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    For clarification, the comparison of the USPS Mobile and UPS applications referred to in this article are based on the features available on their respective Android apps at the time the article was written.

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    The iPhone mobile application currently includes a rate calculator function. The Android version wil be available in later this year.

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    Unfortunately, the people running the USPS merely echo what their bosses think, and really never attended a business school. If they want to increase revenue via first class mail for example, then a re-education process must occur within the school systems across the nation. In order to receive state, and federal aids, schools should get required to teach children to write letters. Postmasters should visit schools, and give the postal sales pitch to children. Newly graduating senior should be given a free book of stamps to write thank you cards. Yes, I said free. So many graduates don't even know how to address an envelope let alone write a letter. This bodes poorly for First Class Mail going forward.

    The sales pitch given by the post masters should include the benefits, and services the USPS offers. Get these young adults into the fold. I hold little confidence in the senior leadership of the USPS to correct the decreasing volume of First Class Mail. And, quite frankly, unless they develop new concepts to generate growth in this area, it will continue to shrink.

    Furthermore, walking from one house to the next house to deliver mail is akin to fighting a 21st century battle with a 17th century technique. Elimination of this would greatly reduce worker compensation claims, and genuinely improve working conditions for employees. Wages, hours, and conditions of employment remain the 3 negotiable issues in any collective bargaining settlement. Require all customers nationwide to place their mail boxes on the street.

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    I see some things tangentially related, but nothing that looks like it would deal with the persistent doubts about the size of "worksharing" discounts. Is the current balance between the rates charged and the work shared the right one?

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    Here's an example of what is going on - The Wrong Way to Sell EDDM http://www.intelisent.com/postalaffairsblog/?p=2914
    Poorly trained and misguided sales force down-selling current products. Per USPS leadership at MTAC, they are not monitoring to make sure that the revenue coming in from this program is new revenue. Last but not least, if it takes a contest with a trip to Las Vegas for the winner to motivate the USPS sales force, especially with the financial situation of the Postal Service the way it is, maybe the USPS needs new sales people. Or better yet, they should rely on the serious and capable sales force of motivated Mail Service Providers.

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    I think that the post office needs to become more efficient to avoid bankruptcy. I hate to say it but most of the people (not all) that work at the post office are extremely, intentionally, slow and it is such an unpleasant experience to have to go to the PO. Maybe cutting down service to five days will help but eliminating more post offices so that others become even more annoying to visit will just drive folks to use private companies. The PO needs to stop raising prices too. With every price hike, there is a loss of business that probably isn't worth it.

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    Well, I'll put the unpopular comment in on this thread. I'm still reading on the process but I think the concept is ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Our office lost a large portion of our bulk mailers a few years back with price increases. Then all but one dropped off when they had to travel to another office to process their bulk mailing.
    We lost revenue with these decisions.
    Now? we (the rural office - so identified as losing $$) can not only bring revenue back to the small office they can provide a SERVICE to the small businesses in our area. I am trying my best to have a better understanding to explain this to all those customers we lost and have a handfull of customers I want to advise that I believe will help their businesses.

    My only complaint is EDUCATION. I can't find anyone to explain. Yes, I understand the basics but I have questions. I get emails telling me, I get websites to explain whats offered and I have questions. I have questions that I want answered before I pose this to my customers.

    Provide a contact number to a product expert!

    For those doubters, naysayers . . . the back bone of American is NOT Corporate America it is the small business.

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    I think they make too much money- No "agressiveness" needed.

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    I totally agree! Just add coffee, donuts? and maybe some little crunchies that anyone can enjoy while passing time. :)

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    The post office needs to be more aggressive in reducing their business loss. Selling there space on the mail vehicle would be a good start

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    I am agree with the GOLDIE comment.Thanks for giving such an informative blog.

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    Is this in effect now? Because I definitely would love to use it!

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    On April 29, a retailer shipped a music CD I had purchased using First Class mail with Delivery Confirmation. It is now May 25. I'm in north Texas; the retailer shipped from either California or New York. In either case, it historically does not take almost an entire month to ship something First Class. Typically even a mere week is sufficient. I used to order tobacco from Sweden awhile back, and almost every single time using the Swedish Post and the USPS, it still took exactly seven days to arrive. The retailer has been kind enough to ship out a second copy, and I offered to ship one back if I ever receive both of them.

    USPS.com has been essentially useless other than telling me that they've received electronic notification of shipment, and providing me with the 1-800-ask-usps number. Calling in was a nightmare trying to weed through a useless automated system that could not tell me anything with the "tracking" number I have, since it's really just a delivery confirmation number. After getting back to the main menu and repeatedly pressing 0, the system finally connected me to a real person who repeatedly apologized, put in a case and gave me a confirmation number, telling me to expect a call back on Friday. We'll see, but I have a feeling that nothing's going to happen.

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    I agree this new www.uspseverywhere.com website is disappointing.

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    Technology could give the LLVs new life.

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    Certain types of advertising are always out of bounds but selling advertising on Postal Service property should not violate the law. Just my opinion.

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    I am for automation to avoid long lines that is a plus. It will work because it worked for the secretary of the state branches. I start using the USPS more often because I found that it is cheaper than most shipping companies and my items arrive not broken that is a plus.

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    I believe their should be some type of electronic system that automate to speed up the process and save money on paper. I do not think we should stay with a concrete price for stamps because of inflation and deflation the USPS need to adjust there prices according to the economy.

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    http://www.uspseverywhere.com/ is very disappointing for people who live in urban/suburban areas that are experiencing an explosive growth as there are hardly any amenities available for customers to purchase items. Let's take where your headquarters are e.g. Washington D.C, where there is explosive growth near the subway stations

    It was very difficult to find postal products or services with the parameters provided. I could find some of what I needed e.g. stamps but not all of what I needed e.g. shipping products. This is not good planning and provides me with a poor customer experience. Gas is almost 4.00 a gallon and some people don't even have cars. Can you imagine people hopping all over town just to get everything they need? One place for stamps and the other place for shipping supplies....

    So, if you can't do more locations that are convenient to your urban customers just have them purchase everything on the mobile phone. I would like you to build an app so that I can purchase USPS postal products and service via my mobile phone. I would love to utilize my mobile phone to purchase everything all at one time and have them sent to my home. Send a message via text to have my mail carrier to come pick-up my package and have it delivered to the destination. I can just put my mail in the slot for the next delivery. You do know there is a Netflix app right?!

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    I actually wasn't aware that USPS even had an App available, so thank you for this post.
    I am downloading the App now as I am always looking for better technical solutions for business use. I can instantly see that the track and confirm feature will come in handy when a customer rings while I am on the road. Thanks again USPS, a job well done.

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    Thanks for pointing that out, mhoodallen. Our initial evaluation of the USPS mobile application missed those features. We'll update the article to reflect these features, but as you point out, the UPS app still has more features than the USPS app, such as the price quote. Also, you are correct in that the USPS app is difficult to use, bringing up an entirely different set of issues. Thanks again.

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    I checked. It was removed because it didn't generate inimum revenue required.

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    I recently downloaded the USPS and UPS mobile app on my Android phone. I noticed that the USPS app has the following features:

    1. Locations: it allows you to search for Post Office locations, Automated Postal Centers, and Collection Boxes.

    2. Zip Code: you can search for zip codes based on the address or city. It also provides information on the cities within a specific zip code.

    3. Track and Confirm: you can enter a tracking number in the provided box to retrieve the tracking information on your package.

    4. About: selecting this option will take the customer to a list of options: About USPS, USPS.com, Terms and Conditions, Get a Free Flat Rate Shipping Kit, and Settings.

    Options 2 thru 4 mentioned above are actually hard to find because it is not on the initial page once the application opens. I had to press the Menu button on my Android phone in order to get these additional options.

    After browsing both USPS and UPS mobile apps, I think that USPS should give its customers the option for a package price quote similar to the quote feature on UPS mobile app. In addition, all features of the mobile app should be placed on the first page upon opening the application. I could see someone looking at it for the first time and having the assumption that the USPS mobile app only allows customers to search for locations.

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    The item the OIG has not addressed in the simplified mail program or EDDM, as the Postal Service is calling it, is the potential loss of revenue. The Postal Service has gone to great lengths to ensure that not one single penny drops through the cracks at any bulk mail acceptance unit--even at the expense of mailers. Most all small offices were deemed "non" acceptance units recently and mailers who chose to continue to mail were forced to drive to larger offices. Most of the mailers, churches or others with only a few mailings a month were forced to revert back to paying full price for postage, while the offices that absorbed the mailings increased their workloads and were subject to audit after audit about such trivial things as where they set the mailings after they were accepted. Now, to increase bulk mailings the Postal Service will allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry--permit or not, to walk up to the retail window and drop off a mailing and just hand the window clerk the money for the mailing??? ARE YOU KIDDING??? While the freaking auditors are coming in the back door checking on the pennies from the other mailers? What gives? The window clerk has NO bulk mail training. They know NOT what to charge. Some of the Postal Service window eqipment does not even have an account identifier code to put the money into--IF the clerk chooses to do so. There is NO placard produced to put on the mail--that the AUDITORS IN THE BACK ARE LOOKING FOR ON THE REST OF THE MAIL. Another example of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, but in the case of the Postal Service, it is "not caring" instead. Same 'ole, same 'ole.

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    WOW. As I started to read this I thought, "Weird! Why would anyone want to do this?" but as I continued I started to see the potential benefits.
    It would be great to write love letters, send birthday, valentine and anniversary cards to your loved one in advance so that you could never get in trouble for forgetting the dates!