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    I have been having an issue with my local post office in Dayton, Ohio (Westtown branch). I've had to call and complain on FIVE different issues in the past two months. I've had to call them about attempted delivered items that were never been delivered on days when my company was clearly open. They have delivered and LEFT Christmas gifts outside of my company on closed days. The manager of that post office was called and was asked not to leave items outside when the company is closed. We were assured it would never happen again. GUESS WHAT!!! IT HAPPENED AGAIN. THIS THE THIRD TIME. Result...Christmas gift stolen...gift out of stock..item can not replace. I'm EXTREMELY upset. I will NEVER order online again because of USPS. I will make sure my items are delivered from UPS. I would like a response from corporate on this matter.

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    I was looking back at your prior comments area and wondered how well the postal service met the goals of reduction of 16% of vp level positions and elimination of senior vp position per March 24, 2011 announcement?

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    Need newer vehicles and more space? What about the Ford Transit Connect? It's made in RHD but not imported to US. City and Rural Carriers assigned LLV's tell horror stories of these junk heaps. Rurals with POV's need vehicles with more space. Ford has a nationwide repair operation. You know Ford would cut a deal and get the sales. Look into working with NRCLA in getting a deal for their members. They could be guineapigs to see if the vehicles would work company-wide.

    do something pro-active for a change.


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    I really miss not being able to send/receive real-life letters or cards. With the price of materials PLUS the postage, mailing them has broken my bank. My Christmas mailings use to top 200 pieces and slowly I cut back. For the first time, 2013 I resorted to eCards to all friends and most family for Christmas. I realize the costs, i.e. labor etc. for the postal services (I'm including UPS, FEDX, etc) has to keep pace and like the candy bar whose price has remained consistent, the size has diminished much to the chagrin of customers. Herein lies my point. If the cost to mail cards was not so exorbitant, maybe more customers could be enticed to generate more business. I pose this question: How can the post office grow their business through its customer base? Being competitive in services and quality is only part of the answer. Having been in the postal business longer than any other, who but USPS has a better understanding of customer needs. The only other area is price that will attract lost revenue back. So, until there is a less costly way, I reluctantly attach $.86 to a birthday card to my son and gulp as I realize the +$12 for a package of home made cookies to ship parcel to my brother that is due to arrive ten days stale. Next year I may have to save myself the time to bake by ordering online a baked goods delivery thus freeing up the extra time to drive an hour to hand deliver a card plus a hug to my boy.

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    Dec 30, 2013
    I received a call today today from the USPS. I had filled out information regarding a package that had not been delivered.
    The agent advised the tracking number she had was wrong.

    The package was mailed from my hometown Post Office in a small Washington State town. I mailed the package on Dec 16th and filled the info out online on the 24th of Dec.

    On Christmas Day when I checked again this is the info I had.
    December 24, 2013
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    ANCHORAGE, AK 99530
    December 24, 2013 , 3:36 am
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    ANCHORAGE, AK 99530
    December 17, 2013
    Depart USPS Sort Facility
    KENT, WA 98032
    December 17, 2013 , 2:42 am
    Processed through USPS Sort Facility
    KENT, WA 98032

    The package was finally delivered to Fairbanks AK on the 27th of Dec.
    The information I received from the USPS Representative was that 2 Day Priority does not not mean 2 day. It means what ever happens they are not responsible. Two Days is what they strive for and they try to get the highest percentage of packages delivered in 2 days. There is no guaranteed of delivery date and there are no refunds for delayed packages.

    The agent advised me the delay was due to weather, I told her we had great weather here and she argued with me that no we did not. Then I was told that my mail was delayed due to heavy passenger loads on airplanes. What ever happened to mail contracts on air carriers?
    I asked how a package sent from Fairbanks to me on the 17th arrived here on the 23rd. She told me they were lucky!
    Mailing a package to Alaska is very expensive, The service received combined with the customer service makes one likely to use another service provider. Another added benefit is there is no cost adjustment or refunds for packages with long delays. I asked since UPS and FEDEX both were working with customers with delivery issues. This is not the case with USPS I was told along with Have a Nice Day!

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    Part of the problem may lie with how the packages are marked, and how much effort is made to get them to the recipient. We had one package noted as "delivery attempted" this fall, dated on a Saturday when our department was closed. The postmaster at our local station agreed it at least should have been sent to our general school address that day or the following Monday, which is where our USPS mail and packages generally are delivered. It's been over two months - no package, no further delivery attempts. Local post office has no idea what happened to it. Fortunately, in our case, the shipper refunded our money, even though it wasn't their fault. The postmaster also admitted that postmen often mark packages as "delivered" as soon as they go into the trucks, whether they are ultimately delivered to the right address or not. That practice should stop, so that insurance problems such as "Eric's" above don't happen, and, one "delivery attempted" shouldn't be the last notation.

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    I've had two packages over the last three months "misplaced". Marking items in the system as "delivered" but never actually reaching my location. This is a fluff piece. The system is broken now. The insurance process stops at "delivered". The proper tools are not being used by postal carriers. We have a standard box and a large package delivery box. the keys to the large package delivery box have been "misplaced". Because my package was misdelivered I can't get my money back from paypal or from the insurance, because its "delivered" in the system.

    I know it was misdelivered as there is someone at my home 24 hours a day.

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    false report that my package has been delivered when it was not does not offer much encouragement to support a system asking for more tax payer support
    bah humbug, usps

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    Unless there is research proving otherwise, I maintain that the USPS is wasting their time and money in issuing the Harry Potter series of stamps. While the USPS can push sales I doubt that the public will become “stamp collectors” as the USPS anticipates and that sales will peter out. Based on the quantity printed, it may even be a loss. The use of living persons on stamps is Ok if they are truly outstanding. However, such a judgment is subjective and differs from person to person.

    I doubt that the USPS wish for increased revenue from the Harry Potter stamp series will happen. The USPS put forth the supposition that the Harry Potter series of stamps will be as popular as the 1993 Elvis Presley stamp. Elvis Presley had a much larger following then Harry Potter. The Presley followers almost amounted to a cult. I have no evidence that the same is true with followers of Harry Potter.

    What does the USPS expect that the purchasers of the Harry Potter stamp do with them? Does the USPS expect the young purchasers of the stamps use them on letters or put them away somewhere? Use on letters is highly questionable since young people tend to text rather than white letters. Putting them away is also questionable. Where and how are they going to keep them? What does see USPS expect the purchasers to do with the stance? The USPS expects to develop stamp collectors by issuing the Harry Potter series. I doubt that the purchasers of the Harry Potter series will become stamp collectors any more than the purchasers of the Elvis Presley stamp became collectors.

    Mr. Patrick Donahue explained that he is taking stamps into a more commercial aspect. I understand that the Harry Potter series is part of this philosophy. I gather that this is an attempt to increase revenue by publishing popular stamps that although purchased are retained, thus not used. I have great doubts that this course of action will work. Did the USPS do any research of the stamp buying public that proved this policy to have potential? If so, the USPS should share the results with the public. If they did not do such research, they have failed to follow good administrative practices.

    US stamps had living persons shown in the past as part of the major topic. I understand that “all the actors are British or Irish with the exception of a few people without speaking roles who are American (and children of the director).” Since there are many qualified contributors to this country, it is hard to see why the USPS chose foreign subjects in their latest stamps. The reason for not showing living persons on stamps is that a hero today may turn out to be a despised person tomorrow. The selection of a particular prominent person offends many others—and their following—who feel more qualified than the chosen one.

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    She did not contradict herself, she said her fruit met the postal requirements. Dried fruit is not considered "fresh" fruit. You can definitely mail fresh fruit. It just can't be overripe and leaking, etc.

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    I love the new Harry Potter stamps. Anything the USPS can do to attract attention and sell stamps is a good idea, and Harry Potter is beloved world-wide. Good decision and keep them coming.

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    I must be voting for tradition. USPS has gone way too far with series of stamps based on fads and celebrities, on flora and fauna, etc. Stop flooding the world of stamps. Please emphasize the States and our history and heritage.

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    "...the agency lacks a fully developed, organization-wide strategy for ___________________"

    a. delivering flat mail
    b. sorting flat mail
    c. saving money
    d. spending money
    e. all of the above

    The correct answer is "e".

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    I'm going to give both an "atta-boy" and a "screw-up" award to USPS. First the "atta-boy": for years I've wondered what "tracking" meant to USPS - never got any updates between the sending point and the receiving point and suddenly: TTRACKING WORKS!!! Atta-boy! Now the bad news: just shipped a parcel by "2-day Priority" - checked in at the end of Day 2 to find it not half way to destination with an expected delivery on Day 5. Obviously, they knew it wasn't going to get there in 2 (or 3 or 4) days when it left. That's no way to build confidence, a track-record, or customers! Might as well have shipped it Standard Post - couldn't do any worse!

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    I can also see big brother looking in from time to time to see where we live. Whether we like it or not. If you are looking to go off the grid, use a service NOT connected to our wonderful spying government.

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    The Postal Service is owned by the American people. Intellectual property developed by the Postal Service, like the Zip Code system should be placed into the public domain and used as "open source". Many of the discussions today surrounding the losses the Postal Service has incurred do not take into account the vast intangible benefits of the the Postal Service and the postal network. It's time we realized this value and also realized that we get the most for this value when the Postal Service behaves and is treated as public service, not simply a corporate deliverer of advertising mail.

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    The stamp packs are uglier than sin. I didn't even realize how much I liked having artwork on my stamps until I purchased these abominations. Stamping and mailing envelopes isn't exactly common place anymore, but I do still send cards, rent, and the occasional written letter. I understand where the US Postal Service is financially, and frankly there are a lot of employees in their facilities near me that I purposefully avoid. Not all of the employees, but certainly a good handful. I do use the kiosks if a line has formed in the lobby IFF I am doing anything that is not purchasing a book of stamps.

    They're triple the size, and the graphic design looks like it's been done in Microsoft Word 95. I know these kiosks have limitations on what they're capable of producing, but COME ON. Is this really the only way to vend stamps without a clerk?

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    I like (and bought) the Harry Potter stamps. I would urge the USPS to use caution, though, in portraying live people on stamps. There is always the risk that they will become involved in some scandal which may lead to future USPS embarrassment.

    I would also like to see fewer issues each year but that's another subject.

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    We encourage you to contact the U.S. Postal Service regarding the stamps you ordered, as this matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of this office. You may file a complaint online at http://faq.usps.com/adaptivedesktop/faq.jsp?ef=USPSFAQ&dest=EmailUs or call 1-800-782-6724.
    Thank you,
    U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General

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    I wish they would offer a digital service where they scan my mail and send me a pdf right to my iphone.

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    I went on line to your site on 12-8-13 to order Christmas stamps. As of today, December 17, the stamps have still not been delivered. My call to inquire was met with a response that there had been bad weather last week in Kansas City where they were shipped form so there was a delay. They are supposed to be delivered in2 business days!!! I could have walked t KC and back to get them by now. Yet another reason why the Postal Service loses money. Get with it you people. Where are my stamps?

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    I'm for anything the Post Office does to increase their bottom line (except of course closing our small P.O.). My wife and I and our granddaughter all read and enjoyed the Potter books. We just bought the last book of HP's stamps at our small P.O. and they are going into one of the Potter books that are for our granddaughter.

    So, Mr. Postmaster General, you just made $9.60 profit (less manufacturing cost of course) since they'll never be used, just treasured by our granddaughter.

    Any kind of stamp is okay with us. Some we'll use and some we'll just hang on to.

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    I'm surprised this is not already an option. Let's get this up and running. Fax machines have been obsolete since the scanner, pdf and the ability to attach files to email came along. Partnering with Google Drive and Dropbox would be the obvious choices. Shocked FedEx and UPS haven't already made this leap. Although UPS is closer. I'm all for it.

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    If you want young folks to buy and use the Potter stamps, you have to make them available in regular post offices. It is 14 December - it has been four weeks since these stamps were issued in Orlando, and they are STILL NOT AVAILABLE in my post office - which is not a one-room rural station serving 1500 people. It's in Indianapolis, serving tens of thousands. These stamps have been the worst marketed issue I have seen recently.
    I long ago vowed to buy no stamps from the cave in Kansas City, where I have to pay to have the stamps delivered that you want me to set aside and not use. If you do not make stamps available to me in MY post office, I don't buy them. I have not bought the Potter stamps, and will not do so until they get to where I live. What a travesty.
    As for the subject matter, another issue I DID NOT BUY, even though they were available at my post office, was the Simpsons issue. The USPS fell to a new low in taste when it issued that set. No, selecting subject matter with a view to how much money you can make on it is NOT appropriate. I certainly was not going to give you any of MY money for that revolting show.
    Potter - I'm of two minds about celebrating a non-US story starring non-US actors who are clearly not yet deceased for the required number of years. I have enjoyed the films (I have no time for reading fiction), and I agree that they have had a positive impact on popular culture - but in general, I don't think it is the USPS's job to celebrate current popular culture. Stick to series like the Legends of Hollywood and Distinguished Americans.
    The harder you make it to buy stamps, the fewer stamps you will sell.
    Sincerely displeased -
    Joseph E Boling, Indianapolis

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    So nice to know there are still such erudite young voices in the world. Thanks for adding your comments. I wonder if Pope Francis will appear on US postage before a Vatican City Issue.