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    I have delivered mail over 30 years. The United Parcel driver who delivers to my home has been with UPS for 9 years. We compared W-2 forms last year, he makes over 20K more than I do with the Postal Service.I think that Postal Service Carriers pay should be raised to match the pay of United Parcel Service drivers, we delivery a lot more stops per day every day.

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    Nobody is forced to work in the public sector. the post office can not match the pay of the private sector and I for one, do not think it should try. You know what the pay is up front. I suggest you choose the public job and the pay that goes with it or you go into the private sector. I work for the USPS to the serve the public. If my scheme had been to get rich, I certainly would have gone into the private sector. I do feel sorry for those who work for the USPS and complain,complain, and complain about what they make.

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    I think 1 way the P.O. could recover some lost revenue is by checkcking into busineses that are using caller service and are not paying for it.Caller service costs almost 1200 a year. I have had 6 or 7 companies move onto my route in the past year and they all said that they never paid for caller ever before. All of these copanies came from different parts of NJ and 2 fromm out of state thats over 8000 a year just from these 7 companies just think how many hundreds or even thousands of companies nation wide are getting this 1200 a year srevice for free.

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    Postal employees pay should be in line with that of UPS employees. This is the private sector they should be compared to, not some other lower wage comparisons the Postal Service would like to campare them to. Also, the wages should be uniform as to not discriminate by regions.

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    Clearly the only jobs even remotely similiar to that of Mailmen is UPS drivers and FedEx drivers. How does the Mailman's pay compare to these? You should put that on your blog.

    The people who sort the mail and work the window should get the same as their counterparts at UPS and FedEx.

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    Matching the wages and benefits of UPS drivers for letter carriers might be almost fair, although letter carriers have a more difficult job.

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    I could never figure out how someone could afford to live in California, New York, etc while working at the PO. However, I would hate to see low cost areas cut the salaries of the employees.

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    I am a 30 year Postal Employee with several years experience as an SSA and 204-B Acting Supervisor. I am well known and respected by my customers at the window for providing excellent customer service and for my product knowledge. In my opinion the Postal Service is heading in the wrong direction by “standardizing” all Post Offices and requiring SSA’s to follow a “script”. The first example of this I can give you is that a few years back, we tuned in to a local Classic Rock station playing music in the lobby for customers to enjoy while they were waiting for service. We were so popular that the local radio station would mention us on the air frequently and dubbed us the “Rock and Roll Post Office”. What great Public Relations that was! Sadly, someone sitting behind a desk somewhere decided no more radios, TV’s or clocks in the lobbies. Horrible decision!
    As for the “script” we are being forced to follow. I cannot express strongly enough my, my co-workers, and our customers, distaste for this manner of doing business. I have attempted to follow the prescribed script and this is what I have observed. The customer, at first, listens to what I am saying, then a look of impatience crosses their face, and by the time I have finished my spiel, they just want to get the heck out of there and not come back. In my opinion, my job is to professionally assess my customers’ needs, (How soon do you need this to arrive?, is there anything requiring insurance? Do you need someone to sign for the article? etc.) and provide the shipping and services that best fit their needs, whether that is Express Mail or Media Mail. Up selling to increase revenue is a bad, bad idea. In fact, in the POS system, if a customer asks for Media Mail and the article would be cheaper to send by First Class Mail, the software prompts me to ask the customer if they would prefer the lower cost, faster service. This is as it should be, seeing as we are the United States Postal SERVICE. Personally, I have no problem with a business that explains the options that are available to me, but when I go to a business that tries to pressure me to upgrade to their “premium” product, (offer Express Mail first, then force the customer to respond), I will go out of my way to NOT use that business again. As for “do you want fries with that?”, if fries are plainly listed on the menu and I haven’t ordered them, then you have just wasted my valuable time asking me stupid questions. My customers tell me that transaction time, public service, and ease of use are the primary factors in determining customer satisfaction. I would agree with that. If we are to increase revenues, then we should do so by providing our customers quality, efficient, friendly service, so that they will want to return, not by using quotas or up selling techniques

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    I agree with GG's comment. But both private and public sector employees have salaries that differ by region. what doesn't the Postal Service follow suit. That's the perplexing question.

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    It is long overdue for Postal Service wages to match prevailing local conditions. Even the rest of the federal government instituted local pay for blue collar positions during the Civil War!

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    Although the Postal Service is called to operate like a business, it also serves an very important public function (binding the nation, etc.) for which it retains a valuable monopoly. As a result, Postal Service salaries cannot be wholly detached from the public sector. Salaries for both public and private sectors for comparable functions should be considered in setting an appropriate salary, which is sufficiently competitive to attract and retain the best qualified persons for the job.

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    Angie A,

    Thanks for your comment. This topic was posted on July 20th, but it's always open for more votes or comments. The date is at the bottom of the post. Sorry for any confusion.

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    why not have a 10% pay cut for all career hourly and management employees. lets say you make 25 bucks an hour, I am sure you will not quit your job if you make 22.50 an hour. 22.50 an hour is still good money in my opinion. never ever pay overtime to any employee. if the employee works overtime give the employee paid time off for all the ot hours worked. the postal service would save billions of dallars if employees took a 10% pay cut and were never paid overtime.

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    This OIG site does not have a date in the heading paragraph. It refers to "Wednesday" but doesn't include a date. So when is this site extinct? Already? Please use more date information in future programs. Thank you

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    I am waiting for my admission letter from a UK University, they mail it to India.
    I didn't receive it yet, 22 days left.
    How I can understand where is my letter?Do you have any contact number or email address which I can ask about my letter?

    I would be very grateful if you could kindly help me.

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    Does the term “Lemonade”, mean anything to any of the OIG’s technical staff?
    Mobile Internet Applications i.e., Black-BERRIES, I mean mobile application PCD’s.
    (PCD-Personal Communication Device)
    I mean wireless apps…. inferred as paperless media..
    Consider the electronic medical records (EMR)
    a reality within 24 months. (est.)
    Of course, Congress must first approve any current
    Also, lets look at the facts 08/29/09 "I-Phone
    sales increase 34 million units 3rd qtr. 2009."

    Lastly is the issue of transportation assets during
    an emergency event or disaster. While I was at FEMA,
    then developing response plans, my first inclination was to identify vehicles under the government umbrella which could serve the response during an
    Hoping I’m not off track here…. But, we are talking about fleet assets which presumably, are integrated into the intelligent transportation system network already, right?

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    I would use the apc kiosk at the post office if I could weigh and mail 'media mail'. If you sell books on line you often have to mail them within three days. since the kiosk is open after hours we could avoid standing on line and taking time off from work just to mail a few books.

    Also, concerning the size of packages that can fit inside the automated opening, I wish it were a little bigger, especially for Christmas gifts.

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    As a postal employee I find that the more accessible the product is, the more it is used. For instance I went on vacation , picked out all these post cards...No stamps to be found~!~ I try to encourage customers that I know ship parcels etc to use our service , there's just not that much out there in way of flyers etc to show them how easy it is to use us and how much cheaper our prices are. We rural carriers use to be able to give out the orange envelopes for stamp orders , you can't get them now with right price anyway. Now, we get the stamps by mail. Well, in today's world the customer wants things that instant. There is so much more we could do , if we just put forth the effort in really looking at how people live today.ONE more thing & it's a biggie...When I buy products that have to be shipped , no businesses want to use us . I've been told because we lose and break and they end up w/ poor customer feedback. I see it everyday when parcels are being thrown that say FRAGILE , DONOT BEND, and the clerks just chunk it right in the buggie..Not good business practice..I hope someone is listening. I value my job and my customers..
    Sorry to be so long.

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    The postal service can compete with the competition by setting up a toll free number or making charts available to show the cost of packages per weigh, size and/or depth of packages and by giving customers access to shipping and weight information for packages. Especially if the customer can weigh their packages from home. Then they can also allow for pickup and delivery by delivering boxes and tape to frequent clients as an added attraction.

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    I have a small business to and a very few of my customers claims they did not received their order. I think it is the dishonest people who tries to rip you off, the customers.

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    So.... how much longer will it be before the Postal service undergoes a partial colapse due to lack of funds to pay bills?

    Has anyone in congress taken a serious look at the numbers?

    I worry that health care reform is detering law makers from more vital things like a dependable postal service into the future.

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    Carriers still have to case mail because they have to wait for parcels, letters unsorted by machine, and signature required items so carriers case machined mail while they wait. Machines are being paid for by cutting carrier pay because supposedly casing is not required. It'll be the same thing with FSS.

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    Lots of good ideas here. Let me add another. With the 5 day deliver around the corner the number of employees must be decreased due to the loss of T-6 positions. When HR 22 passes and the Postal Service recoups the almost 4 billion dollars overpaid into the retirement fund these funds should be used as follows. Offer employees with at least 25 yrs of service and 50 yrs of age a real retirement offer. If you added 5 yrs you would not have to pay out any cash incentives up front, thus not dipping into the 4 billion right away. I presume the majority falling into the afore mentioned years and age would take this offer over any cash incentive. This would reduce the ranks and would remove older, slower and with more physical liabilities,and more paid leave time, to retire. A young carrier, in better health, with less annual leave, will cost considerably less than keeping the "Old dogs".
    As far as management. The suggestion of 204b's counting the mail and then carrying auxillary routes makes alot of sense. We have too many high paid supervisors doing street supervision trying to catch a carrier taking a couple extra minutes on a break or lunch. Is that supposed to be cost effective? Someone mentioned crossing crafts. Well I don't know where you work but we have had carriers doing clerk work, custodians spreading the mail and more for a long time.
    As a Union member I am appauled at how the Union defends the lazy. I have restrictions for walking and how long I can be in heat due to heart problems. Yet I carry twice the mail each day as the carrier beside me that has no restrictions. I can count less than 10 days over the past 6 yrs that I have had to use my restrictions. The Union is right to say to do it by the book but they also should emphasize a 8 hr's of work for 8 hr's of pay. We have too many doing less than 6 hr's of work for 8 hours of pay. We have carriers who go shopping, get haircuts and more while on the route and it is not during their lunch time. These types of carriers is why we have high paid supervisors driving around in their AC looking to catch carriers.
    And last the Post Office should place NDCBU's on walking routes. Hardship cases can be done by individual needs. Every Carrier knows NDCBU's decrease street time. This decreases chances for dog bites too. Plus the added security of the mail would be a big plus for the Postal Service. I have people now that have started paying bills by internet because they didn't trust leaving their information in an unlocked box.

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    BRE is first class mail -- we pay for it that way, at least. But over the last two years, the Oakland post office has been delivering our BRE's once a week or less, instead of the daily deliveries we once had (and pay for). This causes customers to complain about orders not being filled promptly and administrative headaches from getting large batches of BRE's on one day.

    We have complained to the Post Office perhaps 20 times, including through the D.C. office and our Congressional office. We are always promised a call back within a day (this rarely happens, however). If we are given a cal back, we are usually told that someone is on vacation or the person is new (for two years?). I have no confidence whatsoever that this issue will ever be resolved.

    We are considering just dropping BREs and asking customers to affix postage -- and including a note explaining that because the USPS no longer can be counted on to deliver BREs reliably, we have had to discontinue the service -- another black eye for the Post Office.

    We are far from alone in this area with this problem. The delivery person says a lot of people complain. Before the Post Office decides how to charge differently for BREs, it needs to figure out if it can deliver the service people are buying. If we don't get the service FedEx promises (and we have switched all ground shipments to FedEx because they are much more reliable and can track delivery), we would a) be called back promptly on complaint (or have the issue resolved up front) and b) get a full refund of what we paid for shipment. This inattention to customer service, sadly, seems to create a downward spiral for the Post Office where it does not have the money to provide better service and people abandon it because it doesn't.

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    Much of first class mail has already migrated to the web. Standard rate mail has done the same. Periodicals and the post office should have a symbiotic relationship. If USPS keeps raising the periodicals rates, more publications will continue to migrate to digital...in turn lowering the mail volume, in turn raising the rates again. It's a recipe for oblivion. It's a vicious cycle and USPS needs to understand that publishers will migrate to the web as the post office drives them toward it.
    You know they caution drowing men not to jump on their rescue-ers when they appear as that could drown both of them. I caution USPS not to take up all down.