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    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Todd. It is interesting to read the varied opinions and journeys of collectors. We hope our report results in some improvements.

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    I have a old flip phone so looking for ads or coupons is not happening. I enjoy getting my weekly adds from grocery stores and coupons for burger king, jack in box, etc. Right now most of the people in the mobile park in hayward ca on Hesperian are not getting any ads or coupons of any kind for the past 3 months. Don't know if the mailman is lazy but he gave me a stupid reason that only some people would get them. Who makes that decision? Really upset cause I have 2 family members who were working for the usps but are disabled now and both say the mailperson who is delivering is to lazy. Someone please see to it that these mailpersons do there job because besides me wanting these ads and coupons someone is also paying to have these delivered.

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    Thank you for your comments, Edward. The OIG hopes its report has emphasized the need for improved controls.

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    Thanks for your comments, Richard. We will consider these issues for future audits or reviews over the subject matter.

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    Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion, Stamphound. As you can tell from the blog responses, people are passionate about stamp collecting and it’s interesting to hear from collectors on the pros and cons of the Jenny stamp sheets. We appreciate your interest in stamp collecting and your viewpoints on this subject.

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    Thanks for your suggestions, Henry. We are keeping all comments from this blog and will consider a future follow-on audit or review. Additionally, our audit scope did not include the circus collectible you mention.

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    Thank you for your comments, Jerry. Seventy of the 100 Un-Inverted Jenny Stamp Sheets were randomly disbursed with 1.2 million Inverted Jenny stamp sheets to retail units in the top 50 markets. Thirty of the 100 Un-Inverted Jenny stamp sheets were retained at the Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS) who had 700,000 of the Inverted Jenny stamp sheets. The remaining 300,000 are in inventory to replace retail unit stock. The stamp sheets that were given away were from the 30 in inventory at the SFS. In response to our recommendation 2, the Postal Service is developing a plan to address the remaining Un-Inverted Jenny stamps sheets held in inventory.

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    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Barry. At the time of our report, the Postal Service had 80 stamp sheets in inventory (or at least were not registered purchases). Our recommendation 2 asked the Postal Service to develop a plan to address the remaining stamps sheets. The Postal Service plans to have an action plan in place by August 31, 2015.

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    We apologize, George. Our original response was referring to the audit report. Your comment is referring to the blog synopsis itself. We’ve corrected the misprint. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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    I don't want anyone but myself and the postal carrier in MY mailbox. Too much sensitive information, medications and other items would be too accessible to unknown persons!!

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    As a Rural Letter Carrier I know that this is a VERY BAD IDEA! Lazy UPS drivers already try to put packages into mail boxes. Sometimes stuffing it so full that the mail for the box will not fit. This includes periodicals, checks, credit cards and someone's birthday card which is already easy pickings for thieves. Keep the sanctity of the mail and everyone else out! And trust me, UPS will not discount any rates because they can fit it in a mailbox. It will just make them more profit.

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    What can you do if your landlord take ur packages from a protected mailbox with lock that she only got the keys and you never receive them even ur regular mail from dmv or other departments what can i do

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    We understand that companies like to use cheap labor, and will probably hire ,"independent" contractors. What policing jurisdiction will control investigations, or will they all say it's not our jurisdiction? Who will enforce background checks of the people with access?
    How can the sanctity of the mail be protected, when that is the last thing on a for profit companies mind?

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    And IF Your Policy is Not to leave if Too Big or Whatever Dont Leave a Notice a WEEK LATER!!!

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    Well I had an item that was Never Delievered NOR Attempt last week Resent from company Now 2 others Guarenteed delivery today!? Well called PO first thing today at 9am and Carrier Left Without 3 packages???? THEY DONT BOTHER!!!

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    As a usps carrier I wouldn't want to compete for space in the box. Human nature would be for competitors to stuff whatever they could without regard for mail. Folks don't empty everyday; inside might be medicines, Netflix,etc. Do we want others access to that? How much Smartpost/Surepost would we lose if UPS/FEDX could use the mailbox? Mailbox access is a huge advantage for USPS- why give that away? Plus it won't be long for anyone to put anything(ad flyers) in the box so we'd be losing postage revenue as well.

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    "People are already sharing their delivery preferences with MyUSPS.com, such as directing the Postal Service to leave the package on the back porch, or with the neighbor, or ‘hold it at a Post Office for pick-up if they aren’t going to be home. "

    I think it is really great that USPS is catching on and catching up. Listening to, and acting upon, the comments of their customers is a behavior that is one of the hallmarks of successful businesses.

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    I anticipated that you would "create" some "inadvertants", so I initially ordered a number from the Fullfillment center. After that I bought a LOT from my local small post office, knowing they needed sales to stay alive. I was VERY upset to find that they had NO chance of getting any. Are you actively trying to kill our local post offices???? This seems like clear proof of that objective.


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    Usps upgrade your services to that of ups don't give out expected delivery date and not make it that's why so many people hate it,and show where it's at in-transit rather than in limbo of not knowing people spend a lot of money on products and shipping

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    I agree 100% with the comments made by Ralph McBride. Until 2014 I faithfully purchased every US postage stamp issued, beginning in the 1970's. I am no longer doing this, and I have not and will not purchase the silly stamps, the overpriced print sheets and the products that are more appropriate to Department 56 than the United State Postal Service. At a time when dissatisfaction with the USPS seems to be at an all time high, I think a fundamental re-examination of the Service's role is needed. I suggest that the role is prompt and efficient delivery of the mail, and the production of postage stamps should be subservient to those goals. Turning stamp production into a profit center was not part of the original purpose of the Post Office, and it should not be part of the Postal Service.

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    The nature of "postal commerce" has changed dramatically in the last decade, fueled by technological advances and our individual consuming practices. These four insightful commentaries offer compelling perspectives on neighborhood logistics, and what new potential horizons still lie ahead for the mailing industry.
    Consumers, especially millennials, know: what they want; where to find it; when they want it; and can work the logistical aspects of their purchases with ease and confidence.

    Some very valuable insights have been presented here, and it is incumbent on both public and private postal enterprises to understand that postal intelligence can mean postal power. It can breed success for both consumers and all of the stakeholders involved in the postal commerce marketplace.

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    The Postal Service should provide Postal Banking, there are a lot of areas of this country that don't have banks.

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    I think the USPS should print enough of these rarities so that all collectors would have the ability to own one. Way back when Farley made the National Parks issue for President Roosevelt, Roosevelt did the right thing and made enough for everybody. The fish and game dept. did the same thing when they release a very limited supply of the Federal duck stamp in 2005 , that single stamp is now selling for around $2000 with a face value of $15. This only serves to discourage collecting of postage stamps. How do these rarities generate revenue for the Post Office. they only benefit the dealers.