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    All USPS really cares about is conformity. They send in function4 people to tear apart your office and tell you how to do things. Their changes make things less efficient and harder. Management does not want to hear ideas, they only want to dictate, right down to how much mail do you pick up in a handful, or where you set the flats bucket down {I realize the flats bucket and my feet will not fit in the same space at the same time, but they can't/won't understand such things, you have to do it "their way" as they know better}. If they can't even allow enough atonomy to allow you to decide where to set down a bucket of Mail you re boxing from, how will they ever take a suggestion about anything serious?

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    The process takes too long. I, for instance, offered an idea. I asked the postmaster numerous times what had happened to my idea. He said that it was working and had indeed been sent on to Washington for final analysis. 17 months later I got an email that said that the idea had been canceled by the postmaster. He said he didn't do it. Ha!Ha! I filed an appeal and that only took 3 or 4 months before denial. They said it was turned down because we already did what I was proposing. What I proposed originally was not in practice at the time of submission. By the time my appeal was denied the PO had started using my idea. Guess someone else got credit for the idea. Local management is scared to pass on new ideas in fear that they will be looked sown upon as rocking the boat. They either deny ideas or steal them for themselves. I have an idea that could save a ton of money, but, I am not going to waste my time since it will be turned down. Let the really smart managers figure it out for themselves, if in fact we are still in business by the time they get around to thinking up such a simple idea.

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    Hey, I heard of this program. Oh, sorry about that. You have to be a career employee to have a brain and an idea which could benefit our team. Sorry part timer, you can't play.

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    I retired in 2007 but several months (maybe even a couple of years or longer) before I retired I submitted a suggestion outlining how USPS could save millions by removing collection routes and collection boxes that were not needed. Included in my suggestion was my ideas on modified 6-day delivery. My suggestion(s) was submitted to my PM - I never received confirmation for my suggestion. Move several months down the road and my suggestion starts being implemented nationwide...collection boxes, and collection routes, being abolished everywhere you look.

    So, some PM, and I believe I know which one, must have received credit and possible award for my suggestion. That, sir, is the reason USPS can not move forward...they see no value in their employee ideas and suggestions...even down to asking them the best, safest, quickest way to deliver a mail route.

    Back to the suggestion...this also happened to me LONG ago at USPS. I suggested a national postal museum (long time before our current one) - my idea was published in our local USPS newsletter. As you know - no credit was given to anyone for suggesting the birth of a national postal museum.

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    Nothing will work until management starts listening to the ideas that are already - daily- coming in. The name of the game is get today's work done. "we don't have time for problem solving. Tomorrow is another day and we'll deal with it tomorrow". That is the attitude.

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    eIDEAS is a good system on paper, but a terrible one when applied. I know of too many instances where a low level employee put in a suggestion through eIDEAS, only to be shot down and a member of management later taking the idea and getting credit as if they came up with it.

    Another problem is that there is too much fear of retribution. You cannot be in the position of clerk, carrier or Postmaster and make a suggestion to improve things without being seen as "rocking the boat" or causing trouble. Once that happens, then you are on the radar. We know how to do our job better than those in upper management do, yet they are the ones who think they know better-despite never doing the job. With the PS being run as a top-down organization, systems like this will always fail.

    Something that needs to be done is some form of required feedback from those who actually do the job whenever a new system is implemented or revised. This did happen when the eLearning system rolled out, and should be done with all other systems and programs (especially ebuy2-a system that is probably costing us more time and money than the original system).

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    Forgot to suggest this one...

    Have the suggestion (eIdeas) go through the same process as one would submit a Patent....

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    Should be set up as you would a Patent...

    I put in two suggestion (eideas) and both were shot down' but two to three years later someone else got the "eIdea through. How'd that happen?


    One suggestion through the Carrier Envolvement Program, for the USPS to recycle all of the UBBM!

    Shot down by the postmaster. Two years later - - adopted ...
    Now how much do we make in recycling of waste from UBBM???

    The other to have Government Payroll check review on website...

    Shot down by my manager again... Again adopted a year or two later...

    Another suggestion I had submitted was to conduct route inspection on a Ipad type computer... Naw! no chance....

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    e-Ideas was designed for only one, rather limited, type of suggestion. It only works for ideas that can be tested locally and expanded if the local test is successful. e-Ideas doesn't work at all for suggestions for improvements to any national systems, processes, or programs. And frankly, there are very few systems, processes, or programs anywhere in this organization which are local in design and execution. So as far as I'm concerned, e-Ideas is 95% irrelevant and is therefore a failure.

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    eIdeas was probably designed to mirror the business process by which many things happen in the company, but the process is the root cause of the problem. If we were to change the business process for evaluating new ideas to be more like crowdsourcing with feedback permitted by anyone, ranking, weighting, etc. then we could devise a better technical solution. A better technical solution that emulates a best practice process without changing how people actually work is, likewise, not a good approach. The other option is to adopt a commercially available best practice process and solution and change how we operate internally to emulate the best practice process. After all, idea generation and innovation management is a commodity capability, and we should not be building solutions to address such functionality in the first place. An example of a best practice process and solution is something like Spigit. Do not concern yourself with the solution per se but rather the process and the capability. There are any number of best practice solutions that are commercially available.

    Enterprise Architect

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    I think this is a very valuable service for business. Lets face it as a customer it is always much easier to send a pre-paid envelope back. I tend to find it is more of an incentive. It also enables businesses to manage their postal costings more efficiently and within their specific budgets.

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    The US Postal Service is only as strong as it's policing authorities. If the OIG and USPSIS don't step up to the plate and become cops instead of missionaries, we may as well sell off. If the OIG and USPSIS do start weeding out the corrupt from top to bottom, we will be around as long as our great nation... which needs to do the same. http://www.congress.org/congressorg/bio/userletter/?letter_id=5639447596

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    Networks are usually worth more than the sum of their parts. Breaking a network into parts may destroy forever its ability to reach efficiently and economically every origin and destination. This is different from opening the network to outside, private investors and managers from the private sector who may be in a better position to implement the operational and business reforms required to bring the network back to life...

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    I’ve been an employee for 22 years and have some of the same physical problems from working on machines all that time. Did you file for workers comp for any of them and did you have any problems getting them accepted ? Thanks

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    Hello, truthbetold, We appreciate your comments on all of the OSHA related issues. Also, we have followed your suggestion that the second question needed to be made into two separate questions.

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    Good morning,
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    Here's the discipline.
    Even convicted felons in federal & state prisons get health care & dental.
    A single payer health policy these days is $350.00/month.

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    There are curently less than 272 Processing Distribution Centers and Facilities.
    The USPS no longer is a participant in the VPP Corporate program. OHSA did not renew the USPS application which expired in April of this year.
    The second question,"Did you report your concern(s) and did management take appropriate action?" is misleading. A yes response would apply for the concern and action taken. A no response would also apply to both the concern and action taken. You did not give an option for answering the concern and action or inaction taken differently.

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    For which purpose does the USPS have any relevance
    to the FEC? Except, "delivering" voter information,
    and absentee ballots administered by each of the local
    jurisdictions, via it's mail service.
    And, of course the campaign "clutter" which is simply
    flooding the mail systems at election time.

    Rather, the FEC (Federal Election Commission)should consider technology to achieve the necessary initiatives to satisfy it's mission objective's.
    Then, it should present this proposal to each
    local respective election jurisdiction for consideration. And, I don't mean touch screen ballot

    Hopefully, some of the less draconian jurisdictions
    will have the spine to integrate telephone voting
    technologies* to achieve this. We bank electronically, file unemployment by electronically, and of course twitter electronically....

    This way the USPS can focus on reducing their $3.5 billion quarterly deficits, which appears to becoming the norm. And then, simply continue to process
    election mail as necessary.

    However, based on the electorate participation levels in my jurisdiction, where I've been active for thirty years; I get the feeling the the party committee's, at least those in power, "ahem", like things just the way they are....

    *i.e. Triple DES, fastap keypad's, etc...

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    I belong to those people who "didn't have luck with iPad". Because of overheating and constant system errors I had to replace it with another one.
    As for iPad features and capabilities - both thumbs up!

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    This article highlights the successes the German Postal Service is experiencing by developing a low cost parcel collection and delivery system that fits neatly within the modern economy. One wonders if this is a better strategy to follow than mere organizational downsizing as hard copy letter volumes decline due to the internet. Sure it requires investment and it would put pressure on private parcel companies in the US; but what are the long term alternatives? Should the US Postal Service only deliver parcels and letters where private companies find it too costly? Or should it compete by deploying PACKSTATIONS?

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    This may work, but security should not be sacrificed for convienence/cost.

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    iPad wireless needs the fact that US cable is moving from standard coax cable connectors to fiber and service should improve.

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    I think they're great they will speed up the post office. But im sure there will be people who dont like them or can't figure them out.

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    the bad is with the ipad, you can subscribe magazines for a good value. You must buy a single magazin for too much money.
    It will spread, if apple allows subscribing magazines.