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    Potter wants the Postal Service to look bad. Then the politicians that he is still buddies with in Washington, can push to privatetize the USPS. No matter what, Potter will still get his bonus!

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    Just what would be the charge on this? Some papers deliver it already in the for $29 per thousand for a single sheet flyer. Can the Post Office offer this rate? Also, most times 1,000 flyers doesn't get the saturation an advertiser needs to pull in customers.

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    I haven't read all the comments so if someone else came up with this idea I'm sorry to repeat it.

    I came across this simple idea by requesting a free catalog. It cost the company Cutters (they make football gloves) $1.xx to send me it.I heard USPS is the second largest employer behind walmart. So if every employee goes out and request a free catalog from the many websites they frequent it'll will generate some revenue. Easy. Simple. It won't solve all our problems but something is better than nothing.

    Other websites I get catalogs from. Eastbay. CCS. Cheaper than Dirt. There's thousands out there. So go out and request free catalogs. And who knows you might find something you like from the company and it'll be worth it for them also.

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    I know that their base might be 61k,but that's for a level 15 office.I work in a level 18,and his base is 67k plus he gets paid for every hour he's on the clock.You noticed I never said working.Add his total hours up,and we have managers here making over 90k a year.One of them was so stupid,he even told this to one of the carrier he made 95k last year. He also said that if we would give up one of our 10 min. breaks,the PO wouldn't have this money problem.

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    Not so dude!

    Political gender has zero to do with the USPS.

    If the USPS was a government agency, they couldn't hire casual employees, who don't have a collective bargaining agreement.

    Those employees would have to work for a company
    like Blackwater in Iraq. Every casual employee that
    works for the USPS is a liability on the USPS balance sheet. Whereas, a contractor provides their own liability policies under the USPS umbrella.
    The USPS is self insured, however every outside contractor/vendor must meet the obligations of standard contract terms.

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    Truly smart business don't just look at HUGE things they can do to save money, they look at the small things that add up. In my husband's office (which I used to work at also), each day management makes carriers go out for a second run of deliveries to make sure all first class letters go out every day. At $20-$40 an hour to pay 3-4 people to go back out for a handful of .30-.45 cent items, it's a loss of several hundred dollars a day just for one office. Multiply that by 10K offices and how much is being lost every day? The logic fails me. First of all, it's first class, not Express Mail. Second, customers do not go back out to check their box a second time, so they don't even know they got it that day! But I guess slogans like "Every piece every day" sound good.

    Then their is the pricing of products. Too many deep discounts for mass mailers. So many parcel choices that customers can't use the automated equipment in the lobby because they don't even know how they should mail their parcel because there are too many choices and the pricing structure is unclear. Refining product choices, and eliminating redundant or loss-producing choices could save a lot of money.

    What about looking at years when they were showing a profit and going back to the same ratio of delivery points per piece of mail? Consolidating not only routes, but offices, and then selling or leasing the excess real estate?

    If the Postal Service asked it's own carriers how to save money, instead of their management, they would get vastly different answers. Real answers. Carriers see where the money is wasted, the man-hours, and they care about preserving the Postal Service and their jobs. Management just wants to keep their budget intact for next year, just as big as last year, so they have no motivation to actually save.

    Rural carriers were ripped off in the last count and took huge pay cuts due to lack of mail volume. What about Post Masters? Why not have their salary based on the mail volume of their office, so they can have a nice pay cut too? Or why not eliminate this "figure head" position? When I worked for the Postal service our PM sat in his chair with his FEET ON THE DESK reading the newspaper for HOURS every morning. I don't think the higher-ups realize how many hours a day could be cut from management without affecting operations.How about one area manager and no PMs? Why not have the number of supervisors and 204Bs an office is allowed to employ be based on the mail volume as well?

    I always choose the USPS. They give an outstanding service for a pittance. I get to mail packages for about half what the UPS store quotes me. I get free packing supplies, and super nice clerks. Why doesn't everyone know how much cheaper they are than UPS? How about instead of advertising for supporting Lance Armstrong or other equally stupid money-wasting BS they actually advertise a comparison of shipping rates? In this economy people want to save money!

    There are so many ways to save money and generate income. Other businesses use them all the time. The problem with the PS is they are so big, the high-higher ups who make the decisions don't know what's going on in the local offices. There are too many layers to the management, each layer trusting the one beneath it, and what they fail to grasp is that there is an ingrained, good-old-boys club of managers who seek only to keep their cushy positions and meet for lunch. Not a group that can be trusted to do what is best for the business.

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    Much of the carrier time in College/University towns ia spent on COA's. In fact, USPS statistics reveal that over 40% of Americans move each year. This eats up a lot of clerk time, Sales Associates time, carriers time and CFS! Let's do a cost study to see how much it costs us down to the hard copy change order form and then charge for this service. Why give it away? They are acaptive audience and will have to pay to get their mail to follow them. Charge them $10 or more-whatever our cost is PLUS 100% just like retail everywhee else. There ain't no free lunch!

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    Fuel efficient vehicles would save a ton of money. While it is not our saving answer, it would sure as hell help.

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    Excellent idea, let's do the math. 46 million change of addresses were filed last year. Let's say we charge $20.00 for each one, wow we just collected $920,000,000.00 and let's charge $3.00 to do vacation holds too. There's a billion right in front of us !!

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    Ah get off their backs, whattya want for 65-90 grand a year !!

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    I think the best thing the Postal Service could do, is take back our parcel business. They have given it away to UPS and FED EX. The mail may go away, but people still order on line and expect delivery.
    I have done some experimenting with a particular business and how they ship. The cheapest way to ship is through UPS, but is delivered by USPS. It makes no sense.
    And also when a postal customer insures a package, and it is damaged, they have to fight to be made whole. It then gets advertised by a news team, and that would stop anyone from using that service.

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    The postal service states they want to increase use of FSS automation. Why can't we require (or even provide) the company that prints Advos or Red Plums to put the thing in an envelope. That way it could be worked in with the FSS mail doing away with an akward 3rd bundle.

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    I don't think it was so much an "assessed" penalty, as opposed to an organization trying to see how much it could save by offering nothing. The results were obvious.

    The main problem with this organization, is that it's trying to turn on a dime, adapting to a new market paradigm (no mail). Problem is, the P.O. is a monolithic entity mired in regulations and employs an antiquated methodology of managing personnel. An incentivized VERA would buy the organization the needed time to truly assess what operations can be scaled back, what real estate holdings are non mission-critical, what technological implementations will actually generate an ROI, etc. An incentivized VERA is the shortest path to short-term solvency, yet long-term planning.

    When you have an organization that values process over results and has a one-size-fits-all mentality, it's VERY difficult to adapt to changing environments.

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    Try delivering a rt when you've got the flu or diarrhea-6 -7 hours out on the street-there are bathrooms every where, right?

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    Eliminate the postal medical section. What do they do? We have a postal Medical "Clinic" at our P&DC. But if someone gets injured or sick on the workroom floor all the medical section does is call 911. They do not help the person directly, fearing a lawsuit I suppose. The medical section used to administer drug and alcohol testing, but they don't even do that anymore. Employees are sent offsite to a private sector occupational health clinic.

    Do any of our competitors have in-house medical sections? How about Walmart, or GM, Ford or Chrysler?

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    MM reply to the flatfoot,

    I mean the average front line supervisor salary is $61000

    I know how much upper management makes,

    for instance, potter makes $250000 /yr

    Like you said most upper management makes more than $110000

    I meant the front line supervisor


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    I'd gladly take added time onto my years in service, with no penalty, and leave right away. I'm fifty years old, and even if the OPM delayed my full retirement until I turned 55, in other words, I took the reduced pension for five years while the USPS got back on its feet, I'd still go.

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    1.The United State Postal Service was no more meant to be an independent self-sustaining government agency than the military should be an independent self-sustaining government agency. The Postal Service was established to provide universal mail delivery, and should be held to this purpose. The Postal Service’s only product is service, and window clerks across the nation should not be hawking retail sale products that most customers do not want. The Postal Service is floundering and mired down in its own mess that was created when removed from the total control of Congress, therefore, Congress must totally reorganize the Postal Service by bringing it back under control of Congress. The Congress and Postal Service management must be accountable and transparent in their actions.

    2.The workforce is the backbone of the Postal Service; therefore, management from the office of the Postmaster General to the supervisor on the workroom floor must stop their harassment and intimidation style of management. This only causes a hostile working environment for all employees. Anyone in management that cannot conform to ceasing the harassment and intimidation style of management must be removed from a position of authority. Once the Postal Service is completely operated by robotics, then this will be a mute issue, however, for now the Postal Service at all levels is operated by people.

    3.Standardization of management procedures must be set and adhered to nationwide. I know from past experience that some managers feel that there is the Postal Service way, and there is their way, and it’s their way that they expect things done. I understand that some offices have 3 or more supervisors working a tour, but there is no supervisor in charge of the tour. These supervisors are often told to call their Plant Manager to get a confirmation on how to handle a situation that may arise.

    4.There appears to be to many management positions from headquarters to the workroom floor. There are definitely too few craft positions in many areas of the country. There are many management positions that are filled by individuals that have limited, or no, knowledge of the workings of the Postal Service. Shouldn’t you know something of how the organization operates before you are allowed to manage any of its operations? A minimum of 6 years work experience should be required before anyone is allowed into any supervisor or management training, with a minimum of 3 years OJT.

    5.Postmaster positions are not needed in all post offices. Where as a post office gives a community a sense of being, not all post offices need a postmaster. These offices could function very well with a Level 7 Officer in Charge (OIC). Such a position would have to be established by the Postal Service.

    6.In offices where there are postmasters, the postmaster should be in charge of the entire facility. There should be a Manager of Mail Processing and a Manager of Collection and Delivery that answer to the postmaster. In mail processing, each processing tour should have a Tour Supervisor that answers to the Manager of Mail Processing. Unless mail is processed on Tour 2 should have limited number of employees to handle their mail volume, and there should be a Level 6 employee in charge. In collection and delivery, there should be Level 7 Station Managers that answers to the Manager of Collection and Delivery. These positions will have to be established, and this will return daily operations back to one central control point.



    Manager of Mail ProcessingManager of Collection and Delivery

    ^ ^
    ^ ^

    Tour 1 SupervisorStation Manager
    Tour 2 Employee in ChargeStation Manager
    Tour 3 SupervisorStation Manager

    7.With the automation of mail processing, the Postal Service no longer needs the clerk or mail handler crafts, as anyone may be trained to perform any of the jobs within the realm of mail processing. A new craft title of “Mail Processor” should be established by merging the present clerk and mail handler craft. This will provide the Postal Service with more craft flexibility, and eliminate union grievances over work jurisdictions that are very costly for the Postal Service. This may be achieved by merely changing the craft title name, and allowing everyone to remain in their present job. When a vacancy opens, then anyone may bid on the vacant position, receive the proper training for said position, and once the training has been passed they will be placed on the said job.

    8.Overtime is a very big problem; therefore, would it not be cheaper to hire someone for an area where overtime is being paid on a daily basis? (i.e. Carrier Craft) Overworked, harassed and intimidated people tend to call in sick more often.

    9.Window Units are the customer’s biggest area of complaint. I have personally been in lines for up to 30 minutes or more as only 1 or 2 window clerks working an area with 5 available windows. Much of the time was being devoted to processing passport applications. Why is the Postal Service processing passport applications in the first place? I have listened to customers complaining while standing in line, and I have witnessed customers leave without mailing their packages. A few have said out loud as they left that they were going to UPS. Management should be well aware of the heaviest mailing times of the day and staff their window units accordingly. The Postal Service should look into opening window units in malls or other high volume shopping areas to provide better service for customers. If you can’t get the service at the post office, you’ll find alternative means of conducting business, and this means lost revenue for the Postal Service.

    There are obviously many more areas that require attention and change within the Postal Service, however, I have either given you much to think about, or I have wasted much of your valuable time. I believe you will agree that the United States Postal Service is in dire need of major reorganization if it is to be saved, and that privatization is not the means of accomplishing this.

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    customers who want sat delivery can rent a PO Box.

    transportation routes will be eliminated and service standards change

    change mail processing to a day job and eliminate all nite differential and nite work

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    The biggest problem that the postal service has is:REPUBLICANS.

    If we could just get rid of that right wing "BUSINESS MODEL" that claims that the postal service is a business. We are a government agency provided for in the U.S. Constitution. Our job is to provide a service to the American people, not be a cash cow for congress and big business.

    For too long Republicans have been trying to privatize parts of the postal service to start businesses for their buddies, and use us to test the next big business concept.

    I believe:



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    We have been reading lately about how much money has been spent on relocation expenses, who authorizes this insane amount of money to move someone 50 miles away, when we are being told to cut back on how many paper towels we use? I would also love to know how much money is WASTED on the Mystery Shopper Program. We know who our mystery shoppers are and go by the script provided by the post office verbatim and the shoppers still can't score it correctly. What a total waste of money. While we don't know what every customer wants, trust us enough to know that the customer that brings in the same media mail everyday properly marked still wants to send it media mail without being asked 20 questions. This makes us look like we are stupid, inattentive robots. We know our customers much better than management does, and most of them on a first name basis. We even know their kids and they share their wedding pictures and heartbreaks with us. If you don't deal with the public like the window clerks and carriers, you do not know your customer base.

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    just do away with those lazy custodians

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    I commented on another post about the fact that I work in a station without a supervisor on duty. I process the BRM mail every morning. If I am not there another person is trained to do the job. We work as a team and we try to cover the window so each of us has time to complete certain duties. Of course there are always days when not everything gets done, but our main focus is making sure the mail we get is all delivered, whether it is BRM, first class, whatever. We time manage ourselves, rather than being micromanaged by management. Works well because we work well together.

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    I think that we are top-heavy when it comes to management in our area. The station I work in is a Post Office Box, retail window station. We are associated with a nearby carrier station. (We are under the same finance number). However, our station and one other retail station, do not have supervisors, managers on site. (which is kind of nice, because things run much smoother when we are just allowed to do our job without interference and micromanagement). Our managers all work out of the carrier station, there are at least four of them on duty all the time. They almost never come to our station unless they have to make a bank run for change. So why do we need supervisors that aren't even necessary to get the job done? The supervisors should be thinned out and upper management needs to be listening to the workers that actually interact with the public on a daily basis when making decisions about products, hours, convenience and other things that affect the customers. Thank you.

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    I work in a plant that has way too many supervisors. For the most part they just stand around and get in the way and tell employees to do something they already know to do it. Yes, they do a little paper work here and there, but for the most part there are employees that have been doing there jobs for years and know what to do and when to do it without supervision. That being said, there are a few employees that do require supervision, but generally these are the folks that just do not want to work and are there for a free hand out and should be removed somehow someway (but we all know that is not going to happen). Supervisors do not work the mail (or are not supposed to) why pay them all this money to do almost absolutely nothing. Our plant could easily be run by two Managers/supervisors per shift. We generally have at least 7 or 8 supervisors on the floor plus one MDO and sometimes two! This is overkill and a total waste of money.