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    I have noticed a sharp increase in damaged mail, especially magazines, over the last 5 years. Too often my magazine are water damaged and/or torn to the point i can't separate the pages. If it's a rainy day, often my First Class mail is soaked to the point it can't be unfolded even when my mailbox is completely dry. Damage also occurs on dry days, usually exhibiting as tears. Frequently there are holes in packages I've received. I've stopped the majority of my magazine subscriptions because I use the information in them for reference and training, not to read and toss.

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    today is 2/26/15 on 2/15/15 a sunday a package was attempted to be delivered to my job but we are not open weekends so no package (by the way no where on any USPS sight does it say sunday deliveries)monday was afederal holiday so you might think tuesday i would get it you would be wrong a call was made to find out why not (20 minutes of ringing later ) told been reschedualed for delivery its on the truck wednesday no package thursday,friday monday ,tuesday wednesday same today 2/26/15 called to find out why (27minutes of ringing) was told WE ONLY TRY ONCE TO REDELIVER PACKAGES YOU MUST COME AND GET IT YOUR SELF now comes the funny part don't come now becouse its still on the truck
    can you possibly tell me how you pay people to drive around with mail you wont deliver?

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    "The primary responsibility of the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General is to prevent, detect, and report fraud, waste, and misconduct; and to conduct independent audits and investigations of Postal Service programs and operations to ensure their efficiency and integrity."

    I'd like to discuss a postmaster's misconduct. But, no one will return my call, or I get passed around from department to department. Let's discuss a postmaster who makes statements like, "I will fix her/him" after a consumer makes a complaint? How about "dishonesty" by way of saying "management met with customer and apologized when no such conversation took place"? Did I sleep through that conversation and apology? How about unprofessional and unethical behavior such as a postmaster closing a complaint filed against her? Or a postmaster who throws my package over handed 15 feet after I make a complaint?

    I'd like to discuss audits and investigations of programs and operations but, again, no one returns calls or I get transferred from department to department...How about a Consumer Affairs department that doesn't return phone calls? How about websites with forms that don't work and links that go to pages that don't exist? How about the OIG's own site that refers you to "Page not found"?

    Icd like to discuss efficiency, but...well, you get the picture... I believe the website states "3 days to resolve issues". I am on day 30. What is efficient about having to write my congressman or senator before I receive a return phone call?

    What is efficient or effective about "talking" to an employee about misconduct or unprofessional and unethical behavior? How effective is requiring a person with no integrity to watch a video about customer service? IT'S NOT!

    NOT a happy customer!

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    Hello I enjoy US Postal Service very much and your delivery products and I also enjoy going to my local Post Office for your assistance and help with my postal needs keep up the great work folks I know you work very hard and smart for us your friendly customer and consumer Thank You.

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    Sure..because you're a letter carrier...rural carriers aren't parked on the street corner while the carrier does loops.we are in them 5-6 hours a day!

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    Exactly.the biggest problems in the northern half of the country are lack of traction,heat in winter and blistering hot in summer..no a/c..we call them Unsafe At any Speed in rural country in the winter.

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    Junk mail mixing with first class mail, the analogy is when You buy a first class seat on an airplane, this real first-class should have no contact with junk mail. the junk mail has a palace or the 1st class has a place but over time I have been a victim of mixed mail trashing the good mail accidentally, a vacuum pack of junk mail, or the option of receiving it , altogether or refusing junk mail, .

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    The first way to increase revenue for the post office would be to actually be reliable!! I have mostly switched to using FedEx whenever possible, USPS just isn't reliable and dealing with your customer service is like pulling teeth from a grizzly bear, not to mention the fact that the average time to talk to someone on the phone is roughly 45 miniutes(if they don't disconnect you or transfer you three times). I found that most packages I ship out with usps end up with inadequate tracking information, and I haven't had one yet in the last 6 months that hasn't had at least one issue. This is the latest: shipped out a priority Mail international package from my local post office in Michigan on February 4th, only tracking information from that point said in route to sort facility, finally updated on February 21st and says it is at the sort facility in Chicago. Really!!! That's a 3 1/2 hour drive from my post office, how can that take 17 days??? So understandably The gentleman that is expecting this package is very upset. How do I explain to him that our post office Can't do their job? This package still has to go across Canada. How much longer is that going to take? I probably wouldn't be so upset if this was the first time it's happened in quite a while but it's happened every time I have sent a package in the last six months! I'm sorry but it really doesn't surprise me that you're losing money and customers. I cringe every time I have to mail a package with you anymore and I only do it as a last resort. And I'm definitely not the only one that feels this way but your service just continues to go down hill.

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    You are so out of touch with reality! Where do you get your facts? "No one likes junk mail. 99% of it ends up in the landfill." Really? I deliver the "junk" and I know you are incorrect.
    Also, the postal service's business is booming. Our package delivery has increased rapidly. People want their deliveries today, NOT in three days. If UPS and FedEx wanted to deliver letters, do you really think they would do it for 49 cents? Heck no!
    And, if UPS and FedEx had to prefund their retirement and healthcare benefits the way in which USPS is forced, they wouldn't be able to!
    If the postal service went to two day/week delivery, as you propose, what's going to happen to the 100,000 people now out of good middle class jobs?
    The Postal Service is not supposed to be profitable. It's supposed to hold it's own (which it more than does.) It is supposed to be a service to the American people. It supposed to be the tie that binds our great nation together. Why do you want to see it gone?

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    Obviously you have never delivered mail for the usps. If you had, you would easily understand how delivering mail just 2 days per week would never work. I am in a medium size level 18 office and if you considered all the mail and parcels we deliver all week (20,000 letters, 8,000 flats and 3000 parcels) you would be able to consider that cutting that down to 2 days per week, the carriers would spend 12 hours one day in the office sorting all of the mail, then the next day they would be delivering mail and parcels for 12-14hrs. Plus they would need to deliver their routes out of a small semi because they could never fit all of the mail and parcels into a regular size vehicle.
    Ive worked for FedEx and UPS and 25yrs in the USPS. Of all three companies, the USPS is the most productive. Neither one of those companies could handle the volumes we get. UPS drivers often complain of a heavy day and having 125 stops on their routes. I have one aux route in my office that is 3 hours long and they deliver 387 stops.
    I am tired of being a govt rug that politicians wipe their feet on. We do more in one day than our congress does in a whole year.

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    Hello Randall,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this issue. The USPS Office of Inspector General investigates waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS).

    In a matter such as this, please file a complaint online at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. By completing this form it will provide our offices with the critical information needed to look into this matter.

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    The package that I was expecting from Paris France arrived at the ISC in New York City on Feb 7, 2015. It is now Feb 19, 2015 and tracking on the web shows no change. I will call the USPS Consumer Affairs Office and also ask at my PO if there is any way they can help me. This should not happen. They should eliminate these centers if all they do is delay packages. At this point I have little hope of ever getting my package. This will mean a monetary loss to me.

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    How do you file a formal complaint against a postal employee? The website seems convoluted at best, making it as difficult to report employee misconduct. Just saying, Postmaster General. You all are Civil Servants. When an employee acts inapropriately, there should be an easy and secure way to report this employee misconduct. Your Hotline does not provide for this. A little help for a disabled American would be appreciated. See the above email.

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    This just bolsters the old saying that the US Postal Service has always served the government as a cash cow. With the postal reform act of 2006 which is the year the USPS saw its highest peak of first class letters before the decline, the lame duck session didn't look into the future and see that hard copy mail would be declining as electronic diversion took hold. They cut off their nose to spite their face. The USPS can't afford those payments and falls deeper in debt so good bye cash cow!

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    Every single self employed and privately employed person in the nation must fund their own retirement, not shove it off onto the backs of future employees. The problem isn't the fact that only the post office has this requirement, it's that no other public sector workers do.

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    In 2000, 2001 USPS employees were made to pay in extra to their retirement accounts , known as CSRS and FERS, under the 1997 budget reconciliation act law for BUDGET Reasons only according to NALC Legislation fact sheet of 2003. The President and both sides of Congress thanked the Postal Workers for their "sacrifice", while others were getting tax cut payouts in the US Mail. The increase was removed from the Presidents budget in 2003. And New Legislation began on CSRS. A request was made for a ' hypothetical postal funding ' of CSRS by the author of the PAEA and several other Senators. A letter to the honorable Jim Nussle was written and sent on January 27, 2003, www.cbo.gov/publication/14255, in which a lowered amount was to be paid in to CSRS by the USPS. Following that the Envelope Mailing Association Institute met with the Presidents Commission on Postal Studies which can be found online at govinfo.library.unt.edu/.../comments/organizations/ema.foundation.pdf dated Feb. 12, 2003, in which the USPS was found by OPM to overfund CSRS by 71 billion and GAO 103.1 billion , due to this matter the USPS was to legally be recognized by Congressional legislation, on the matter, and get a lowered amount from 32 billion to 5 billion . The 5 billion was to be paid forward over 40 years time , having no effect on the USPS, the public, its workers, the federal budget or federal budget scoring. But due to the alec/Koch cabal pursing the privatization of USPS for Ups and FedEx, ( see article on line with search , April 2012, Bob Sloan , voters league transparency project . net, and www.kochcash.org/koctopus ) the congressional budget office came on board and stated if the USPS was to get a lowered amount to pay forward then the USPS would not raise stamp rates. according to further information, the USPS Post Master General Potter, agreed not to raise stamp rates ( GOP ) for 3 years from 2003 until 2006. He received pay per performance bonus money and eventually retired with 5.5 million . The PAEA was passed by voice vote , and the effect on the USPS began. Non replacement of attrition orders began to be given to cut back on the working forces of the USPS due to having CSRS and FERS overfunded and now the PAEA. Over 925 have died directly or indirectly due to the effect of the PAEA. Safetyfirstusps.com /fallen-postal-workers lists a few. not all. So for having too much money and needing more prefunded, workers have died. When will enough money be for retirement for deceased workers , is there an answer for the ones that have passed that don't get the retirement and are dead due to the prefunding mandate? Looking out for a mandate by the alec Koch in order to take down the USPS, which predates the forming of the Nation and Constitution is a reason for orders of non replacement so a USMC/USPS can die for having too much money in retirement in the first place , this is a Congressional standard?

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    Better yet... Lets force the US Government to Prefund as well. Lets see them come up with 50+ trillion over night.

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    The whole thing is utter nonsense. A blatant way to force privatization on our postal services and that will lead to loss of services, rise in prices and chaos! More people have to know about this. We have been led to believe the whole thing boils down to the future price of a stamp!!!! Again, utter nonsense. No other service, UPS, FEDEX, etc. can provide the services the USPS does and reach the amount of people it reaches at its low prices. Wake up America...this will eventually be yet another service taken from us!

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    How about adding a mail slot. My two local mail boxes are gone, so if I miss my mail carrier I must drive over to the post office. The slot should be just that with a box or a bag attached inside the truck body.

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    The pension and retiree health care funds are invested in government debt. The federal government uses the pension and retiree health care funds to pay for its undertakings. In turn, it pays interest for use of the funds. In recent years, the two pension funds earned somewhat more than $10 billion in annual interest.

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    One of the key points we raise in our white paper is the fair market value of the Postal Service’s real estate could be used to offset most, if not all, of the liabilities should the Postal Service close (we are not suggesting the Postal Service should or will close).

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    In our (U.S. Postal Service OIG) report Pension and Retiree Health Care Funding Levels issued in 2012, we estimated the fair market value of the Postal Service’s real estate at about $85 billion. We determined the amount by increasing the purchase value based on the long-term average commercial real estate rate of return of 3 percent per year. We did not look at properties individually.

    We recognize certain real estate might have declined in value for various reasons. However, it is reasonably possible that other properties have increased in value at a rate greater than 3 percent annually. In our white paper, we stated, should the properties’ fair market value be used in evaluating liabilities, a more precise method is needed to determine the values on an individual basis.

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    By law (Section 39 of the U.S. Code), the Postal Service may only invest in obligations guaranteed by the U.S. government. Therefore, the Postal Service may not invest in other securities. We (U.S. Postal Service OIG) have not compared returns on the pension and retiree health care funds with, for example, what might have been earned with stocks. Nonetheless, we recognize, historically, returns from investing in stocks beat returns from U.S. Treasuries.

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    Just because a business has an asset such as real estate, does not mean it could be used to fund pension obligations. I have a house, but I can't use the value of my house to pay for my credit cards, unless I want to also live in a box. I don't understand all the ins and outs of the USPS pension prefunding requirement, but I think playing head games about what might happen in the future is not good policy. Interest rates might go up, healthcare costs might go up or down, everyone over 65 might die tomorrow of a plague. But you can't make policy based on blue-sky projections that may never come to pass.

    To me, a critical problem with the USPS is that people do not use their service like they used to, because there are other options such as email. That fact is not going to change. To adjust, the USPS should go to 2 day/week delivery, instead of arguing about whether to drop Saturday. Rotate deliveries so that every neighborhood gets a M/Th, T/F, or W/S delivery, and put a mail pickup box in every neighborhood (1-2 mil radius) that gets checked once/day. Deliver to businesses every day, but charge them extra if they need that; many will not.

    And instead of pandering to the junk mail industry, RAISE THE JUNK MAIL RATE! No one likes this stuff anyway, and 99% of it ends up in a landfill. If mailbox advertising is truly effective, junk mailers will be willing to pay higher fees. And if it isn't effective, which I suspect, it will go away, which would be great for citizens and great for the environment.

    My last suggestion is this: if the USPS wants to "compete" with other shipping companies, I have no problem with that. But in that case, it is only fair that the shipping companies also get to compete for any of the USPS' business, including letter delivery and stamps. You can't have one business with a protected monopoly arm and a "competitive" arm; resources will always find a way to flow between the two. The argument is that we have to have delivery to every mailbox in the US. Okay, fine; but it doesn't make sense that it costs the same to deliver to a cabin in the woods as it does to a house in the city.