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    I think “Forever Stamps” are a very good idea, and Postal service should do less stamps. Now, the advent of online postage vendors has given individual customers an alternative to stamps.

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    It really is ridiculous that you can't print a COA form from the USPS website. My wife and I go to Canada in the summer and forward our mail there while we're up there. You can't find a PS form 3575 to download, and then fill it out and take it down to the Post Office as you are not allowed to forward mail internationally without going into the post office. Where's the logic in that??? You should make the PS Form 3575 available to download for customers with similar situations. Or if you would put international options on the interactive way I'd be more than willing to pay $1.00...maybe even $2.00!

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    The Network Processing Team would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for responding to our blog.

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    For arguments sake:
    Lets set up a system that tracks these training costs, checks against everyone that leaves employment, then attempts to recover them.
    I'll bet a paycheck that this system costs much more than it ever recovers.

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    One of my family members actually got a case of the FERS flu in order not to lose that sick time. The government could have just payed them like R.C. Macky suggested and not lost productivity.

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    The vehicle maint. staff @ Oklahoma are very good, and their programs are worth every penny. But the fact is, it might take YEARS before you schedule training you need. In the meantime, the trucks need to be fixed.
    Because the PO can't stop thinking that everone is out to get them, you would never believe this, but we spend our own time and money, going to trade shows for seminars, taking training from parts companies that we worked with before the P.O. We go to manufacturers websites, and take online training specific to our vehicles. Becuse the manuals are on CD's we can print out sections of the manuals, and study them at home, all on our own time.
    And what's our reward?
    More Accusations of "Getting Over on the PO".
    Yeah, I feel smart :(

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    i am not really a huge fan of the post office, although i do frequently go and use the automated shipper because the lines are always just so long.

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    I'd be definitely be more likely to visit a post office more if there was more services available, or even if there was enough employees to keep the waiting time down to a minimum :P

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    I remember the first training session I attended at the USPS orientation.
    I quoted exactly, because I wrote it down on my Blackberry.
    The "trainer" described the cardinal rule of the USPS. (don't know the qualifications of them, if any, as reflected in their mastery of the english language)
    Like the so called training experts at FEMA/PEMA. The qualifications,
    like the qualifications of the Transportation Managers where I work,
    are...... ahem.... "loose"... if existent at all....
    You see, training requires demonstrated skills aquired over years of experience, or education.
    You simply can't invent education or learned skills with a Power Point

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    Can't wait till 5 day delivery so the carriers will have a chance to take an early out offer. Those that wish to stay will have Saturdays off which I'm sure they will appreciate.

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    Would created to much cut backs ~

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    I am a MPE and would not be against the proposed idea if the system of training were the same as the private sector! Many posters have already stated how the current system is abused by management forcing people to attend classes for reasons unrelated to the business. Likewise, they withhold classes as punishment and unrelated reasons also.

    If employees were notified before accepting a position that they would have to take certain classes and given schedules then I believe the idea to retain the employee for a certain period would be proper.

    The current system and contract language as well as the general lack of knowledge on the part of most Maintenance managers and supervisors leaves this idea (One of the more coherent ideas I have read on this blog) floating in the toilet.

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    The Fallacy in your story is that the Postal service does not sell Priority Tape. Nice try though :/

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    I think the OIG should visit your office!

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    What is up with the postal service in Rogers Arkansas 72756? One day we recieve no mail delivery at all, the next we get our mail at 6:00p.m. Our mail may come at 10a.m. or 8p.m. It would be nice to have a regular delivery time.

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    I have been employed by the Postal service since Jan, 1995. I have attended training at NCED in Norman OK over 20 times. Very few of the courses translate to the "outside" world. If areas such as vehical maintenance are experiencing a problem, than I would think the real issue is we are not paying the VMF Mechanics enough. I would have to see documentd proof that this is a wide spread problem befor I would aggree to such drastic measures. Others have already brought up the issue of attending training close to retirement. I can see the potential for abuse from both management and craft. But the contract controls how people are selected for training. Senior volunteers and involuntarily by juniority. How do you force a employee who is retiring within 6 months? I would think this individual would be at the top of the seniority list and everyone below him/her would have had to already been to the training.

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    I would like to know why in Chicago if there are new opening for employment,for clerk, mailhandler, etc and u have already pass the postal test why do u have to take it again. If there are opening in these areas why not pull people who already pass the test so they can be hired. It doesn't make since to take the same test again when u have people in line waiting for these jobs and u are telling them they must take the test all over again because the is something new. So what hire US, we been on the waiting list two years or more now because it something new we have to take the test again and that's fair. Can somebody look into this.

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    Your argument almost makes sense but takes the typical postal view of the bad employee, you should consider the opposite employee's view, that if I am better trained then I would be worth more. How about incentives for completing training? Scaled incentives for higher scores when attending training? How about we drop the stick and offer more carrot for a change?

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    The story below shows another of the possible uses for Neighborhood Mail. This type of thing could become more common if Neighborhood Mail was known by every American and it was easier to do from your home computer.


    Randi Slocum with Kaylee.
    When Randi Slocum’s dog Kaylee ran away from her Stillwater, NY, home, Slocum and her friends did what any group of concerned pet owners would do — they formed a search party and knocked on neighbors’ doors looking for the chocolate Labrador mix.

    But Randi’s mother, Carolyn, had a better idea — use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to notify residents in Stillwater and nearby Schuylerville, NY, of the dog’s disappearance.

    Carolyn Slocum, a board member of the local Postal Customer Council, had just attended an EDDM seminar given by Albany District Grow Your Business Coordinator Natalie Dolan. “I knew that the best way to reach every household was through the new EDDM program,” said Slocum. “Since many people work all day, this would be the most likely way to reach them.”

    By the next morning, Carolyn had the mailings prepared to EDDM standards and dropped them off at the Stillwater and Schuylerville Post Offices. The flyer helped unleash a series of phone calls, and that helped lead to Kaylee’s safe return.

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    This type of thinking should apply to everyone, salary and craft employees. And, when an employee is FORCED to go to training, the USPS eats the cost, or recovers the cost from the responsible party. If it is known that said employee was soon to leave the USPS, the manager or supervisor responsible for forcing the employee to attend training should now liable for the cost.

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    I would suggest a distinction needs to be made between voluntary and involuntary training.

    If an employee volunteer for training then it seems reasonable that he or she has to pay it back. If an employee is involuntarily assigned to training that it seems unreasonable to me.

    I think we all have known at least one fellow employee who has abused the system i.e. attending training with full plans to retire and "pay management back" or other nonsense.

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    I believe it would be more cost effective to retain the employee's with the most schooling and knowledge and aptitude. Why doesn't the Postal Service give ET's a monetary award to stay on another 3 or 4 years? Just like in the Military

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    Interesting article, but from observation, it seems like a big part of new business is in the online purchasing area. I have always liked the personal service of the Postal Service employees,you get to know your carrier and they are always helpful. UPS drivers are also helpful but not as well know as the mail carrier. So I guess I wonder why the Postal service doesn't try to compete more with UPS and Fed Ex. I think with a little more computer tracking that the postal service would win hands down.

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    labor relation failure has waste postal monies by the millios with total impunity.

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    Thank you for your comment. You bring up an interesting point. If in fact the employee you refer to has officially notified USPS management of his intention to retire and a retirement date has been set, then it would cause us to question whether sending such an employee to six weeks of very specialized and costly training was really necessary. Should these actions prove to be widespread, this is an issue that could be considered for further review.