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    Why doesn't the media report on the PMG running the Postal Service broke. He took out paid for vending machines and scrapped them. Then LEASES vending machines from IBM at a total cost of $14K a month EACH.... no we can't make money this way.

    He says mail volume is down so he removes collection boxes and scraps them... now vail volume will never come up.

    He will not advertise first class mail. He will not advertise the sanctity of the mail. He will not advertise the fantastic value that a letter, card or envelope delivered from anywhere to anywhere in this large nation is less than 50 cents, door to door.

    And he runs the largest contractor scam the world has seen. AKA: Facility Single Source Provider (FSSP), A contracting department that only gives contracts to political favorite, non bidding, no minority considerations, No women in business considerations... a total exclusive club. The contractors are paid 3 to 5 times what local contractors would get paid and it is all done without field level oversight. Day labor, illegal workers, convicts... all OK to come and go out the rear entrance of the Post Office.

    In the mean time jobs that once ear-marked for Veterans now are being abolished thousands a month.

    The sanctity of the US Mail is in jeopardy and the American people won't know what they have lost until its gone.

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    Quit trying to cut the carrier out of the system. They know the customer and their needs best.

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    they need to charge for every 3575 ran thru the system. Millions of $'s being lost. too much work for nothing, charge for the service, a private company would. Customers expect to pay something, the day of FREE is gone as will be the Postal Service if they don't collect for some of these services, free cartons for shipping, no,charge something you can always go lower but it hard to raise the price, they need to charge for all the free stuff.

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    If you think I am going to pay you a dollar to give you a change of address electronically, which may be the cheapest way for you anyhow, you are nuts. But, since Consumers Reports says that anyone interested in privacy and security, and reduction in identity theft, show not ever use the USPS Change of Address System, I would guess that I will not give you my new address at all.

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    I have been here in the Postal Service for about five years, and I have never seen an agency so anti-management. The unions are way out of control, and have caused extensive financial burdens to the Postal Service.

    I think people need to look at the big picture, 5 days a week mail or less, will be a reality, and we need to stop the frivioulous law suits and everyone need sto be responsible and look fore ways to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of doing business.

    We need to remind our fellow citizens to send those,cards and letters and packages.

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    I remember one award I got was a gift card to a restauraunt chain. I took my wife. We enjoyed our meal. But when I presented the card, it had almost no value whatsoever. It turns out they waited so long to give out the cards, their value had "withered". I wound up paying cash. My wife said, "I don't know what was sadder. That the card was bad, or you knew to stop at an ATM before we dared to use that card."
    Fast forward to recent times. I am now in a position to put others in for awards. I spent a lot of time to polish the narrative for this person's award. When I hit submit, the screen said "The awards program has been temporarily suspended" There was no advance warning!
    The really funny part is, if you figure out the hourly rate, I spent more on the process, that the award would have been worth.
    Instead of motivating us, the award program is just another proof of how hopelessly screwed up we are!

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    the usps should issue stock

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    You need to cross the line and change the business model. Get past the "it doesn't look right" and open up new revenue like other business. If it's profitable keep it. If it's not lose it. It's tough because you're serving the people, but you need to sell that ad space because that's what business' do.

    - Open up stamps to advertising as well. Let them bid on higher circulation stamps.

    You need more revenue so you keep passing the cost on to consumers that need the service less and less. The model is broken. The more you raise rates the less desirable the service. You will never recapture the entire user base, so you need to monetize what you have left in every way possible.

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    Please see this video to find out what the real purpose of the USPS actually is.

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    How do I report and have investigated the theft and illegal misrouting of my mail by Postal Employees? How can I get the mail illegally collected during an estate matter from a crooked attorney, who through false documents misrepresented himself as an administrator.?

    Thank You

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    As a major mailer, there are two ways to look at this issue. The first is directed at mailers who are intentionally trying to defraud the USPS by claiming discounts or classifications of mail that are not warranted. In those cases, the USPS should use the Inspection Service to intervene and punish the guilty parties according to the letter of the law. There is no place in our industry for those people.

    The second (and probably most likely to happen) is the everyday mailer (regardless of size) who is just trying to do the right thing and makes a mistake. In our case, because of major investments in support systems and production technologies, we expect mistakes to be the exception to the rule. There is no place in these situations for the heavy-handed approach of the Inspection Service. Unfortunately, the USPS takes the approach that everyone is treated equally when dealing with revenue problems.....they're all part of the problem and considered guilty. For the majority of mailers who fall into the category of loyal customers trying to do the right thing in a very complex, DMM regulated environment, this only creates risk in doing business with the USPS because of the severe penalties for honest mistakes, and then fear that the long arm of the law (Inspection Service) will show up at your door with a badge and a gun to impose justice.

    If that's the way to keep customers and attract new business, we've been doing things wrong for my entire career. Stupid us....we work out problems with our customers through continuous and immediate feedback and develop business relationships that facilitate the TRUST needed to maintain those relationships.

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    It should become SOP that all Media is inspected at acceptance point. Actually, should be SOP that Media brought to the counter is brought unsealed, then we seal it and stamo it inspected. All need to enforce guidelines. More than once I have had customers mad at me because I wouldn't let them Mail newspapers at media rate, but pm knew and allowed them. Need tyotop feeling sorry for people, if it doesn't qualify, they pay PP. Is this service really even relevant anymore?

    Also, need to stop letting off PMRS and PMS who steal money orders by letting them resign. Even if they confess they should be prosecuted in public to show it won't be tolerated.

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    this is another joke of a question.

    Just today Dec 7, 2009 management told clerks to STOP renting PO boxes so that management can close the processing and distribution facility in san diego ca. this facility is a needed facility but the PAC area office does not see the need.

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    Character, it is not so much the selling that is the issue for most of us, it is what we are being "forced" to upsell, and the script that we are supposed to use. Most customer are pretty easy to read, and you can suggest products and services to meet their needs with out sounding pushy. If a customer comes up to you and says that they don't care how long it gets there, why should you suggest Express? Why should we have to explain insurance when it is self explanatory?

    We should simply ask the customer how quickly does it need to get there, like we used to do, and we can suggest the service that best suits thrie needs. Most regulars know exactly how they want to ship, so why suggest something that you and they know they won't use?

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    Find a way to eliminate Media Mail, or to strongly discourage it's use. It is a service that is too often abused, and we lose money on it anyway. Either that, or create a special mailer just for that service so that it is not abused. Maybe even a see through mailer. Even though it is the only class of mail that is not protected against inspection, I do not want to open a media mail package for fear of accusations of rifling.

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    End the USPS. It is an obsolete entity, gives terrible service, provides no customer support (except blaming the customer) and is not competitive. It is time to mercifully put it to sleep permanently. Absolutely NO Tax money should be handed out to the US Postal Service.

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    FSS does not always cancel stamped flats -- if carriers don't hand cancel these things, they can easily be reused with a new label placed over the old -- how many carriers do you think are taking the time to cancel stamped flats?

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    I enjoy seeing these posts. Some of you in 'small' offices may know everyone that comes in your door. Although your office probably doesn't make enough revenue to pay your utilities plus your salary. Everywhere I go, I get asked "if I would like to open an account because I would save 10% on my purchases today or would I like fries with that?" Those people get paid $10 an hour and can follow a script. I say 'no, thank you'. I don't get mad like some people claim that customers get annoyed that they are asked how they would like to do business. If it's so burdensome bid to another job so someone who wants to come to daylight hours can. I've seen ideas on revenue generation or revenue possibilities for things other than USPS services....we can't even get our clerks to have faith in our own product!

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    Perhaps allowing postal employees to handle all that is outsourced would be a fine step. Outsourcing was allowed when the Postal Service had more work than it could handle. Now the tides have turned, it is time to protect the employees of the Postal Service by allowing them to take on this work. There is an offer on the table for the Postal Service management to save money. The postal employees will provide the service cheaper that what is currently being paid. Why won't good business thinking managers accept this offer?

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    As a consumer, I find upselling to be rude. Don't push unnecessary goods or services on to your customers. Employees should naturally feel the desire to perform for their employer, using secret shoppers means that you have no faith in your employees; which in-turn, breaks the trust that personnel initially have when starting with the company.

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    I read on APWU's website regarding the postal services financial problems. The bulk of our business seems to be in big mailers. So..USPS cannot survive without them and they actually cant survive without USPS. So...it appears the convincing needs to start with them. Just a thought..could we not offer some incentive to customers who purchase a postal product in exchange, they receive an incentive to purchase from the advertiser? Coupons seem a little risky here, could the receipts we provide at the windows have the advertisers logo (and ours) with their incentive discount? similiar to what some retailers are actually already doing on their in store products. Use CVS and Walgreens as an example. (they solicit certain brands for discounts)
    The consumer will keep the coupon (crucial in todays economy)and most consumers are really to busy to cut and hunt for these coupons anyways...these will be "ready to go" for redemption. So, we will most likely have less mail to deliver if the "advertisers" choose this option, but the USPS can put more converted carriers to clerks on the windows improving customer service. Which is likely to grow with satisfaction...Make the logos with color if you will. It seems as though we may save alot in fuel charges anyways. This will not eliminate home deliveries for ads altogether, just some choice retailers who may want this option. The USPS would receive negotiated fees for this service to advertisers and local eateries...just a thought

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    I actually voted no on this issue. But I had thought of this possibility in the past. For postal revenue purposes of course. Yes, we are in trouble and have to look at all prospects. Im actually relieved to see the USPS exploring various avenues and broadening their horizons. Whether these ideas are implemented or not, at least the USPS is widening the scope of ideas and getting creative until their "Eureka" moment. Why wont this work? The USPS is the most trusted government agency as indicated by polls. Where would the discretion be regarding on what ads to display? And since the public trust the postal service, would we be endorsing such company? Should we only display Better Business Bureau top 5? We wouldnt want to be associated with "fly by nights" and unscrupulous companies regardless of their prime endorsement fees.We would go down faster than a house of matchsticks in reputation. How could it work? The companies interested could 'bid' on their ads. And as a consumer, I would assume it would be an endorsement such as USPS teaming up with chick-filet and Hallmark, yes, they are reputable, consumer friendly, respected companies and should be the only type of companies USPS even considers. Clean all american, long standing images. After all, lets not get tacky here. And of course it would have to be for a limited time not written into another postal organizational act. I am saddened about the USPS structural troubles and financial problems. It appears another dependable nostalgic service is diminishing before our eyes as we try to hold onto hundreds of years in the making with no resolution in sight. Watching as an old friend silently slips away..I realize it is all about the dollar and no one seems to be able to survive without it,but we must think of what impressions we are to portray and what need we are going to full fill for the american public. How can we stay afloat doing just that? Think USPS just keep thinking! Before you give it all up, get the publics view..dont throw suggestions out there such as do you want 5 day deliveries?...Do you want to pay more for stamps? etc...Ask the public what they want from their postal service and request their suggestions...then deliver it.

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    The P.O. is in deep doodoo because of the requirement of promoting only those with sheepskins. You can be as dumb as a log, not know how to treat or talk to people, but have a diploma you can enter management. Complain to the PMG about a real bum of a manager i.e. Sr. Plant manager) and nothing happens. If you act like a senior manager you will be terminated. That is the real problem. Like the military: if something is wrong or happens go down to the lowest possible level to blame someone.

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    Here's a thought- The mystery shopper program as it stands is useless. Instead, just have the customers fill out an online survey, similar to how Home Depot does. Also, give the customer an incentive to fill out the survey- a gift card of some sort or maybe a roll of stamps to randomly selected participants. In the end, you will get the voice of the customer who counts, not the one who doesn't.

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    The Postal Services own products, yes, others NO. It would take the unique quality away from the service.
    Maybe next we could sell ice cream from the back as they drive around the neighborhood's
    Geez...who is the brainchild behind that idea??