of consideration. PLEASE think about something more constructive than raising the cost of postage until no one can afford to send anything thru the mail.

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    While lower mail volumes is certainly a challenge the USPS, I'd say the USPS has a much larger challenge in their operational management.

    My example: I live 12 miles from a postal facility (Woodland Park, CO). The postal address for my entire neighborhood is Sedalia, CO (and mail is delivered from here). Sedalia is well over an hour drive each way from my location (1 hour is optimistic as these mountain roads are particularly treacherous in the winter). That means the USPS has a driver burning up >2 hours of gas, vehicle wear/tear, and worker wages daily on a delivery that could be done in 15 minutes by the local facility in Woodland Park.

    I've asked both postal facilities multiple times why they don't put this neighborhood in the closer postal district. Nobody can explain it. Worse, nobody wants to do anything about it.

    I suspect my case above is just one of many nationwide where the USPS could be saving millions of dollars if they would just employ common sense in their operational management.

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    Management is a start you need leaders that will teach,train and motivate a team that gives horrible service, that can help a customer who is willing to spend money but won't because nobody wants to help them or just don't care enough about that person that needs it a team will sell more to every customer. USPS needs to get into the selling and customer service side so that people will buy and use its services and buy product. Hire managers that have experience in those areas that will hold teams accountable and reward those who deserve recognition.

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    What people dont know is what the PO is doing to destroy itself and blame it on decreases in volume.
    1. Route changes every 6 months nationwide cost each PO a fortune in a vain attempt to make perfect 8 hour days
    2. Mail is still walked to houses even after the OIG report that localized units save billions that can be used for other costs. We dont want to anger the cusotmer by asking them to place their mailbox on the street (but we clse their PO's)
    3.No charge services like vacation hold and forwarding.
    4. We could do without all the workers and there would be no overtime, if we stopped all the low cost junk mail. OIG showed where it cost the PO to deliver many of the bulk mailings we receive.
    5 We are beholden to the business sender and will do anything for them, including consolidating post offices and then driving 20 miles per route per day out of the way. (and hold the PO on the lease that is still in effect until it expires)

    This is just some of the stupid things upper management is doing to kill the Post Office.

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    This is really nice stuff..thanxs for posting...

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    A long term connection with several physically struggling industry groups might prove remarkable & profitable

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    What about switching the Mail Vehicles from gas to Electric or Hybrids? This would drastically reduce fuel costs and save the post office from having to cut jobs/services.

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    Some truth to your statement. As the USPS contracts out to a third party we will lose the professionalism and ownership of the service and customer transaction. A worker at the Village Post Office will not have a vested interest in selling additional postal products or such things as EDDM to produce revenue for the USPS. We will lose that close customer contact.

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    ? Did I read that the USPS has Stockholders ? WHY? That, right there, is the problem (imo). Stockholders are for private companies with deep pockets....This sounds like a capitalists' idea.... The USPS did just great for many many years before they had Stockholders! Some things NEVER should be privitized (because that means For-Profit!)..... Mail, Fuel, Food, etc., NEVER should be privitized or subject at all - to the demands of the Stock Market and those dangerous Hedge Funders....(imo)

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    I like your comment as follows: You have a stupid supervisory staff. - - Although, I don't think they need to have degrees nor to be college grads perse - they at least need to be more intelligent than they are....which means to stop hiring for race, etc. Empty heads bring empty pockets!

    Personally, I'm sick of seeing stupid people getting all the breaks because of the color of their skin.... And you are now seeing the damage of that way of thinking and of hiring. America used to hire the best, (the most talented), and that is what we got in return... why did we change that and decide to hire for race only? Educate the stupid - THEN hire them....

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    Please also tell me.. How about being innovative and actually staffing the post offices so that proper customer service can be provided. No one likes waiting in long lines.

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