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    I do all of my business at the small office in my hometown, I never go to a large post office anymore. There is never a line or any kind of wait there, and the people are friendly. I think the postal service should emphasize the availability of these little offices to let people know that they are out there, and that the mail will get to where it is suppposed to go just as quickly (at least from my experience). This would also lighten the load off the bigger offices, and in the long run you will have more staified customers.

    Another thing- get rid of that spiel that I have to hear everytime I send out a package. The suggestive selling is such a turnoff.

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    I stopped inside the PO during my commute to work to buy one stamp for a bill I needed to mail. I never buy the book of stamps at the automatic machine because I rarely use stamps anymore. I was disappointed that only one person was working the counter during the busy Christmas season. I hate having to visit any PO to mail one letter.

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    The post office continues to cut employees causing long lines and frustrated customers. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. The manager appologized for the long lines but she should have opened up another register. There were several "supervisors" walking around but only two clerks helping customers. Make the supervisors help customers and work the registers. I visit the post office weekly and it is getting worse. MAKE THE SUPERVISORS WORK THE REGISTERS. This is poor customer service.

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    The lobby in Stafford, VA did not open until 10. I used the APC but the parcel drop was locked so I had to wait in line anyway just to drop my package at the window.

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    There is a philosophy - keep it simple silly (kiss).

    We sell a simple service for 70 cents that gets more time devoted to it than any of the other services we offer. I am speaking of deliver confirmation.

    In my small office we scan all delivery confirmation and insured articles arrived to the office, arrived to the carriers, and then the carriers scan them attempted or delivered. All articles with delivery confirmation are eventually scanned delivered.

    For drop shipments we add an EVS arrived scan.

    All this means is that each article with insurance or delivery confirmation is handled no less than three times - not including the time spent numbering the parcels for the box customers and notifying customers that the parcel await pick-up. Most of these for the 70 cent delivery confirmation service.

    After all this scanning one does wonder how we actually have time to deliver the mail at all.

    One suggestion would be that drop shipment articles be scanned by those companies into a FIRM SHEET type program which, when scanned by the post office, arrive all of the parcels in that shipment.

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    I mailed a few large packages from Merrifield last Tuesday evening and was pleasantly surprised. The line was long (30 minute wait), but they had 6 extremely friendly people behind the counters and a separate 'express' line for folks just needing stamps or mailing envelopes. They also had two people walking around answering questions and helping them with packing questions or lending out pens and packaging tape. They were doing everything possible to help people and get them through the line as fast as they could.

    What might of helped was to have the website hours updated. It showed they closed at 8, when in fact they extended their house for the holidays and were open until 10.

    The "if it fits, it ships" campaign seems to be working, but I think they need to add a "click and ship" message to it. So many people were coming in with priority mail flat rate boxes, which they could have mailed from the comfort of their home if they 'only knew' about it.

    Kudos to the Merrifield staff for being helpful and friendly.

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    The last time I was at the post office I had prepared my package online using Click-n-Ship but needed to wait in line for one of those plastic customs pouches. If these pouches were on the counter, I could have taken one home and used carrier pickup.

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    On related issues.

    I've tried to use the hold mail option which I can do on line. If I need to extend the hold mail I'm required to visit the local post office in my home town to make the extension. Makes no sense. If I were home I would not need an extension. If I'm out of town I can't visit the local office.

    The last time I did a change of address notice I was covered up with junk mail from vendors that could have ONLY received the new address from the post office. Odd point the junk mail folk seem to get the information instantly but my legitimate senders are months late in receiving the data.

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    Why does management make us hide the COA forms behind the counter? People come to the P.O. to change their address manually, then they have to wait in line to get one. We have even longer lines to accommodate them. This is another ignorant rule created by a totally clueless management that has no idea what goes on at the customer level!

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    I was going to tweet this, but i thought my pc 10
    (yr ole) would suffice.
    So, tell me..... What did the Subcommittee on
    intelligence and information sharing....... feel about the postal address database?
    Is the usefulness of this asset across the web
    critical? Or is it simply another resource for
    free access by officials, or authorities?

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    Why don't we charge for this service? One day a private company will take it over and make a profit. Lots of revenue producing options out there that USPS will continue to ignore....

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    As a 24 year carrier, I have always informed all senders of my new address weeks before moving. I agree with Mr. Hammond, the current system is worse-than awful and has been since forwarding was taken out of the carrier's hands.

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    The only reason there is a $1.00 dollar charge from your credit card is to ensure it is actually you submitting the change.

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    Good to know. I'm moving in about 6 months. Was wondering what I should do. I guess I'll be going online, although it'd be better if it were free :)

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    DPMG Donahoe talks about how important it is to scan. I have nothing but horror stories about my own pieces of mail not being scanned. I was not able to track my items over several different occurences, whether it was delivery confirmation or certified. I had to call the places I sent them to to find out if they received it or not. What is the use of having these things if we are not going to use them? Yes it raises revenue and business, but if more people have stories like mine, we will just loose more business to our competitors. Come on people wake up and do your job!
    UPS and FED EX have it all over us with delivery and scanning. These incidents have me thinking about using our competitors.

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    I'm not sure which point people are giving most thoughts to here, either the mystery shopping or being made to upsell?

    The behaviour of mystery shoppers can sometimes bring out the worst in a person by using directional questions, which in most cases can be taken on to two different paths.

    What everyone seems to forget is that is why these people do what they do, to test the ethical behaviour of staff as well as the knowledge they have on the business they are promoting.

    The opposite side to the coin is the "upsell" theory which is being debated - and should it be something people are made to do?

    The answer is simple - yes, they should be made to upselll products/services supplied by the business owners. If the position in the business is to sell, supply or finance, then as long as the ethics behind the upsell are right, then it should be a process which is followed.

    Should it fall the other way and the ethical behaviour is not correct, then it is something which should be questioned if the morrals of the business owners are in doubt.

    We run upsells within our business, but the one thing we keep in mind is that it is a process of upselling not just for money, but value to. If it helps the consumer and is cost effective, then we offer it as a standard process.

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    I think what businesses need to understand is that when people everywhere in a community are being paid what they are worth and companies are not being too stingy with their salary levels, people within that community will spend more money within that community, and that's what keeps a good economy in that communities towns going making businesses thrive within that community.

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    I have lived in both US and India so my comments come from my own experience. USPS and Indian Post have two very different tasks and trying to create a parallel between the two is wrong and a futile exercise. Learnings between the two system don't apply !!

    IPS has to serve as a connection between people who make less than a dollar a day, provide affordable services to them so it has to be subsidized by the govt. It also provides employment to hundreds of thousand and provide a level of personal service ( like writing letter for illiterate, helping them with a savings account).

    USPS on the other hand is a communication giant which has to provide diversified services at similar quality as FedEx at a cheaper price to stay in competition. They lose money on 42c envelopes (loss leader like oil changes for auto repair shops) but make profit on other services. They have to compete with Fedex in this other services domain.

    Someone commented on more access to Indian post services by making available postal services in malls. dear, Indian post already has too many post offices in urban areas.
    Another person commented on making it more efficient, cutting costs thereby increasing postman salary and making post services cheaper but didn't give any concrete examples. Modernization and computerization can bring more efficiency in the system but always come at very high cost. trying to boost employee morale by giving them more salary for a job which doesn't requires any skill set seems odd. There are a lot of young unemployed people who will be willing to do the same job for even 60% of the salary. However i don't think that employee morale is low in indian post.
    They seem inefficient because while USPS guy has a truck to make his deliveries; an indian postman still uses the age old bicycle to go around.

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    To Observer: I applaud you for mot using our change of address system. I would much rather prefer that you the customer makes sure all your mail is sent to the correct address. This would make for a much easier job for me!!! Thank you so much for your kindness..

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    The $1 charge was not a USPS requirement, but required from the credit card companies. The credit card is used to vett your current/future address. The credit card companies didn't want the USPS using their databases without a charge. $1 is the minimum amount that can be charged.

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    I think the postal should do ALL of the things mentioned in the original post. Why is it even an issue? Heck, if we could trust people, we could also use every day citizens to move bulk mail.

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    The never ending rush to automate everything...here we go again. As a carrier for 29 yrs, I can say for certain that the worst way to submit a change of address is online. Who in the Postal Service needs to know if you move? Thats right your mail carrier! Who is the last person in the Postal Service to know that you move if you file online? Thats right your mail carrier. This system flat out sucks! Weeks have gone by from a customer moving and the carrier(remember the only one who needs to know if you moved) being informed. The hard copy change of address handed to the carrier is the most efficient and you are delusional if you think otherwise.

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    "There has to be a catch, you say. Well, there is. This service costs $1. We think it’s a bargain!" That's why you make too much...no brains!!! Free is a much better bargain!!!! Now quit ruining my Post Office....and fire Potter.

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    It is not "change of address." It is "forwarding." That's why the mail is undeliverable after 1 year.

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    time should be shortened. 6 months should be long enough to get address changed with entities the customer wants it changed with. We should be returning a lot more mail, rather than fixing addresses for customers who haven't lived there for years, or senders just don't have the right town or whatever. Way too much manual handling of letters at the destination offices.