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    Personally, I think the minds behind stamp design need to take a lesson from years past. Subtle changes in basic stamp designs are clever and peek interest in stamps. A good old fashioned 20 versions of an eagle head stamp would make my day.

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    Love it, keep up the great work.

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    Named individuals should be deceased when they appear on stamps. Unnamed individuals may appear in cases in which the achievement is singularly important. For example, the Apollo moon landing. We all knew it was Neil Armstrong, but the stamp was about the achievement, not the individual.

    The individuals need not be Americans, nor do the events need to be exclusively American, but their significance to history must include an important American tie. Winston Churchill is a good example of an individual, and the Olympics are a good example of an event.

    Not a big fan of celebrities on stamps. I prefer figures and events that are educational or enlightening, and actors and entertainers generally do not fit that description. Elvis, Bob Hope, and John Wayne are notable exceptions because of their stature as enduring American icons.

    Also not a fan of ugly stamps. With so few produced each year, we should be able to make nearly every issue a work of art. The $5 "Waves of Color" is an example of an abhorrent stamp that should not have made it off the original proposer's drawing board. Stamps that look like a child in first grade drew them, such as the recalled Michelle Obama fitness stamps, should not be allowed, unless in fact a 1st-grade child did draw them as part of a special children's issue.

    Bottom line is that stamps reflect, and even become part of, our heritage, and when their designs are squandered on inconsequential subjects, our society is a bit worse for it.

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    I believe the USPS would be ill-advised to put living persons on stamps no matter how well known nationally the individual may be. A case in point. Suppose the USPS issued a stamp honoring Bill Cosby then discovered he was a rapist. It would not place the USPS in a good light to have a rapist honored on a US postage stamp.

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    No to living people. Stamps should feature those who made significant contributions to our country - be that as an individual or as an occupation as stated earlier. Pets, birds, flowers, landmarks, state flags, and series like the old transportation stamps or the new Civil War stamps are also good choices. Abstract art - yuck. Black History - pertinent and important. Presidents - OK. While everyone has an opinion about what is pretty or interesting, if I cannot figure out what is on the stamp, I don't want it. Cloudscapes - neat. Even the Harry Potter stamps were good - they interest kids and promote reading. Don't think we need as many stamps issued each year though and stop duplicating denominations that aren't used that much: who needs another reprint of the $2 waves when there are still so many unsold Jenny inverts?

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    There are two things that should definitely NOT be presented on postage stamps;
    One , Living people til ten years after their demise, except presidents and vice presidents.
    Two, Stamps that identify the symbols of specific religious organizations.
    Rather than Movie stars or other popular but illusory entertainers, how about the common man (Or woman) who provides the goods and services, farmers, drivers, doctors nurses, teachers, mechanics, various technicians, all the diverse trades that actually make the country function. And do not forget the aging veterans, the guys who served the country and are now in wheelchairs or hobbling around on crutches.

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    I find myself preferring sets of "things, events, places" over commemorating specific people, and I prefer a sheet that commemorates a group of people linked by a common thread (ie, Celebrity Chefs) to a sheet that commemorates a specific person (ie, Harvey Milk). Definite preference for deceased and American, although someone just used an 8-cent Gandhi stamp to send something to me. I think "Mystery Writers of America" would make a great themed set-- Raymond Chandler, John Dickson Carr, Leslie Charteris (a naturalized American), Ellery Queen (actually two people), Joan Lowery Nixon, etc... just a nice cross-section of people who were intrinsic to the genre.

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    I'm not crazy about honoring specific living people - especially non americans like juvenile delinquent Bieber.

    I'd like to see stamps honoring good role models and heroes. Like America's firemen and policemen who risk their lives for us every day. Or doctors and nurses. Perhaps a series honoring those who serve - teachers, soldiers, postal workers, veterinarians, garbage men, linesmen, plumbers, cooks, mechanics, - everyday people who keep our country safe, clean, healthy. Those are REAL heroes and great role models. I think the stamps would be really popular too!

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    Deceased Only. No living persons on a stamp - period.

    Primarily Americans, but also foreignors (without citizenship) who have contributed significantly to the culture and history of the U.S.; however, not any person or topic that can be tied to any commercial interest(s).

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    Deceased only. Victor Borge, Dan Fogelberg, Arlington National Cemetary, Parthanon in Nashville, TN, State Flags, State Capitals, US Possessions, Labor Leaders, Moments in Labor History. I collect panes and use Forever Stamps and postcard stamps. I enjoy the preprinted envelopes and postal cards too.

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    Hello Rena,

    We are sorry to hear about this incident, but we are appreciative that you have brought it to our attention. The USPS Office of Inspector General investigates waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS).

    We recommend contacting the USPS customer service office: you can call them at 800-275-8777 or email socialmedia@usps.gov. Once they have received your claim they can look further into this matter.

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    Hello Lyn,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this issue. Please file a complaint online at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. By completing this form it will provide our offices with the critical information needed to expeditiously resolve this matter.

    Thank you.

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    I placed a single letter in my mail box with the money for a stamp on Monday, November 24, 2014. The single letter had One (1) week to arrive at its location.. I left town-on Sunday November 30th, when I arrived back at my home, the red flag was down and the letter was still in the mail box, along with an orange envelope.... Now what the what is this all about. I have always used the US Postal Service mailing one letter (at the most once a year). How stupid is this and this letter was of the utmost importance, paying an insurance premium for my disabled son....Now the letter remains in the box with the flag up...Want to see what happens in Valdese, NC today... It is no surprise to me that the US Postal Service is loosing money....

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    Do another series of state stamps. Or stamps depicting our armed forces. Or historical landmarks in the US. People love their pets-cats, dogs. Definitely need something to interest younger people.

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    I have a package sent from Florida (to Indiana) that never got more than 10 miles away from Florida. This package had a tracking number, and was set for overnight shipping with a signature. I've tried to get help between Indiana and Florida plus Ethics, eusps and more. None seem to be looking for this package. Some say that the package has an invalid tracking number but that isn't right because the package can be found at where it's last location was. I just feel that the Post office doesn't care. Their attitude is "sometimes packages get lost" and they don't care to look for it. I hope the other USPS people and the attorney general that I've contacted will help.

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    The Postal Service is a JOKE. Can't even deliver certified mail.

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    I recently mail ordered a product from a company only 5 miles away across the Indiana/Michigan state line. The company was mail order only and did not have a storefront business, so driving over there to buy it directly was not an option. I may be wrong, but I believe that little package had to travel from Mishawaka, IN to Indianapolis IN (150 miles) to Grand Rapids MI (250 miles) to Niles MI (100 miles) before it could be delivered!

    How can anyone with even half a brain call that efficient? A 500 mile trip to go 5 miles? I see this every time I order anything through the mail. The Post Office is the biggest waster of fuel in the United States and no one in the government calls them to task on this! Unbelievable!

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    I am so disappointed in what should no longer be called the US Postal "SERVICE", in my opinion.

    My level of service has markedly declined in recent years. I cringe every time I see that something I ordered is going to be delivered by the USPS. I have had packages lost and have had repeated issues with a carrier that has continually placed "attempted delivery" notices in my mailbox when I am home ALL DAY and no attempted delivery was truly made. Many times this notice requires me to pick the package up at the post office on a later date. I pay to have items delivered TO MY HOUSE, so why do I have to take time out of my day, and spend my gas to pick up an item which I already paid to have shipped to my home? Add to this the fact that there is always a long line at the post office window and the clerks are rarely very friendly! (Although many places have the same problem with lack of customer service.)

    I actually received one of those notices today and, again, I was home all day. The slip doesn't even tell me where exactly my item is and the tracking number, when checked, says no information is available.

    I have reported this situation several times, but no one seems to care. It's not that I'm told something will be done either ... I'm told there isn't anything that can be done.

    At this point, I just wish another service would be available to handle all deliveries. I never have problems with UPS nor FedEx and wish they were the only companies that handled deliveries.

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    I recently received a package (Christmas) in the mail on Saturday afternoon and the mail person came up 10 steps and left package and could not walk 5 feet further to put it by back door. My porch is 90 % covered so why couldn't they at least put it on the table or by back door during all this inclement weather.If they even came to back door, I may would have seen them and got the package as I have a 3 month old child and was home with him.As it was, my package got soaking wet with the 3 " of rain and I had to pour it out of the box. Even if the company I ordered it from may make it good, I honestly don't believe it should be their responsibility to do so because of lazy mail carriers. My mother in law had the same thing happen to her about 6 weeks ago. They left her package at the top step under the weather. It started to rain and she went out to put her flower out to get watered and happened to see the box before disolving her important vitamins. We also get other peoples mail a lot of different times, not just one or two, but a handful of their mail. I can understand a mistake here or there once in a while, but this is really getting rediculous. This just shows to me that either someone doesn't really care about their job, or they are incompetent to handle it. I firmly believe that the postal service should step up to the plate and take care of this matter and be responsible for the people they hire to work for them. This should not have happened since I have a large covered area porch that the package could have been left under regardless of wether the sun is shining or not because you never know when it may start raining. It would have only taken them one minute to walk a few feet farther. My home phone number is 803-535-0634 and cell is 803-664-1410. Thank you and I'll be waiting on a call in next day or two.

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    Stamps probably should not include living celebrities. Recent news headlines illustrate how the public's perception of a celebrity can change as allegations or other information come to light. What migth be interesting to the general public is to learn which stamps or series have been most popular. I think some people would be surprised to know that one of the top commemerative stamps of 2013 was lighthouses of New England. Sometimes a classic image appeals to the public more than the current A-lister celebrity.

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    I'm certain that at the volume the USPS would be purchasing, they could mandate upgraded brakes for the order. Additionally, like was posted earlier, this is available overseas in right-hand drive, so that's not an issue either.

    Since you've Live tested one in field conditions, are there any other tweaks or wish-list items you'd recommend they mandate if they were to place an order?

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    I think the twin towers of 911 after they had fallen. Yes I would buy them.

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    Yes, important that they be American.
    Yes, I think deceased only.
    No, it won't make me buy the stamps(I get Forever or Breast Cancer stamps only), but it would be good for collectors.
    I think they need to honor people who significantly contributed to something. For ex: Justin B is just popular now because he's an a$$. Definitely wait until he is (and I am) dead to consider that one. But Paul Newman? Oh, yes.

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    I appreciate the opportunity

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    I love the idea. I have had a very mobile life and don't see that changing anytime soon. I have been recently looking into virtual mailboxes and do plan to get one, as it solves many of the problems concerned with moving (which I am doing yet again). I think there is a wide audience with the idea, not just with frequent travelers and small businesses, but also with students, clubs/orginazations, families going on their yearly vacation, etc. When researching different companies, I also liked the idea that with the mail I did not want there was an option to recycle.