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    If you have mail to be picked up and your flag is up the postal carrier is required to stop and get it if it is a curbside box. If it is a house box then only if they have mail to deliver are they required to pick up the mail.
    If a package does not fit in the mailbox, then the mail carrier is required to attempt delivery to the door and leave the package if no response in 30 seconds.

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    Geocodes could present a new revenue stream, however. since most of the internet is powered by geo. Geo is really a companion to the addressing system, not a replacement

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    I had ordered many packages before and had no issues with getting them to the address. I had received notification that the most recent package had been delivered yet it was not in my mailbox or my door. I have called multiple times and keep getting told that the clerk is checking with the carrier and I will get a call back yet I have not after 4 hours. They say it was mailed to the address but since I live on the south road it may have been mailed to the north side since there is a 'new' development. We moved to our home in March and the 'new' development was a few months old before that. If the person they took it to will not give it back or they have permanently lost it I want a refund or the person to be prosecuted for withholding my mail! I am so upset I would rather just never get mail again.

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    I had a very important Certified Letter where I need the number to stay the same -- and the postal worker told me that the kiosk would issue a new number, making the contents of my letter invalid with a different number. I later figured out that it is not true and I can just add a tracking number in addition to the certified parcel number.

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    Good afternoon. I don't like that post office at all they are too slow and some of the time they only have one window open when you got a line out buy the door and pasting. But it's sad that they don't do there job at all. And the manager that they have in there he just don't care about it at all something need to be done about that post office . I'm not getting my mail at all because I been looking for my mail ever since two week a go and I still haven't received it they need better people in that post office. And they need better manage

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    Only time I ever use the clerk is for international since that option isn't available at the kiosk. Although I don't really do that anymore either since I can post international online and give to my mailman at home.

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    the name "priority express mail" on boxes etc is confusing people with 'priority mail'. In mixing the two terms "priority' and "express' it leads to confusing. I just had to pay $34 extra to receive a package that was sent "priority' mail, but, packaged in a "priority express mail" box. The originator sent it "priority mail" but, in order to receive it, I had to pay the "express mail' price because it was in a "priority express mail" box, not a "priority mail" box. This is highly confusing. Please take the word "priority" off of all marketing and boxes for "express mail".

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    There is a large amount of theft taking place at ISC New York, particularly of inbound registered and other trackable/accountable mail coming from overseas. I have had about a dozen such items disappear in the past 5-6 years. A Google search will bring up any number of results.

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    Hello Stefani,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this matter.

    Please contact your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at (513) 684-5794, so they can look further into this matter for you.

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    My mail carrier stopped delivering my mail after I filed a complaint, it was done strictly in retaliation because of his poor service and the post office which is located on Wessel drive in Fairfield, OH doesn't care. Are these the standards of USPS to retaliate by not delivering my mail after a complaint? If so, someone should investigate this matter because I'm going to put it out there on social media and find out how many others have gone through this in the hopes that something might be done since the local post office on Wessel drive in Fairfield, OH does NOT care!!!!

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    I have not been able to find anywhere on your site if it is LEGAL for a post office to HOLD mail from the box at the post office claiming it was "too full for mail"? Yet for THREE WEEKS my mailbox was EMPTY? Each time I visited the post office I would ask if they had any mail turned in that was put in the wrong box? No, I was told if it was addressed to your box it would be there. Week 2 I am STILL asking is there any reason why I have no mail in my box? No one knew again! I called all of my creditors and mail contacts to see if they MAILED anything to me... they all said they did. Week 3 I have a blank yellow card in my mailbox, I take it to the clerk and they tell me it was put in my box by mistake? Three weeks now I have an EMPTY box. Week 4 I asked the post master and she plops a large box filled with 60+ pieces of mail and says it has been held because there was no room in your box??? Now, HOW was my box EMPTY for three weeks if there was no room in it? Never was I notified of any of this, EVER? I had three different accounts I had to pay late fees on because I did not have the statements OR the due dates??? What can I do, and shouldn't there be SOME regulations on this? I have had this box at the post office for 26 years! I have never seen such disregard for mail delivery in my life!

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    Can you please audit this postal office located at 5505 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim Ca 92817...they don't answer their phone (714)921-2304, their self service Kiosks is full last time I used, and their customer service is very poor.

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    This examples is exactly why our company quit using this incompetent government organization and went with UPS and FedEx. We ship on an order of 300 packages a day and we require some small resemblance of professionalism and competence in our carrier. Before we switched to UPS and FedEx it was an every day hassle chasing down packages that this incompetent government organization had either lost or stolen. it was costing us time and a lot of money. If they weren't a government organization did have the whole crowd in jail.

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    Here is why there is such a huge decline in revenue from dealing with the post office for passports. I went to my local passport office at the post office to apply for my passport. The problem I ran into was the State Department said that my letter photo was not regulation size. This was after asking the lady at the post office twice if it was okay. It should have never been sent if the size was not correct. After resending the photo through express mail it was lost by the State Department. I called and they said that they had not idea where it was. This is after telling them who signed for it.

    While trying to inquire about the status I was directed to the web site which did not work. This was after hearing several messages from the State Department message on the phone about how you should use the web site to save time. The whole system is broken. We as tax paying citizens need to privatize the whole operation of how we procure and apply for passports. I asked who I could speak to about this and I was told know one.

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    I see that there have been some responses to other complaints and am hopeful I might get a reply. After filing numerous online complaints and hearing nothing back, I'm looking for next steps.

    Our carrier is inconsistent and negligent, regularly failing to deliver mail. Hardly a week passes without at least one day of missed mail. Worse, we frequently get mail for other addresses (and not just next door) meaning that it's highly likely that our mail is also going to the wrong mailbox on many occasions.

    There are many days when our carrier simply doesn't come to the area at all- this is simple observation.

    Finally, we have had tracked packages that end up being delivered well past the date determine by the shipment tracking, again because the carrier chooses not to come.

    I've tried the online form, social media, and other avenues, but the complaints always seem to dead end and I've never gotten so much as a phone call or email in response.

    It would nice to know that someone in the agency cares about service and/ or customer satisfaction.

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    The mail carriers in Windermere, Fl look so sloppy. Their appearance needs to be addressed!

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    Hello Eric,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact our offices. Please send all of your stamp ideas and concerns to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee at the address below.

    Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
    475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
    Washington, DC 20260-3501

    Their office will be able to assist you further in this matter.

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    In my neighborhood there is two banks for people with middle-class income or aspirations, and three "check cashing" operations for poorer ones. designed to get people into debt and keep them there.

    Around the corner from each other are a UPS store and our neighborhood post-office. The two postal service employees there are doing the jobs that five did in the past. They barely have time to take a bathroom break or get out of the building for 15 minutes. Except to pick up the mail from the neighborhood drop boxes.

    Those drop boxes with the colors of the American flag are located every three blocks or so. Mail is delivered, almost always on time, six days a week. And the people who work for the US Postal Service are the kindest, most patient and most hardworking people you would ever hope to meet. UPS and FedEx employees come and go, almost interchangeably, but their stores are not precluded from selling all sorts of services. Why have their owners been allowed to lobby to cut services at my post office? Their prices are typically 2 or 3 times those of US Postal Service. Oh, perhaps that explains it.

    Instead of cutting services, allow post offices to sell standard financial services like money orders and cash checks. They are the All American choice and the best show in town.

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    Hi. One day the postman knocked on my door and handed it to me, and that was it. I guess that was all there was to it. It's a crapshoot. I got this package, but the registered mail from Germany is still missing. They deleted the tracking info from the site. I had both senders start an investigation/inquiry. So far, no news from Germany. It's very frustrating being helpless like this. If you haven't yet, I hope you get your package soon. Good luck.

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    no comment just two questions. I need to know the rules of home delivery.
    If you have a package delivered, are they supposed to put it on your porch if it doesn't fit in the mail box? OR do they leave it on the ground next to the mail box?

    If you have mail to be picked up and your flag is up, are they supposed to stop and get it or do they only stop to get the mail if they have mail to deliver?

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    What an economic boon it would be to my low-income community to have low- or no-cost banking services provided at our local Post Office! Sometimes (even in this high-tech age) the old ways are the best ways.

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    Our mail carrier turns around in our driveway to go back down road for more deliveries...the problem is they are wrecking our culvert by turning into too sharp. Is there anyway to request them to not turn into our drive? I put out driveway stakes with reflectors on...today it had been run over.

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    This is a win-win for both the post office and for low income citizens. Not to mention those in rural locations. These services should be offered in the P.O. as soon as possible.

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    Dear Moderator- That does not help at all. I live in the same area as this person and Consumer affairs simply routes the complaint to the local postmaster who then ignores it.

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    I have the same experience that you do. I work from home and when a package is scheduled for delivery by the USPS, they never attempt delivery. Never. They always leave a notice that reads 'Sorry we missed you' which if taken literally is not true. No delivery attempts are made and I am forced to drive more than 20 miles to pick up the package that I paid the USPS to deliver to my door. Have I complained officially? Yes. Many times. I file the complaint which is routed directly to the local postmaster who promptly closes the case without contacting me or bothering to address the issue. The one time the local postmaster did address the issue, they informed me that the standard operating procedure for all packages in my area is to not attempt delivery if the mail carrier does not have room in their vehicle for all of the mail plus packages.

    Bottom line? The USPS is a system of local fiefdoms where the local postmaster can do as they see fit. When you complain, they ignore it. When you complain to the postmaster general, they also ignore it. It is as if these people want to lose their jobs because I have stopped using the USPS altogether because UPS and FedEx ALWAYS deliver to my door and ON-TIME, EVERY TIME. The USPS, at least in my area, is to be avoided at all costs.