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    I think it was a good idea, but it has been very poorly implemented.

    I feel cheated and lied to by the USPS, considering that they are stil in possession of a good portion of the "upright" sheets, and they were not all randomly distributed as promised. I figured some sheets would be randomly inseted into the online sales mix, but I read that this is not the case. I was basically buying lottery tickets with no chance to win.

    How many are still known to be in USPS posession, and what does the USPS intend to do with these?

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    American philatelists would benefit greatly if there were actual philatelists working for the post office. Nothing is worse than being greeted at the local post office by employees who don't even like their jobs, let alone stamps. And the senior management of the USPS is no better. The sole purpose of the non-inverted Jenny was to generate income from collectors, rather than provide them with an affordable collectible. For me, it has been a slow torture to see how the USPS has destroyed the hobby. Stamps are issued for people unworthy of recognition. There is no longer an artistic quality to the stamps themselves. Worst of all, you can't even soak a stamp off an envelope any longer. The cheapest and easiest way to start a kid in the hobby is with free used stamps that arrive in the mail. Oh, one more thing I want to complain about. Since 1981, National Stamp Collecting Month has been October, not September. Couldn't you even get that right?

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    It left a bad taste in my mouth from the initial announcement. Creating a rarity. Providing "giveaways" to select customers. Not letting the public know of the promotion. Not letting the public know of what chances there were in acquiring a pane (i.e. only sent to high volume post offices in select markets; and the USPS apparently knows what "rare" panes are to be "seeded" into the SFS purchases ... and the list goes on. I suspect it goes against virtually every postal regulation related to philately that was ever written.

    Even for those who didn't luck out in acquiring a rarity, the regular issued panes had many printing anomalies that were not up to USPS standard with smeared ink and missing components of the plane, etc., that were unintentional perhaps, but not up to the quality control standards of the printing company contracted to make these stamps.

    If the USPS analyzes the number of panes sold versus their goal, only about half of the panes were purchased, even with the promotional gimmick included. That should be statement enough that stamp collectors were not pleased with this fiasco.

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    I believe the issue that discouraged new stamp issue collectors is not about the intentional upright biplanes, but the distributing method that was unfair. The randomly selected recipients may or may not be a philatelist.
    As a collector of new issues around the world, I would suggest USPS to look into and follow some successful examples by other postal administrations. Most notably, New Zealand Post's "Kiwi Collector Reward" program is one that specifically designs to reward loyal collectors. Through accumulating points based on how much one's purchased in the last calendar year, one could redeem special philatelic gifts at beginning of each year. I firmly believe USPS's good intention to promote philately could follow similar path.

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    A true philatelic rarity does not happen "intentionally", but is usually known and publicized through individual's long term collecting, constant learning, and discovering. The 100 upright Jenny panes were created intentionally, which is different from a typical stamp printed with error, or "unintentionally" printed but "intentionally" distributed through philatelic promotional means (such as the 1994 legends of the west recalled sheets). There are several recent/modern philatelic rare product examples, however, the distribution through random and/or "lottery" process (including give away to random collectors) does not motivate ordinary stamp collectors to buy as many panes as one's budget allows, in order to own one of the 100 panes in existence. I sincerely suggest that USPS to promote this type of modern philatelic limited edition stamp (not product such as the 2013 inverted jenny collector's edition stamp book) by a limited time only, first come, first served basis. This would ensure fairness, and reward true long-term philatelist a chance to own the special desirable item.

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    I want the USPS to STOP manufacturing rarities for revenue. Philatelic rarities should be just that, an accident, not an on purpose.

    And as with many collectors, I do not want to see living movie stars on stamps again, i.e. the Harry Potter stamps. I know that some rules have changed but stamps have traditionally honored citizens after death. Can you imagine the lobbying to be on a stamp among people with huge egos? Why would Donald Trump, or some other narcissit, not generate enough petitions to be on a stamp?

    Please make the USPS obey some standard rules.

    Thank you.

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    My driveway is 3/10 of a mile long and the person who delivers mail will not bring packages up it because she said "It is too long." FeEx and UPS both come up and leave packages on my porch, but she will only leave packages next to a tree at the end of my driveway. What is the obligation to deliver packages? I work the entire time my local post office is open, and I don't like having packages, sometimes with expensive computer or camera equipment, left down next to the road.

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    Are the new LLV's going to have 4WD or AWD and AC? These two options are very important.

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    The post office delivery service of packages in the zip code 11237 which belongs to Brooklyn is the WORST. They always claim there was a delivery attempt, but they never try to deliver a package. This is the third time i was home at the time of the delivery attempt, according to the tracking information. Nobody rang the bell or the door. There is no delivery attempt slip, simply nothing. I know they will MAIL me the slip tomorrow, and make me go pick up the package at the USPS Office. If they hire, and keep these kinds of lazy, uncaring, and useless employees, why do they think they are struggling so much??? The package i am receiving is heavy, and i don't want to do their job. Useless people and service. Stick with Fedex or UPS instead...!!!

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    I wanted to purchase SMALL postcard stamps. The only option at the kiosk was to manually add the price of a postcard stamp to then purchase 1-5 of them, but the size of the actual stamp was more than double the size of a regular stamp! uh, no thanks....

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    I am currently going through the same problem. Express Scripts sent out my son's medication in two separate packages through USPS. Tracking numbers say they've been delivered, but they were never found in his mailbox. One package ended up back in the mail system and sent back to the address of origin. The other has never been located. I was able to have both resent, again two separate packages. The first package arrived at his local post office, was labeled undeliverable, then under suspicious circumstances delivered to his mailbox a week later. The second package has been missing for three days now. It has been very difficult to get ahold of the local post office because they dont answer their phone. I finally spoke to a supervisor who was going to go out to the location of the mailboxes but ended up talking to his carrier instead. This carrier knocked on my son's door and told him that there was not a package in the mail for him on the day the tracking number said it was delivered. I relayed this to the supervisor, gave him the tracking number so he could see for himself, and I have heard nothing since (3days). I will follow up with Consumer Affairs, but my son needs his medication amd Express Scripts is not likely to allow another order to be filled.

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    Thanks for your notifying us of this.

    The best thing to do, when you suspect waste, theft, fraud, and abuse within the Postal Service, would be to file an online complaint with our Hotline at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. This will allow us to look into the matter for you.

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    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this matter.

    The role of the USPS Office of Inspector General is to investigate waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS). Unfortunately, this issue falls outside of the jurisdiction of this office.

    However, please contact your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at 226-3442 (push 3), so they can look further into this matter for you.

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    Hello Pariah,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The best thing to do in a situation where you suspect waste, theft, fraud, and abuse within the Postal Service would be to file an online complaint with our Hotline at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. This will allow us to look into the matter for you.

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    I'd like this so I can have a business mailing address for my business that I operate out of my home. I'd prefer not to give my home mailing address during routine business operations so I can separate my business and personal mailing concerns.


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    Does this include managers denying WC forms to meet their goals ( which include the incentive to lie, hurt craft workers, because they get bonuses for fewer workplace injury reports)?? No-you all know it is the truth. Same group of managers also 'review' each other for promotions: to increase their retirement pay by getting promotion for last three years of career. Corruption beyond any WC false claims.

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    intermediate windshield wipers

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    The Houston office of USPS is full of lazy slugs that don't do their jobs. I wish they would all be fired and replaced by United Parcel Service or FEDEX. At least a for profit company has a reason to deliver the mail and packages. These knuckleheads do nothing and the inspector general doesn't even investigate them. What a digusting, shameful, lazy bunch of boobs. I'll bet Ben Franklin is turning over in his grave like a lathe at high speed. BOO! BOO! BOO! What a disgrace to the US of A.

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    Can we order the poster When someone does the wrong thing, do the right thing?

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    Where is the oig in cincinnati. There is obvious fraud and abuse and no action

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    The company I work for recently set up a QBRM account with our White River Junction Post Office only to find out they couldn't promise to deliver BRM as first class mail, yet, we pay that price plus. It has been a struggle to try and save money by using this service as the BRM are apparently NOT a priority to be sorted with first class mail. NO ONE in the postal service can answer my question if there is a written policy on " how long can the PO hold BRM before processing it?"

    At this point, unless your post office can answer and make a commitment to this question, I think you will find it can take as long as they want to process this mail. We recently got back a tray of mail that had been held five days! We knew that because they had time stamped the BRM as being received at their PO five days prior to us getting them. This wasn't good for us as we are a payroll company and those envelopes contained time sheets that had to be processed before our year end!!

    In my opinion the PO is losing money and customers on this BRM service. If they have to hand count all these envelopes to make sure none of them weigh over 1 oz and in the end they have counted through a tray of 400 to bill us out $2.00 in postage, they have just LOST money. Yes, that is what is happening to us.

    We could save $23,000 a year in postage using this BRM service, but the customer service from the Post Office on BRM is POOR.

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    Then you complain that the Postmaster and or the Carrier Supervisor is ignoring your complaint and that they did not contact you to resolve the issue. Keep doing so until they call you and speak to you.

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    If the mail is going to be thrown on the front porch or left hanging out of the mail slot, let us pick it up at postal cost. Soon, thank you

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    help stop postal service (Northwood Post Office, E. Northern Pkwy, Baltimore, MD) from leaving mail on front porch and hanging out of mail box, any solutions, five years is long enough. It is time to end the madness

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    Our office serves a retirement community, along with an influx of snowbirds. Our carriers know their customers. They are somewhat the watch dog of the area. We have had carriers report and assist in numerous emergency issues. Checking on customers when something looks amiss has proven to be a life saver several times. The carriers are the eyes and ears of the community. Alerting social services, providing delivery of packages to aid the elderly in getting packages safely inside, keeping "local" mail local (customers want their sympathy, birthday, life celebration cards kept in town), assisting customers with tracking, by calling our office (they don't have internet and don't want it). Selling them stamps, helping them get packages from their vehicles also.
    All of your ideas sound great. Assistance with social security was suggested, for our area VA assistance would be even better.
    If I may suggest one idea. Our office, because of the elderly handles a lot of packaging across the counter. Grandmothers and grandfathers mail ALOT of presents. There are a lot of family members receiving packages via USPS. We make a huge effort to display packaging (ReadiPost) in a manner that is easily viewed for the elderly. Each size is hung on the wall. Doesn't come with the hole to hang, but we hang every padded and bubble wrap envelope (using a hole punch to make the hole). Our boxes are in display with pricing in very large letters for ease of reading to provide size and cost of each box. We go on the theory if it isn't easily viewed the customer will not purchase. Our retail product sales increased dramatically when we started displaying this way.
    Aside, I do wish we would drop one product line. No sense to carry a padded envelope and a cushion envelope. With small offices we have very limited space. The products are redundant.
    Displaying in the lobby should be at the most simplistic manner. With the elderly, confusion can come very quickly.
    If coming to the post office is frustrating, they won't come back again. The elderly are quickest to stop a practice if becomes difficult.
    I've said this before, but if the USPS would just drill down to the demographics of their offices they could tap into what each customer base needs. For us this topic is up our alley, to another this could be a waste of time.