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    Postal service has taken a very good step, I hope others will follow suite as going green is really to our advantage.

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    I pitched something which may be similar to Simplified Address which I called the Virtual Address. The virtual address the 9-digit postal code and adds two digits to specify the house and then a PIN code for each recipient with a household so that you have . Marketing has renamed this the Universal Address.

    The premise goes a few steps further than what I understand is meant by the Simplified Address in that advertisers no longer need to know where you live - your privacy is protected. Only USPS would know your address. But since we don't correlate people with the address, your privacy is truly protected. The virtual address is a routing mechanism for physical and digital communications (mail, packages, messages, etc.). Each virtual address would have a profile associated with it, which consumers can customize with mailing preferences, to borrow from the Mail My Way concept by Steve Dearing.

    Advertisers no longer need address lists or address databases, since all they need is a set of virtual addresses with the profiles of the right demographics they're targeting. Likewise, address data would no longer be stored in numerous systems on the Internet and could no longer be used to validate identities. You take away the honeypot and you take away the incentive for such data to be stolen.

    Combining the virtual address and Mail My Way would allow senders to convey messages or send items to recipients to the routing mechanism and based on the item, be it physical or digital, and based on the recipient's preferences, the item would be passed to the appropriate channel, be it a digital device, a mailbox, an e-parcel locker, a digital vault, etc.

    If this is what is meant by Simplified Address, then, yes, this is definitely something USPS should be doing. When I pitched the idea to Vint Cerf at Google last summer, he agreed that it has the prospects of being a game changer.

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    These are all good ideas. I've been pitching them for three years. People before me have pitched them as far back as 1981 when USPS invented e-mail but was blocked from entering the business commercially.

    If you want to see what USPS is capable of, let the company operate like a real company and give it some flexibility to decide products and services on their own as well as prices. We have the integrity to help small and medium businesses succeed and be an enabler and not a monopoly in every opportunity.

    Have regulatory oversight but limit what the PRC can do. Right now, our hands are tied. We have plenty of good ideas on the table but no authority or approval to execute them. Let us calculate our own risks. We're the nation's second largest company. I think we could be trusted to make smart decisions.

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    USPS has been doing volume-driven discounts with the Summer Sale, Winter Sale, etc. As long as the discount covers the expense and overhead and still yields some margin for profit and as long as it isn't viewed as unfair competition to other shippers, indeed we should be offering such discounts on packages.

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    waste of trees? guess what - because you are receiving things in the mail (and paper is being printed) it has actually made it so much better http://printgrowstrees.com/facts.html

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    Mobile Marketing US Postal Service Banking on 2D Barcodes for New Mobile Marketing PromotionThe United States Postal Service is playing catch-up with the mobile technologies sorely needed to help the USPS stop the financial hemorrhaging it has endured in recent years.

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    Above mention:Increases in e-shopping means an increase in the quantity of goods shipped is also increasing. Most vendors have their preferences, which are frequently based on cost. Should the Postal Service take advantage of the increased amount of shipping generated by e-retailers by offering incentives?

    I think the result is a positive.

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    If we go to 5-day delivery, Wednesday & Sunday would make the most sense to not have delivery. There are 5 federal holidays that fall on a Monday, sometimes 6-7 when New Year's, Independence, Veteran's & Christmas also falls on a Monday. On Monday the mail load tends to be heavy because there's no delivery on Sunday. If you have Saturday & Sunday off, that means mail will be overburdened for 3 days (Saturday, Sunday & Monday), so Tuesday will be a mother load of mail & a lot of people who are lazy will call in sick on Tuesday cause they don't want to deliver a heavy load.

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    First of all, the U.S. Postal Service should get itself a total make over, starting with the Personnal. There should be a postal image that stands out and signiture itself with dedication and pride. America needs to establish its strength, and began to work together as one nation, and one place to start, is with the U.S. Postal Service. Postal employees should first of all, be acknowledged with respect, and treated with respect, and the same respect given to its employor. Many corporations that fail, are those that have poor managemental traits, poor structure in its establishment, and no form of organizational skills. Training employees and organizing the internal structures of the 21 network distribution centers into clean and healthier environments, would mentally and physically inprove the entire Postal Service, and once these things are achieved, and in place, then we can focus on the proper intake of mail. We must keep on major thought in our minds, and that is the Customers. If a customer mails it, they expect us to diliver it. They entrust us with their personal property, and we should remember that. Our customers mail almost anything that you can imagine, form feathers to automobile engines, and with the proper intaking of these items, employee's that have been trained and are now dedicated to perform their duties in a more professional manor. Window clerks would now direct heavy non-machinable objects NMO's, to a designated area, where it is then transfered to a processing station that is set up specifically to accomendate its safe transportation, and this process shall proceed throughout its coarse of delivery. There should also be an area that is set up to prepare mail to survive the many miles of conveyor belt, with the proper intake of mail, the delicate mail would be safe from becoming damaged and destroyed. The volume of mail that is burst open, crushed, or destroyed, would less likely occur. the custodian would accually do their jobs, and do them well. The mail handlers would take a greater pride in their work ethics, and load the mail using proper scaning and not just scanning any and everything just to look good, they would accually be good. Throughout all the 21 NDC's, employees would no longer come to work feeling tired and lazy and doing a half ass job. They would no longer rush to waste time with their co-workers, but began to see ways to improve the jobs in a more fiesable manor. Otr's, hampers and Gpc's would have a designated staging area, and would be inforced to maintain such staging sites. Employees would no longer throw sacks and other tools of the trade, into corners and underneith dirty tables and other objects. but would comply with the new made over work environment, and its more efficient way of operating. The U.S. Postal service would now service its customers with better services, better deliveries, and better handling of their precious photo's, the millions of books that are lost, damaged or sent to Atlanta, Ga. to be auctioned of or the cloths,stamp collections,monies,weapons,stereo equipment,phones,jewelery,pass ports,personal documentation,medical records,insurance forms, marriage license,credit cards, diplomas,rings, watches,videos,tapes,games,movies,cd's,vinyl records,antiques,returns you name it, it should reach its destination because we're suppose to diliver for you. For no reason should we not for fill our promise to you.
    Americas workers no longer deliver a good product, because of systems that are set up to profit and profit only, not caring for the customer, but consistantly robbing them blind. The postal service may raise the price of a stamp, but continue to waste money on materials from tape to pins and pencils,and other items, but in rewrap sections, they fail to supply workers with the materials needed to perform damaged mail such as boxes, access to information to inform customers, computers where we can input names and lost items into the system by some form of tracking system, where we can go to the item in which we input and be able to retrieve that item is someone seeks to find something that they lost. There is so much that we as postal workers and management can do to make our jobs a better place, and to build a stronger relationship with our co-workers. so..inclosing, I must say that horse playing, bulling around on the job constently, day in and day out degrades a place of employment, and so to speak, depreciate the stocks of our bread and butter so to speak. Many of the things I talked about, can be potential for new jobs to become available, more profits because of better business, and a more plasant work environment with a vision of positive outcome in the eyes of all those that want to accomplish the goals of their Postal Service.

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    I think “Forever Stamps” are a very good idea, and Postal service should do less stamps. Now, the advent of online postage vendors has given individual customers an alternative to stamps.

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    It really is ridiculous that you can't print a COA form from the USPS website. My wife and I go to Canada in the summer and forward our mail there while we're up there. You can't find a PS form 3575 to download, and then fill it out and take it down to the Post Office as you are not allowed to forward mail internationally without going into the post office. Where's the logic in that??? You should make the PS Form 3575 available to download for customers with similar situations. Or if you would put international options on the interactive way I'd be more than willing to pay $1.00...maybe even $2.00!

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    The Network Processing Team would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for responding to our blog.

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    For arguments sake:
    Lets set up a system that tracks these training costs, checks against everyone that leaves employment, then attempts to recover them.
    I'll bet a paycheck that this system costs much more than it ever recovers.

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    One of my family members actually got a case of the FERS flu in order not to lose that sick time. The government could have just payed them like R.C. Macky suggested and not lost productivity.

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    The vehicle maint. staff @ Oklahoma are very good, and their programs are worth every penny. But the fact is, it might take YEARS before you schedule training you need. In the meantime, the trucks need to be fixed.
    Because the PO can't stop thinking that everone is out to get them, you would never believe this, but we spend our own time and money, going to trade shows for seminars, taking training from parts companies that we worked with before the P.O. We go to manufacturers websites, and take online training specific to our vehicles. Becuse the manuals are on CD's we can print out sections of the manuals, and study them at home, all on our own time.
    And what's our reward?
    More Accusations of "Getting Over on the PO".
    Yeah, I feel smart :(

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    i am not really a huge fan of the post office, although i do frequently go and use the automated shipper because the lines are always just so long.

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    I'd be definitely be more likely to visit a post office more if there was more services available, or even if there was enough employees to keep the waiting time down to a minimum :P

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    I remember the first training session I attended at the USPS orientation.
    I quoted exactly, because I wrote it down on my Blackberry.
    The "trainer" described the cardinal rule of the USPS. (don't know the qualifications of them, if any, as reflected in their mastery of the english language)
    Like the so called training experts at FEMA/PEMA. The qualifications,
    like the qualifications of the Transportation Managers where I work,
    are...... ahem.... "loose"... if existent at all....
    You see, training requires demonstrated skills aquired over years of experience, or education.
    You simply can't invent education or learned skills with a Power Point

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    Can't wait till 5 day delivery so the carriers will have a chance to take an early out offer. Those that wish to stay will have Saturdays off which I'm sure they will appreciate.

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    Would created to much cut backs ~

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    I am a MPE and would not be against the proposed idea if the system of training were the same as the private sector! Many posters have already stated how the current system is abused by management forcing people to attend classes for reasons unrelated to the business. Likewise, they withhold classes as punishment and unrelated reasons also.

    If employees were notified before accepting a position that they would have to take certain classes and given schedules then I believe the idea to retain the employee for a certain period would be proper.

    The current system and contract language as well as the general lack of knowledge on the part of most Maintenance managers and supervisors leaves this idea (One of the more coherent ideas I have read on this blog) floating in the toilet.

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    The Fallacy in your story is that the Postal service does not sell Priority Tape. Nice try though :/

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    I think the OIG should visit your office!

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    What is up with the postal service in Rogers Arkansas 72756? One day we recieve no mail delivery at all, the next we get our mail at 6:00p.m. Our mail may come at 10a.m. or 8p.m. It would be nice to have a regular delivery time.

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    I have been employed by the Postal service since Jan, 1995. I have attended training at NCED in Norman OK over 20 times. Very few of the courses translate to the "outside" world. If areas such as vehical maintenance are experiencing a problem, than I would think the real issue is we are not paying the VMF Mechanics enough. I would have to see documentd proof that this is a wide spread problem befor I would aggree to such drastic measures. Others have already brought up the issue of attending training close to retirement. I can see the potential for abuse from both management and craft. But the contract controls how people are selected for training. Senior volunteers and involuntarily by juniority. How do you force a employee who is retiring within 6 months? I would think this individual would be at the top of the seniority list and everyone below him/her would have had to already been to the training.