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    The organization is top heavy. There are far too many level 23 to 25 positions at Headquarters. While things have gotten to the point that saturday delivery is on the block, 2 new level 23 positions at each District - in Marketing, no less - are currently on eCareer. While Districts & Areas are being cut back drastically, Headquarters employees continue to live in their own little dreamworld. Have any of them ever been on the workroom floor?
    Thanks to the clueless bloat that is HDQTRS., the last few years have realized the following losses: Maint. Mgrs., Level 16. These reasonably salaried local Manager positions - along with reductions in Custodial & Building Maint. positions were replaced with - the COMPUTER and your Area Facilities Operations...who use an outside contractor. Result: instead of getting the dock lift fixed quickly, you have a probably more expensive contractor take more time, which causes nothing but problems & possible injuries loading & unloading not to mention delaying the mail. Now consider that these aging buildings are not having regular maintenance in any area & that idea that looked SO GOOD on paper - has actually COST us money.
    Then there's Level 6 timekeepers: What HEADQUARTERS employee got an award for THAT supposed cost-saving winner? Timekeeping is computerized - and given to whom? The work group with NO union or spare time - the front line supervisor. None of whom have read ANY timekeeping manuals. These errors = grievances, or, doesn't anybody CARE about 'hidden' costs anymore?
    HRSS: Great idea - move everyone's OPF AND all the bidding - to North Carolina. could they screw up the bids anymore? I don't think so.
    The OIG! What happened to the oldest law enforcement agency in the nation - The Inspection Service? WHY do we NOW have YOU? WE ALREADY HAD INSPECTORS!

    Reduce every District Injury Compensation Office AND every District's Safety Office - but add more HIGH Levels in Marketing and Sales....Does....someone else sell stamps that I don't know about? How many Sales Managers CAN you fit? Where's the work? Meanwhile, neglecting Injury Comp. & Sales - will cost you. What has always been the USPS' biggest cost? What eats up 3/4 of every 1st class stamp profit? Injury Comp.Too bad there's no Inspectors & not enough Specialists to properly manage claims anymore, but hey-WHO CARES! Let's all focus on retail!

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    Another vote for VOE being a joke!

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    Not a bad idea we need to try whatever may save money. give all employees Saturday/Sunday or Sunday/Monday off. Also 4 days 10 hours.

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    Wasteful spending includes:Bonuses/PFP=eliminate NOW no one should be getting bonuses when we are losing money daily, contract workers ( career employees can do these jobs), overtime, 204B, casual, TE's, EAP/EEO (USE THE 800# WE USE IT TO CALL SHARED SERVICES), Labor Relations Specialist isn't lawyer; millions are being spent on violation alone just give it to the Law Dept, workplace Improvement Analyst??? Diversity Specialist??? less traveling, EAS parties and lastly the recent t-shirt purchase (most of the employees were in Mail Processing not Customer Service. Thank You.

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    Add incentives to keep sick leave and punish those who abuse it.

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    How about adding event codes such as temporarily away, closed business, on hold. Would eliminate a lot of confusion and phone calls.

    90% of calls are about holds or forwards. Make this process clearer and more user friendly. OR START CHARGING FOR COA AND HOLD MAIL!

    Improve forwarding, it is a big black hole.

    Eliminate parcel post since we get in trouble for offering it.

    Close the offices in small towns that get 4 customers a day and are 1/2 mile down the road from the next post office.

    Only keep mystery shopper if retail clerks will be held accountable. Otherwise it is a joke.

    Add incentives to upsell. If clerks were on commission it would raise expedited big time.

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    Four months ago I sent in a recommendation to cut back the area offices to 5 and the districts to 50. I even aligned them by population to the extent that CA would get 6 districts and 19 states would get 0. The eliminations would include AK, AR, KS, ME, MS, NE, UT, WV and others. Based on the management salaries paid in one of the area offices at http://php.app.com/usps/search.php the savings would be over $400 million a year.

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    Don't waste your time caling OIG. They don't care. They just want to collect the big paycheck without doing anything.

    I contacted them about a supervisor that I know for a fact went into ( or had someone else go into ) TACS and intentionally change her start date. I gave OIG everything they needed to check it out, and they replied that it looked fine to them. So I contacted them again and let them know that this person intentionally went into TACS and had the date changed, gave them more information to check into. And they have done nothing. So this "new" supervisor just gave herself the 6 years in the post office, where it should be 5 years. How nice!

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    retire that would save some money you have been here for 36 years. how many more are there out there like you? USPS should have a 30 year cap on employees. USPS and the Unions should have a 3 strikes and your out with employees who keep "messing up" or who want to call in all the time.

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    Only 32 miles. I found out the closest one to me is 92 miles away. However that distance must be as the Crow flies because where they say it is is over 120 miles away by the shortest road.

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    The USPS has not changed with the times; the short sightedness of the leadership has no foresight or vision of the future Postal Service. Reacting to declining volumes and cutting costs is only a Band-Aid on a hemorrhage. In 2001 after 9/11 the USPS raised rates with declining volumes. Only thing difference is the USPS was committed to not raising rates for the next 5 years. Doing this allowed mailers, businesses, and the community to plan their mailing budgets, advertising and plan ahead. During this time volumes in all classes of mail increased. The USPS needs to fix rates again and lock them in for several years. The economy after 9/11 was just as dismal, stock markets hit an all time low, gas prices rose, and unemployment was again at an all time high.

    The USPS needs to make long term plans of sustainability, creating a new division of the Postal Service. “USPS Parcel Division” this division will have separate parcel offices, separate deliveries to businesses, and separate customer/business pick up. This division will be able to compete directly with UPS and FedEx head on head with pricing and service agreements. This will allow the US Postal Service to concentrate on it core business of delivering letters, flats, small packages and residential parcels.

    It is clearly evident that automation cuts workload and automation is efficient. As proven with DPS and now with FSS. It is a way of life, and the employees and management continue to work together in serving the communities. There is no doubt that it still takes a person to physically deliver the mail to its final destination. Going to a 5 day work week may be a good idea on the surface. Maintaining a 6 day work week will prevent competition from moving in and taking away already declining volumes. It is already proven over time that if a customer wanted an item delivered on the sixth day someone will always be waiting to provide that service. If not the USPS it will be the competition.

    UPS stores opened across the nation by storm, and the USPS just watched. The UPS stores are available everywhere, every corner. The choices are if you had to pay more to ship a parcel or to wait in line, what would you do? Our lives are fast paced, and time is valuable. Just like Microsoft’s expansion to grow and put a Microsoft store next to every Apple store, the USPS needs to look at expansion and opening Postal Units next to every UPS or FedEx/Kinko’s facility. Growth and expansion is USPS only way to survive in the future, USPS should be the consumer of choice to send their mailing items. That is why I clearly object to closings of small post offices. It is also clearly that General Mail Facilities or Mail Processing Facilities are in need of consolidation, as consolidation improves the mail processing and double handling.

    Last of all, we need to stop blaming Management and Employees of the USPS, turning on each other if it’s the Unions against Management or Management against the Unions. We only work for 1 company the USPS. We need to work together, stop all the bickering, the petty grievances, the finger pointing. We are spending Billions on grievances, arbitrators, EEO’s. And for what? Extra money? Don’t all the employees in the Postal Service get paid well for what we do? And who ultimately wins? I am sure we are keeping the arbitrators pockets full.



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    Place GPS tracking in LLVs. Have it show live in the office. You will need less supervisors and less carriers because the 1 to 2 hour lunches will be eliminated. Carriers in my offices take extended lunches and breaks everyday.

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    I'm too late to be included in the poll however after reading the overwhelming "cut management" and "5 day delivery" ideas, I propose a different long term cost solution for the post office. Establish what from now on would be called RIF VER's. CSRS could retire with no penalty to take the VER and since legislation has already passed in the House of Representatives to pay federal employees for accumulated sick leave then offer FERS employees half of their sick leave as a payment to take the VER. This would save money in the long term.

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    Because most of my boxholders have had their boxes from before the time rural delivery was offered in the area, and they don't want to put up with the hassle of changing their address. I have talked (practically begged) many into keeping their boxes after several rate increases over the last 3 years. Another severe increase would make them change for sure. Simple law of supply and demand.

    Bear in mind that it costs $253 a year to deliver to a rural delivery point, but only $107 to deliver to a PO Box. So what really is the more costly service from an expense point of view? Give customers who live within a half mile from a small office a free PO Box in lieu of rural delivery and you can easliy save millions.

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    I doubt congress is capable of the task of improving management. Getting rid of the current management structure would be a very slow process.
    An immediate short term partial fix would be to require all mangers like the ones you describe to be salesman for part of the day. They should be given the tools and requireed to make a minimum number of business contacts in an attempt to drum up business.
    Something like a neighborhood mail product should probably be available in their sales arsenal too.

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    Sell compatible products in the window line. If greeting cards were available for sale they would give people standing in line something to look @ which would make the intolerable wait more tolerable and we would have a chance to get impulse first class mail sales.

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    Please find a way to prevent this tremendous waste of USPS supplies... anyone can order as much of this stuff as they want, for FREE. At least require a charge card or something to verify a bunch of punks aren't slapping up usps graffiti stickers. Also, I have heard that many legitimate businesses get free supplies from us and then ship the items via FedEx and UPS... this should incur penalties of some sort.

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    You got our votes!!!! OIG ARE YOU LISTENING?

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    This idea makes more since than any I have heard. The Areas might have been needed in the past but their time is over. I agree that all they do is distort the messages between HQ and the districts. I also agree that we have too many districts. The work done by the Postal Service is not accomplished by these managers nor is the public trust of the Postal Service have anything to do with them. It is the Area and Districts that break contracts, create annimosity, and cause the local managers to spend more time doing repetitive, pointless, log after log. With the new communication methods available today, there is no need for them. I also think making labor a HQ functions would cut out a lot of hidden waste. This area seems to have an unlimited budget by the way it is handled at the district level. It's like maybe they won't mind if we break the contract or it's the managers fault for not being able to convince their employees that they should allow us to break it. Mike just might make a good PMG.

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    heres 2 more

    1. use your own product! send every house in america a 3 fold mailing that explains current services, how great they are and then give them a 5% or 10% coupon for the next time they ship priority mail! i mean the employees got this material in the mail why isnt the public? hello usps, its not us that you need to tell, you need to think ahead and tell everyone in america how great your shipping service is then give them an incentive to use it!

    2. mentioned before but for more energy efficiency put in automatic sensors in the bathrooms and have them turn the lights off when no one is using them, it was said in the gso area that doing it in the main post office saved 44k a year, multiply that by every office and plant in america.

    3. turn off computers, you guys have put this everywhere but yet.... it isnt done, every dbcs, every managers computer, whether gone for the day or for weeks, you guessed it... still running!

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    Since the Post Office generates 65 million moves during a year, why not charge not only the internet moves $1.00 for a COA card but every customer that requests a COA card! = $65,000,000!

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    Let's face it: despite many people's protestations to the contrary, too many folks have an automatic trust of government. When there is a problem, many of us don't like to think of government as the problem but as the solution. Add to that the near phobia that many have about economics as business and what do we get? Pretty much what we have now: a government going billions of dollars IN debt in attempts to get the economy OUT of debt, We get a government doing such idiotic things as bailing out companies for whom bankruptcy is imminent and buying up banks.

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    Couldn't have said it better myself. In our office they hired a bunch of Transitional Employees...Carriers. They get close to 60 hours a week. And, at a pay rate of 21.96 an hour, that's almost what the regulars get paid. The ODL gets just 1 or 2 hours a week of OT. The ODL knows these routes, and can get the job done more efficiently. The TE's are getting real attitudes, and getting cocky because of how wealthy they are getting, and flaunting it. The TE's all wait around for hours until all the carriers come back, to see if there is any letters from the Philadelphia District that was mis-sorted in our DPS. They then run these letters back out to be delivered. What a joke. These letters are plain first class, and not Priority or express. So some idiot in higher level management came up with this stupid idea, and they are wasting close to 1/2 a million dollars, just in our office for running these letters out.

    As far as management, go home in 4 hours and write yourself in for 8 per day. Plus, we have a PM and 3 other supervisors there from 9am - 3pm with only a handful of workers in the building? They want to keep cutting the Carriers, and riding us for every little thing.....when will management be "accountable"? Why don't some of these Higher Ups see what goes on at the AO's?

    To top things off, Potter says were not going to concentrate on fixing problems at hand, but were gonna concentrate on the future of the Post Office. If we don't fix the problems we have now, there will be no post office in the future.

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    The way to do it is to team up with existing national outdoor advertising companies which are huge like clear channel or Time warner. They already have the sales force to get new clients and as well as existing clients. We simply provide the trucks. They even have crews that regularly put up and change billboards. They can do all the logistics and the USPS can rake in additional revenue.

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    I think curbside delivery is a good idea.

    To make it happen,the us postal service has to be more comes forward to the public,for example southern XX electric company recommend to turn in old refrigerator to save the electricity,they even haul it for free,why can't postal service do similar like free curbside mailbox and installation if the customer wants it,in the long run the cost of the mailbox will be pays off and it will be more efficient delivery ,why can't they do this for the public,since we are the service for the us citizens.

    and the management part to get rid of the nepotism and favoritism in the agency all the front line supervisors has to be rotating shift from area to area in timely basis inside the facility.
    (for example some supervisor stays in one area for many years)

    This way will be making more healthier agency for sure.

    one more thing,the office inspector general should investigate how many postal management from top to bottom are related each other and should consider for the assignment purposes to avoid the nepotism and prevent the buddy buddy system inside the agency.

    and just like all the employee has a discipline record,the each management should have one,too

    No matter how the supervisor make mistake they never get fired maybe demoted and transfer to another area if they do not make the score they want,that is all.