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    This will fix nothing as long as we Delivery any mail for less than the cost of processing, the law states each class of mail must cover their cost, lets first fix this. Their is no use giving volume discounts if we can not cover our costs. The bottom line fix, The president needs to dismiss all the Board of Govneres, Then the PMG, we needed leaders who beleive in the service we are suppose to be providing to the people of this country, we do not need leadres that are only intrested in handouts, or in the case of the PMG making friends with outsode companies who will be his next employer.

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    There are none left. USPS will, however, be reinstituting them, but I don't know when.

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    If the USPS wants to keep any level of self sufficiency, then they are going to have to go to a 5 day schedule and work smarter and more efficiently.

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    My experience has been that poor performers are not dismissed, they are transferred.

    I have seen TV documentaries where some employees slept in their trucks while on duty and others drove drunk. They suffered no consequences.

    I have ongoing problems with packages stolen from the post office. Management's response has been a verbal shrug, i.e., "That's the way it is".

    Management can't or won't take effective action. No one seems willing to rock the boat.

    It is not surprising that the USPS is in debt; if a private business were run the way the post office is run, it would have gone out of business a long time ago.

    It is time to start firing people. Get rid of the incompetent, lazy or corrupt employee whether management or staff. Improve security so that crooks are caught and prosecuted (and dismissed).

    If there is not a fundamental change the way the USPS is run, then let it go out of business.

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    Missing plastic pallets are only part of the MTE problem.

    The USPS provided pallets, sacks, letter and flats trays, as well as APCs/GPS and OTRs to mailers for the transportation of their product to Post Offices and P&DCs.

    But all to often those mailers use *our* equipement for *their own internal purposes.

    *I'm not talking about a few trays (tubs) used for office storage. *I'm talking about our plastic and canvas hampers used by their employees to sort their product before it ever gets to us.
    *I'm talking about using our trays, hampers, OTRs and GPCs to transport their *customers'* product to their facility for sorting.

    This equipment *never* gets back to the USPS. It stays in facilities like UPS for their own use, saving them millions nationwide while we subsidize that cost.

    Even if some gets back to us, mailers obsorb more.

    The OIG need to pay visits to big and little mail consolidators to get our gear back. That cost alone should save the jobs of more than a few clerks and carriers.

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    I agree with 5 day delivery but think the biggest savings would come from eliminating door to door delivery. Can you imagine how much the postal service would save on labor, dog bites, & injuries? There's nothing wrong with cluster boxes. I believe more mail would be secure with these locking boxes anyway. Should have been done long ago. Has there ever been a public vote on it?

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    Here is last scan on custom form info you provided. "Processed Through Sort Facility

    Your item was processed through our FOREIGN CENTERJERSEY CITY NJ 099 facility on July 06, 2011 at 11:40 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination."

    You can access this info, via website "www.usps.gov" and input your custom number into the tracking search.

    Also on this site you can email. But just in case you have difficulty here is the URL:


    I hope this will be of assistance to you.


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    I read the OIG commissioned study. Very detailed, very expensive, but I continue to marvel that we (USPS) sells "service" and now we are evaluating how to reduce service with slower standards and fewer delivery days. Where, in American business, do we reduce service? (Maybe I don't want to know that answer!) As has been suggested by others above, we do a fantastic job but do not charge enough. UPS and FEDEX have figured out how raise rates EVERY YEAR in order to remain profitable. USPS employees work hard and deserve a living wage! The PM General should be lobbying to raise rates instead of carving up the USPS.

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    Thanks for your input. ROI is definitly one of the factors that would have to be considered if RFID were to come to the Postal Service.

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    I have found UPS advertising to be somewhat deceptive. I package my shipment according to terms, but always seem to get over charged. I was kinda pissed cus I had to walk 2 miles, I think i got corns on my toes from it smh.

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    my parcel from the USA to Namibia (Africa)seems to have been lost, i cannot contact the USPO because they DO NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS!
    Please can you help?
    The parcel was posted on the 2nd of July 2011 and the reference/tracking number is CP827918059US
    My name is Mark Welthagen from Swakopmund Namibia, my phone number is +264 81 1247039
    Please can you help?

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    Reducing plants, relaxing standards???
    Use what you have. As others have pointed out, the plants have the equipment, use it. Spread the processing out.
    At the stations they still continue to get Hotshot runs with NO mail, since they reduced tour 2. Put some mail on the trucks and let the clerks work the mail in afternoons. Another benefit would be the pressing need to have staffing in the morning and not need the clerks later in the day.
    Did I say use the equipment to process, use the trucks that already run empty and use the clerks to sort the mail in the afternoons
    Use the equipment, use the infrasture that is in place.

    And stop requiring Postmasters to redeliver the mail to the appropriate office when it is misdelivered from the plant. Again HUGE waste of time.

    I'm on a roll. Why is it necessary to have mail up in PO boxes by a set time in the morning? Customer gets delivery by the end of the day . . . lets say 6pm. Every day. period.
    No more rushing around attempting to distribute and deliver mail and no more FALSE SPMS scans.
    Again a joke.

    Use our equipment, our infrastructure our people and stop seeking that score that provides a bonus.

    No more EAS bonuses attached to false scores.

    Okay . .. off my soapbox.

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    C. Chaney fails to understand how much money was saved years ago when plants stopped processing mail on Tour 2. The only way to have first class mail available to process on tour 2 would be to delay it--the carriers have not picked it up yet, and they have already left for the streets so what was being processed? It was a cost saving measure and simpler to process the first class and the standard all at the same time, instead of paying an entirely different tour of employees to work for what most people consider "junk" mail. This latest proposal will finally remove the remainder of the waste from the system.

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    Really agree with you.

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    I am a rural carrier, have never heard of a rural carrier that makes that much money, true some of us are done with our rts under the evaluated time. the best way to handle the rural carrier craft is to combine the J rts and aux to the exiting rts in the office. we have 3 J rts in the office where I work.rural carriers save the postal service money. thats way they aren't breathing down our necks like they do city carriers. maybe all carriers should be on evaluated system, no more overtime, do your job and go home. the postal service does need to refresh its system to the times at hand. with fax machines and email we have to move ahead.

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    Wow, it's really help and useful RSS Feed!

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    Something like simple savings account and a discount on USPS money orders for account holders (rather than a true checking account).
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    Great work, gradually modernize the post office and with the advent of technology is inevitable and is not used as much as in the past. Still can innovate new services and attract new customers.
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    Could put educational videos such as what to do with philately. good Idea

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    I completely agree, why cut back on the USPS services that are the most basic ones, and cut back on the accessibility of those services. My mailman is nice but never once has he knocked on my door when there is a package to deliver, and why is customer service over the phone so rude in their tone of voice it makes you more defensive when you call them. If post office machines and mail boxes maybe you would have less people standing in line for those small things you think?

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    The postal service recently changed the way my local newspaper is delivered to my mail box. It now takes 6 days for me to receive my paper. It used to take one day.

    This is a weekly paper and 6 days after publication, the news is stale. Any sales I want to take advantage of are picked over as well.

    Now the postal service takes our newspaper 50 miles away before it is routed back to us. You'd think it would be faster than six days...

    Before the change the county newspapers remained at the post offices and were picked up by the county route courrier for next day deliveries.

    The postal service talks about saving money. How do they save money by sending items on a walkabout?

    I for one, will be getting my newspaper at the local store instead of having it delivered by the postal service. I am not the only customer to do so.

    If the postal service is losing revenue, it is because they have shot themselves in the foot.

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    Absolutely agree with Bridget. Businesses are raising prices all around us, but the Postal Service has a Board which decides price increases. Makes no sense. A increase of just 6 cents (.44 to .50) would seriously help the PO. And it needs to be made clear to the American public that the Postal Service does not use taxpayer money to operate and is not part of the country's deficit. Since this is a "service" and it is self-supported and actually has a better botom line than Congress ever has, why are they (Congress) so hot to screw things up? Get out of the way and clean their own house before messing with someone else's.

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    The white paper does not take into consideration that working mail at night (6pm - 6am) is a choice by management. Working mail on Tour-2 was always done, but a decision was made to all but eliminate Tour-2 and work the majority of mail on Tour-1. Mail is available on Tour-2 and could be worked thus reducing the amount of mail for Tour-1 and also ensuring that more mail could be moved to the Stations and Branches in the early morning. So the premium pay could be reduced considerably. Also, there used to be dispatches to Stations in the afternoon and the clerks worked that mail when received, so it was available in the morning. This is another casualty of shutting down Tour-2. The Postal Service's problems are not only with electronic devices, its a lot of bad decisions which did not work well or work at all. Rebuild confidence in the consumers and volume will increase. Make what we have work well and we will get customers back. People have not stopped mailing. They have stopped mailing with USPS because they have lost faith.

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    If the Postal Service "relaxes" their delivery times, it will be the deciding factor that runs them into the ground! To stay competitive and alive, it needs to increase delivery speed, not delay it! Priority mail is not any faster than first class in delivery times as it is. With less mail, the Postal Service should be running more efficiently, not less! It's time to downsize and reorganize the Postal Service to meet the demands of the quantity of mail and trim the excess fat that is bogging them down!

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    The Post Office should be allowed to rasie the price of stamps. As Exxon answer and other oil corporations make outragous profits off the backs of all Americans- the Post Office suffers with all Americans.
    I am sick and tired of the oil companies distroying our Country. The Post Office deserves to rasie the rate of the postage stamp.
    Put out that question. We The People will support you.
    And the fact Congress turned you down is another example of their lack of concern for the working class.
    How many jobs are at risk? What if the Post Office could hire all the workers they need? Congress and the Senate should be ashamed of themselves.
    This sounds like the 1920-30's. But, please stand tall. Ask for support from the public who use you day and out. This important.

    To the extreme, I think the Post Office should sue the oil corporations for the profits they made off the Post Office and putting the Post Office at risk.

    Doing away with 25,000 postal jobs is NOT the answer either. It is adding to the tragic attack on jobs in the United States.

    Fight for what is honest and right. A 48 or 50 cent stamp is a start. Don't let the truth be blurred by those who look to profit off the suffering of working American Postal Service.
    Stand Proud and be loud and let Americans stand tall with you.
    And point out the oil companies absolute blame for the record breaking profits. 40 billion dollar quarterly profits?