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    How hard would it be to figure out the maximum dimensions for the APC and post them somewhere on USPS.com? No wonder the post office is losing money.

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    Hi everybody my suggestion to cut postal costs is to do away with stamps and create envelopes with some kind of identifying mark. Perhaps you could pattern it like the bulk rate symbols on bulk rate mail. Make the envelopes simple and perhaps you could use recycled paper. We must do everything we can to keep our postal service going. I am concerned about the number of people that could lose their jobs if Congress doesn't step up to the plate and help the country. thanks for allowing me to give my opinion.


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    I think further advertising on Facebook, etc. needs to be approached carefully in order to avoid becoming... shall we say "unintentionally humorous?"

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    I think that it would be fair to charge a flat fee each time a customer requests that their mail be held and then redelivered for a trip. This is a service that is an"add-on" and should be paid for by the users--of which I am one. Also, I think Saturday delivery should be eliminated-we can all make that adjustment and it should be a substantial savings in costs.

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    Cards are the best way to express your emotions. Holiday Season means exchange of gifts and cards. What can be better than sending cards from your phone itself?

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    Great Idea! So how about sharing some of you excess health and welfare benefits with me? The cost of basic health insurance for me is $399.00/month w/ $2500.00 deductible/yr. not including dental. This means roughly 33 hours of a single pay period for me goes to paying my premium.

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    It's a shame that the postal service of old has gone by the bayside and is slowly being replaced by a smothering series of ones, zeros, https, htmls, smpts, abcs, 123s, and elephant bones. The fact of the matter is that no matter what we do about it, it's an ever-engrossing sacagaweaiac respone to the unflagging courage of the American spirit. Together, we can make it happen, if we only get together and cause it to occur.

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    That's true. Ecards are faster and you get to choose from lots of design. I like the ones with animations and music.

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    I submitted an idea to local managment about recycling metals. It was in evaluation for two years. I made a transfer to another plant. The idea followed me. My new supervisor disapproved it because the new plant was already doing it. He refused to send it back to the original plant where it applied.

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    Based on an analysis i did several years ago of expenses / revenue, i would suggest for the Postal Service:
    ~ simplify rate structure
    ~ partial reduction in service
    ~ restoration of old-fashioned customer treatment

    RATES: eliminate all preferential rates - especially the business (bulk) classes of mail. Currently, First Class subsidizes these other classes; no wonder FC customers are leaving in droves. Simplify to where all mail travels either First Class, Priority, or Express

    SERVICE: deliver First Class mail three days a week; Mon-Wed-Fri in one delivery area and Tue-Thu-Sat in another. This is better in several ways than the current proposal to just drop Saturdays and reduce distribution sites. Priority and Express would still offer expedited delivery as they do now.

    RESTORATION: held and forwarded mail currently is subjected to onerous rules; go back to giving customers what they want and keeping their personal data private. Eliminate all the crazy merchandizing schemes - notice UPS and Fedex are not doing these things.

    FINALLY: keep the Federal protection of the mail stream .... this is beneficial to our personal sense of security. The corruption of this concept in recent years should be reversed.

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    I thought everybody at the Post Office was undercover?

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    Ok so I think it is time for the STATIONS to communicate directly with the employees running their mail. I think this simple little form of communication would be AMAZING!!. Clerks at the station need to know that it is the clerks in the processing facilites that decide what mail is processed. If for example carrier 32 has a problem with their mail they can communicate directly with the employees running their zone. Problems will be addressed faster (NOT 2 weeks later) We could decrease overtime!!! If we as processing clerks only knew what the carriers and office clerks needed to do their job successfully

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    Turn the Postal service into the local police force they patrol the neighborhood anyway and nothing stops them rain snow ect.
    Arm them and give them the money locals would pay for a police service or make them the national police service and close the FBI.

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    The U.S. Postal Service is like apple pie and Fourth of July parades---an American tradition that needs to be preserved. Perhaps better use of technology will not only save jobs but improve services. It is an affirmation that the US continues to work despite the White House's efforts to bring the US economy to its knees. We like "paper mail." We take comfort in the sight of postal trucks and postal employees in our neighborhoods. Cut Congressional salaries, their fat benefits and retirement. That should pay the USPS deficits.

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    i will send out my holiday cards via email. its faster and more efficient.

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    When mail consolidation morphs into "freight" alternatives must be reviewed. Check out the way USPS handles Military Mail; USPS handles the mail and the DOD handles the freight. There is a distinction.

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    I see some things tangentially related, but nothing that looks like it would deal with the persistent doubts about the size of “worksharing” discounts. Is the current balance between the rates charged and the work shared the right one?

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    The A.P.C. (Automated Postal Center) is not very intuitive and very cumbersome to use. After using one at least once a week for several years, to mail large envelopes for my wife, I would consider myself a expert user. After several years of using these machines I still find them hard to use. I propose striking a deal with Apple to interface the Ipad in a secure manor in place of the current touch screen. The USPS would benefit by getting a much more efficient A.P.C. and Apple could benefit by exposing their technology to the masses. Apple could advertise their product and even sell Ipads at each post office. The next project could be to replace the clunky terminals used by the window clerks with Ipad devices.

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    Philip says,
    I think this is a great idea and the postal service should get in on the advertising dollars. Why leave the one thing out that will bring in the much needed cash to be able to hire more people. The email business model is free email service, but includes getting ad dollars.
    So what are you thinking, if you don't compete.

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    Very interesting post, also good comments.

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    There are many fake websites to submit change of address, hold mail, basic services that charge people anywhere from 1.00 to 30.00 to “process the request” and people pay it, with out thinking twice,

    And yet the post office only charges 1.00 for verification “not taking in mind that some credit cards have a 5.00 min anyway” I think personaly they should up that to a 5.00 min for change of address, But still offer the ability to go to the local post office and still be able to fill out the form for free.

    Regarding hold mail, the post office only allows customer to put mail on hold for 30 days, I think you should extend that out by a month or two and offer it to customers for a small charge.

    Also the ideas for selling ad space for stamps is great, But I would take is a step further and offer route sponsorship like the "adopt a highway" slap some patches on the mail bag

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    I wish you would put time stamps on the posts. You see, I don't get to post "on the clock" to offer ideas & comments to help, as I have since it's inception, unless I do it on "my own time". I think your traffic counts to the site would diminish significantly if you did.
    From what I've seen so far, I've deduced that most of the ideas are submitted "on the clock".

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    What USPS needs is better customer service at its existing locations, particularly in urban communities. What customers need are trained USPS I think so. professionals to help them with the wide variety of services that USPS offers, and is obligated to fully offer, each community.

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    This needs to be free to the public and subsidized by advertising, just like web sites use user page views to set ad rates.
    It's foolish to think that people will pay for a secure email box, when you can get a terrabyte of storage free at google.

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    Good post with good information. I'm not sure I agree with everything that was mentioned but it definitely has made me think.