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    I have a bank of boxes with neighbors in our small apartment building. We all go thru the front locked door then to the mailboxes. I do and can hear the others. We get fliers from the local markets and look for them and Bed, Bath & Beyond when they come out. I certainly do not want a central "cluster" box and am sure the others would agree. Our carrier gives great service delivering AND picking up our mail "to go".

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    Air conditioning please! Its like being inside of a tin can and always 20 degrees hotter in the vehicle even when its a 100 degrees outside. And all wheel drive for the snowy winters.

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    Package is still not here. If it gets here on Mon April 27, that will be 2 weeks since it was posted. Again Indiana is only 2 states away from Pennsylvania and there are an excellent network of roads connecting the states via Ohio. Pitiful service.

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    I keep writing retun to sender on mail for a person that hasn't lived at this address in over 20 years. The postal service keeps sending it back to me. Any idea how I can get this mail sent back to where it came from? Multiple advertisements for credit cards.

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    Here's an idea...follow up on complaints and actually DO something about incompetent workers.

    I have gotten NOTHING but my electric bill for the past six months. And I have been awaiting important documents. The first was a $6000 check which they "couldn't find" until we filed a formal complaint and had to have the check resent. I have also been waiting for a new bank card and my license plate renewal info...both expire next week. Kinda important.

    I guess being a customer doesn't mean anything to your organization. Keep screwing people and see how that turns out for you.

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    Hi, were you successful at obtaining the correct amount stamp/getting a refund?

    I encountered a similar situation - I bought international stamps (2x $2.29) and the kiosk printed out 2x $0.49.
    I gave another kiosk a try and I bought one $2.29 and it printed out 3x forever stamps ($0.49).

    I know it's only a few dollars more but it's frustrating to have to pay more than twice at the kiosk....

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    Fedex is not that great, matter of fact, choose USPS over fedex any day.
    I was waiting for a signature necessary letter.
    He usually arrives at my home about 10-11 am, but this letter on the first day came at 4, next day, I stayed home until 11, then left work at 3 to get home by 4 only to find he came at 2, next day, went to work early came back at 12:15 hoping to be there early enough to catch them, and he had come at noon.
    Had to drive 45 minutes to get to the fedex station. Complained, but told he was trying to "find" a time to deliver it....how about the same time you normally come? None of this made sense to his supervisor who told me I could have just gone online and given a time, great, but I tried and that was not an option for me.
    The next time I received from this company I told them to use USPS and NOT fedex, they did, I got my express mail the next day!
    Fedex - no thanks!

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    PLEASE update the post office delivery dates to reflect that first class packages now take 2 WEEKS!
    This causes so many problems it is unreal! All the automatic delivery dates on sites come off USPS rate quotes.
    None of the retail websites are showing accurate info, because your dates are still 4 days, if you cannot deliver the mail within the time you yourself are stating than adjust it! People will choose priority or something else but at least they will be accurately informed as to stop asking me all these questions and for event related items it is a nightmare, these people think the party items they want will be there for the party! And, even when I tell them allow at least 2 weeks they think I am over exaggerating to try to get them to spend more money because they can go to the post office site and see it only takes 3-4 days or the same day as priority so why spend the extra money!
    I am about to have to dump the post office because of this and my 50 thousand a year may not matter to you but I think it is ridiculous to lose a customer because you won't update your website dates.

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    i don't want the post office getting too involved with my financial business without my consent and approval. irregardless of known relationships or obvious benefits. Financial transactions especially when you go mobile and start adding technological stuffs, it can get advanced and complicated. also considering the number of articles purporting budget and need to increase revenue , not convinced that's an area of expertise at the good ole' usps.

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    I have been waiting for 10 days for a small package to be delivered from Indiana which is only 2 states away from the state where I live, Pennsylvania. After leaving Indiana, it went to Illinois and now is allegedly in route (hopefully) to me. For all I know it will go to St. Louis next, instead of East. This isn't the only package In the last 2 months that I have waited an excessive amount of time to receive. It seems to me the USPS is forcing people to pay for 3 day priority mail because regular service is so terrible!

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    I am very frustrated with the service I am not receiving from your worthless carriers. This is my 2nd time of having trouble with mail not getting delivered. This last time I ordered online and had it sent to my grand-daughters address. It arrived in So Ca on Mar 3rd. It was handed off from Fedex to USPS. It says it was returned to sender as the address was undeliverable. It should have been St and not Ct. The number was correct. The lazy postman dd not even attempt to deliver. The odd thing is he didn't even scan it to show he was delivering it. I have been trying all morning to contact the po but no one answers. I contacted customer service and this nice lady trying to help me asked if I got a call back from Tracy. I told her no and that's why I am calling. I would just like to know where my package is. I called the sender and they said they have not received it back I am sorry to say but you need to fire some of these worthless employees and hire some that care. Here is another reason I say that. My daughter mailed me a priority mail last Nov. It went from Denver to Prescott Valley (AZ). it got to Phoenix and was sent to Fl. Came back to AZ then back to FL. Came back to phoenix and back to FL for a 3rd time. Finally back to Phoenix and onto Prescott Valley. There are lots of people that want jobs and would take pride in their work.
    I worked for the sorting facility n Denver a Xmas time. I made every effort to get the mail to the places it was addressed to. It seems like at this time you have employees that just don't care. They are making good and if they don't care then send them o their way.

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    During the past few months I’ve noticed a significant slowdown in package deliveries. A package sent from Westport, CT to Salt Lake City, UT now takes over two weeks and, when tracked, seems to sit at a location here or there for days on end before making it’s next leg in transit. What I don’t understand is whether the additional delays are a result in lack of manpower in sorting at a facility or lack of transport mode to move forward, i.e.:

    Delivered, In/At Mailbox
    Apr-13-15, 17:20 PM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84121

    Out for Delivery
    Apr-13-15, 07:31 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84121

    Sorting Complete
    Apr-13-15, 07:21 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84121

    Arrived at Post Office
    Apr-13-15, 04:57 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84121

    Departed USPS Facility
    Apr-11-15, 09:47 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84199

    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility
    Apr-11-15, 07:55 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84199

    Arrived at USPS Origin Facility
    Apr-06-15, 14:30 PM, DENVER, CO 80217

    Departed Post Office
    Mar-30-15, 17:37 PM, GREENS FARMS, CT 06838

    Mar-30-15, 15:00 PM, GREENS FARMS, CT 06838

    If I buy a smartphone protector off the web for $1.59, which includes shipping, from a seller in China, I receive it in less than two weeks after being sent by China Mail and ultimately delivered by USPS. Does that make sense, that you can deliver something for pennies faster than something for dollars? I am overwhelmed by the excellence of service provided by USPS on little nothings from China but stunned by your inability to be as fast as what Pony Express was over 150 years ago when it comes to getting my package from CT to UT.

    I use USPS for package deliveries because, on balance, less damage occurs when using USPS than FedEx Ground. I have to say that the amount of increased snail you are putting in your handling of mail makes it difficult to stay with you at the margin. I fear a mass exodus coming by the general public in using USPS package deliveries and it is due to very poor long range planning on your part.

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    I had my most disturbing postal experience this weekend. At 12:15 p.m. on Saturday, April 18, 2015 I entered the post office located at Charleston Town Center Mall in Charleston, WV for the purchase of postage stamps. To my surprise, I could hear what I would call rap music. As I approached the postal service employee I could hear him actively singing the lyrics..."so super bad...up and down..round and round...sooooo super bad"! At no point did the employee stop singing and jiving to his musical selection; just one breath to quote my costs of $19.60; no greeting, no thanks for my business, little acknowledgement of my presence. I was stunned. Is this appropriate on-the-job behavior for postal workers?

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    Our weekly newspaper, The Calhoun County Journal, is mailed out every Wednesday morning. We use Interlink circulation software. A year and a half ago, when the Post Office closed the Grenada 389 section center, our northern delivery in the state because non-existent for more than 5 weeks. The newspapers were stuck in Jackson, MS where they remained the ENTIRE time. We were getting hundreds of complaints and cancellations. When the post office agreed to re-open Grenada 389 as a hub, delivery immediately returned to normal.
    When the Tupelo 389 sectional center closed, newspapers now go to memphis, delaying them up to a week. We are now driving newspapers to post offices 30 minutes away using exceptional dispatch so they can be delivered the same day.
    Every time a sectional center is closed, delivery changes to at least 7 days later. But I am paying the post office the same amount for delivery. It is very hard on our business to handle these complaints that we have no control over. I used epub for watches and complaints, but now that is no longer an option.

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    As a business that ships perishable items, this is not a shipping method we would use to deliver our product, and is not unlike shipping to a P.O. Box. Like many companies, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes. Unfortunately, we had a negative shipping experience with a customer who gave us a parcel locker shipping address. We were not even aware we were shipping to a parcel locker since there was nothing in the address that identified it as such.

    We sent the items 2-day, but have no idea and have no way to verify, when the customer actually picked up their perishable items since the tracking information only tracks to delivery to the parcel locker. The customer subsequently contacted us to let us know our product was inedible due to expiration. After shipping our products to residential addresses for 4 years, in the 48 contiguous states, we have never had this or any product problems.

    It seems this delivery system is customer-focused to a fault and to the exclusion of the sender, be it an individual or business. For this reason, we will not ship to any parcel lockers in the future and will be informing our customer that we are canceling the balance of their subscription order. Even though many small businesses dealing in perishable items clearly state on their websites that they are not responsible for any type of damage once the package is in the hands of USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc., and to address complaints to the shipper, the reality is the customer expects the business/sender to address it.

    A small business cannot afford to have these types of experiences. Additionally, since this program is still in the pilot phase and not widely available, there is no awareness in areas where it's not available. This doesn't make sense since it's entirely conceivable that a sender could be outside of the program, shipping to a pilot area. Shouldn't both parties know about it?

    Please consider the following:
    1.) Using an identifier for the parcel locker address, so a business can make an educated decision whether it wants to ship or not.
    2.) Establishing some way for the business/sender to verify when the customer/recipient has actually picked up the parcel.
    3.) Letting the cat out of the bag! Communicate that this program is out there and in the pilot phase, even to areas in the country where the service is not yet available.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience and recommendations.

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    Your complaints might be valid in terms of the machine operation, but the USPS does not use tax money, so your wrong in saying that they "are a waste of tax funding." I use the kiosks all the time and have never had problems with credit card acceptance, even when using older scratched up and bend cards.

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    So you've moved already or are doing last minute admin jobs for the move such as post redirecting...
    Only to find that part of the post redirection process is to send post to the address that you just moved out of....
    And SO American...

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    I tend to do a number of certified letters and prefer to have the information completed before arriving at the post office. If you indicate you have prefilled postal forms you do not have the opportunity to enter the tracking number into the machine. As a result if the letter / package is lost how would you prove that you mailed it.

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    These fast-evolving technologies will facilitate the move to payment using mobile phones. Instead of the process of filling out manual paperwork, it's better to use a mobile phone that requires only the download of an app and linking it to the bank details. By using this innovative technology everything will change to digital, but it will take a long time for this to happen.

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    I wanted to reread an audit done last year...I tried to pull it up according to your instructions and only got the reports which showed up recently......Is there something wrong with me or your webpage...It was easy to pull up old audit reports on your prior webpage.

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    My mail carrier will frequently mix up my mail and my neighbors mail which I can live with most times. But what does bother me is when I have parcels she frequently says that they were undeliverable and leave a message in my mailbox when I know for fact that someone was home that day. I have tried to have vendors ship was an alternate carrier whenever possible because my US PS carrier does not seem to care wether I get my packages or not and I feel that any other company in the private sector would hold their employees accountable for their performance or the lack there of.

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    recently our mail was delivered to the wrong place. Luckily the man who received was an honest man and returned it to us, the mail contained new credit cards. What if it had fallen into the wrong hands?

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    I realize this is an old post but I came up on it while googling how in the world do I get an appointment to for passport renewal at the post office. I feel like this must be a joke. Do you really not know why people do not want to use the post office. I am currently on the phone for over 20 minutes waiting to speak to someone on the phone just to make an appointment, literally months in advance. This has to be the most inanely inefficient system ever. I would gladly pay double to have this taken care of efficiently and quickly but I can't go to a passport expediter because it's for a minor.

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    Hello Charlie,

    Thank you for comment and your concern about our office's audit projects.

    We have passed this message along to our Audit Team.

    Thank you again.

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    To add to Mike's comment......Now some of the mail processed at Raleigh and Greensboro is delivered to post offices in North Carolina which are as far away from Raleigh and Greensboro as Boston is to New York.