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    USPS can provide banking-like services for those without bank accounts (yes, there are many without bank accounts in the US) and the USPS can do this without competing with local and regional banks. The unbanked have no way to effectively transfer (in or out) funds without fees that often may run to 25% or more of the amount being transferred.

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    I think it is a great idea. Increasing services can only help secure the prolonged financial viability of the Postal Service and that is something that is essential. I think a strong USPS is something this country must fight to protect and it is critical to our nation's services. A lot of people rely on it, and anything you can do to increase ease and access is a fantastic idea.

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    This idea is a no-brainer. The Postal Service should have the flexibility to provide new consumer products and services--a flexibility that was banned by Congress in 2006. It is now against the law for workers in post offices to notarize or make copies of documents; to cash checks; to deliver wine or beer; or to engage in e-commerce activities (like scanning physical mail into a PDF and sending it through e-mail, selling non-postal products on the Internet or even offering a non-commercial e-mail service).

    Also, 2006 legislation required the Postal Service to prefund, over a 10-year period, 75 years of future retiree health benefits. This unprecedented burden--$5.5 billion a year-- (which no other business is required to do) is responsible for all of the financial losses posted by the Postal Service since October 2012. Without prefunding, the Postal Service would have made a $623 million profit last year. Excluding the prefunding mandate, the Postal Service estimates it will make more than $1 billion in profits this year. This is not surprising, since the Postal Service made a combined profit of $9 billion from 2003-06, before the prefunding mandate took effect.

    I wholly support any and all attempts to strengthen and expand the USPS.

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    Please do add financial services, especially payroll check cashing so people wouldn't use predatory payday lenders. This might bring in enough money to counterbalance Congress' unfair rule making the USPS put up money in advance, which no one else has to do, just because the GOP wants to privatize our mail service. And the private companies won't deliver except where it's convenient for them!

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    I fully support the Postal Service acting now to expand and enhance existing services such as money orders, international money transfers, check cashing and bill pay. Anything that would strengthen the Postal Service is a positive step!

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    Postal banking would be an excellent solution to at least two problems: revenue generation for the Postal Service and access to banking services to our under served poor and working class people. I wholeheartedly support this idea and hope that USPS re-establishes this important program soon.

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    I support non-profit financial services in the post office. Also, why not become an ISP provider for rural areas with decent download speeds? It would be a truly wonderful boon to those of us who live in the hinterland.

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    The USPS is a crucial service to the American people and its services should be (a) restored to levels prior to the latest cuts and (b) be expanded to look at new services, such as check cashing, international money transfers, domestic money orders, bill paying and enhanced mail services - such as the return of community postal mail boxes which have been eliminated in some communities such as mine.

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    1st let me say , we need the post office !! It has had a wonderful record of service to all of us. It would be a shame if it were destroyed , dismantled & allowed to go the way of the dinosaur . It has been an AMERICAN Institution.
    I love going to the post office , the atmosphere is always the same brings back memories of my child hood.
    Yes, they should be allowed to seek new business lines. that are not directly related to mail & delivery. They need to bring in money ... they were able to support themselves until you made it impossible for them to do so. It is soo unfair what has happened to them .
    I think they will knew best what finical services thy should look into . I can see them , having a banking segment of their services . It would be helpful to have more services consolidated under one roof. I like the fact that folks can call for a pick up & have the package delivered . I don't know what is out there as far as what they can get involved with . But yes , I think they should broaden their base.
    I think the biggest barriers to success for the post office is the stinky rules you made them go by that is killing them financially . They did not need any help finally to run the post office , in fact they had money left over . They were totally self sufficient . If you guys ah minded YOUR business & not interfered , they would still be a profitable business. Maybe you cna just let them do what they need to do .

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    I believe that postal banking would be a wonderful idea...and it would pose competition with big banks that have no interest in preserving the middle class. I use the post office and I revere it. It should be given tools to compete fairly.
    I am furious with the GOP endless drumbeat to privatize everything...we've seen how well that works out...UPS and FedEx
    still leave the U.S. Post Office to deliver to places where they refuse to deliver. I am taking photos of and recording pictures of Post Offices in small towns where ever we travel...the Post Office is a vital institution in these towns and rural areas.

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    I fully support expanding Postal Banking!

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    A range of the most commonly required financial services offered at U.S. Postal Service locations would be a MAJOR boon to populations that are now...and will continue to be....isolated from cities, towns, and villages that offer a comprehensive range of these services. These communities are now isolated by virtue of geographic conditions, extreme poverty, housing restrictions, narrow employment opportunities, and cultural/historic factors, (e.g., Indian reservations). Access to basic financial services merely perpetuates and deepens the lack of economic opportunity that such populations face. A better source of these services than the already positioned U.S. post ofifices could not be found! The integrity and historic commitment to reaching ALL populations with postal services would be an ideal vehicle for enlarging access to basic financial services than any strategy for distributing and positioning a novel structure for providing basic financial services to these populations...populations that are found all over America, from densely populated urban areas to the most remote rural areas.

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    Free and/or low cost, banking services and products offered to everyone, can only allow and promote growth in our economy. It will also put some money back into the pockets of those less fortunate.

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    We NEED our postal system! Bigger and better, not smaller and weaker!

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    USPS needs to focus on streamlining current issues before embarking on other ventures. I am SO tired of tracking never being done on packages. I am currently waiting on a package due yesterday, last tracked two days ago all the way across the country. Why are packages not being scanned and tracked properly? I've had packages delivered when I was away from home and the tracking still shows the package is in some other state and I' ve had packages showing delivered that had not been delivered yet but was told "we mark them as delivered at the post office before we actually deliver them. ??? I tried to leave a complaint at "contact us" and the form deleted my comments twice. I'm not wading in for a third round of wasting my time. Please get these tracking issues fixed! Thanks for your time.

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    More bureaucratic self-justification. Service getting worse. Delivery and scanning of Priority Mail is inconsistent making for a frustrating customer experience. One can track a package across the nation and when it arrives at the large PO, it disappears without a tracking scan.

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    I think Postal Banking would provide a much needed service for Americans - go for it. Private banks are not fulfilling their role in society anymore, they are obsessed with collecting fees, penalties, and interest without limit. An institution like the Post Office, with it's universal service principle, can and once did offer good banking services. With new technologies waiting to be utilized, finance could work for the public benefit again, as it does in many other countries with excellent results. The Post Office needs to step up and fill in the void left by our too big to fail institutions' lack of lending and predatory lending/ foreclosure, not to mention the highly usurious pay day lenders and check cashers that the banks leave for those they deem unprofitable customers. I want to see ATMs at the post office and I want my Postal Debit Card.

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    The USPS offices in Laredo, Texas have the worst service, unfriendly and no customer service at all. No one ever answers the phones to help customers . The passport service is always closed . They don't post when they are not going to open so we won't waste our time driving over there. It is the Worst government agency in Laredo,Texas. They need to go to a seminar to teach them friendliness and customer service.
    Please help do something about this.

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    I was told today, May 29, that I could not pick up and use priority boxes at a postal store on US 1 in Port Saint Lucie, FL unless I intended to mail the packages at that location. They told me that they didn't need people using their boxes unless they were the ones that put postage on it. He also said that They would be losing money if I used the boxes and did not mail them there. I told him that I brought the packages back there to mail, but he still did not want me to take the boxes if I purchased postage on line. He said they did not need more damn Ebayers using their services without paying for them. He had never asked if I do EBay, apparently he just assumed that is what I would use them for. All of this occurred on the street in front of the store after he followed me outside yelling at me.
    It was my understanding that the boxes are free, but apparently there is a condition associated with using the free
    boxes. With the current financial status of the postal system, I thought we were being encouraged to use priority boxes when mailing items. I guess no one has told this so called post office. I certainly will never go back there and cost them money by using their services.

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    Hello Liz,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this matter.

    Please try contacting the Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at (803) 926-6387 or (803) 926-6389, they should be able to assist you and look further into this matter for you.

    As well, if you still would like to file a complaint with our offices, you can do so on our hotline at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form and we can forward your issue to the appropriate department.

    Thank you,

    US Postal Service Office of Inspector General

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    My package was delivered to a USPS parcel locker but I don't have one, so I went to the post office and they couldn't find it. That was in January and its May and I still haven't received my package. I have lost almost $200 USD. The supervisor in the post office asked me for the key and I told her I had no key, there was no key delivered to my mailbox either. She took my info twice and said they would look for the key but also they didn't know in which locker it was in.. So far the post office of Oakbrook, in 10070 Dorchester Rd, Summerville, SC 29485 has not bothered in contacting me. EG141717014KR is my tracking numbe, please help me!

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    Email lists now require you to include an address. As a small business owner working from my house, I don't want strangers to know where I live (it's a safety issue). A virtual box would allow me to use the PO box as my address and still receive my mail at home.

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    I believe we have reached the point where there are no more brains to drain, either at USPS or the Postal Inspectors Ofc. Has anyone noticed the the Postal Inspectors have made themselves virtually impossible to contact. Today, when including hold time I spent two (2) hours and forty-six (46) minutes being lied to, passed around like a "cur dog at adoption day at the pound", told that "Supervisors don't have time to bothered by customers, all you are going to do is waste their time", "No, you can't speak to my supervisor, I am the only person you will speak to on the phone", "We don't have to explain to you why your package was shipped another 750 mi. in the wrong direction, that isn't any of the Post Office's business, we put it non a FedEx plane", "It will get to you when it gets to you, if it went in the wrong direction they will get around to sending it back to us and we will then send it to your post office, it will get there within the month". etc. and after finally getting through to the Postal Inspector's Office, a clerk told me that I could not talk to the Inspector in Charge, he wasn't there, the Ass'it OIC wasn't there, and Postal Inspectors don't talk to call ins, and then I was hung up on. Last time any package that I have any control over will ever be sent using the USPS. If the Inspector General were straight up, he would suggest that the USPS either be abolished in its entirety and the work contracted out to a private company, or go back to being the U.S. Post Office, quit pretending it is a business, and treat it like any other governmental department, get rid of all these stupid executive bonuses, while the execs pretend to know what they are doing, rude clerks who know they are invincible as there is no way to complain about them, etc. Bunch of garbage. of course there is no profit in mail. stupid plans like "Smart Post" (perhaps the Oxymoron of the Year" gives away the real profit while the post office does all of the work. etc. Somehow, when I was younger, we had twice a day mail deliveries, polite uniformed post office workers, not men in dangle earrings and women behind the counter with their britches, that were about three (3) sizes too small unbuttoned and held together with twine, probably postal property 're-purposed" for after lunch belt substitutes. Makes one wonder why we have Postal Inspectors if they won't take reports of suspected thefts, have clerks who just hang up on civilians with disdain, etc.It is all a big waste of money, like most other governmental "companies". The government is not a "for-profit business" and these types of organizations are proof of that, they are more like the horse that is brought to the trough for water, and as soon as they are finished drinking they kick a whole in it so no one can prove what had been done/. Fraud, Waste and Abuse seem to be the only thing ignored by the I.G., if the Inspectors were paid for performance, a concept that could well be made universal within the USPS, we could all go back to "Penny Stamps".

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    What a great idea. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed sooner, as the banking industry has lost so much support of everyday people in this country. The banking industry had its chance to serve the public well, to make a good profit, and to engage in good business practices. It chose not to do so, and as a result many, many people were thrown under the bus, all while the CEOs of these big financial corporation still received billions of dollars in benefits. Enough is enough.

    I would *love* to see the USPS move back into the non-financial financial service. I love my post office. I love the carriers, the counter clerks, and the service. The USPS is one of the few large entities not trying to hang me out to dry like all the other predatory corporations out there.

    One other thing I would like to suggest (if anyone actually gets to read this) is the USPS is ignoring a gold-mine with online sellers. I sell through both ebay and etsy. I buy a lot of postage for small packages. I would purchase postage through USPS for ebay and my website labels, but I can't get the discount from USPS Click and Ship. Also, with Click and Ship, if the packages are small (under 13 oz), there's no service available online but Priority. I doesn't make sense for online sellers of small items to pay Priority prices. It would ruin our margins.

    To sum up, please do get into check cashing, gift cards, bill pay, and even savings accounts. Make our lives easier. And please expand online postage to be small-seller friendly. I have a website. Many people I know have websites. We have to go through third party label services when we could go directly to USPS Small Business Solutions (for example).

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.


    Shawn Hanel
    EarthWise Organics
    North Carolina

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    If the vehicle fleet has already served its purpose then time to let it rest. Purchase new delivery trucks that are designed by those who will use it because they know best what will serve them best in their job.