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    My Top 10 List

    1. One Universal Union - Would equate to significant gains in productivity in all functions.

    2. Area Consolidation - Information systems allows for data / analysis dissemenation and consolidation. Leave area VP and MOS positions to oversee operations, eliminate all other area jobs.

    3. Overnight Service Only To Local SCF - Eliminate transportation & streamline operations on the destinating end resulting in transportation reductions, earlier dispatches to delivery units, increased efficiencies, etc.

    4. Evaluated Routes For City Carriers - Result in less OT, less supversion hours, etc.

    5. Streamline Shipping Services - Keep Express, Priority and Standard B Package Services...eliminate 1st Class SPRS, media mail, etc. Efficiencies gained in retail, processing & logisitcs.

    6. Prepackage Del Con On All Shipping Boxes / Envelopes With Rate Increase - Increased revenue for flat rate boxes and still cheaper than competition.

    7. Shift Operational Focus / Sales Resources / $ To Growth Products (Shipping Services) - What on the bottom line has changed give recent performance increases in on-time service %? If a one or two point increase (95% to 97%) doesn't statistically affect revenue then why does the organization spend so much time on driving an indicator that doesn't affect the bottom line? Obviously there's probably a target that's could lead to diminishing returns, but it appears that's been exceeded. How many resources (overhead analysts, time, software improvements, equipment, etc) is spent on driving FC EXFC and could be saved or shifted to growth products / services?

    8. Five Day Delivery

    9. Streamline Rural POs Without Congressional Interference - How many POs bring in less revenue than cost? Develop criteria, brief PRC/BOG or even congress on criteria and financial reasons...then close or streamline based on criteria. Present process without PO listing.

    10. USPS Financial Services - Develop financial service wing of the postal service...especially if #9 isn't going to happen. Many rural areas without banks / financial institutions. May be able to leverage the bricks and mortor for financial services accounts.

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    I'll keep the emotion in check and give my honest thoughts on the subject. I will say this though, the Post Office and government in general needs to upset the apple cart here and change their way of thinking and stop trying to look out for their individual and local concerns. In order to survive we must make it simple and cost effective otherwise this era is over.

    1) The Post Office like any beauracracy is top heavy, way to top heavy. That is where the vast majority of the savings can be made. If you really want to get serious about restructuring it must start here. Facilities can manage themselves locally, there is far to much busy work being done and not enough focuss on just doing the simple job of delivering the mail. This is comming from a front line supervisor.

    2) Inner city/ walking type routes should be eliminated and made into central community mailrooms. The liability alone is enough of a reason to make this cost effective.

    3) Stamps - Reduce postage and red tape. Stamps should be sold in the bubble gum isle at Walmart. It is an unsecure product and should be treated as such. Secondly they should be attractive seasonally. Some of the best selling stamps were Halloween stamps and yet the Post Office has yet to revisit that point, why? Poor marketing or red tape?

    4) Postage - Flat rates are the way to go. More options in this category is prefereable by customers. SELL the boxes at the postage rate! Do not give them away for free. The loss associated with priority boxes in incalculable. Medai Mail - This is an old and greatly abused standard that must be eliminated.

    5) 5 DAY work week - The employees want it, management wants it, the public doesn't care. The only parties against this is congress and unions, why is that? It would reduce overtime, sick leave and promote overall moral accross the baord. Saturday premium services can still be offered but on whole the Post Office does very little business on Saturday but pays a full days service.

    6) Elimiate PCS level jobs, moving expenses, PCS level events, etc. etc. These people waste more money than congress and think that lower levels don't see it. Wanna be jet setter's have no place in upper level management. Nepetism must be eliminated and jobs awarded from a central office.

    7) Step on some toes. Unions, representatives and management are in bed, they have been for years. If we all don't pull our heads out of our rear end we can kiss this company goodbye!

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    How about asking all employees to stop using automatic bill pay and use a stamp. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

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    Money saving tips: have a maximum age to work, we have too many in their 70-80s that are holding jobs when they are more than eligible to collect all their Social Security.

    Next, in all the processing plants that operate 24/7 in the fall throughout the winter months SHUT OFF the HEAT. Our machines produce enough heat to keep the plant warm. We run fans in order to keep comfortable, and it's usually not enough because people on days who do not run machines turn the heat up. That alone could save thousands of dollars. Then in the summer months they don't have the money to keep the A/C up to standard and we are suffering in the heat from lack of A/C and the heat that the machines produce.

    Next, like all the others who post. Eliminate a bunch of management positions. I agree with getting rid of District management. We can trim our local management and the District. The old saying: Too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

    Going to 5 days of delivery will only create more problems. You still have the plants running 24/7 which would only mean the carriers would have to put in overtime every week. Where there should be NO OVERTIME at all. Nobody is looking at the BIG picture. They may be seeing the savings on a small scale but not the waste on the bigger scale. Not to mention you have people making decisions on areas in which they know nothing about.

    For instance: what's the big concern about HOW we stack trays. Why not look at the real problems. It takes a very short time to get a bad reputation. But it takes forever to earn a good reputation. Our plant is seeing more and more sloppy work coming from the hub in KCMO. What happened to putting mail in the trays correctly? Instead we see it put in the tray facing the wrong direction about 50% of the time. And many times we have mail in the tray upside down. Where's the pride in our work. That only creates more work down the line. We have to turn it over because it's upside down. Or turn the tray around because it's in there backwards. We don't DPS our mail and put it in the tray backwards, that's just not practical. Shape up everyone, too many of you are taking your job for granted and sinking the reputation of the USPS.

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    First of all, the eIdeas program at USPS needs to be used more effectively. There are a LOT of good ideas that end up in black holes. With 600K+ employees, there are plenty of good ideas already in the system that never move forward.
    Secondly as a temporary solution, we should offer all EAS reduced flexible work schedules. Any employee willing to cut their hours may reduce their work hours to 6 or 7 hours per day with the appropriate percentage of decrease in salary. Given this choice versus more potential RIFs there are several employees who would take this option.
    A more permanent solution is to convert all Tour 1 Automation jobs to PTR positions. Most DBCS machines on Tour 1 are not running for a full 8 hour window. Advances in mail and technology have shortened some DPS windows to as small as 3 or 4 hours.

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    The Postal Service is top heavy and getting heavier. Management must be reduced. Start with the PMG. We need new ideas, not new VPs. Layer upon layer of redundant management is wasteful and unnecessary. How many VPs do we actually need to run this company? How many managers per craft employee does it really take?

    Reduce the number of programs that do not contribute directly to processing and delivering mail. Diversity, QWL, ERRP and other programs are worthwhile for a prosperous company but drag down the bottom line for a company in financial straits. The people overseeing these programs could be better utilized supporting processing or delivery.

    Contract out all maintenance. Begin with building maintenance and continue with mail processing equipment maintenance. There are only about 40,000 maintenance employees, including custodians, in the entire Postal Service. This is an area that could be contracted out in relatively short order saving millions right away.

    Continue investment in automation. The most cost effective way to process mail is through automation.

    Continue to close or consolidate excess processing capacity.

    Emphasize package delivery. No growth potential in letter mail but there should be growth in handling packages. Get rid of the letter mail mentality at Headquarters! Letter mail is going the way of the dinosaur! Invest in infrastructure to process and deliver packages. Duh! In hind sight it is obvious that when over 50% of your revenue is from standard mail (i.e., direct marketing advertisements), when the economy craters, then that revenue is going to go away. There are too many executives at Headquarters that should have been able to predict what would happen to revenue in an economic crunch when most of your income is from advertisement.

    The BMC network has been neglected for decades while all the investment has been in First Class letter mail. Who was the Nostradamus at Headquarters that thought that up? Billions on First Class machines and flats and pennies for equipment that process packages. The rocket scientists at Headquarters wanted to contract out the BMC network last fall. Now they are beginning to recognize the need for capacity to process packages but unfortunately all the investment has been in processing First Class mail and flats. Pop your head out of your hinny bowl, Headquarters! To quote Headquarters in their Draft Request for Proposal to contract out the BMC network describe the network as, “An aging and outdated distribution and logistics infrastructure…” It’s aging and outdated due to neglect from Headquarters and a lack of vision by our executives. Now all of a sudden the BMCs are going to become NDCs, (Network Distribution Centers). Unfortunately the same aging and outdated infrastructure is still in place and there’s no money to update equipment and facilities. Another reason the current leadership at Headquarters needs to go.

    Eliminate binding arbitration. Binding arbitration results in a bloated and largely ineffective workforce. There has to be a better way to resolve differences. There are literally tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) grievances pending arbitration. Many are frivolous. This is a ridiculous waste of the revenue our customers bring us and the trust of the American public. Both sides should be ashamed.

    Increase emphasis on quality service and timely delivery. The American public wants to see a uniformed postal employee delivering mail and working the counter. The public has confidence in the Postal Service. Do not destroy this confidence by cutting service or delivery days. The public doesn’t care who processes or transports the mail but they do trust the uniformed postal employee that delivers. Cut excess processing capacity and redundant transportation networks. Contract that out where feasible. The public could care less, for the most part, who processes or transports the mail but they do care about who puts the mail in their mailbox. Keep our good name and reputation by providing service though delivery, cut the rest.

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    I have to agree. KLet the Managers "MANAGE" the mail and be aboe to spread bulk over several days.

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    Please see my YouTube video 'ARMD'. We already have walk sequenced flats. Please read that last sentence again. What we do NOT have is a delivery tool developed specifically for delivering these perfectly walk sequenced flats (folded self-mailers, tabbed booklets, walk sequenced post cards, etc.).


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    A couple of thoughts......

    Several years ago I had made a suggestion and it was rejected, but over the years some stations now do this. It would save $$$$$ and should be mandatory in areas where this is offered:

    All Postal vehicles should be fueled on the lot in the evenings by a fuel supplier that is able to meet this demand. All routes that do their own fueling at stations waste at least 1/2 hour a week doing this, not to mention the fraud & abuse with the IMPACT card that is going on.

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    Great idea!!! Let's throw in the facts of too many USPS Mngrs getting paid and getting bonuses (either deserved or not) and do not do their jobs on top of upper echelon USPS Mngrs creating more ways to keep the 1st line supervisors submitting reports all day and not making sure the employees are doing their respective jobs. Management is the worst position to be in due to the daily battles below and above them.

    How about just getting back to the basics of coming to work, do your job, and delivering the mail safely and correctly? It seems like a lot of USPS employees are looking for more ways to get out of work than actually do it. Why are there so many employees getting paid workmans comp and not working--maybe the Dept of Labor needs to be talked to before they just sign off on checks for individuals who can perform physical actions besides what was expected from them when they worked at USPS?

    Why isn't job accountability being reviewed for ALL USPS employees and the positions they hold? Too many financial issues and individuals that will continue to sink the USPS ship and ruin it for ALL of the respectable USPS employees.

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    CSRS eployees retirements are fully funded. The postal service doesn't pay matching funds to their TSP. The postal service doesn't pay medicare and social security matches for them. Thus a fers employee of equivelant pay grade costs about 20% more than a csrs employee. Additionally every year a csrs remains employed is one less that they will be drawing down the csrs retirement fund.
    We must try to keep these low cost experianced employees not get rid of them.

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    We have to do away with a bunch of jobs that have nothing to do with handling the mail. Face it we have become very top heavy.

    1. Do away with all Areas. They are redundant and are not needed. All they do is corrupt the information sent from Headquarters to the Field and vice versa.

    2. Reduce the total number of Districts to 51. One for each state and PR. You can call the leader Postmaster of State. There is no reason one VP at Headquarters could not handle supervision of 51 Postmasters of State. Mpoo's often manage over 100 Postmasters. This in itself would reduce our management staffing down to acceptable levels.

    3. Make Labor a Headquarters function. Too many times Dm's and Area VP's are making decisions that violate contracts and cost us millions. Then the District or Area labor pays the grievance and squashes it. Headquarters has no idea of the bad decisions made by management. Make Labor a Headquarters function and restore the checks and balances to the system.

    4. Do away will all logs. Every office in the country is wasting 2-3 hours per day playing games with logs. None of them mean anything. We have logs that verify logs that verify logs. For example we have no less than 5 different logs to verify each collection box and none of them guarantee the box was actually pulled. They are all just a way for the field offices to point the finger at the plant if a failure occurs. Last time I checked this was a team sport. If a failure occurs we all fail. I suggest having a team of 4 Postmasters one each from a Level 13, 18, 20 and 24-26. This team will have to approve any new log. The need and justification will have to be proven before a new log is mandated. Twice per year they will meet and review all current logs and make adjustments based on suggestions from the field.

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    My experience in the mailing requirements office indicates that there is a customer demand for a simplified method for customers to advertise their services locally. These start up customers are willing to saturate their local community with advertising pieces but Postal demand for full addresses, walk sequencing, CASS and PAVE software is a daunting and prohibitively expensive endeavor for them. If the Postal Service can lift the restriction on the use of a simplified address for city delivery, it could tap into a market for affordable advertising for the next generation of new businesses. These start up customers are fishing for new clients in their local area, they want to use the mail, and are looking for a less sophisticated methods that would not force them to the arms of a mailing service. Saturation mailings, additional mailing fees are a few of the potential benefits for the USPS.

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    With the advent of DPS the discount for carrier walk sequence for letters should be eliminate

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    eliminate all walking routes; make everyone have a mail receptacle at the road. This would also eliminate all dog bites thus lowering the cost of lost work days, etc....

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    Hallelujah. Well said, well spoken. An educated opinion. 100% agree.

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    I suggested long ago to sell ad space on stamps. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike, ... etc. would pay millions to be able to market themselves on a stamp. Imagine selling the rights to the highest bidder to market a stamp for say a month or so ? Companies would buy them by the thousands to be able to use them for years to come and the media attention would be great.
    The idea was shot down because collectors would not approve. I am suggesting one stamp per month, what harm could that do ? As a collector it would be the first of its kind, that would be very collectible.

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    where is the post i submitted last night???

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    Lets go to five day delivery. The carriers in my are coming in at 8:00 because volume is low. One less delivery of delivery is an easy fix. Level 18 PM's need to work the window full time and just have a part time clerk to fill in. Eliminate all the nonsence reports we have to do. We are doing a report to say we did a report. We have so many reports to do, get so many reports to review, we don't have time to do our jobs. Stop worrying about EXFC. I don't know when my mail is supposed to arrive, I just open it when I get it. Who cares if it takes a first class letter three days to arrive instead of two? Does it really matter? I spent two hours yesterday driving missent mail around to the offices it was supposed to go, so much for us making a profit on a 44 cent stamp. Close all the level 11 and 13 offices and lets have the rural carriers service those customers. We have small offices not even bringing in 100 a week. Why in the world are they open? Last but not least, save those of us who still have a few years left to work. Quit trying to sugar coat the bleak situation we are in. Bite the bullet and lay off those who need to go. Put the city carriers on an evaluated pay system like the rural carriers, and then you can eliminate about 30% of the supervisor staff.

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    excellent idea

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    Hey, we had a postmaster (level 22) that worked nights at Burger King! Of course, he caught up on his sleep at the PO during the day.

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    Ok, As I see it, the electronic age is upon us. It isn't going away. Right now, the Post Office is on the outside looking in. The Post Office needs a way to reach these people.

    Two ways this can be done.

    1. Offer a web hosting service. Right now GoDaddy.com has about 70% of the business. More than enough to take from them. This way the Postal Service can set up their own "electronic neighborhoods". This would make advertising to customers much more efficient as you would have your customers at your fingertips.

    2. The Postal Service used to sell phone cards. Why not sale "Pay as you go" cell phones? Even better sell the cell phones that would enable the customer to have an email address. Here again, you have customers at your fingertips because you provided them with a Postal email. This solution would also attract customers that do not/will not own a computer.

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    are you nuts?

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    Give management the right for on the spot firing. This will eliminate slugs who do little or no work, abuse their sick leave, file frivilous IOD claims and the list goes on.