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    No, I didn't. I tried to look on the web how you can file a complain about this kind of issue but couldn't find anything relevant. That USPS blog was pretty much all I could find to vent... I guess USPS doesn't want to make it too easy for customers to file complaints as they may be overwhelmed with these pretty quickly...

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    The Fairfield Ohio post office on Wessel Drive ,45014 is unreliable. My package was stated as being out for delivery today online by the USPS and it was not delivered. This is not the first time something has been lost in the mail here. Someone that's a crook is working in this post office is my opinion.

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    I am in the 33704 area my post man will not take mt return prepaid boxe . He drops off the mail and then dies not cone back. How do I report thus??

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    I wonder if USPS should consider hiring ex-FedEx and/or ex-UPS sorting employees to improve their services. What a problem and mess. I wonder if ISC center has cameras to keep an eye on all their employees. I would also be great if The United States provide them with X-rays machines, I'm sure it will improve their operations much quicker.

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    Did you file any complaint?

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    I spent half an hour using the USPS search engine to try to find guidelines or regulations on the use of the "free" shipping supplies (boxes and mailers) provided by USPS. I googled for another hour and still could not find a statement with guidelines, penalties or anything else. If it's there, it's very hard to find (I'm still looking).

    This issue comes up frequently on eBay and there are many sellers using bubble mailers and boxes as internal packing instead of buying packing materials but, without a definitive statement from USPS, it's difficult to have a discussion with the many who justify misuse of materials or who claim that USPS says it's okay to use these as internal packing.

    Could we get something in writing please that not only 1) clarifies what we can and can't do but which also 2) says something about the impact on USPS of this very widespread practice not only of using these as packing materials, but as household storage containers or garage sale boxes on a large scale and 3) which specifies penalties for misuse.

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    Just had this happen to a package I know good and well had the right address written legibly. I've shipped to this customer on numerous occasions and had this happen with him one other time. Definitely not my fault or his. That only leaves one option: USPS incompetence.

    Costly indeed.

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    I doubt any private vending machine company will be willing to use machines that accept pennies. Unless the postage rate is made to be a multiple of 5 cents, or stamps are only sold in multiples of 5, the machines the rest of the vending industry uses will not work to sell stamps, and custom machines will need to be made that accept pennies and give them as change, or laws that do not allow the mark-up of stamps will need to be relaxed to allow those cents to be overlooked. I suspect this is why custom machines had to be used in the past, and why those machines proved less reliable than standard vending machines. I have an emotional attachment to pennies, but if we as a nation want stamp vending machines in our post offices, we may have to, as a nation, say goodbye to the penny. :(

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    Two days to for a local first class letter to be delivered is absurd. The volume is down you say, so delivery time increases?? I mail a letter today, it is postmarked at the distribution center today but it comes back to my town 2 days later. Previously it came back the next morning for delivery. And you say we won't notice??

    I am just glad that my dad is DEAD. He was a thirty year employee of the USPS and I'm glad he is not living to see what kind of service the USPS is giving today. I know, that if he were still alive, he would be ashamed to let anyone know that he had ever been associated with your organization.

    The USPS is committing suicide.


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    A/c would help with service speed and longterm empolyment issues it getting a 115 to 120 in those llvs your giving us rual route carriers

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    I have been an address assignment contractor since 1993 in central Illinois. I feel that there is a valid reason to locate almost anyone at anytime. Most of my work, including GIS mapping of address points on 9-1-1 MASTER STREET ADDRESS GUIDE valid street centerlines is paramount in today's world. Working with my two top priorities of public safety and U S Postal Service standards has made my business a success in central Illinois. I would look forward to joining a larger group in pushing for standards in all areas needing addresssing.

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    I was driving by the Jericho New York U.S Post Office. I notice the flag outside was tangled, i went inside to address the issue with the staff. Within five minutes they corrected the issue with the flag. This was very pleasing for myself, being I'm a military veteran who holds the care of the flag in the highest esteem. I didn't catch the staffs name, but they should be put in for a commendation and this place in there performance file. Just wanted to personally say thanks to the morning Jericho postal staff and job well done.

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    We had really frustrating experience with USPS, Redmond, WA today. As per the website (iafdb.travel.state) opening time was mentioned 8:00AM.
    Hours of Passport Acceptance
    Open Lunch Start Lunch End Closed
    MONDAY 8:00:0 12:00:0 13:00:0 15:00:0

    However, when we reached there, we were told that passport office starts at 9:00AM. We went home and came back at 9:00 and started waiting for office to open. We contacted USPS staff around 9:10AM and they told that they are paging the appropriate person. Another family was also waiting along with us since 9:00AM. We contacted office again at 9:25AM and they told that they are paging the supervisor then. At 9:30, someone came and told us that the passport office will be closed today.

    Later we went to city court and finished application within 20 minutes. Now, I realized, I should have never gone to USPS. I see similar complaints from lot of people online. I could have saved more than 2 hours, if I would have gone to other center first rather than USPS.

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    I can't agree with you more. Actually, it would be better if you order the goods you want before that peak. You will miss that crazy time.

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    The Ford Transit Connect with a factory right-hand drive would be the ideal vehicle. The fuel efficiency alone raises eyebrows, but the deceptively large interior storage, broad range of backup camera and mirror combinations, and low per-unit cost should seal the deal. I'm thinking of buying one and paying for factory modification myself as a proof of concept. Loaded retail starts around $25k, but with a bulk purchase order we would likely get the units for less than the cost of the current LLV. This comes (in Texas anyway) with AC standard, and heat, both of which are effective in the entire cabin and cargo area. The ONLY modification I would recommend would be a shortened front axle to mirror the tight turn radius capability of the LLV. If this isn't on the USPS short-list then I would certainly re-look the preferred providers.

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    Yes and in communities etc. them unfair ones act as though the one mailman who's the hard worker and thought he would be valued more by doing it all ,gets the blame as though he or she is the reason for any mail tardiness or if help is needed. Even if a person who's been hit by a vehicle or injured by any other form , they act as though it's fake and never understood what took so long with the biggest mail loads. Yes having managers, clerks etc and anyone employed should also have to give by doing more work also to help with delivery services.It's not just postmasters that have time for making waste. Common sense ideas that can improve things should be allowed without difficulty instead of attacking hard dedicated workers,blaming them, hating them ,abusing them, etc for a form of recreation to release boredom or amusement. Unions should make it legal for clerks to do some deliveries to , along with extra managers on hand. I've on occasion seem a postmaster do some sorting. They should allow for some half and half jobs. Sorting and mail delivery without too much of any one thing. It would be healthier, reduce call outs and injuries down the line and in turn reduce many costs plus a better incentive to be productive / upbeat about it. No abuse or beating down in anyone anymore . No difficulty re routing obvious problems that harm and make things worse. It's as if overwork to slave ships make employees stronger or something instead of debilitated. Why do they like that and then use force to debilitate them more , when they can deligate more fairly instead. They even try to say its not fair to others when that person is the one who has it the most unfair and they continue to spend extra time to plan alibis for their laziness, it seems, instead of planning solutions. Force and law is needed to make it harder for them to overwork one and by the time some prevention can stop the excessive overwork some, it's too late after the damage is done, but at least maybe further damage can stop before a person is completely ruined and any future good sport might have it better, who knows. I don't want to knock all management or higher level officials , since there is some good in some and not all bad but it's the side taking and constant fighting instead of fair play between opposing sides and the mail carrier gets hurt because of it and in turn it harms the whole industry even though others still can get richer and fatter by not doing much. Why can't union and management both let things go and agree for more equal mail systems and less segregation into opposing sides out for themselves instead of supporting the industry on a whole.

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    How about delivering the mail in a timely fashion to the correct address? If I see another "The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date" on USPS.com tracking where my package sits in a sorting facility for a week I'm going to go postal.

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    I would like to find out why my outgoing mail was not picked up until 8:40 pm tonight. I waited and watched the mail truck come by. I could have taken my mail to work but thought it would get out quicker. I have also seen mail trucks running on Sunday. What is going on?

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    I've had this app quite awhile,,used to work better,,but now the tracking is about worthless,,shows it left original facility,,then nothing until it's out for delivery,,no scans along the way ,,rediculous

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    They should be at every major shopping location, they are a dream come true, no standing in lines and no interaction with a potential depressed or disgruntled employee who might do lord knows what,please put them more places like shopping centers and malls. I could actually buy a gift and overnight my package all at the same spot. A lot of times I just won't buy things because of the hassle of having to go to a post office, try it out in a busy mall before Christmas so the public will know they are available and how easy they are to use, of coarse put an attendant there to show the general public how simple they are to use

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    I am disappointed that my package in ISC Miami for the last three months no feed backs from USPS with regards to my item the thing is just today another item is held for the second time the first items tracking number is EE002449358TT for no reason its held in Miami which it suppose to be sent to china and the latest one is to go to New York Tracking Number EE002402069TT I AM JUST HOPPING THIS TIME IT GO TO THE ADDRESS IT WAS SEND TO AND DONT GET STUCK IN MIAMI FOR THE SECOND TIME!

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    This is a great idea and it would help those people out that can't cash checks at a bank because they don't have a account. also then they wouldn't be indebt to the pay day leaders!

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    If I am concerned with the speed of how quickly to receive mail, should one choose BRM Priority of First Class?

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    Absolutely! I strongly support the expansion of the USPS into financial services as a viable business line that would offer expanded and valuable customer services, especially to sectors of American society that now lack low or no-cost mechanisms for fiscal transactions and short-term loans. Death to the payday lenders who charge outrageous interest rates and snare people into a cycle of never-ending debt payments.

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    Unfortunatly we don´t have UBER in Spain because of the taxi lobbys push. We still have Desguaces en Barcelona