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    Concerning network consolidation and its effect on processing first class/standard letters. Currently at the Boise P&DC automation letter mail processing. We receive drop shipments of 3 digit & 5 digit letters.
    Prior to the realignment. We would run 3 digit & separate the 5 digit into containers. It is now ready to run on a DPS sort. The mail stayed at the machine since it will be sorted later in DPS sort. It was effective for maximizing through-put, and this method reduced unnecessary & repetitive handling.
    Now in march of 2015. The Boise P&DC runs 3 digit mail and replaces all (5 digit) direct mail trays into a container mixed with other 5(digit) direct trays. So now we have created an overwhelming burden on the low cost tray sorter by giving it back to the clerks at the low cost trays to handle it again for another time. Is this normal to give mail back to the clerks to separate it again even after we had already sorted it and separated it once. No wonder, according to the Sr. Plant Manager SLC District, 1 in every 5 pieces of first class letters are failing. My guess is that Boise Management is NOT sharing this unnecessary and false need for more clerks and/or overtime for automated letter processing.
    The burdensome problem is created on tour 2 and passed on to tour 3
    It does not have to be this way. But I am curious if this is a new norm at other processing centers as well. It is a significant amount of mail that is getting re-handled. If 1 machine has an average through-put of 95,000 per day. then 10 machines will generate 950,000 pieces of mail. To be sorted by hand as 5 digit trays 1 more time before it actually makes it to a machine for (DPS) 2 pass operations. It seems like a grotesque waste of time and money. Just curious if this is normal these days. I was hired in 1986.
    Thank you,
    Phillip J. Corral

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    I believe the Postal Service has only one primary product to offer customers and that is service. The degradation of service standards is wrong. I am particularly dismayed that we no longer have overnight service, not even to our own town. This is a real step backwards for the Postal Service.

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    It is taking 5-7 days for me to get local mail. Terrible servixce!!!

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    Westfarm Station Post Office 10460 Bronx. The service so so disgraceful
    anytime they are 42 & 50 customer waiting with one window open.
    The delivery service I have to place delivery three time and I have to
    still have to go an pick it up, I am disable can I receive an answer

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    I have just received an LLV this year and am from Maine and I do believe that if we are going to keep the same model of delivering all mail and packages everyday we need an all wheel drive. The LLV slides on as little as an inch of snow and can not get around well at all. Christmas time is a crutual time and stressful time for customers and they would like to see timely deliver for the packages and if we cannot get to them and they need to pick up, what kind of service are we offering to them.
    The LLV does leak and the packages are always covered in dust and snow. Need to definitely have a more air tight compartment. As had been a carrier since 1997, I feel that the delivery space of the LLV could have been a little more organized and equipped with areas of storage of all things needed to be the best carrier that we can. Including space for pens, hold cards, forwarding cards, and all other forms to perform our duties. The large tray in which deliver from is okay but could use some enhancements so we could utilize the space underneath better. We definitely need some heat and as far as summer I haven't got there yet. There are a lot of things I would love to change, sometimes I feel I was more organized out of my own vehicle.

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    I am losing faith in USPS deliveries as it is becoming commonplace to find tracking numbers listed as "delivered to or at mailbox" which were NEVER delivered. I am told by the carriers that there are other homes with the same house number on them on different streets which is likely causing the problem. WHAT? It costs significant money and time for business owners. There is a true cost. To answer the question of whether or not I find the service reliable, the answer is less and less so. Online buying is being discouraged to the point that I will be willing to pay for commercial carriers to deliver my business supplies because the cost of doing so is cheaper than the time and money I'm losing now.

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    As noted by Andrew below, fuel cell mail trucks should be considered. At least a portion of the new mail trucks should be hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. A number of auto and bus companies are currently building fuel cell vehicles. It may be that only certain locations with the fuel necessary to produce the hydrogen is readily available at low costs should be considered at first.

    Since the Postal Service doesn't appear to have the capital to build the refueling stations, they should consider partnering with private companies on this. That way, the private companies could furnish the fuel to the Postal Service and also to the public as the demand requires.

    With all the push for "green" by this administration, fuel cells should definitely be a part of the new fleet!

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    I don't know where to get help. I get the run around when I use the 1-800 number.

    I'm trying to find out what happened to a package from the us to Australia. shipping number LZ320521499US it arrived in LA in 12/12/14 and tracking stated it left 41 days later 1/29/15. (41 days seems a little excessive) Australia has no record of the number being transferred to them. Is there anyway to see what truly happened to this package? Someone at the ISC I can contact myself?

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    Here is a perfect example...I took my mother to get her passport today. We walked in to an empty post office in Madison WI that accepts passports. We had a fully completed application, and picture on hand. The lady at the counter said there was nothing she could do to help us without an appointment...when I asked why not accept the paperwork (all she had to do was mail it), she stated "this is what we are trained to do". So the post office trains their workers to turn away business when they are sitting on their butts? THAT is BAD BUSINESS!

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    Hello Frank,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this occurrence and we apologize for the inconveniences you have experienced.

    The role of the USPS Office of Inspector General is to investigate waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS). Unfortunately, this issue falls outside of the jurisdiction of this office.

    However, please contact the Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at 1-800-275-8777, so they can look further into this matter for you.

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    Dear General Inspector

    The USPS website shows that it takes between 6 to 10 days for the recipient to receive an international package from the U.S. (Priority Mail International). I paid insurance and mailed my flat rate box on March 7, 2015. As of today, March 19, 2015 (after 12 days) my flat rate box is still in the U.S. Why is still in the U.S.? Tracking number # CW918326400US. Please help!!!!!!

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    It should have been done long ago when mobile devices started. I have kept my phone number for years everywhere I moved why not a virtual address also.

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    i agree with you its very painful and frustrating to order overseas cause it takes forever for mail to go through customs.call there 1800 line usps acts like its not their problem and its a shame.

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    Dear General Inspector,

    I mailed a flat rate box overseas on March 7th and I wonder why my package is still in the U.S. (Oakland, CA was the last scan). Here is the tracking number CW918326400US.

    Thank You

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    I like the NEW city van that GM is coming out with looks like about the same size as the Grumman and I think it comes with the 4 cylinder engine so it SHOULD have good fuel economy just a suggestion

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    m from saudi arabia..I got one parcel was returned to sender due to some typo error on the building number...and I requested for the redelivery ..they usps scheduled.on the 2nd of march but until now I havent received the item...I.send a lot on the emails on.the customer service but until now answer from them..And As.of this.moment I dont know whereabout if my parcel....please.help.me

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    The kiosk offers little to no variety of stamp images.
    I cannot buy a single domestic post card stamp from the kiosk.
    If I need to purchase a stamp for a heavy domestic letter, but it costs less than a dollar, the kiosk only offers to climb the purchase into the $1+ qualifier with duplicate purchases rather than a quantity of forever stamps.
    The kiosk cannot help me with all me international shipping needs.
    The kiosk occasionally has trouble explaining what it offers in detail, leaving me to worry that I will spend my money on something I can't or don't know how to use.

    The only situations I trust the kiosk for are domestic items I just need postage for and nothing else. Such situations are extremely handy in the middle of the night!

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    Implementing an extensive online virtual PO box would be difficult and could have liability depending on the type of mail being scanned. If someone simply wants a virtual PO box to protect their home identy, their local postoffice could simply include that mail in the home delivery. It is a software routing or sorting at the local postoffice. This would have a minimal impact and could be implemented quickly. This method would eliminate fraudulent shipments as it is effectively renaming a verifyable physical address. If the price point was significantly less then a physical PO box many people would jump on this immediately. This will generate revenue for the postal service by using the same system with minimal change allows for the possibility of several virtual boxes going to the same address at a multiple cost.

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    I think the recent decline in passport revenue is solely due to low productivity by USPS employees. In 2007 my son and I walked into our local post office completed the application, provided the necessary documentation, had our pictures taken, made payment and our passports arrived by mail shortly there after. Today, to get a passport you are required to call and make an appointment. Good luck with that. After calling, and calling and calling, I never could get anyone to answer the phone at both of my local USPS offices. I finally called an office out of the area, they answered the phone and then told me that I would have to wait two weeks to call back just to make an appointment. If the staffing and productivity haven't changed, why can't they answer the phones? Why the waits to make appointments? Why the long wait times for appointments? I suspect the employees don't care about revenue and may prefer that citizens pay the ridiculous fees to third parties to get their passports. These third parties probably employee retired USPS employees. This whole process is a broken mess.

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    It is March 2015. The USPS itself told me with all the kindness in the world that 1st Class Parcel Post simply does not give a hoot in outer space. They'll get your package to you, yeah, right, whenever the lazy bones decides to throw it into a delivery truck. IF he decides to put it in--and then you can depend on it being stuck at your nearest major sorting hub for nearly a week. But I think we need to look at a couple of things: 1) Lazy senders who want to pay 50 cents and expect three-day delivery. 2) Idiots (cheapskates) who forgot Priority thus sending it spiraling down the john. 3) People who still think the letter carriers read and hand-sort every piece of mail on the route when they barely know where they are and mail is pre-sorted before they get in to work. 4) Anyone ever heard of UPS? They don't break or lose stuff any more often than USPS.

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    Just from the comments above and the experiences I have had in the past year with International packages that did not track from my post office until suddenly, almost a month later, they start tracking, but in the acceptance country, I can promise you, the behemoth quasi Government agency, USPS, doesn't care a whit about and individual or their lost package. Look at those silly response letters above. They do absolutely nothing to offer help. This is why FedEx, UPS, DHL and other private courier services arte doing so well and the USPS is bleeding from every pore. The only advantage they have is price, which in most cases is less expensive than the private services. But if you look at service, sometimes the lure of low prices are a sirens song.
    From my experience, the USPS handles domestic mail pretty well, but I'm not impressed with their handling of International parcels.

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    I am so mad! We were gone 3-9-15 to 3-13-15 and had our mail put on hold. We filled out a card and on it were instructions that we would pick up the mail on 3-14-15. I go to pick it up, wait in line only to be told that it wasn't there. Then she asked if we called ahead to let them know when we were picking it up. I looked at her so dumb founded, and said no, we filled out a card. So she asked if I would like her to call the other post office that is conjunction with this one. I said yes please, she said no the mail is not there and that it must be being delivered with todays mail. So I go home and wait for todays mail only to receive just that days mail. It's Saturday and I don't have any mail that was suppose to be on hold. WHERE IS MY MAIL???? Now I have to wait until Monday to try and track down our mail. We always have mail every day!! 5 days worth of mail and no one knows where it is!!! What a bunch of BS! I am going to guess that the girl behind the counter didn't look in the right place or somebody stole our mail at the post office or someone delivered it to the wrong address!!! WHERE IS MY MAIL???? VERY, VERY MAD!!!!!!! What is the point of holding mail if you can't pick it up!! Someone is not doing there job right!!!! Patt

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    I live in Burbank, CA. I have used or tried to use the USPS kiosks in each of the three USPS stations in Burbank. Every kiosk has been unable to help me in recent months because the card ( credit / debit) reader rejects my cards. I regularly use my cards in restaurants, bars, retail stores, ATMs, car washes, parking meters and garages, markets and service stations, but these same cards have been repeatedly rejected by the USPS kiosks. EVEN WHEN THE SAME CARDS ARE ACCEPTED BY THE CARD SWIPING DEVICES AT THE USPS SERVICE WINDOWS.

    If the USPS is unable or unwilling to provide kiosks that operate properly or to maintain the kiosks as required, then the kiosks are a waste of tax funding, and the USPS should remove the machines from the post office stations.

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    As a rural letter carrier, I believe the next generation of LLV should be able to switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. In addition, it should be able to handle the large capacity of mail as well as parcels during the Holiday rush and the every day parcel volume. A better heating / cooling system needs to be incorporated into the vehicle as well. Other features I'd like to see included are: airbags, better widow defrosters, maybe a small lighting system for potential night deliveries, maybe a radio. As far as shape and body design, it needs to be bigger and roomier to walk in the back and have shelves for mail and parcels.

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    1. I sent my son a package to Italy the week before Christmas, 2014.
    2. The package was listed as undeliverable, so I requested the package be returned.
    3. The package was sent back to the U.S. the last week of January, 2015.
    4. The package arrived in New York customs, was then sent to Chicago.
    5. Chicago sent it back to New York, and New York sent it back to Italy.
    6. It then was sent back to New York , AGAIN.
    7. New York sent it to Miami.
    8. Miami sent it back to Italy, AGAIN!!!!!
    I JUST WANT MY PACKAGE BACK.............................

    I have called the 800-ASK-USPS as many times as I could without going crazy, with no resolve. They tell me they have no one that can put their hands on my package, I just have to wait until someone notices that they have screwed up royally and sent my package back to Italy instead of reading what the box says to do! My package has made the trip to Italy three times now, which I am sure has cost the USPS money to fly the plane to get it where it’s “not supposed to be”.

    I have been told that I cannot file a claim until my case is closed, but they refuse to close my case until the package can no longer be tracked. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS? IS THERE A DEPARTMENT THAT CARES ENOUGH TO CARE? IS THERE SOMEONE THAT CAN ACTUALLY SAY THEY HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO PUT THEIR HANDS ON THE PACKAGE AND GET IT BACK TO ME?