• Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 24 min ago

    Thank you for your comments, Lyle. We appreciate your viewpoint on the face value of the stamps. Others have advocated a collectors focus group, which is similar to your outreach suggestion to gain the interest of younger collectors.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 25 min ago

    Paul, the Postal Service is currently determining what to do with the remaining Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets held in inventory at the Stamp Fulfillment Services. The Postal Service has a targeted implementation date of August 31, 2015.

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Zeb. The lottery solution proves to be a popular idea among collectors.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 26 min ago

    Don, thanks for your comments as a stamp collector. While our audit did not include benchmarking, you have brought up some interesting concepts in the international philatelic community. We will consider your comments for a potential follow-on audit or review.

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    Ron, thanks for taking the time to express your opinion. A complete opposite viewpoint of the response above yours. The only thing clear about the situation is its complexity.

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    Thanks, Marvin. Again, it’s interesting to read public opinion both for and against the Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 29 min ago

    George, thanks for letting us know about the quality concerns you have experienced with stamp purchases. We will be archiving all comments for potential future audits or reviews.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 30 min ago

    Thanks for your comments, Carl. The 3 customers were selected randomly based on criteria disclosed in the report. The methodology is disclosed in our report (see page 4, second paragraph).

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    Dan, others have also commented in favor of the idea. It’s been interesting to read the opinions both for and against the concept.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 32 min ago

    Thanks, Elaine… another strong opinion for the Postal Service to produce soakable stamps.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   23 hours 34 min ago

    Tom, thank you for taking the time to express your opinions. Other collectors have suggested their involvement in the process. Perhaps a collectors focus group or task force would be beneficial. It’s great that so many have shared their viewpoints. Hopefully, something positive will materialize from the situation.

  • Reply to: Postal Service Flexes its Workforce Flexibility   1 day 5 hours ago

    USPS has done everything possible to not convert pses in The Eagan MN NDC. They have used excess events that would never happen and now they say they want to reduce the employees from 110 or more to 100. even know pses are working 6 days over 50 hours a week and all the regulars are also. They will soon hire more pses and not convert when we are short at least 12 jobs in the clerk area. Its funny how they are quick to get pses to work when one goes but drag everything out for regulars conversion. I don't want to work at USPS anymore as a pse. I have been there for too long as a pse and was told that when so and so retires and so and so leaves you will get converted. Its B.S. and we deserve the right to know either way if they plan to hire us. I have been dragged along like a greyhound chasing a rabbit around the track. And i keep coming to work everyday thinking can it be the day? Pse is one of the worst jobs i have ever had. I just hang in for the reward that was promised and USPS keeps playing games with my life. I dont want to work another X-Mas and X-mas eve for 15$ an hour. Thanksgiving also for that matter. I don't have a choice really! I am a top pse and if i quit I might miss the chance or if I stay USPS can keep me as there lap dog. I took this job at the time i didn't think I was going to stay more than a few months. But they converted many people and thought i am going to made regular soon. Just a few more people gone im in. Nope USPS started to take jobs and eliminate them so they don't have to convert us. I tried talking to the union reps and mdos asking do you think if I went to work as a mha would i get career more quickly. I was told no they have many more workers and it would take 2x the time. Well they have been hiring people with 1 year of service many of them who started way later than me. I cant get any clear answers from anyone at USPS. Does anyone know anything? I don't know what to do and just go to work everyday angry that i cant get a answer. Working over 50 hours a week without agreement should not happen when the answer is simple just convert the jobs that are open. If anyone on here knows any info on USPS conversions let me know please. It shouldn't be a secret because i don't want to work for a place that refuses to compensate the people who deserve it.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   1 day 14 hours ago

    If only, the Jenny inverts would have been offered at the Forever price, I would have bought hundreds of them. Regardless if I ever found one of the "upright Jenny's" I could use those beautiful stamps on regular mail, but NO, I have no use for $2.00 stamps. Think about it!

  • Reply to: What’s in Store for Neighborhood Logistic Services?   1 day 15 hours ago

    I use tons of them - Postmates, Handy, Door Dash, Washio, and more I can't think of at the moment. And I use Uber to get around. I am a sucker for a mobile app/service provider.

  • Reply to: A Golden Opportunity?   1 day 18 hours ago

    Postal Banking? Great idea! There is precedent in banking services at the Post Office, decades ago it was reality. The low cost, easy access of banking services at your local Post Office would be a welcome addition to both inner city as well as, rural locations. There are many small towns in this country that have a Post Office but, no bank. Offering savings accounts as well as, other services would be a popular option.

  • Reply to: Does a Virtual PO Box service appeal to you?   1 day 19 hours ago

    As an academic, I am often abroad for extended periods of time. Having virtual mail service is essential!

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   2 days 8 hours ago

    "(i.e. only sent to high volume post offices in select markets; and the USPS apparently knows what "rare" panes are to be "seeded" into the SFS purchases ... " Sounds like a perfect opportunity for USPS scam artists to me. In this day and age, it is way too easy with eBay and online sales to get away with theft .

    On the topic of creating rare stamps for collectors- it is a GREAT idea! Why not?? it's not unethical, it's the same as those doll makers creating specially made rarities for collecting only, or any other hobby material.

  • Reply to: Rethinking Mailbox Access   2 days 8 hours ago

    ", doesn’t it make sense to no longer restrict mailbox deliveries? (Only the Postal Service can access your mailbox." NO! Let's LEAVE it that way- that only the USPS can access it- which is protected by FEDERAL LAW. We Americans LIKE it this way.

    "Customers would benefit from reduced delivery costs" Yeah, right! Just like our Universal Health Care system! Lots of promises that never, ever end up like they were claimed. USPS is not expensive by any means. We can afford it.

    "For years, third parties in Europe have been allowed to deliver parcels to mailboxes, with no security issues. " Any sources to back up this claim? And another thing- THIS AIN'T EUROPE and we do NOT want it to be. Ever.

    Is Keith Kellison part of the whole "global initiatives" strategic, i.e.: "public-private partnerships" idea? And more importantly- does the US public understand what those terms mean? Public-private partnerships is using our tax money to fund private partnerships. That was tried once- Mussolini called it "corporatism". We know it as "fascism". Sounds nutty, right? Well, it is.
    Mr. Kellison, don't insult our intelligence with gushing reports of how "great" it is over there in Europe (it isn't great!) and I think if we public have a "problem" with small mailboxes I think it is no engineering feat beyond our ken in just making a bigger mailbox. Keep the USPS as is. Don't make BS claims, don't make phony promises, and don't sell out to a global corporation and tell us it's free jelly beans.

  • Reply to: Should the Postal Service continue its consolidation plan?   2 days 9 hours ago

    Bravo Raleigh,

    I had come to the same conclusion years ago now. Article I, Section Eight, of our U.S. Constitution, known as the Postal Clause, specifically authorizes Congress the enumerated power "to establish post offices and post roads." Our modern day postal roads are the right of ways needed to physically transmit information and should be acquired and held in the public trust to run whatever modern information conduits the future brings. Wireless would seemingly obviate the need for a physical conduit, but wireless also relies on a physical backbone, and a physical network of conduit, e.g., fiber optics, is needed for redundancy at the very least, and as a main communication channel that is part of a modern and resilient communication capability.

    In my hometown we have a public non-profit that runs our Power Utility and is now providing Fiber to the Home (FTTH). We have some of the cheapest electricity in the U.S. and my home is 100% wind powered. Our new fiber network will provide symmetrical (Up and Down) 1Gbps speeds for $49.99/mo for life (more or less if the costs change).

    This is the model we should employ with the USPS. We could retrain U.S. Postal workers and provide a critical service that is not being met by the for-profit model in the U.S.

  • Reply to: The Postal Service and Its Obligation   2 days 9 hours ago

    I have a question, if my mailbox is blocked can the letter carrier skip it and if so how many times in a row? I live in a new development and the lot next door is under construction and I have been getting some items as many as six businesses days late. I have medically important time sensitive materials delivered weekly and didn't know my box was blocked and no attempts had ever been made to notify me. What is the official policy regarding this issue and is it legal for someone such as a neighbor, visitor, or even construction traffic to block my box or does that vary from location to location?

    Thank You,

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   2 days 11 hours ago

    An error on purpose? 100 panes sold randomly --except for those given to "special" people? Bull crap !
    Forget the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal, still one of the greatest engineering wonders of the world. Instead we get Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix, soon-to-be-forgotten dope-head "musicians" (some say) clever enough to kill themselves with illegal drugs. Great roll models for our youth.

    Take your bright ideas for along walk on a short pier. I've given up collecting US stamps.

    PS Clean up your act getting the mail out on time.

  • Reply to: Rethinking Mailbox Access   2 days 13 hours ago

    Zac, what happens when your mail box is full of UPS & FedEx packages and your mail carrier can not get all your mail into that box? Would you like to receive a notice to pick that mail up at your post office since your mail receptacle was full? Some people use their mail boxes as a file cabinets, leaving it in there day after day.
    If UPS & FedEx wants boxes up let them ask customers to put up separate boxes.

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   2 days 15 hours ago

    I am very UPSET to find out my dollars BUYING the JENNY from the Fulfillment Center was just a waste of time and money. I would not have bought any if I knew the 100 ERROR sheets were not mixed in and distributed
    evenly or justly. This is what was in the news releases and I even asked a question to the USPS through Ebay, BUT when I asked I received back a very LOUD yes, you could possibly receive one of the INVERTED INVERTS.. I made most of my purchases through Ebay and now find out my chances were ZERO! Now I find out I was played a fool of, because the sheets are sitting elsewhere not even distributed. So where can I return my sheets too!


  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   2 days 17 hours ago

    This kind of nonsense should STOP! The ONLY way to fix this is to do what they did in 1934 while that moron Farley was at the helm!

  • Reply to: Jenny Come Lately   2 days 18 hours ago

    The upright Jenny was another attempt by the USPS to bilk collectors. I do use the new inverted jenny stamps on my packages and over-seas mail. Recipients love them.
    The best way to enhance support of the philatelic program is to return to water-soluble stamps. Soaking stamps is an excellent pastime and an easy way to introduce kids to stamp collecting.