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    Ben Franklin says the system is not broke; Ben Franklin is wrong. Think of a lean, productive, effective organization, like many that are state-of-the art today. Whether a Postal Service like such an organization could survive in the long term is questionable. But it is not questionable whether the Postal Service of today is such an organization. The gap is large!

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    Those in low cost areas love the current system while those in high cost areas are being mistreated. The bottom line is that in any sensible organization, wages vary based on the local cost of living.

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    Wages should increase based on the current COLA formula, along with longevity increases. Additionally, there should be a Locality Pay that is uniform across the board for GS, WG, SES, PS, MH, and all other Federal pay scales.

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    As a customer of USPS, I would appreciate retail clerks at the PO to inform me of the best cost to send. I absolutely RESENT a business who has their hands in my pocket as soon as I walk in the door! Its a matter of trust. I want to feel as if they are looking out for me as well. They need my business, I need their services, lets keep it simple. I would suggest "extra services" windows at PO for those who have questions regarding their shipments. With alot of the available employees on "standby" there should be no reason customers should have to wait inside the customer service lobbys. Get all the clerks trained on retail sales. Make the premium products comparable to Fed Ex and UPS. Please make sure managers in area offices AND plant operations constantly keep on top of Express and delivery comfirmations...this seems to wax and wane depending on the amount of pressure to perform. Employees bid on different positions within a plant and their expertise on these products does not go to the next employee without any "real training" resulting in product failures. Managers should keep on it and have accountability with it. Or else the products are waste. Would it hurt managers to learn and perform scanning and tracking processes so they are aware of the products importance? In addition, the Post Office is at every household every day, as an employee of the USPS, we are a walking, talking advertisement to every person in the US. Could we not contract with companies to pitch their products as well as our own? While customers are in lobbies, do we have screens they can view as they are waiting in line? For a certain product..either ours or a clients? (fee based) Would this be to much red tape? Is there a clerk at the window who can assist customers bring in their packages? Do we have an "EXPRESS" window for those only mailing Express mail (especially during holidays) And the simplest question, of which I partially have an answer for, why cant those window clerks at least smile and show a little gratitude to the customers? I rarely visit a post office where the clerk is glad to do business. In fact, I will not go back to a business if I am treated as if I am imposing on some time they might have had if I had not interrupted....but I try to buy only USPS because I am an employee. I will not buy from a business who just contributes to me having a bad day. Come on "lets step it up"

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    Quit screwing with a system that is not broke!!!!

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    So with you on that...People do not realize what it is like driving , delivering mail , packages , & flyers.. Everytime we get one new rule , they brake 2 more...Contract is almost irrelevent.. We do have a good job , but with alot of people who take it for granted.. by means of customer service. Long gone are the days that people HAD to HAVE the post office. I think we're all going to have to give a little.. It's just a matter of how much..That includes the post office.

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    Another alternative is to use a formula based on national wage averages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (e.g. 75th percentile for Salary for locality * full employment rate of locality) Also you may want to average the past three years for smoothing. Also, you may want to guarantee that a person's salary will not decrease.

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    Just bumped into this thread and wanted to add a little. I'm a mailhandler for 23 yrs,who worked empty equipment 9 years for 50 AOs. I've noticed a recent change over, back to fiber pallets during this 09 summer for the usps.

    Heard of this problem last year(missing plastic pallets).As a small time stock investor, ive followed small companies,some of which were claiming to converting plastic back to oil,as plastic is an oil product.

    I've no specific information, but this is just another avenue to look at,as it was my first thought back when i first heard of the problem and oil was $140 bbl.

    Being the plastic pallet is 20 yrs old to the USPS and we didn't realize a problem till last year or so.Perhaps this offers another avenue for investigation. Maybe the amount of plastic pallet losses can be tracked side by side with the price of oil.

    Just a thought!!

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    it's called COLA

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    i may be wrong, but i think to receive the ssi supplement you have to be minimum retirement age and 30 years in the post office. you may want to double check on this before you retire.

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    "pick up a few parcels"? What about the spr's? My average parcel count per mgt is three a day. I can count the times I have had less than ten in a day because i kept copies of the days I was inspected. Any other day, 15 spr's and 10 that won't fit in a bag.
    Marriage mail and all it's droppings will foul things up. Will there still be third bundle flats?
    Anything postcard and smaller has to be sorted before the street cuz they don't sort well in the DPS, how many such issues will the FSS have?
    Mgt keeps coming up with new acronyms for the workers to ridicule!

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    That 's what I say ! If the Union does NOT like that ......... let them find themselves another job......outside the USPS.

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    Thank God I've saved up my Sick leave all these years! Guess they'll be coming in handy NOW!

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    The craft wages are set by a negotiated contract. End of story. UPS and FedEx are not required to deliver to every address in the country. No comparison needed. I find this blog one of the worst cases of fraud waste and abuse in the Postal Service. Who do report this to? OIG should stick to investigating criminals and leave this VOE like survey nonsense for Postal Management. No wonder everyone things the OIG is sleeping in the same bed as management.

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    "Can you imagine the effects of walking delivery routes for 7 to 8 hours daily over a period of years?"

    It get better........under the CORS System you are going to be "walking 7 to 8 hours daily" with 35 pounds of mail in your bag every time you leave your vehicle.

    I always wondered what type of FERS Flu I would catch. I guess they have answered my question..............

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    The question is irrelevant. Postal Employees work under a collective bargaining agreement. Their salaries are negotiated and if no agreement is reached than binding arbitration comes into play. At the arbitration, both parties present evidence to support their positions concerning salary rates, benefits, etc. The arbitrator's decision is based on his/her interpretaion of this evidence which includes data of wages in the private sector as presented by both parties. I consider it highly illogical and irresponsible to base wages and benefits on public opinion. Do you think doctors should make as much? What about lawyers? Politicians in general, etc? We already have a fair and practical process to determine postal wages. I think it should remain this way.

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    I have had nothing but problems at the Rogers Park, Chicago Post Office. When we applied for our permit we asked if we need to monitor our renewal date and were told that the post office will notify us when permit will expire (we also confirmed this service in the domestic mail manual). W'ell you guessed it. Our permit lapsed because we never received a renewal notice. After several mailings we figured out our permit expired. So leeson 1, we learned is to track your renwal date yourself. Then we paid to renew our permit and it took WEEKS to get a straight answer from anyone. We called the local branch (Rogers Park) we called downtown on Harrison St. Each time we received different answers on how to renew our permit. Eventually we sent in our payment. Spoke to numerous people at Rogers Park and received nothing but a run around. Now we have a renewed permit and sent out seed names and tests and still have not received any back after 2 weeks! What other options do I have? Is there a different service I can use? We really need BRM. Please contact me to discuss this.

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    And we got to remember all them questions too!

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    Actually, in answer to your question;
    Post from Brainstorming Ideas Pt 2.

    OK Here goes. Don’t get offended by the accusation
    of you’re ignorance of government process. It’s complicated, and, I hope you all follow through.

    And, I already know my sick pay balance identified below, is AS SAFE THE SUN COMING UP Tomorrow.
    But, the USPS continued existence is definately
    on the ropes.

    Now, I’m a techy currently working in transportation, so to set the tone, my answers to poll questions are
    reflected as such.

    Question 1. Introduce Non-traditional Postal Services, i.e. web based, IP, wireless lan/wan etc., intelligent transportation net, similar to other noted comments provided in Brainstorming 1.

    Question 2. Develop Web Based digital mail (Charge new fees for new technology services.


    I’ll bet my sick pay balance, only 1% or less know answers to the following questions. And, to assure accuracy, and prove you’re not peeking,

    1. Who is the Chair of the committee?
    2. Who are the ranking members?

    Be honest with yourself.

    1. First ask yourself to name the Congressional committee members that represent the USPS’s future, and the districts they are from and which one presides in you’re district.

    2. Ask 50 USPS people you work with simply to name
    the Congressional Committee these members belong to.

    The Congressional Committee members who decide the USPS’s fate!!

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    In response to Mark referring to Postal Carriers as "overpaid paperboys", I ask him to consider the differences between the two. I've been both a paperboy and now a Postal Carrier (Rural Carrier). As a paperboy, you only have one type of piece to deliver, must both collect funds and pay for their papers they deliver. But keep in mind, it's only one piece and doesn't need to worry about address labels or names when making deliveries. The mail carrier has multiple types of mail pieces to deliver (letters, flats or magazines, small and large parcels in many different shapes and sizes), must consider names, locations, handle accountable mail with scanning issues (insured, signature confirmations, registered, and international delivery confirmations, etc.), adhere to postal delivery regulations, safety and security procedures, and do all that in all types of weather conditions. Shall I go on? Mail carriers equal to glorified paperboys....I don't think so.

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    pay should not be associated with location. we are free to live and work where we please. if there needs to be a change in pay structure it whould be based on productivity and work standards (which the unions oppose)

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    Ive worked in offices with city in the past, have gone out with more mail on a longer route than some and finished before you guys, you work at one pace, which is fine, when we are finished we are off for the day you finish to early and your doing someone elses job, about 10 years ago we were short handed had a city boy sort mail on my route, had just bid on it and havent gotten it yet, he was on route for a month, never cased and delivered it but spent 6 hours a day in the office, cut our routes in half FSS is going to do that but not city boys working on any!

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    Wage uniformity. Funny how we try to copy communist countries!

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    Postal workers are overpaid paperboys. American public is finally figuring that out.