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    Postal Banking is what I intend by 'New Lines of Business'.

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    Please add Banking!

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    Forwarding of packages? But not UPS or Fedex, since post office boxes refuse to accept receipt of them. That leaves packages delivered by USPS. Do any companies still do this? I only get packages by USPS for the cheapest items or for Ebay. And Amazon rarely uses USPS.

    Would there be privacy guarantees? I'm sure the government would love to data-mine all that scanned information. Oh, but the government would never do that.

    And only the USPS would consider technical issues a "challenge". I have a folder with twelve different, tiny companies that already offer this service. I'm sure the "challenges" were stellar, seeing how most of it was probably done with off-the-shelve software.

    Anyhow all my packages these days come from Amazon. They already offer rerouting of packages to lockers. If you have a UPS account you can also reroute packages.

    Here's a radical thought. Consider catering to the customer.

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    Postal banking was successful for the USPS in the past and is still available in many countries around the world, including Europe. With the disappearance of community banks, a replacement is urgently needed, particularly for people who today are unbanked. Banking would be a profitable line of business while providing a much needed public service.

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    I will say that I am a huge snail-mail writer. We have 2 million Americans incarcerated in prisons who depend on the USPS to communicate w/ loved ones and friends. Keeping the USPS in public hands is essential to these cage souls. But I agree that the USPS needs new services like a banking service which they used to provide prior to the 1970's. Also, I used to enjoy making copies at copy machines at my old post office up until the 2000's when they were removed. BRING POSTAL BANKING BACK!

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    I would LOVE to see the USPS bring back banking services like they used to have prior to 1965. This is a great way to get more customers into post office buildings.

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    other lines of business: postal banking

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    Right on all counts! USPS HQ is still hellbent on giving contracts to all the companies that have been supported for years. Biggest abusers: Siemens, FedEx, Accenture, ABB, LSS is a waste, etc. Long term contractors that have been on books for 20+ years, inflation of executive positions etc. waste is not confined to Field units.

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    Employees who can help you and who can answer the phone.
    By the way, I know some former, retired postal employees from the larger cities whose mission it was to do as little as possible, and who made it uncomfortable for employees who actually did their jobs. I hope there is a way to deal with that sort of thing. I met illiterate postal employees who were given jobs because they were friends of the Post Master and who could not deliver mail properly. It's things like that that create animosity. Haven't seen that since I moved to Vermont, but it's a consideration.

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    Ne vechiles! Don't waste another dime on new processing equipment when the equipment set you have now is over 100% more than needed, by any measure. Stop feeding contractors!

    Stop consolidations which are only paper, no real, savings. Buy REAL Carrier scanners instead of on the cheap bastardized units you've bought in the past

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    Re-establish a post office bank to help serve "unbanked" population.

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    I REALLY like the old idea of our public post offices offering ALL the services of UPS and FedEx Stores
    PLUS....the best of all.....CHECK CASHING and PAYDAY LOANS.....send and receive money services.

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    Postal Banking is the "new business" most needed by the public. There is a solid and well-conceived model for it from previous such services by the USPS. It would help so many people and require relatively little expense which could all be easily recouped.

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    I agree that vehicle replacement should be the number one priority. We should replace the LLVs with energy efficient, dependable vehicles.

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    New lines of business: postal banking.

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    I think the kiosks are great for those of us who work late. I live on the SC/GA border and my local post office in
    Graniteville, SC has outstanding customer service but they now close at 4:30, which is upsetting. If they had gotten a kiosk it would make more sense. Why reduce hours without installing a kiosk in either
    Graniteville or Aiken, SC. The nearest kiosk is nearly 25 miles away in Martinez, Ga., and that kiosk NEVER has the green cards in it for certified mail and the lobby is closed where you can find the cards after hours. Another thing that doesn't make sense is that the Martinez kiosk is only 1 of 2 kiosks in my entire metropolitan area and kiosk number 2 is less than 3 miles from kiosk 1, which are both in the 3rd largest populated county in my metro area of Augusta. This area could easily support 2 more kiosks in this area or at least move kiosk 2 to either downtown Augusta, Aiken or North Augusta post offices. On another note, I believe the kiosks shouldn't accept cash because some of criminal elements plus you can have two records of your transaction purchases if you are using your credit/debit cards, i.e., the receipt and monthly statement. Basically, we are asking for more kiosks or better placement of current kiosks. My two cents.

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    Certainly, everything listed in your capital investment list should be considered (much has already been).

    Where else is capital investment needed? Revamping its brand. With the new vehicles there should be a revamping (new face) put on the retail side of package acceptance. In those offices that are showing growth or potential growth, the buildings need more then maintenance, they need a facelift.
    Example: in my Level 18 office presently we have approx. 144 sq ft. window lobby with 36 sq ft of wall space for retail products. Imagine three customers standing in this space, along with a table and it is like shopping in a closet.
    Presently this office cannot display all the products it has to offer.

    With the removal of one 12 ft. wall to the adjoining postmasters office (that has never been used in last 16 years) the package products could open up to an additional 144 sq ft retail space.
    If we are going to be a package company, provide the funds to give offices that can sell retail packaging products the infrastructure to sell those products. You cannot sell a product, the customer does not see.

    Currently we are restrained from selling and promoting our products due to limited space (although the building has the space)

    So certainly, get new vehicles, advertise on them, do television ads, work with other agencies to build on our services . . . but don't forget the customer still needs to have a place they can come to purchase all we advertise and offer.

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    My packg was sent to DC address as a priority mail with signature required. The address delivered TO was wrong and the final was undelivered. I need to know who to contact to get the next status on the packg as it has a very important docs.
    package # 23041070000021451648
    On the tracking website it says its being returned to the sender if the appropriate address is provided. Very generic no specifics. Please help me , I need the package as it has important documents.

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    Fully agree with you.. How about some classes for upper management in the use of common sense and following the contract. Will save massive amounts in grievance pay outs and time filling grievances

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    I was a CCA and I loved it. Our post office was good about getting everyone of the street, actually of the clock by 5:00. But yes the route times are a problem. I was I feel wrongfully terminate. I could tell from day one my carrier supervisor did not like me. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why. The first time i actually met her was her shoving a piece of paper at me and saying here are your numbers remember them you need them. I just looked at the others hired with me and said, who was that? They told me it was our carrier supervisor. So I thought to myself oh great everything I've read on the internet about this place and management is Gonna be true ist it. Anyways I went on to do my training I had my 3 days on the job training and then my first 2days by myself I was put on what the other carriers called "the nightmare route" well naturally. The supervisor just says are you up for a challenge? I said Will do my best. The route wasnt so much confusing, it's just very long, the longest route there I believe, and its all walking. Plus I started beginning of November we'd already had a good amount of snow and of course holidays approaching so lots of mail and parcels. 3 things that slow you down immensely. Well first day didn't go as well as I'd have liked but the others were nice who came to help, and says no worries its your first day. Second day was a little better not much but a little. Well of course time goes on I get bumps from "nightmare" route quite often so now I actually enjoy that route probably one of few besides the regularthat do. Jump ahead to 60day eval she says my times aren't improving which they totally are by half according to times she told me, I know different I know they are better than that. So she says in next few weeks if you dont improve significantly it's not feasible for me too keep you. She never had me coming in to case the routes only doing a few hours off of 5 differ routes a day. How was I to learn the cases she also complained about that that my casting times were bad. Well the 204b is great and by the way he is now the carrier supervisor because they made this woman who hates me our acting postmaster, so she now has the authority to terminate me. Our 204b puts me on a route everyday I beat the out to street time given to me by like 20 minutes most days. And the route was supposed to be done in About 5to6 hours I was getting it done in about 6 when before I couldn't finish or it was like 8 to 9 hours instead of 6. If that's not improvement I'm not sure what is. So 75days she does my eval doesn't even wait till 80days with evil grin I knew it was coming I had been telling everyone, and I had been keeping track on my own. She says my case times are over by 20min and my street times are still over. I dont understand. It didnt matter what I did she had her mind set as soon as she became acting postmaster. She terminated me, then proceeded to have me fill out resignation form saying job was not what expected. I was so upset I just filled it out. I know I shouldn't have signed a damn thing. But it was deff personal as another that got hired same time who is really slow, is still there delivering. So it's mangers like this who are screwing up the whole thing. Despite everything I want my job back even hough those last few weeks it was so cold my eyelashes froze together I loved it. And because of management like her hard working people like me get terminated. I'm not even sure what to do and if I could even get it back.

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    My name is DL Crawford. I have done repeated business with your organization through multiple packages that I have either received or have had shipped to various locations. I have had repeated issues with packages arriving arriving at the wrong destination, or with them not arriving on time. Now I have spoken to customer service about this on a couple separate occasions. One of which they did come through for me. But, the most recent one I regret to inform you that wasn't the case. My shipment was scheduled to arrive today and still says on the website that it will be here today but seeing as how it is now after 5pm est I know that isn't the case. I am very disappointed in your organization and need to know what can be done to correct this in the future. Otherwise I will discontinue doing business with your organization and take my business elsewhere.

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    You know what, here is the Top 0:

    To Who May Concerns,

    I hope someone will read this email which I doubt, but still would not give up my hopes for US government!

    It all started with tracking an international parcel sent on Nov.30, 2014 from my parents in China to US, which till now Jan. 22, 2015, I still haven't received! It was an international priority mail and I was supposed to receive that before Christmas.

    However, The Guaranteed 1-month delivery package is still on the way when it is almost 2 months!

    And this is not the only story!

    I tracked it online before New Year, it shows that probably some employee made mistakes and sent my package travelling all around the great territory of USA! (see the following print screen). It arrived and got released in New York on Dec.5, 2014, and then, guess what, it shows up in California on Dec.12, 2014. That's not all the ventures my package took, it was tossed to Montana and stayed there for the holiday! What a mystical journey!

    Inline image 2

    I don't want to ruin other people's harmonious holiday time, which in turn, my holiday got ruined! (One Christmas gift I got for my wife was in that package!!) So I waited after new year, thinking it should arrive any time but my patience runs out when I saw my package arrived Chicago, IL and I finally emailed your customer services, and of course, no replies!

    Amazingly, after a week, all the previous tracking information of this package got deleted!

    Inline image 1

    This makes me wonder whether someone is trying to cover someone's rear end but unfortunately got caught by a "nobody"!

    I consider this "Negligence of Duty", which I still can understand, who will not make mistake. But 3 mistakes in a row, it is unbelievable! What kind of people do you hire?

    The worse part is the act of "Harboring the Crime", which makes me double whether I should trust USPS anymore!

    I am very frustrated and disappointed!

    If anyone really concerns about USPS, please help me solve the problem! I still have not got my package yet!

    Thank you very much for your time!

    Best regards!

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    Hello Carolyn,

    We apologize for these instances and appreciate you taking the time to notify us of them. Please call your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at (515) 251-2330 and file a complaint with them so they can begin to look into these matters.

    As well, file an online complaint form with out offices at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form, which will provide our offices with the critical information to look further into this matter also.

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    Processing center in DM Iowa, STUPID mailed a pkg to them from calif, they sent it another location in calif, then it had to be sent back to Iowa again took 11 days for a priority 2 day package to get to the person in DM I sent it to. Also lost a card mailed at Johnston Post office never even got to california who knows where they
    sent it never ever got it from Dec Yet and and gift cards in it, well someone got sticky fingers. That processing center on the west side of DM is not the best it needs
    an overhaul in training and security cameras

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    Public Banking