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    Can we order the poster When someone does the wrong thing, do the right thing?

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    Where is the oig in cincinnati. There is obvious fraud and abuse and no action

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    The company I work for recently set up a QBRM account with our White River Junction Post Office only to find out they couldn't promise to deliver BRM as first class mail, yet, we pay that price plus. It has been a struggle to try and save money by using this service as the BRM are apparently NOT a priority to be sorted with first class mail. NO ONE in the postal service can answer my question if there is a written policy on " how long can the PO hold BRM before processing it?"

    At this point, unless your post office can answer and make a commitment to this question, I think you will find it can take as long as they want to process this mail. We recently got back a tray of mail that had been held five days! We knew that because they had time stamped the BRM as being received at their PO five days prior to us getting them. This wasn't good for us as we are a payroll company and those envelopes contained time sheets that had to be processed before our year end!!

    In my opinion the PO is losing money and customers on this BRM service. If they have to hand count all these envelopes to make sure none of them weigh over 1 oz and in the end they have counted through a tray of 400 to bill us out $2.00 in postage, they have just LOST money. Yes, that is what is happening to us.

    We could save $23,000 a year in postage using this BRM service, but the customer service from the Post Office on BRM is POOR.

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    Then you complain that the Postmaster and or the Carrier Supervisor is ignoring your complaint and that they did not contact you to resolve the issue. Keep doing so until they call you and speak to you.

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    If the mail is going to be thrown on the front porch or left hanging out of the mail slot, let us pick it up at postal cost. Soon, thank you

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    help stop postal service (Northwood Post Office, E. Northern Pkwy, Baltimore, MD) from leaving mail on front porch and hanging out of mail box, any solutions, five years is long enough. It is time to end the madness

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    Our office serves a retirement community, along with an influx of snowbirds. Our carriers know their customers. They are somewhat the watch dog of the area. We have had carriers report and assist in numerous emergency issues. Checking on customers when something looks amiss has proven to be a life saver several times. The carriers are the eyes and ears of the community. Alerting social services, providing delivery of packages to aid the elderly in getting packages safely inside, keeping "local" mail local (customers want their sympathy, birthday, life celebration cards kept in town), assisting customers with tracking, by calling our office (they don't have internet and don't want it). Selling them stamps, helping them get packages from their vehicles also.
    All of your ideas sound great. Assistance with social security was suggested, for our area VA assistance would be even better.
    If I may suggest one idea. Our office, because of the elderly handles a lot of packaging across the counter. Grandmothers and grandfathers mail ALOT of presents. There are a lot of family members receiving packages via USPS. We make a huge effort to display packaging (ReadiPost) in a manner that is easily viewed for the elderly. Each size is hung on the wall. Doesn't come with the hole to hang, but we hang every padded and bubble wrap envelope (using a hole punch to make the hole). Our boxes are in display with pricing in very large letters for ease of reading to provide size and cost of each box. We go on the theory if it isn't easily viewed the customer will not purchase. Our retail product sales increased dramatically when we started displaying this way.
    Aside, I do wish we would drop one product line. No sense to carry a padded envelope and a cushion envelope. With small offices we have very limited space. The products are redundant.
    Displaying in the lobby should be at the most simplistic manner. With the elderly, confusion can come very quickly.
    If coming to the post office is frustrating, they won't come back again. The elderly are quickest to stop a practice if becomes difficult.
    I've said this before, but if the USPS would just drill down to the demographics of their offices they could tap into what each customer base needs. For us this topic is up our alley, to another this could be a waste of time.

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    my neighbors are sending their mail to my address i have tried return to sender i have tried putting a note in my mail box saying persons of this last name do not live here i tried asking my neighbor to make a change of address (who has never lived here) and my post office will not allow me to change their names away from my address which if i am being harassed at my own home with my neighbors mail i think its my right to have their mail refused permanently my neighbor was pissed at my parents for buying the house and ever since have caused issues sending their mail here it is not my job to be their mail person i want this to end i feel harassed how do i stop it? ive thought about halting all my mail and sending it all to a po box but hy should i have to waste money on a po box i dont need just because my neighbor wont stop using my address?

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    Safety for Rural Carriers
    As the mother of a rural carrier these are my concerns:
    Here in Utah the temperature has been changing so much that the use of the cooling seats provided by the Post Office would be of great comfort, but some of the Postmasters will not allow the carriers to use them, nor will they allow battery operated hand held air conditions unless the battery has been inspected (AA or AAA battery) by safety officers, No information has been furnished on how to have any battery inspected.

    The Carriers are to:

    1- Drink 8 oz. Of water every 15 to 20 minutes and to use spray bottles to keep cool.
    2- Where to keep the water
    3- How to keep it cool
    4- How and where to relieve yourself after drinking so much water and
    5- The time it takes will cause carriers to extend the day well after the 5 PM time.

    This above concept is good but with problems.

    Safety talks have been given with handout to assist in keeping cool and safe on the job.
    This not practical, all routes are not equal with places to stop or places to replenish water.

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    If not closely supervised this idea will fall by the side of the road similar to Rigid Trays, RFID on MPE, Storage Cluster bins on streets, etc.
    All affected departments need by in and program management lead must be at the VP direct report level

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    You propose a Virtual Post Box to link to a P.O. Box. Yet USPS and law enforcement have said that customers had to stop using P.O. Boxes for certain things, even those which were constitutionally-protected acts. Now you want to allow the use of P.O. Boxes as long as yo can (a) be the sole provider of those boxes and (b) control what goes into them.

    I think not. USPS can't even perform its' primary mission without constantly going back to see more money for less efficiency and poorer performance. Why should it then seek to expand its' mission, when it hasn't even be able to perform the one it was found for?

    Or so it appears to the average citizen. If the appearance isn't correct, then that indicates USPS has failed in its' ancillary mission, to inform, educate, and keep citizens apprised of what it actually does.

    Consolidate, Restructure, Get back to the primary purpose.

    Or go bankrupt and stop wasting customers' time and money.

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    great ideas

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    With the current state of delivery service, I would venture that homebound persons would go hungry before their goods were delivered by the Postal Service. In our area, we feel fortunate indeed to actually have the mail, indeed the correct mail, delivered in a timely fashion.

    While many of the "old time" letter carriers knew their customers, the newer carriers don't bother to interact with their customers at all. No more ringing the bell when they have a Priority Mail package; instead it's just thrown somewhere close to the doorstep. The carrier has absolutely no idea who lives in the home. Our old carrier who has moved on to better things knew the route, who was inform, who was on medical assist devices and would check on them, Never going to happen with the new carriers who want to dump the mail and move on. If you try and give them something else to do their supervisors will complain they don't deliver fast enough, a cause for poor service currently.

    How about getting back to delivering the mail efficiently? And quit whining about how much you lose every year because you constantly have retirement and benefit issues. Get your big boy pants on and run this like a private enterprise, not one that depends on the government dole to bail you out every year.

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    USPS office in crosstown, hold my parcel. They insist me to come to office all time. I scheduled through Internet to come to Saturday. The offfice lady said we are sorry, we did not deliver today.
    She insist me to come their office. Their office is not in center, there are alot of trouble maker in the street. I what them to phone me if they can not catch , they say it's against the policy. I called several times please deliver, they say we do not have time, come to collect to office. I scheduled online for redelivery, they did not come. I am foreigner so, it deliberate action. I want the government make some rules that they can not do the things they want but abide by rule of law.

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    I am disabled and have been trying for 2 hrs now to get thru online with my problem that they took my mailbox away cuz I was late. I had to rely on a ride. The woman was mean. I was crying and there were other patrons. She demanded 27.00$ which I don't have then said nope, nothing I can do for you, next. Here online after repeatedly stating problem, it comes back...no such address. I beg to differ. It's on my paperwork when I bought this home. I stated my address and get shut down. Pleas, please, please, help! I get no mail from my Drs, family, bills, etc. I'm at my wits end. Stress like this sets people back, you know? They used to be kind at the Frazier park PO.

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    My packages that ordered from oversees have been tied up at the NORTH HOUSTON and the Coppell TX sorting facility for an entire week.
    Do you only employ people who dropped out in kindergarten at your facilities?
    According to the tracking information, my packages were in my city of residence for two days and then sent to the sorry ass North Houston and Coppell TX facilities.
    It is not rocket science to put a package on a truck and deliver to a specific address.
    I will drive to the facility myself and pick it up if necessary.

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    Dear USPS,
    I had an opportunity to try your automated postal service Kiosk for the first time.
    I am an engineer / scientist and so these type of systems interest me.
    I thought I would pass along my experience, in the event you consider improving your system in the future.

    First I will mention what I needed to do on this occasion; later I will generalize as to what I think you could do to
    make your system work better.

    I needed to purchase a Certified service for my 1st class letter.
    1) I followed the menus until I got to the point of needing to purchase the 1st class postage.
    2) Since I already had applied the postage to the letter and there were no other reasonable choices I aborted the process.
    3) After talking to one of the postal workers, he insisted that I just needed to continue in order to do what I wanted.
    I told him that it appeared I needed to buy postage in order to continue for a letter that already had postage.
    4) I went back and started the process again until I got to the same point where I needed to buy postage.
    I selected the appropriate amount and continued.
    5) On the screen after I got the option to apply the Certified Mail service, which I selected.
    6) I entered the address information
    - I had to read very carefully the instructions in order to figure out whether to enter numbers and letters altogether or
    separately and to include West or not.
    7) I was given the option to adjust postage which I did.
    8) I selected the label type and printed the label.
    9) Even after printing my Certified sticker it was unclear how to apply it.
    I selected the smaller size on account that the original larger size was larger than my letter.
    The smaller sticker had a ‘fold here’ label which I assumed to fold around the side of the letter.
    But this would obscure the postage that was already on the letter.

    General comments:
    There are so many improvements you can make it will be hard to capture them all but here are a few:
    1) For a first timer the process seemed to take a lot longer than needed.
    I can see if you use the system often you can move through the screens quickly
    because of your familiarity with the system. But as someone who might use it
    once a month I would tend to forget the process enough to not benefit.
    2) The fact that some options are not presented until the very end causes the user
    to question the whole process (for example adding Certified service) .
    3) Instead of having one single path that the user needs to navigate to a given solution
    consider offering multiple paths.
    3a) For example my focus of need to Certify a letter should have been apparent within one or two screens
    instead of needing to navigate half a dozen or more screens.
    3b) I had to weigh a letter, purchase the postage, and then un-purchase the postage in order to do what I needed.
    ( All unnecessary steps.)
    4) The first screen in particular was too wordy; required to much reading and figuring out.
    5) Entering the address information was unnecessarily complicated; way too many instructions.
    Have the user start entering the address (numbers and letters), and when the machine narrows it down to
    one address sound a bell, and/or show the user a list of addresses that satisfy what he starts typing in, updated
    continuously. And allowing the user to select from the list at any time.
    6) When evaluating improvements, test them out on prospective customers to determine how effective they are;
    do not base performance based on how quickly one of the developers can do something on the system as they
    are too familiar with it and all of its idiosyncrasies.
    6a) Use total time, and number of user clicks as metrics to determine how efficient your interface is.
    6b) I would strongly encourage getting a different team to work on the improvements; the current team is not

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    Orange, Texas needs supervision!! They hire contract people for delivery of my mail but I never receive anything on time it shows for delivery. You contact Orange, Texas Post Office answer I always get is "we have 40 people delivering mail & I cannot contact them". I know they have cell phones & all of their numbers. THIS POST OFFICE IS A JOKE!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET SUPERVISION THAT KNOWS WHAT THEIR DELIVERY CONTRACT LABOR PEOPLE ARE DOING!


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    My mailman picks up the odd letter or two for me to mail if I leave them stamped and in plain view for him. Wow it would be great if I could get stamps that way!

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    Why not just call it overnight post or overnight parcel. That's what you're selling and that will make it easier for the consumer to decide if they want to overnight it or get there in two or three days (Priority or Priority fixed rate). The post office should be expanding their hours and making it easier to do business with them. Instead they allienate the customers by making changes without considering the impact on mailers. Also, they need to improve their tracking system updates so it gives more timely information instead of just when 'someone' decides to scan it.

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    I'm also having the same problem as Gail. Can you please help me?

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    Identity for a citizen is very important, we live on this planet, we have many problems to solve with the unique identity, I do not know why there are many people especially in poor countries without an identity. I think this is a really serious case, government should take actions to solve this problem. and at least let them can enjoy the public healthcare, such as medicine care, body testing and nutrition supplement. then they can enjoy their own life on this planet.

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    I run a property management business where we have three different buildings that contain different office suites in each building. I have a small office suite located in one of the buildings where I can meet with tenants on an as-need basis, but the office is not physically manned each day. I have a mailbox at this address where I have the rent checks, bills, etc. mailed to. Historically, I have always received mail at this address daily. This month I received several complaints from my utility providers and tenants that the bills and rent checks mailed to the usual mailing address were returned as "Return to Sender, Insufficient Address, Unable to Forward." I have also incurred expenses to pay overdue bills that were never received. Luckily none of the utilities have been disconnected...yet. I contacted the Postmaster who advised that there is never anyone in the physical office suite located on the property so they are returning all mail to the senders and assuming that the property has been vacated. I explained to the Postmaster that it was not a physically manned office and he told me it didn't matter and that he didn't mean to be rude, but if it were him delivering the mail, he would have it returned too since there is never anyone in the office. None of the mail being returned to the utility companies and tenants required signature. All of the mail returned has been sent first class mail and should have been placed in the mailbox as has always been done.

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    We all have gifts. To be shared. Not hoarded. Carriers are the connection to the elderly, widowed and sick customers in our area. They see families grow, children get married, death, college and even tragedy. For customers that have their own routes, they become part of a family. A residential family. It's an awesome idea. Our carriers are the Internet, store, companion, friend. I would love to see that happen. Gives me hope.

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    The Kiosk almost ALWAYS costs a lot more than waiting to send a package through a clerk. What a ripoff! I appreciate all the help from the clerks, and it's wonderful to talk to such nice people.