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    A bump on my Christmas card. A little, next-to-nothing bump makes my card non-machinable. It was returned to me a week later, non-machinable, requires 20 additional cents. For a bump. USPS machinery is not capable of dealing with this nearly imperceivable, no thicker than a dime, bump on the card. Did USPS let the general public know this or just let us all stumble into it. Disgusted. I'll us UPS, no bump problem there.

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    Anonymous, You can make a report by phone, e-mail, fax, or mail. See http://www.uspsoig.gov/contact.htm for details.

    You can also use the Hotline Complaint Form

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    I'm trying to find out how to report a "possible" workmen's compensation fraud . I went to the website hotline@uspsoig.gov, but was confused of where to go from there. Can you help me?

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    I simply had to add this comment on Revenue Protection
    compliments of the U.S. Census Bureau. See the third
    statement on the About the Census Form page....

    10 questions. 10 minutes. Discover how we collect the data that matters.

    Every question we ask is for a specific reason, to ensure response accuracy or to determine seats in Congress.


    Viola! Revenue!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If there is going to be a cap on raising postage rates, there also should be a cap on the rates for PO Boxes, especially at the non delivery offices. People are giving up their PO Boxes at the small offices and going to rural delivery, which is a more costly option on our part. You might be gaining a few bucks on revenue by raising the rates, but you are raising your expenses a lot more at the same time.

    The people who are coming in everyday for their mail are the ones less likely to pay their biulls online, and use our other services while they are there.

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    Not raising prices this year was a mistake that will haunt us for years. Their is a cost to delivering mail to each mail box 6 days a week, no matter if there is one letter or 20 letters, there is a cost even if there is no mail to every box. The route has to be driven the same each and every day. Currently we are not covering those costs and the reason is the Cola cap. We need to re-think our pricing. Appox 90% of the mail is advertising so we need to quantify the value of our customers to the advertisers and charge accordingly, forget, discounts there should be a premium for access to our customers. This is no different than companies charging advertisers for mailing lists, it just that advertiser think because we are the postal service, a government service, they should get access to these customers for nothing. We are the best value for advertisers to reach there customers in whole or in targeted groups, we should be expanding our reach with 7 day delivery and eliminate the surcharges so the advertisers get easily understood pricing. We have the equipment and the highly trained personnel to process there advertising, we need to recovery these costs not give the advertiser reason not use us.

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    Just stop paying all those high wages to managemnt. The post office was never a place to come and "get rich"!!! the post office is a public SERVICE!!!!


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    It seems that some Districts may be taking the new directive on pushing electronic COA a little too seriously. Within the last month I've had five manual COAs disappear into the ethers without a trace. The 3575's were handled correctly within established procedure but when they got to the Mid_carolina CFS they disappeared.
    One or two? Maybe, but when it happens continually one has to wonder if there isn't a pattern to lose manual changes and then encourage the customer to go online.

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    Suppose the Postal Service wants to deal optimally with its financial situation, and it has 4 options to use. The idea of using the best mix of 4 is relatively simple. But now suppose one of those options is precluded from being used, by a price cap. It must now choose a mix of the three remaining options. The result will be suboptimality, caused by the price cap, except in the unlikely event that prices would not have been used anyhow. Suboptimal solutions are always worse than optimal solutions.

    But, you say, the price cap was supposed to help. Those able to explain any help it provided should write in. Keep in mind that the new law was supposed to give the Postal Service wherewithal that it did not have before. It did not. It may have reduced wherewithal.

    The picture is not a pretty one. We accept suboptimality and a Postal Service without strength to fight. Congress sure is helpful.

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    Happy New Tax year, affecting a new USPS Fiscal Year, with a new comment on revenue.
    The Health Bill Overhaul** will begin with serious
    implications to USPS mailings.

    So, I just rx'd my HighMark BC/BS (mailed) newsletter,
    "Looking Healthward". A reminder of my other posts
    regarding "Lemonade", among other technologies giving change to mail volumes, and information exchange, ie.
    your business model called your j-o-b....
    The article depicts a "gray hair" reading his mail,
    and the caption of the artilce explains how the subscriber will soon, not be getting these pictured letters in the mail, along with the newsletter, the policy paperwork, and the bills, and the EOB's, and I'm assuming all "utter" mail the Post Office currently handles foir the health care industry. (BTW) the gray hair is smiling!
    They go on to explaing that this is "all part of (our) health care overhaul "go-green" (initiative to
    reduce administration expense) blah-blah-blah.

    Additionally, the article describes this subject mail as "clutter"!!!!

    Just a note on e-delivery....... and Revenue.

    ** Health Care Subscriber Realignment Initative Program (HCS-RIP)

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    try to keep the revenue you already have...in the office i work at the postmaster retired and was replaced by a OIC. This person had never been in charge of an office, has not been trained to operate on POS or IRT, constantly charges customers incorrectly, we have run out of stamps, we presently have very little ready post because it is all "out of stock" for the last several months. The only reason we have flat rate boxes is because the ssa's get them from usps.com and bring them to the office because our OIC doesn't know how to order those either. We can't generate more revenue if we can't keep customers, even the small ones.

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    Nothing better as a carrier than to have someone hand me someone's mail and telling me "they filled out a change online a few weeks ago...why are you still delivering their mail here?".

    Who cares about the bad service....that just generated 1 whole dollar for the P.O.!!

    Please remove "Service" from our company name.

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    Retiree with age + seniority = 50, with Fortune 500 Co. 13 yrs. ago. Opted to defer 1/2 income with total confidence that opportunities would present themselves and they did. The incentive - "higher level thinkers", best and brightest, determined that my enticement should be to pay off my house, send my kids to college (both serving in the medical field; one at Vanderbilt and the other a paramedic) and 100% major medical insurance coverage.

    USPS was in need of data management specialists to ramp-up the DPS environment and recognition software. Seems there were not enough "career employees" that were computer literate, nor could qualify even at an entry level. Therefore, this mission was outsourced through Lockheed Martin; you know the folks that build the fighter jets and satelites?
    Having come on board with USPS; through all of this, I've remained of the opinion that YES, MUCH CAN BE IMPROVED UPON in technological advancement. I will not even chalk it off to archaic mentality; but the consequences of inactions based upon "internal audit" and monitoring procedures (very biased) with just a monetary objective, or an attitude of "whatever makes me look good"; the successful business models in my past employment and present admiration; simply do not even give ear to such opinions.

    Imagine, your dream; usually location, location, location, and the love of your life sharing your future. Nothing owed, paid in full; what would you do? Children made good, no issues of rampant public assistance prevail (pretty sheltered before becoming carrier), and no enabling allowed.

    Well, I'll tell you what I did. Was never afraid to train, transfer, or be too proudful to serve in any job capacity with USPS; that only proved to expand my knowledge of operations, technology, and personnel exposure. However, this system only seeks to penalize employees that choose to be exposed to an array of employment opportunities within; unlike Fortune 500 companies and business models that elect to applaud and compensate the individual's intestinal fortitude.

    Our station mgrs. and PMs are not paid enough (in Corporate America standards), and are not of a work ethic to do more for the amount they are paid (with the exception of my current "assigned PM, B.M.(not a joke, really his initials)" does whatever it takes. But because he's exceptional in his tasks, he's been detailed all over kingdom-come since the retirement of J.G. and we've had a dozen or so want-a-be's. This is my personal observation.

    Therefore, now as a carrier (which I do so love; fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and customers that I adore) I am absolutely elated in anticipation of the "load and carry" future of USPS letter carriers.
    Remember, I was there at the cutting edge of burning- in the FSM100's (Carrier Routed trays) for Quality Assurance Committee at Headquarters (we failed some, we passed some) no bias, just factual. I truely love this approach; with no reflection upon personal interest in the process; only QUALITY.

    And, if I didn't love my life, location, and what I'm doing now; I'd probably transfer again to participate in the FSS trials and implementation. I do so love technology as it improves our lives daily. I know, a bit too forward thinking for most; but I cut my teeth back in the 70's with AT&T in the communications and information technology industry, and what a blessing. I would never have gained so much from recognizing the difference as an employee with profit-sharing benefits vs. USPS.

    Final word, bring it on - so encouraged by the hope of increased level of excellence in customer service and shedding of deadbeats off payroll.

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    Not enough registers open. Talk about poor planning, I can understand when there's only one or two open during a wednesday and non holiday. But you'd think the PO would expect there to be more customers and respond with more open registers during one of the busiest mailing times of year.

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    HAH! Complaining to the Postal OIG about poor management is like complaining to the Gestapo about the SS. They serve at the pleasure of the PMG and BOG and are only interested in demonstrating how useless the rank and file are and how the USPS would be better served by an all temp workforce. OIG reports about theivery and lying among managers is eyewash. None of these people ever get removed. The OIG functions as a beard so the PMG can put up the facade to Congress that he can police the service. If productivity is indeed dropping, it is because of a demoralized workforce exacerbated by a complete lack of integrity among managers who are in a slash-and-burn mode.

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    What about the vaunted value added factor. can usps reinvent itself? can it morf into a new industry?

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    Hello, I am posting here in the hopes that someone will help me or offer a suggestion as to what is going on. I am a business owner and ship USPS regularly - I purchase $3000 postage/month.

    My problem is with the international priority mail shipments. It takes 8-10 days for the package to reach from where I reside, to the LAX dispatch center (it usually gets there the same day, or 24 hours) This has been happening since the last 3 months. The delay is increasing every week. I don't understand how a package takes 8-10 days to get somewhere, when that place is 80 miles away. Because of this delay, there is an increased chance of packages getting lose (in fact, 2 are already lost)

    Can someone explain what in the world the problem is? Could it be the sorting center between my post office and LAX? USPS Customer service has been of no assistance, and USPS Inspection service will not handle my complaint. I have completely stopped selling to international customers now (they can't afford fedex/ups) Thanks

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    Anyway to factor in the costs of NON productivity of unnecessary redundant Management? Until you stop using the age old technique of using managements salary cost as (overhead), stop beating that stupid cost saving factor of eliminating craft employees as the only way to save the Postal Service.

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    Another thing I don't like about the online address change is that we don't get to see them-the same goes for the fact that the paper forms are now barcoded. If there is a problem, we might not know about it for a long time. If we had the filled out forms to look at, then we may be able to spot a potential problem before it becomes a real one.

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    I have to concur with the others. There is way too much management for the number of clerks and carriers. If you eliminate many of the pointless reports, programs and logs that are filled out everyday, you will have even less need for those useless management jobs (and save a lot of paper). You can eliminate them, and save millions, and in turn improve your TFP.

    Also, get rid of POOMS. They no longer serve a puropose except to fulfill their egos by micromanaging. All offices are computerized now, and all of the information that needs to be disseminated can be done at area level.

    So why is it that there are far fewer craft positions, yet the same number of management positions?

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    What is the factor for a public school? Their only product is service. Why is it that even the PO doesn't produce anything but service, we are held to a standard that does not reflect our main product. If you want to gage our service, how about asking the customers. I don't think you will like the result. So we use data that doesn't take into account how we are viewed in the eyes of those we serve.

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    How come we have more then 50,000 supervisors with cuts of over 100,000 craft employees in the last 6-7 years.Also what company hands out bonuses and allows follish spending (on houses,food and parties ect)while the USPS is loseing billions.If you cant see where the savings is i will spell it out for you.Cut out all bonuses,USPS is a goverment agency if management isnt doing thier job give them a letter of removal.Job cuts and cosolidation.There is no need to have a Post Master for station with 12 or less routes.Mandate Post Masters need to have at least 20 plus routes to manage(in some cases 2 or 3 offices).Cutting and consolidating Post Masters and supervisors nation as well as suspending or terminating bonuses would help save the USPS BILLIONS.The craft employees have given back and continue to do so.While doing so, continued a high level of customer servive as well as meeting projections.

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    So if the Service cut way back on management positions that don't do anything to add to the TFP outcome then the Total Factor Productivity would improve tremendously. Since there is little evidence that despite the huge drop in craft positions little desire has been shone to reduce excess management my prediction is there will be little to no chance of improving the TFP numbers.

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    "Why don't we charge for it"....what a moronic statement. First of all, it isn't your property to "charge for". Secondly, it is charged for in hundreds of thousdands of dollars in license fees to access it. Lastly, you cannot deliver 3-4% of the mail you receive even when addressed properly, why not focus on areas like competence that you have control over and let Congress worry about things such as the Privacy Act of 1974.

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    Just because the measurement system does not yield favorable results, does not mean the measurement system should change or is inappropriate. I would question the Postal Service if it chose to change its measurement system due to unfavorable results. I am more courious to know what the results mean. For example, although the number of employees has decreased, have labor costs increased and what is the impact of decreased mail volumes? A 10-year trend analysis would also be interesting to me.