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    I'm expecting a parcel from Taiwan,Tracking Number: CC254626181TW.it arrived in BELL GARDENS, CA 90201 on March 20, 2015 , 9:03 pm, and i still haven't received it !my zip code is 92532! I ever filed an inquiry (Case ID 122382682) to USPS customer server,and it turns that my local post office replied to me, they just told me that they don't receive my parcel in their station, the end of story ! and i did ask the sender to do an investigation from original country TAIWAN!but it would take 1-2 month to process! probably my parcel would already has sent back to Taiwan during this investigation!
    im helpless now , i don't even know my parcel is LOST or anything, please HELP! thank you!

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    How do I get off the advertising mass mail lists? I receive many more "Local Postal Customer" junk mail than ever before. I do not want it, I never requested it, and I want off the mailing list. Please let me know how to expedite removal.

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    I sent 2 Birthday cards with cash money inside to VA with other bills and dropped it off at the box in Mililani, HI post office on March 19, 2015. Till this day my brother still haven't received the birthday cards. My bill that I sent out to other places was received and cashed. Try calling the post office to inquire about this matter but the phone keeps ringing and I can't leave a message. Don't know what to do or think but will try to follow up with the post office to see what can be done. I just hope that it wasn't stolen because this would have been my first bad experience all these years while using their services. I work hard for my money as well as others and when things like this happen it makes us lose Faith in the Post Office. I guess nothing safe nowadays .

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    Concerning Post Office: 8011 BROOKS CHAPEL RD, BRENTWOOD, TN 37027-9998 (http://www.uspspostoffices.com/tn/brentwood/brentwood)

    We found ourselves in the same situation as many of you: attempted many times to call for an appointment, calls went unanswered and/or messages unreturned, could NEVER set an appointment, went in person to set appointment, USPS employees unwilling to help (the appointed Passport Worker was there, but said she could NOT help us as she wanted to leave early--the office is scheduled to close at 3pm; it was 1pm when we walked into the office) . Spoke to supervisor (William [he refused to give us his last name]) who said he couldn't help, told us to call the number we had been trying to call for days and walked away. Your basic runaround. A company would never exist being so unresponsive and treating patrons this way. This is why the Passport Division of the USPS has experienced a decrease in revenue. In looking for a place to lodge our complaint, this is the only number we came across on the website (http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/contact-us.html):

    "If you have a compliment or a complaint about Passport Services, we want to hear from you.

    Please call us at 1-855-865-7755."

    We'll try to call, but not getting our hopes up that anyone will answer it.

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    I do use the kiosks often and have had good experiences UNTIL NOW. I mailed a package on March 14 at the branch post office 10009. It vanished from the face of the earth for 10 days--not a mention on the tracking site, even though it was insured (extra) and placed in the drawer provided. I sent an email asking for help, and was given a case number and told I would be contacted in 3 days--BUT NEVER WAS.

    Then, a miracle of sorts--on March 23, I checked the tracking site and saw that it had been sent to GUAM. (It was addressed to Santa Barbara 93105 and on the receipt as such.) How the heck did that happen??? It left Guam on March 24 and spent several days on the Pacific, arriving in Honolulu on March 27. It finally arrived in Santa Barbara on March 30. I have no recourse because Priority Mail is not guaranteed, but this seemed really out of the realm of acceptable Post Office delivery. I'm glad it wasn't stolen, but because of this ridiculous route, my niece's 16th birthday gift arrived way after the event, which was deeply disappointing for my mother, who was hoping to give her the present the package contained.

    I'm glad it wasn't stolen. But I just wanted to let someone know that no one ever responded to my initial email after promising to do so. And I wanted to let someone know that my package was sent to GUAM. I mean, what even goes to Guam??? Not a lot, I bet. Aaargh.

    Thanks for listening.

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    More careful attention should be placed upon the exterior mirrors systems that are placed on the vehicles. Many operators of the current LLV that I have talked with say it is impossible to drive the vehicles safely because of the inadequate exterior mirrors that have been placed on the truck. New Mirror technology for such vehicles and it should be explored before simply accepting the outdated mirror technology that will be placed upon the vehicles by the manufacturers who get the bid on the new vehicles.

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    We publish a daily paper in Monroe MI and send the papers to our local post office every week day packaged exactly as we are instructed to do so. In recent months we have received an increase in out of county customers complaining that their papers arrive a week or so later than they should. Some days a customer will get 3 or 4 papers and then nothing for half a week and then a bunch again. Sometimes the papers shows up a few days after publication day if they are lucky but most of the time well over a week. Absolutely no consistency. I have readers begging me for help and there is nothing I can do nor get any answers from anyone as to why the delays. Regardless if I am mailing to Florida or in the next county over the inconsistency happens constantly. I have even mailed a paper to my own house because it was hard to believe the complaints we received. After I finish writing this comment I will have to process a refund for a customer that has had enough.
    On a final thought I would like to suggest the postal service eliminate the Publication Watch process as that doesn't do anything other than say the final local post office delivered on the day they got the paper...problem is that is a week after I sent it out. I want to know what is happening in between my post office and the customers local post office.

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    No proof of actual mailing from a Kiosk. It's technically not even shipped until someone scans it. So the Kiosk is great for an after hours emergency, but otherwise never.

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    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for contacting our offices.

    The role of the USPS Office of Inspector General is to investigate waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS).

    Unfortunately, this issue falls outside of the jurisdiction of this office.

    However, we have forwarded your message to the Postal Service Consumer Affairs office. They will be able to look further into this issue for you.

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    Need to stop a packet that in New York cause who I'm sending it to was a scam
    tracking number CW738212627US

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    There would be no reason to add your social security number to the mailing address and seems like a phishing scheme or hoax. If you have the link to the article, please post it here. We’d be interested in seeing it.

    OIG Blog Moderator

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    Residential mail delivery in Fort Branch Indiana (47648) is unreliable. Yesterday I found somebody else's water/sewer bill wadded up in my mailbox. Such is not uncommon. I get somebody else's mail about every other week and neighbors bring mail to me about as often that was delivered to their house instead of mine.

    I have told the local postmaster about this repeatedly with no improvement. The general response is that this can be expected because they are bringing in temp carriers from out of town.

    I had always regarded the USPS as the most reliable delivery service available and I can understand unusual circumstances such as a truck crashing. However, the failure of people to ACTUALLY LOOK AT AND PAY ATTENTION TO what they are doing is not unreasonable.

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    I am a newspaper publisher in Wisconsin. I have no problem if it takes another day or even two for my out-of-town newspapers to be delivered to my customers. What distresses me is customers saying they are receiving papers 2 or 3 weeks late, if at all. And the fact that the Post Office charges me for papers that are never received. If I treated my customers this way they would fire me. I know the U.S. Post Service is comprised of dedication, concientious people, but the operations/systems stink in terms of reliability and accountability.

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    We are a weekly paper here in Southwest Wisconsin and have been having so much trouble with the postal service. We send our paper all over the US because we have customers that are "snowbird" (live in the south during the winter) and we had many concerns from them about not receiving their paper this entire winter. I know they are being sent out because we label each paper by hand. We have been in contact with our post office and others around the area and the major hub out of Milwaukee. I did have the problem solved for people out of the state not getting the paper, or so I thought, but now people in state and even in the same city are not getting their paper. Since our post office went through and became re-CASS certified, we have been in contact with them more to make sure our papers are getting to the right places. Like I said people in our town are not receiving the paper and currently others from out of the state are calling and staying they still haven't got their papers. I have a list of more than 50 customers who are fed up with paying for something they are not getting. We are losing subscriptions which then has us loosing money and when we finally get the situation figured out, I have to reimburse them a certain amount of weeks or months which also does not help with our money situation. Even when we send out our renewals or bills they get to people late and the bills are adding on overdue amounts. We are a smaller company and can not take hits like this when the cost of everything else (ink, paper, etc) is going up. We are working on getting our Postal Statements online but it is again difficult when our papers are going to the wrong places and our counts are not adding up. I just took over this position at the beginning of the year and that is when everything started to go downhill. I feel that I am doing a terrible job because I can't even get this figured out. I feel better knowing that there are others out there like me but I feel terrible know that there are others out there like me and having to deal with such difficulties. I do not understand the USPS system and have no right to really criticize them but this is ridiculous. I just hope and pray that this will be resolved so everything can go back to normal.

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    Bad idea. As a business owner who depends on the prompt deliver of our newspaper to keep our customers happy, any reduction in standards will dramatically affect me and my business. As it is now I get calls on a weekly basis about papers not being delivered. I have one client that I have to take papers to because the post office refuses to deliver and then tries to charge us again for a return fee! Please consider the local newspapers before implementing these changes!

    Jennifer Reed
    Managing Editor
    Raymore Journal

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    As the owner of a small community newspaper, I have seen the USPS service deteriorate to the point where i think you should rename it the United States Postal... because there really isn't much for service anymore.

    My out of state subscribers regularly see their papers taking 2 weeks.

    Many of my instate subscribers can take up to a week.

    And yet our costs keep going up but service keeps getting worse. How does that work?

    Luckily we have the Internet that we can now ship pdfs to our subscribers that desire their paper sooner.

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    As newspapers who use the mail for delivery, we are already not getting the service we are paying for each week. Unfortunately, it has become routine for it to take two to three days for a paper to be delivered to a neighboring community 12 miles away.
    This can all be traced back to consolidation of mail processing centers.
    Periodicals are supposed be given the same priority as first class mail.
    Oh wait, that's being slowed down even more.
    We will all lose subscribers that we can't afford to drive the papers to the destination delivery post office.

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    I recently read an item that states the the formatting of addresses on envelopes is going to change in 2016. Part of the change is that the zip code will b 5+4+9. The "9" represents the addition of the individuals social security number. Please advise if this information is correct. Will the zip code in the near future require the personal social security number of the persons the envelope is addressed to or is this some kin of hoax that is being circulate. Thank you

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    The self-service kiosk has worked for me when I've tried it, but I'm frequently shipping eBay items and have already bought postage through there. I use the clerk to accept my packages so I can be sure the tracking number is activated.

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    Our newspaper has seen a drastic drop in mail delivery and service. Newspapers delivered in the local market surrounding our drop zone take 3-4 days to be delivered when in the recent past, they were delivered the next day. Our paper is dropped at our local Post Office in Louisville, OH. Picked up by the Canton, OH office, driven to Akron, OH, then transferred to Cleveland, OH to be returned to Canton for delivery to all the local cities. Not only has the delivery times been lengthened to 4 delivery days, we are receiving at least 10 calls/week for papers not received at all. This is out of our small circulation of 1700. I am confident that the minimum 10 calls/week is only a small amount of papers not being received as not all customers call to complain. We have lost at least 20-30 subscribers due to lack of delivery and the customer has given up on subscribing. As a small business, we cannot afford to continue to lose subscribers due to the Post Offices failure to provide the service for which we dearly pay. In fact when one of our customers was directed to the Cleveland Customer Service phone number, she was told by the agent in Cleveland that, "they should consider finding another way to deliver the paper. " Rather concerning when the Post Office employee tells a customer that the publisher should find another delivery agent.

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    I just received a call from subscriber that just today (April 3) received his Springs Valley Herald mailed March 11 (sent from French Lick, In.) to Shoals In. just 25 miles away (over 3 weeks for 25 miles). Of course I am going to lose this subscriber because they can not accept that delivery time. This is not an isolated case, we get these calls almost daily from all over the country. We also get a lot of calls stating they do not gat a paper for 3 or 4 weeks, then they get 3 or 4 papers in the mail the same day. which means the papers are being delayed at some point and then delivered all at the same time. Of course we are losing subscribers and there is not much we can do except try to get them to our website, but they insist they want the paper. I spend a huge amount of money with the USPS every year and the service declines every year, they may force me to look at other alternatives if things do not get better. Are experience in the past with contacting customer service is. You usually get a answering machine with a promise someone will call you back which rarely happens. We have waited months in the past for tracking papers to get back to us. The local Post Offices do a good job of delivery of our product and responding to our concerns, if it is something they are authorized to handle, but it is a real mess after it leaves the local offices, it seems the mail gets in these distribution centers and gets misplaced for days I understand the USPS is going thru a very tough transition, but so are we as a newspaper, and we are striving very hard to give are readers more and better service, not less.

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    at the rocky mount nc p&df we use to handle most of the mail from I-95 to Elizabeth city.now all the mail goes to Raleigh for processing,but wait!raleigh can not handle all the mail,so...they send it to Greensboro.there is no one in this world can convince me this is cost effective.as an mm I do mail searches in the dbcs.i find mail every day going and coming to the same town that is postmarked 3 to 5 days previously..we are cutting our own throats

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    it's indexed and might be beneficial for a newbie. or someone with a disability because it's all spelled out. unfortunate for the customer because they might have a longer wait time.

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    this article--in reference to a closing facility. it's overtly negative and single sided, even if its' true...

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    this clarified something. i thought they -clerks- enter the zip code and weight and then derive the price. similar to calculating postage online... i bet this could get confusing especially with software glitches and slow connections... Yikes