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    You're too conservative on your estimate for what the non-workers (manager's) yearly salary is. $61,000 is really a shameful $110,000.

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    Two ideas to submit:

    1. Setup City carrier routes the same as Rural Routes. Rural carriers get no overtime except during the Christmas Holiday. Times are established for the route and that is what the carrier is paid. This idea would eliminate overtime, reduce grievances based on requests for additional street time and reduce the total number of Supervisors needed at the Stations.

    2. Mandate that carriers gas their delivery vehicles first thing in the morning. Gasoline expands when heated. The volume of gas per gallon is actually greater in the morning than in the afternoon due to the heat of the day expanding the gasoline in the storage tank. I submitted this suggestion over ten (10) years ago. It went all the way to Headquarters where I was told the dollar savings does not justify the delayed delivery time to our customers. Maybe now that gasoline is over two dollars a gallon and projected to go back over $3.00 per gallon the idea should be re-evaluated.

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    Let's look beyond the normal way of doing business, let's offer our custumers window service at home, let's allow our carriers to conduct all transactions on the road, let's allow our customers to schedule window service the same way they schedule online for a packace pick up.

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    How about offering ALL employees an early retirement?
    By that, I mean, quit excluding ET's and maintenance.
    We have seen the writing on the wall and have been planning accordingly. Now that we are prepared to retire and make room for some younger employees, we
    are being excluded from the early offer. Also, a little extra service time or cash would be a bonus.
    I hope someone out there is listening!

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    If we put a small charge when mail is put on hold it would add up also

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    The agency should know who is working hard and making $52000 yr who is not working and make $61000 yr.

    The management has to be cut or demoted to lower level,either upper or lower management,without them(50% less) the mail will be still going out No Problem!

    The postal service has clear present financial crisis and it is danger,remember that.

    And like I mention from part 1,the sick leave has to be able to cash it out so the eligible can be retire.

    the Money talks!

    you don't need to make the people excess and compress to the tour 1 even if they have too many people they can bump each other because simply want to make them retire ok?

    how many people can you survive this tough economy without money ?


    how much money the potter will get after he retire?

    1 million dollar!

    how about us? None!

    and curbside delivery has to be done,and the mailbox has to be install. how?

    the offer to the customer(who doe not have curbside) if you buy the $50 worth of service or stamp you will get the mailbox for free. how is that sound?

    If you are less income like rural area, it will be free.

    remember we are the service to the public.

    One last thing to the Office of inspector general,

    Always who steal the money from the agency it is not far from you .

    take a look inside not outside.

    You will find what you are looking for.


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    I believe there needs to be a few changes to help the service survive.
    1. Stop the daily argument. The abuses by management are well documented and wide spread.
    Solution: Evaluated routes. Evaluated by an independent agency. There is no trust in the organization. It must be outsourced. Currently there is no incentive to work faster, smarter or harder. the only reward is more work.

    2. Retirement structure for military retirees
    Solution:HR22. This retirement obligation must be taken over by the Treasury like every other Governmental agency.

    3. 5 day delivery
    Solution: Very unpopular with unions. Very popular with membership.

    4. VERA/Right size work force
    Solution: Eliminate the penalty to retire. Many members are ready and willing to go. They can not accept a penalty. Review MRA 55 yrs old to retire. This is a very physical job. 55 is quite old for Carriers. Could be a 25 and out retirement.

    5. Logistics Network
    Solution: Right size the delivery network. 4 drivers sit in my office for 4 hours and leave with 1 piece of equipment with little to no mail when they leave.

    6. Right Size administrative/Supervisory positions.
    Solution: Mandate a Worker to Supervisor ratio. When I was a Leader in the military we supervised with a ratio of 3 leaders to 100 crew. 3-5% should be plenty. You would have to eliminate many of the reports they conceive on a daily basis. A total review of there administrative workload;It seems daunting and unnessesary.

    7. Workforce make-up
    Source: Greater dependency on a T.E workforce.

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    PMG Potter do you really care on how to make money. It seems to me you have a track record of losing money. Yes I could only blame one for this. You are the CEO of the largest business in the world. You go against the contraxt more so then not. Then when someone says lets case our DPS you and mangement replies it would be against the contract. We would save money. But saving money is not in your interest, so you implemented a program called DOIS. DOIS is nothing more then a management falsifcation input program. There is no human factor and the only result is increased work room floor violence. But you go ahead and keep spending money, buy some more flat sorters and service contracts to go along with that, don't forget to tell congress how we are losing money, you can leave the part out about your purchase approvals. Spend Spend Spend just like the politcal figure heads we voted for. The spending going on in this country will catch up with us in the form of inflation with-in the next couple of years, the Postal Service is there now because we had a head start. How long do you think you would last as CEO in the private sector? To make money we need to centralize all deliveries points. To the Office of Inspector Generals thanks for asking my opinion I hope you find it worthy of being posted.

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    OK Here goes. Don't get pissed off. And I hope you all
    follow through.

    And, I already know my sick pay balance identified below, is AS SAFE THE SUN COMING UP Tomorrow.
    But, the USPS continued existence is definately
    on the ropes.

    Now, I'm a techy currently working in transportation, so to set the tone, my answers to poll questions are
    reflected as such.

    Question 1. Introduce Non-traditional Postal Services, i.e. web based, IP, wireless lan/wan etc., intelligent transportation net, similar to other noted comments provided in Brainstorming 1.

    Question 2. Develop Web Based digital mail (Charge new fees for new technology services.


    I'll bet my sick pay balance, only 1% or less know answers to the following questions. And, to assure accuracy, and prove you're not peeking,

    1. Who is the Chair of the committee?
    2. Who are the ranking members?

    Be honest with yourself.

    1. First ask yourself to name the Congressional committee members that represent the USPS's future, and the districts they are from and which one presides in you're district.

    2. Ask 50 USPS people you work with simply to name
    the Congressional Committee these members belong to.

    The Congressional Committee members who decide the USPS's fate!!

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    If we convert the current Carriers to the Rural Route concept as far as pay, we would elimate violence on the work room floor sparked by mangement, because times would no longer would be a factor. We would become more efficent, as 99% of all Rural Carriers case all their DPS and in my station there are 2 who start at 7am and are done by 12 noon, with hardley anyone working past 2pm. If we don't chose to do this we can do the later and allow carriers to case all their DPS, on mounted Routes you can save as much as 1 hour a day, at least 2 hours a day if it was Rural as we then would be skipping lunch and breaks. More office time less street time results in less time in a motorized vehicle less chance of an accident, theft or encounter with a disgruntled patron.

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    Yeah, I never thought of that one. But it is good! As clerks we are responsible for any shortage in our accountability. If we don't follow correct procedures for check acceptance they say we are responsible personally to pay. So, when supervisors and PMs violate our contracts and the grievances result in monetary reward, make those supervisors/PM pay! They are accountable!

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    Very, very funny! USPS keep on tolerating nepotism, favoritism, idiocy and stupidity. Postal managers always show contempt to good workers and protect the lazy ones. Unions the same. With this kind of working culture and the advent of new communications technology, we will not survive.

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    I wholly agree....if there is NO MONEY, then why waste it on, for instance, dark blue t-shirts for propaganda use in the summer? In my AO only 3 or 4 of nearly 40 carriers will wear them....just one of many ways I have seen in nearly 20 yrs as a city carrier how we get the job done daily IN SPITE of postal mgt.

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    Really you need all the idea's. Need to become slimmer and trimmer, reduce supv/worker ratio, give real insentives to the VERA so people take it. And explore new area's like the banking idea, already have money orders do wire transfers and more and secure instant document transfers (fax/email) You need them ALL.

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    The window clerks at our office have already been instructed to start asking window customers if they would be interested in a P.O. Box.

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    You can always tell who's craft,and who's management.Management should realize they are on borrowed time.We're getting down to 500,000 craft employees nation wide,but still have 30,000 supervisors,29,000 postmasters,and over 10,000 headquarters.What other business model has this much overhead.
    First reduce management overall by 30%.Then put the rest of management on a salary.No more getting paid for every hour they work.Also make them work split shifts.They have clerk leads to handle customer stuff during the day.Supervisors only need to be on the clock from,8-12,and 3-6.Now that would save a ton of money.

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    Polls show now is the time the public would accept a change to NO delivery except Express on Sat/Sun. So we should cut Sat delivery by next March. This will create excess delivery employee nationwide. These employees will try to be excessed to vacant positions which are few and far between, so the next step would be layoffs under our contracts.The Whitehouse,Congress, and OMB do not want a 50,000 layoff headline to hit the newspapers so this would push OMB to offer and incentive for ELIGIBLE employees to retire. A refund of your retirement payments for a cut in anuity was done in the late 70's and would cost USPS zero. A 1 yr phase in would be needed to cover the talent drain with a 10% cap at all ofices nationwide by seniority. Option B a $25,000 option bonus would have to be paid for from a budget we don't have funding for, a payback is your money returned to you and costs USPS nothing. It would give a leaner,less costly labor force with Sat/Sun off. Why not?

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    The obvious solution to Postal solvency is to orchestrate a 5-day delivery week in consonance with an incentivized early out. And by incentivized, I mean added service time. No one will leave with a cash-only incentive except those already way past their retirement dates. In that case, the Postal Service will actually lose money since the one's taking it are overdue to retire anyway. More than that, this weak economy will languish for at least 5-10 more years and nobody in their right mind will settle for less in times of uncertainty.

    If the above is enacted, no one loses their job because the junior employees will be needed to fill in the personnel positions lost and by going to a 5-day week. In conjunction with that, the Postal Service won't have to scramble to hire new employees because of the mass exodus of senior employees opting for an early out.

    This is a win-win situation for both the service and prospective retirees and allows the service more time to assess the feasibility of other changes to universal service, without having to employ kneejerk initiatives which may bleed more cash and ruin its (currently waning) reputation. A subordinate benefit to relieving the organization of its "old-timers," might be one in which the corporate culture of distrust and disincentivized performance, be turned around into a healthy organization rewarding performance and attitudes.

    Short of enacting the above, the Postal Service will struggle to find its 21st Century identity and market niche. And despite any overtures to privatize the organization, in the case of an electronic communications meltdown -- an Internet catastrophic event -- the "Plan B" Postal Service will immediately become "Plan A."

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    As I mentioned before, I think that it is important to realize that we are living in changing times. We've lost business due to the internet, so shall we continue our downward spiral, as never seen before, due to the day of technology.
    Attempts to cut management, or change delivery to cluster boxes on street corners are noble, but are also futile attempts to rescue an organization whose only pitfall is its slow and indecisive reaction to a changing world.

    We are (k)ING of sortation with our advanced machinery and experts on transporing the mail from office to office. We are second to none.

    As far as we've come in moving the mail out on the street, however, our delivery mechanism is outdated.

    We need to contract space in places where foot travel is frequent and/or heavy and/or popular and/or desirable and/or accessible and/or convenient, and deliver the mail to interior boxes.

    Wal-Mart, or any store that has a pharmacy is a logical, sensible choice. Mail will be available to the general public, seven days a week, not six or five, or three.

    The effects of the internet took us by surprise.

    Wal-Mart can do it without us. Offer us more competition that could be our final blow.

    Think about it. They offer their customers a Wal-stamp and send mail from department store to department store.

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    Yeah, we have an OIC at the moment and our Postmaster is out doing route adjustments. Pay him what a city carrier makes and don't pay two station managers.. What a waste of money. We have people who can't cut it in their offices and they float around doing adjustments or other office work just to find them a position.. When I worked for Dupont years ago while going to school, if you were injured and not suitable for employment, you were retrained and cut loose.. The Postal Service is a walking welfare system for many. In our office the majority of people are decent,hardworking people,but the minority of employees who "milk" it make it rough on the majority.. The service has to grow some ...... and run it like a business.. Maybe educate the managers.. Not every mail-handler knows the facts about carrying mail. It only looks good on paper.

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    I agree 100% with your comments. Having been on "both sides of the fence", I can relate.. Sure we have our "milkers",but in 26 years, I've more than earned my pay check. The 5 day work week would work for me.. My complaint about some of our employees.. and they are the ones who passed probation and have been on light duty almost the remainder of their career. The Postmaster hired these people and the supervisors kept them after their 90 days were up.. In our office many of the light duty employees are friends of the supervisor and walk around doing nothing. They can drive to work,but they can't deliver or take out express mail or sections to people on the o.t. list. The whole system has to be revamped.. Maybe we should carry like rural carriers? After 26 years, unless we fold, I plan on working another 10 years..

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    I know technology is a great thing and it is very useful to the longevity of some companies as well as the USPS but when you have a machine that sorts letters like the DPS machine and is NEVER 100% accurate then there is a problem. I'm not looking for a perfect machine and I know there is no perfect human. For the past 2 years the Letter Carriers in my office (district)have been told to deliver any mis-sequenced DPS 1st class letters (daily). We have seen gas prices sore, our wages increase and mail volume decrease yet it is a big waste delivering a mis-sequenced 1st class letter.
    My opinion is either:
    1. Stop making Letter Carriers deliver mis-sequenced DPS.
    2. The time you spend having clerks run our DPS is the time I could case my own letters with better accuracy than a DPS machine. That means I don't waste time driving around in the afternoon deivering mis-sequenced DPS. That means it saves gas, time and our pride because when my customers have weird looks on their faces for getting mail twice in one day. Is that a good image for the USPS? Multi-million or billion dollar machines and a human is still correcting it. The customers are trying to figure why the Letter Carriers don't sort the mail in the first place? I should not be getting letters for other routes, states or countries like I have been. Let us case our own mail if you are so worried about the 1 st class bill I have to deliver when I'm done on my route.
    3. Do not implement the FSS. The USPS is wasting money trying to fit the machines in buildings. The same results will happen as the DPS machines. The USPS need to start relying on the best products that they have, their employees.
    4. USPS management needs to be compliant with the contract, same as the employees. I've done over 400 grievances in 3 years and have won all but 36.
    5. Make managers be accountable for unnessesary grievances. When an employee loses a grievance, that employee suffers the results of that action. When management loses the grievance, what happens? Nothing. No penalty. No incentive to stop violating the contract. Simple. Saves money.

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    My idea is take away USPS provided cell phones from postmasters and everyone else. These people make anywhere from $80K up and I think they can provide their own phones. I can't even imagine how much money that would save.

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    CSRS employees need an incentive to go. Add 5 years or even a month for each year and there will be a lot of "older" guys (and gals) leaving.

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    Go to NDCBU boxes on every street corner! That would save money in two ways.

    1) Injury rate among carrier craft would plummet, saving the USPS BILLIONS over many years!

    2) Routes could be made longer, because putting mail in a NDCBU box would be MUCH more efficient, than delivering house to house!

    If customers complain, tell them postage rate increases will be held to a minimum, becuase of increased productivity.