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    First we are required to shut it off at every stop and as for walking some routes that would work but for my route it would be totally inefficient as /i deliver well over 100 parcels a day which would mean first i Would have to walk the letters and flats then drive up and down the street to deliver the parcels for that street since there would be no way to carry them with me. So now it takes more time to deliver the same amount of mail as I have had to cover the same area twice.

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    On monday 3/2/15 there was no mail delivery at my address of 175 prospect street in East Orange, NJ 07017-2634, I was told there was a shortage of carriers and the Postmaster did not want to pay overtime, this happens periodically about several times per year. If you want us to utilize your services, we need to be able to depend on your delivery services or else I will be doing all my personal business over the internet. the deterioration of the delivery services to the poor attitudes of the window clerks shows just how far the professionalism of your organization has fallen.

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    What part of capitalism requires companies to reduce prices because of lower fuel costs? Companies are motivated by profits not fairness. The strong survive, the weak get what they deserve.

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    Stamp Vending Machines are horrible.

    Today not only did the machine fail to issue my stamp after putting me through the complete transaction and crediting my debit account, but when I went to the post office staff for a refund, the estimated weight by the machine was $0.65 under priced. So not only did the machine not issue my stamp, the scale was not working correctly and eventually my package would have been returned to me.. This is what happens when you try to replace machines with people. MACHINES CAN NEVER TAKE THE PLACE OF PEOPLE. THEY CAN’T THINK.

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    I appreciate that Uber has disrupted the taxi industry and injected some much-needed competition into it, which only benefits consumers. But the move to the Uber model of surge pricing in other industries is disappointing. Consumers are already squeezed in so many ways ("convenience" fees, fuel surcharges etc.), now arbitrary surge pricing can be tacked on at the supplier or provider's discretion. We hear a lot of talk about the empowered customer, but the customer doesn't hold many cards if a duopoly of providers in a particular industry or industries decide to charge the same price and apply the same new fees to their services. As a postal stakeholder, I suspect the USPS is leaving money on the table by not following suit and charging DIM weight and fuel surcharges, but as a consumer, I am thankful. Hopefully, the USPS can continue to serve as a price ceiling of sorts that UPS and FedEx have to respect or risk losing business to.

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    Until gas gets back to where it was on Jan 20th, 2009 ($1.80 nation wide per gallon). There will be no love.We have the potential to do it, we don't have the administration that wants fossil fuel, period, so they want the cost to be high. POTUS has so much as said so. Gas prices drive everything in the economy.

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    I mistook your new envelope for a Priority Mail envelope and my package came back. Who came up with the hair-brained idea to name Express Mail Priority mail? I'll bet you thousands of people are picking up the wrong envelopes. In my case, apparently there were no Priority Mail envelopes, so I just assumed the Priority Express Mail envelope was used for both. Now that would make sense. Save on printing costs.

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    You have to write your congressman or senator and then hound them...or go through the media. Otherwise you will be told, " we don't investigate that" or "we don't have any authority over that" or "you can make a report, but it will immediately become inactive".

    I filed a complaint about my postmaster. She investigated herself, said she spoke with me and apologized (when she did not), and then closed my case.

    I am meeting with the press this week along with some of my neighbors. After that we are meeting with our elected officials.

    I hope you have better luck!

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    It took me calling the Consumer advocates office in Washington to FINALLY get a call back from my district office. I was thirty days in to my complaint process. I was sent to phone numbers that weren't answered and my messages were not returned.

    Call the Postal Headquarters and ask to be transfered to the Consumer Advocate.

    (202) 268-2500

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    When you file that complaint, here are some of the things you might experience...(at least they are my experiences, so far..B

    1. You will talk to.some nice folks at a contract call center who have ZERO authority if you call the 1-800 number. Don't expect to speak with anyone who might actual have any authority.

    2. If you suspect a.person in a.postion of authority, such as the postmaster, then know that he or she will be investigating their own case. Oh! And, if he or she wants to just say theyspoke with you and apologized then CLOSE the case. They CAN! There is zero over-site and no checks and balances.

    3. Hopefully, you are not in the Rio Grande district, but if you are, you will be routed to a phone number that is never answered and told to leave a message. You may get a return call after you contact the Consumer Advocate's office in Washington...but you have to write a letter.

    4. After about 30 days, you will probably speak to someone who will tell you that the person who lied about your case is protected by the union, so they will most likely be required to watch a customer service training video.

    Good luck!

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    Hi, I work for a leading mobile app development company (www.midgr.com) and specialize in Mobile Commerce solutions.

    I dont see how anyone would be comfortable paying through apps. Taking Apple Pay for example. All you have to do is bump your phone, click your screen and you're good to go. Safer than carrying cash or getting your credit card processed where you're clueless if the processing machine that's being used is legit or something for stealing the data on your card.

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    3 days ago I stopped at the mailbox as usual but what surprised me was the orange card saying sorry we missed you and you can retrieve your package at the local office. The wife was home all day so we called and we're notified that the mail carriers were no longer allowed to deliver to the door. We live in a rural area off a private road leaving the mail box 1/8 mile from the door and our drive is 100 yards long. The post office is 5 miles away and now we have to pick up packages instead of the usual delivery or we're told the carrier will be terminated if found doing the right thing by delivering our packages. What's wrong with the system?
    Amazon buyers beware, your packages will be delayed as you will have to find time to pick it up yourself.

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    I recently mailed packages to my two sons in the Atlanta area. They have slightly different zip codes, and I must have switched the zip codes when I wrote on the packages, but I wrote the street addresses correctly. I took the two packages to my local post office, and the clerk said nothing about the zip codes being wrong when assessing the postage. According to the tracking information, both boxes were initially classified as "undeliverable" for "insufficient address" when they reached their destination post offices. One box, however, was apparently sorted to the correct post office and delivered a couple of days later. The other one sat there for ten days, unbeknownst to me, because the tracking information did not say exactly where it was, and then came back to me. Not only was I very disappointed the contents did not arrive for my granddaughter's birthday, but I had to pay return postage to pick up the package and more postage to send it again. Why did the intake process when I dropped off the packages not flag the zip code problem immediately? I can't take a package with a wrong zip code to your competitors, UPS, or order something online with the wrong zip code; they would flag it immediately. And YOU GUYS own that zip code database, so WHY would it not be caught immediately on intake, or sorted out in about 30 seconds at the receiving post office instead of letting the package sit there for ten days and then begin a long and expensive trip back where it came from? This is a good example of why UPS is looking like a better alternative. Although perhaps a little more expensive initially, I would not have had to pay THREE TIMES and wait several weeks for that package to go back and forth across the country. When I asked the clerk at our post office about this, she began some blame-shifting song and dance about the Atlanta post office, not addressing how they could have helped at the intake point and why they didn't. Any comments? Because I'm finally switching over to UPS.

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    Just an update, I have opened a Another case on this. I have also spoke to consumer affairs and they are not willing to do anything. I did speak to someone and got the number for the regional manager here in Michigan and left her a message, but still no call back in almost a week. This is just completely unacceptable. The US Postal Service needs to get their act together. Oh, and my package still hasn't made it to its destination.

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    City carriers in Laconia,NH have been mandated on thier days off for almost a year.

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    Mr. De La Torre,
    Thank you for your comment. So we may investigate this matter, please file a complaint with our office. You can file online at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form or by calling 1-888-877-7644.

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    I'm very disappointed with the USPS. I mailed by Express Mail very important documents on 2/25/15, my recipient was expecting them on 2/2615. I have the impression a dishonest employee at the Denver sorting facility kept my my documents. Last year, I purchased a book online and "misteriously" disappeared at the Denver sorting facility. General Inspector, please investigate why mail is not being delivered. Thank you.

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    I have noticed a sharp increase in damaged mail, especially magazines, over the last 5 years. Too often my magazine are water damaged and/or torn to the point i can't separate the pages. If it's a rainy day, often my First Class mail is soaked to the point it can't be unfolded even when my mailbox is completely dry. Damage also occurs on dry days, usually exhibiting as tears. Frequently there are holes in packages I've received. I've stopped the majority of my magazine subscriptions because I use the information in them for reference and training, not to read and toss.

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    today is 2/26/15 on 2/15/15 a sunday a package was attempted to be delivered to my job but we are not open weekends so no package (by the way no where on any USPS sight does it say sunday deliveries)monday was afederal holiday so you might think tuesday i would get it you would be wrong a call was made to find out why not (20 minutes of ringing later ) told been reschedualed for delivery its on the truck wednesday no package thursday,friday monday ,tuesday wednesday same today 2/26/15 called to find out why (27minutes of ringing) was told WE ONLY TRY ONCE TO REDELIVER PACKAGES YOU MUST COME AND GET IT YOUR SELF now comes the funny part don't come now becouse its still on the truck
    can you possibly tell me how you pay people to drive around with mail you wont deliver?

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    "The primary responsibility of the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General is to prevent, detect, and report fraud, waste, and misconduct; and to conduct independent audits and investigations of Postal Service programs and operations to ensure their efficiency and integrity."

    I'd like to discuss a postmaster's misconduct. But, no one will return my call, or I get passed around from department to department. Let's discuss a postmaster who makes statements like, "I will fix her/him" after a consumer makes a complaint? How about "dishonesty" by way of saying "management met with customer and apologized when no such conversation took place"? Did I sleep through that conversation and apology? How about unprofessional and unethical behavior such as a postmaster closing a complaint filed against her? Or a postmaster who throws my package over handed 15 feet after I make a complaint?

    I'd like to discuss audits and investigations of programs and operations but, again, no one returns calls or I get transferred from department to department...How about a Consumer Affairs department that doesn't return phone calls? How about websites with forms that don't work and links that go to pages that don't exist? How about the OIG's own site that refers you to "Page not found"?

    Icd like to discuss efficiency, but...well, you get the picture... I believe the website states "3 days to resolve issues". I am on day 30. What is efficient about having to write my congressman or senator before I receive a return phone call?

    What is efficient or effective about "talking" to an employee about misconduct or unprofessional and unethical behavior? How effective is requiring a person with no integrity to watch a video about customer service? IT'S NOT!

    NOT a happy customer!

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    Hello I enjoy US Postal Service very much and your delivery products and I also enjoy going to my local Post Office for your assistance and help with my postal needs keep up the great work folks I know you work very hard and smart for us your friendly customer and consumer Thank You.

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    Sure..because you're a letter carrier...rural carriers aren't parked on the street corner while the carrier does loops.we are in them 5-6 hours a day!

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    Exactly.the biggest problems in the northern half of the country are lack of traction,heat in winter and blistering hot in summer..no a/c..we call them Unsafe At any Speed in rural country in the winter.

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    Junk mail mixing with first class mail, the analogy is when You buy a first class seat on an airplane, this real first-class should have no contact with junk mail. the junk mail has a palace or the 1st class has a place but over time I have been a victim of mixed mail trashing the good mail accidentally, a vacuum pack of junk mail, or the option of receiving it , altogether or refusing junk mail, .