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    Another VERY GOOD idea, to add to that, managers, or whoever handles the bulk business mailings, need to keep the mailing list, (vacancy list) up to date. Carriers, (26 years with PO) have been losing there jobs for tossing 4th class bulk mailings in the UBBM, then management goes out checks if the particular address is vacant, no vacant card, then they get there walking papers!!!!!!!! No investigative interview, no warning, NOTHING, JUST WALKING PAPERS! Whom is held accountable for not keeping these mailings lists current?

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    that is the best idea i've heard in a long time!

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    How much money did the government or USPS spend on these flat sorting machines? I have a pretty good idea, and you always here about how much the PO is losing money. What about the GPS tracking devices they are talking about putting in the LLV's? That would be another waste of money. And some of these branch managers make as much as our major makes!!!! Where is the logic in that??? The PO needs to look at were they are wasting money first, then look at cost efficiency strategies.

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    You are one of the VERY few that has had this happen 3 x's. You have to keep in mind the PO handles millions of pieces of mail a day, and thousands of parcels a day. I would say 3x's to a couple of thousand is not a bad ratio. Everyone needs to remember that human error is always a factor!
    I have been carrying mail for 10 years, and I have only had a problem with the loss of a package once! it was recovered, but again, it was human error!

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    Great publishing i liked your job, post offices must evolve or they face a doomed future

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    Let us all be thankful that the postal system we have are better than those like in the third world.Even snail mails gets lost.

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    Why make things more complicated, more management and admin....I say focus on cuts and keep it simple!

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    Stop wasting time and money controverting injured employee claims. You know the environment is filled with hazards that are swept under the rug, so stop aggravating us and let us recover!

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    The USPS is having budget problems. Here is a cost cutting idea; change the regulation that requires you to deliver to the wrong address after a permanent 90 forward expires.

    When John Doe moves, he can leave a 90 day forwarding address, but at the end of 90 days, the forward expires, even though the move is permanent.
    Consequently, on the 91st day, knowing that it is the old address, the PO has to revert to sending Mr. Doe’s mail to whatever is written on the envelope, delivering to the wrong address.
    Once the envelope is delivered and returned to the PO, it can be labeled MLNFA, and returned to sender, but in the meantime, it has cost the USPS money in gas and delivery time, and double processing (pre-delivery & post-delivery).

    On the forward form, include a check box that authorizes the USPO, to notify first class mailers of an expired permanent forward, starting day 91. Contracts for non-first class mail should say that unless sender agrees to pay first class return, after 90 days, second class mail will be recycled without being returned.

    Create a post 90 day db field that pulls information from the permanent 90 day forward, and adds that information to the labels printed for MLNFA. When returning John Doe’s first class mail to sender, telling the sender to contact the recipient to update their records.

    For repeat failures to correct the mailing address, enter large volume senders in a database. If you send them multiple notices, and they continue to mail to known expired addresses, contact the PO of origin, to look at the rate paid, to see if it is discounted. If so, notify the mailer that future notices will result in postage surcharges, based on the number of mislabeled envelopes.

    Setting up the check box, and returning expired forward 1st class mail without delivery eliminates the cost of gas to deliver to an address you know to be erroneous, and cuts handling from 2 steps to 1 step.

    If you make it cheaper to correct addresses than to pay penalties for the thousands of pieces of MLNFA mail, perhaps you can get mass mailings that now clog your systems to reflect their actual cost.

    Rentals receive 1st class mail for tenants who have not lived there for a decade and more. Some weeks there is a stack of 2 – 3 inches of mis-directed mail. I mark it MLNFA, and dump it back at the post office, but it has eaten up carrier time, and distribution time, and gas money. Mail has come through from pension plans, universities, and medical/ dental offices. It might be important, it might be sensitive, on day 90, you knew was permanently expired, on day 91, it shouldn’t be delivered to an address that you know is wrong.

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    I recently placed an order online and it went from Fed Ex to Postal service. I tracked on computer. It was delivered within 60 miles of my residence - {USPS}then went to Cincinnati,Ohio - where it laid for 3 days - from there to Warrendale,Pa and from there to Allen Park, Michigan - then back to Ohio to my residence. Is it any wonder Postal service is low on money - look at all the wasted gas!!! What a joke. This is about the 3rd time this has happened for me.

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    GREAT PUBLISHING. The contract postal unit services most of the needs customers would take care of at the main post office; however, please note that Global Express shipping is not available.

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    Would you please give me some detail as to what type of privacy invasion you fear would occur?


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    RFID is a great idea but I'm sure some invasion of privacy will accur because of it.

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    The Post Office needs to let a third party handle the advertising. You need to have experts who know how to make money and make the tough decisions needed.

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    I found the options in the blog to be a bit leading. Look at this language: essentially it blames anyone and everyone for the problem. However it doesn't look for new revenue streams. But that's not the focus. Meanwhile, I saw the article about offices under review, but couldn't find the list of offices. I'm concerned because I live in one of those small rural areas that is hugely dependent upon a local post office and rural carriers. It's perhaps more important to us than it is in cities. Or perhaps not... but we are 70 miles from the nearest population center of 15000 - and there are four small towns in our enormous county. Where is the list of offices? I saw that comments could be sought from users in the news article, but there's no list of offices to be reviewed with that article (not your fault) - but it's also hard to find via search or on the main site or this one. It would be nice to have it be handier. Our local post office is a community hub, and our population includes many disabled folks who if our office was closed would have to take a once a day bus to the next town to get their mail, and wait most of a day to get home. Rural is not "less significant." Close a larger office in a town with more resources if you must. Or... better yet... don't close it at all, and look for revenue streams - not efficiency. BTW, the PO in the town of 15000 is one where one of the employees shot another - and from what I hear from several folks who work for USPS, assembly line efficiency may be getting in the way if there are service problems. USPS is a deadly workplace from what I hear, which may be exactly what needs to be remedied.

    Meeting its retiree health and pension obligations.
    Reducing labor costs.
    Operating under an increasingly challenging price cap structure.
    Rightsizing its physical infrastructure.
    Continuously increasing operational efficiency .
    Other. (Please describe in the comment section below.)

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    I agreed they might be in a though spot. but, I don't event understand why you even need a stand to post a letter

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    I believe in USPS but closing retail outlets is going in the wrong direction. The only true way to gain lost ground is look at what UPS and others are doing and then think of what it is they are not doing, and find the void. Fill the need that society at large is in need of. I have in the past directed a company from dismal of 130k a year to more than 600k a year simply by analyzing out dated items - and most of all asking customers what items they would like to see stocked, i also shopped our competitors sales and gauged what items were selling best, simply put I made the customer service feel personalized and welcomed. always insuring i had everything in stock and price points listed and posted. i have found people do not like asking the price for something, most are too embarrassed and just leave with out having their questions answered. look at your history and see if your real down turn was due to the competition and changing world or was it your pull back from customer service, i'e-available locations and ease of drop off and pick up. thank you. sincerely; sheon slaughter, oakland ca.

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    In this time of economic turmoil the USPS should look for the most efficient way to deliver the mail. That being said, they are not. With the implementation of FSS flats the most efficient and cost effective way to handle this new product would be to case it with the DPS and other non-sequenced mail.

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    Congress wants the USPS to save money, yet evertime the USPS wants to close a facility the citizens as well as the conressman dislike the plan. Maybe we need an idea such as an added property tax similar to the tax portion that funds the public school system. That way, the citizens get their beloved post office and everyone pays a small share.

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    Clearly, post offices must evolve or they face a doomed future.

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    June 28, 2011

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison,

    This is day 324 of my strike/protest of the United States Postal Service, government corruption, it’s partnering with fraud and its endorsement of the willful intent of OFHA, Inc. to commit mail fraud via the Oak Forest Post Office. I have not received or sent US mail for 324 days; just 41 days shy of 1 year.

    I am a United States citizen. Why haven’t I been protected from mail fraud?

    I have never refused my mail, yet my mail is being ‘returned to sender’ as ‘refused.’ For years we have asked for a United States Postal Inspector Investigation into the mail fraud of OFHA, Inc./Oak Forest Homeowners Association. We have been ignored. I refuse to be a party to government corruption and fraud.
    I have exercised my Texas and Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Religion. James 4:17, (Holy Bible, God’s Constitution) is my duty, as a Christian and as a citizen of the kingdom of God; it is also my inalienable right.

    When America’s Founding Fathers framed the Constitution, they guaranteed citizens their inalienable rights with Freedom of Religion, the First Amendment of the Constitution. Inalienable meaning, no man has the authority to take away what God has given. Civil Government has no inalienable rights, only people have inalienable rights. Civil government has powers consented to by the people. Civil powers will never trump inalienable rights. I have never given up my rights; therefore civil government is guilty of aggressively violating the very rights I have been afforded by the highest law in the land, the US Constitution.

    “The US Postal Inspectors investigate any crime in which the US MAIL is used to further a scheme- whether it originated in the mail, by telephone or on the internet. The use of the US MAIL is what makes it fraud.”
    The United States Postal Inspector also states:

    ALL AMERICANS have the right to mail and receive letters and parcels with every expectation that no one will tamper with or steal their mail.
    ALL USERS of the mail have the right to be protected from mail fraud and other mail-related criminal activities.

    …But those rights themselves must be protected. That’s where we come in. We are the United States Postal Inspection Service- the federal law enforcement and security arm of the US Postal Service. The Postal Inspection Service ensures the safety, security, and integrity of the US MAIL. Our Mission is to safeguard the sanctity of the US MAIL and, in so doing, aggressively combat mail theft and fraud.

    …If it has anything to do with safeguarding the safety, security, and integrity of the nation’s mail system, from criminal misuse, we do it. And we’ve been doing it- and doing it successfully- since the nation was founded more than 225 years ago.

    Then why am I on day 324 of my strike/protest of the United States Postal Service?

    Why are the United States Postmaster General and the United States Postal Inspector defying truth and those trying to expose it?

    Why was this libelous, false statement:
    “per your request we will be returning all mail addressed to 5322 De Lange Lane, Houston, Texas 77092 with an endorsement of ‘refused’ until further notice is provided,”
    made by the United States Postal Service and why has the United States Postal Service refused to respond to me concerning this?

    Why are the United States Postmaster General and the United States Postal Inspector turning a blind eye and deaf ear to mail fraud?

    Why am I being ignored?

    Below are some of the many emails I have sent to Postmaster General John Potter.


    Ivy Raschke

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    Here, in a nutshell, is why the USPS is doomed to fail. I just tried, for the 1st time, to purchase stamps on your website. After registering and ordering a book of 20 stamps I got "Sorry, our credit card application is experiencing difficulties processing your card. Please try again later." Well, I did try again and I got the same response. I might but I probably won't try again. If I do, it'll only be for the sake of a couple of very hard working friends of mine who happen to work for the USPS.
    Just in case you're not yet aware of it, you are "up against it", in every imaginable regard. Your lunch is being eaten, gleefully, by others even while you read this. Bottom line: If you hope to survive, you simply cannot allow such a total failure to happen, ..... EVER ..... however large or small the opportunity may be.
    I'll get my stamps, one way or another, but I won't be buying any more than 20 at a time.

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    It can be a bit complicated to return purchased good especially if you never send anything with services such as UPS or DHL.

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    Yes, here in NYc ny, you see a new mail processing facility the moment you go around the block or something. I mean like NYC NY has like so many, i thought the central facility along with my dad was in manhattan, NY at the Farley Post office. yes. I thought that but like all five of the boroughs almost have one here. please do not reduce 260.

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    re:fewer mail processing facilities- I think personally it would be ridiculous like to reduce the amount of mail processing facilities throughout the entire USA if there are only 260. I live in Nyc ny and know you have like in my area alone like garden city, triborough processing, brooklyn, and so many others. I never knew you had only 260 throughout the entire usa, I was thinking about maybe 900 or something. I got many by me here in NYC. I think it would be ridiculous like to reduce this. Yes, the mail could risk getting lost.