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    I think the intentional creation of a rarity is a terrible idea. It is almost a spit in the face of all the collectors who buy new issues.

    The execution of the idea, notwithstanding the wisdom of the idea, seems to have violated the postal service's own rules. The ones responsible should be held accountable.

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    I think that it was a great idea; just the type of innovative thinking that the USPS needs. Do it again!

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    The error in creating and marketing the inverted Jenny stamp was the corruption of the original design by re-valuing the stamp to a non-usable rate just to wring money from the collectors. For this reason, I bought one cover but refuse to but the entire sheet. The error was compounded by the deliberate creation of 100 'upright' panes which will end up in the hands of a privileged few, never be used for a postal purpose, and by their scarcity assume an artificial value that benefits those privileged few. When the Postal Service came out with the Pan American invert reprints in 2001, they appended 4 'labels' denominated at 80 cents each, also a non-regular rate for any manner of ordinary mail, just to wring more money out of the collecting public, also. When I actually used one of those 80-cent 'labels' to frank a large envelope, the Post Office did not even recognize it as a stamp and returned the item for postage, because the design was so uninspired and so inane.

    Also, as a matter of feedback unrelated to the inverted Jenny, I stopped buying the year-end "Yearbooks" after 2009 (I had been getting these every year back into the 1970's) because the Postal Service was unrepentant and unresponsive to my complaints about selling damaged product in the included stamp packets. In those situation in which the stamps were produced without a separable backing sheet to facilitate separation of single stamps, they repeatedly clipped the die-cut 'perfs' by straight-cutting to separate the stamps in the pane. The continuation of this practice demonstrates an arrogance and contempt for collectors that is turning many of us off.

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    Any product produced and promoted by USPS should be fairly available to a reasonable number of collectors, with advance notice of the item promoted. The inverted Jenny sheet rarity sharply violates my sense of fairness. The use of a lottery to make a philatelic item hopelessly out of my reach diminishes my enjoyment of my hobby.

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    This is a good and sensible suggestion except for one thing -- the primary missions of the USPS are to sell MINT stamps and discourage the collection of USED stamps. 'Nuff said.

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    My comments will go against the prevailing sentiment, but I think that the upright Jenny was actually a good idea in concept... but was utterly mismanaged.

    Knowing now, after the fact, that the sheets were NOT distributed randomly as originally reported, thus my virtually having no chance to find one, makes me regret my purchases. Yes, I might have purchased a few sheets out of interest, and yes I can always use them for postage, but I would not have purchased as many as I did.

    Furthermore, the holding back of a large swath of upright sheets, combined with the (rigged?) random giveaway to favored customers just makes me livid. That was unconscionable.

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    Got USPS tons of publicity. It's over and done with, so quit obsessing about the methodology. If the IG doesn't like the way the deal went down, change the law (and put some teeth in it) and GET OVER IT. It's a RARE day that the consumer gets a little unexpected benefit, so cut out all the hand-wringing and concentrate on reining in the FLOOD of new issues and varieties that drives long-time collectors away by the thousands. Any "investigation" at this late date is a huge waste of time and money and umm, brainpower, none of which are in ample supply at Headquarters.

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    While it was a shameless ploy to drive up stamp sales, It did create huge interest in the collecting community. With us old stamp collectors dying off at an alarming rate, I guess we have to take the bad with the good! I would be much more concerned with the USPS honoring drug users and dealers, and those who committed suicide by drugs and alcohol. And don't get me started on Wilt Chamberlain. We all know what he was famous for, besides basketball. Are these the people who we want representing our country on our mail?

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    Deliberately creating a philatelic rarity is fraud, pure and simple. And holding back a few of the rarity for a privileged few is aggravated fraud. As a collector I'm willing to forgo all rarities rather than be granted an artificial rarity. If the USPS wants to encourage new collectors it should produce soakable stamps and let the newbies start the way the rest of us did — going through discarded envelopes for new stamps to add to a fledgling collection.

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    Issue a couple million upright Jenny panes, printed exactly as the first ones, just like you did with the Dag Hammarskjold stamp. Also, no more intentional rarties.

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    The USPO has made a series of errors over the past few years. Ist they took out the stamp machines. Now everyone who requires just a stamp must now wait in line with the PO bread and butter clientele who are there to do business shipping packages. Many is the time I watch a retail shipper walk out the door headed to UPS or Fed-Ex as opposed to waiting in line behind 30 people who just need a stamp or a change of address card. Next some moron decided to take the already reduced personnel out from behind the counter and place them in the lobby to greet customers inquiring "why are you here today?" Are you kidding me? I'm not dropping off my laundry and pretty sure I can't make my bank deposit here either. Many many times leaving a single solitary clerk at the counter as the customers continue to pile up. It's not unrealistic for shipping a parcel to suck up 45 minutes of your time just to ship. Ridiculous. Moving on - I have to laugh every time that commercial comes on with those cheery friendly post office delivery people telling us we should just give our packages over to them. Laughable at best. And here is the biggest reason that will never work much like the extra 4 digits on the zip code that no one uses. They refuse to scan your packages when you fork them over. In their ignorance or laziness they just aren't smart enough to comprehend how the system works. If the package isn't scanned in when I hand it to you - my customers don't know I shipped it in a timely fashion. You may now proceed to stack them up at your house for Christmas gift giving. They have those scanners because they use them (hopefully) when they deliver packages. At my store once - I handed over 3 packages for pick up. The carrier picked them up off the counter and proceeded to walk out the door. I stopped him and asked him if he was going to scan them. He turned around - smiled at me and said "don't you trust me?" Actually - I told him no and asked for them back. I never bothered him again to do his job that the taxpayers paid him to do. Not paid by the taxpayer you say? Hooey - you show me any other company in the USA that can operate billions of dollars in the red year after year and still remain open. The fault of the post office not running in the black is the fault of the employees and their bloated pensions and benefits. Any other business would have gone out of business a long time ago.

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    I absolutely think the USPS should get into providing banking services. What a huge source of untapped revenue!
    Of course the banking industry would hate this. Take away profit from them. If they are against it, it will probably be great for consumers.
    They could offer all kinds of banking products including payday loans. The only places that offer these right now charge outrageous interest rates of 200% and more. Insane!
    I think this would be a huge money maker for the PO. I'm all for it!
    Thanks for reading.

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    I am not a lawyer, but this is what I would do.
    First, make sure she IS taking your packages. How do you know she's taking them? As you can see from many of the comments on this thread, there is a problem with the post office not delivering packages correctly or when they say they will (even though mail articles - like things from the DMV - go through fine). One time I was expecting a package and when I returned home it wasn't there. But there was no "missed delivery" note. A few minutes later a knock came at the door and my neighbor said the USPS carrier had GIVEN her my package since I hadn't been home, and can I please take it as it was large? Why, if my neighbor wasn't so honest, the post office could have lost me hundreds of dollars. At a different apartment packages I specifically asked to be left at my door, were left at the manager's office. Again, no note for me, but after a few days the manager would call saying, "when are you going to pick this up?" I asked the post office to just leave them at the door and they were basically like, "we'll do whatever we want with your packages"

    However - if you are 100% sure she is taking your packages, I'm pretty sure you can make a police complaint.

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    ....honestly I'm both depressed and relieved at all these comments showing the same issues I've had.
    Package delivery is a BIG problem. Attempts are said to be made, but not. I HAVE contacted the post office, and asked to speak to the supervisor, and been told there's no helping it. Essentially, if they want to say a package has been delivered, or an attempt made, when it hasn't, it can't be helped. I've called the office numerous times, no help. I've called 1800-275-8777 numerous times - no change. I've tried emailing - no change.

    Well - no change that's GOOD. Any time the mail carrier does something like this and I make a call, the next few weeks there are problems with my mailbox. My mailbox got damaged incrementally - always with a note from the carrier telling me to get it fixed. And when I did, something else got wrecked (and a note was left by the carrier). It was always little things, too - the flag bent off, the clasp broken off, etc. When I had to install a new one, I noticed there were signs of tampering, but I'd made sure to re-enforce everything.

    And then there are the notes. If I don't get my mail every day, I get a note saying, "you need to clean out your mailbox - this is not a storage facility!" 1) we're talking a couple post-card flyers. Junk mail that isn't even really *mine* and that doesn't actually block access to the mailbox 2) if it's MY mailbox, I can use it however I want. If it's YOUR mailbox, you owe me money.....

    But as other people have said, complaints mean nothing. I see the admin keeps replying, saying to contact this person or that. It leads nowhere at best and to retaliation at worst

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    August 26th 2015 I was expecting a delivery. My dad dropped by for a visit and explained that he met my mail carrier as he was on his way in, but couldn't find a package outside anywhere. I double checked - no package. Checked the website for my purchase's tracking and it showed it was "undeliverable as marked". Called USPS customer service 800 number and was advised it was out for delivery. Advised my carrier had visited my home (delivered my regular mail) and gone already. Customer care rep advised me to call the postmaster at local store. I laughed because my post office takes the phone off the hook before they open and doesn't put it back on the hook until after closing. She opened a case regarding the phone off the hook, but have explained I've opened many cases and no one ever calls and the phone stays off the hook. I had to drive all the way to the other side of my huge zip code area during rush hour to catch the post office before it closed. They were rude, condescending and even lied to me, though, it was me who had been inconvenienced and made to spend my time and gas money driving across town. I was handed a package that was "clearly readable". When I asked the Postmaster R. Pickett why the tracking shows undeliverable he said, "It was probably on the wrong truck." Well why not post something more accurate on the website. Instead you'd have me raise cane with the shipper for inappropriate packaging! Or why not drop a delivery attempt card? It would have been better than lying. This post office is the worst post office I've ever experienced and I know why because one of my closest friends was assigned that PO as the Post Mistress for a while. She said the workers are all protected by the APWU and it becomes impossible to discipline or terminate employment of tenured workers and they work it for what it's worth. So, the community is stuck paying for a Federal service that doesn't serve anything but to give paychecks, benefits and pensions to people that shouldn't even be employed. I'd just as soon the post office go belly up. I'd be okay paying more for a service that actually serves the purpose. This is just one of MANY examples I have of how horrible this post office is. They are a disgrace!

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    It seemed to me the Post Office was conducting a lottery. The only way to correct this is to print more right side up Jennys.

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    To this day, I remain soured by the USPS' election to intentionally create a rarity. As a collector who works his USA stamp collection almost daily, I might be best characterized as a fervent collector who is quite proud of the completeness of his modern stamp collection. I enjoy collecting the minor varieties that are both intentionally and unintentionally produced. However, the maneuver by the USPS to purposefully create a rarity that will never reach most collectors smacks of short term profit seeking whilst ostracizing long term collectors. I recognize collectors should not be a dominant force within the USPS' decision making processes; however, given the minimal costs for stamp production that lands within a collection, USPS definitely prospers and should have a long-term interest in developing collectors. Methodologies which encourage the entry of new collectors into the field should be explored (with many non-researched concepts extolled within this blog's comments). The creation and distribution plan for the upright Jenny discourages current collectors from continuing modern stamp collecting pursuits, and remains an unlikely path to foster future collectors.

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    Rob, we appreciate you taking the time to share your opinions. The comments from this blog will be retained for future consideration of audits or reviews.

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    Henning, thanks for taking the time to express your passion as a philatelist. We appreciate your interest. Your comments will be retained for potential future audit coverage in this subject area.

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Fred. Our recommendation 2 asked the Postal Service to develop a plan to address the remaining stamps sheets. The Postal Service plans to have an action plan in place by August 31, 2015.

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    Thank you for your suggestions, Chuck. The Postal Service will develop a formal process for philately promotions by December 31, 2015. Perhaps they may consider including a focus group of philatelists.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Todd. It is interesting to read the varied opinions and journeys of collectors. We hope our report results in some improvements.

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    I have a old flip phone so looking for ads or coupons is not happening. I enjoy getting my weekly adds from grocery stores and coupons for burger king, jack in box, etc. Right now most of the people in the mobile park in hayward ca on Hesperian are not getting any ads or coupons of any kind for the past 3 months. Don't know if the mailman is lazy but he gave me a stupid reason that only some people would get them. Who makes that decision? Really upset cause I have 2 family members who were working for the usps but are disabled now and both say the mailperson who is delivering is to lazy. Someone please see to it that these mailpersons do there job because besides me wanting these ads and coupons someone is also paying to have these delivered.

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    Thank you for your comments, Edward. The OIG hopes its report has emphasized the need for improved controls.