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    The assumption has also been that the government as a whole borrows from this fund, is this true? Second, if they have as much money in these funds now shouldn't they be making considerable amounts of interest ? helping accelerate the funding? And of course the unable to prove theory is that the Bush administration started this in an effort to bankrupt the PO and thusly cancel union contracts and privatize.

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    Eden I am so sorry you have had such awful experiences with the USPS. I am a 28 yr veteran with the Post Office so I know we do have some problems. Honestly you may find it hard to believe but we do deliver most packages in a timely manner. Our internet at work was down for 2 days Friday when I left (don't know what is going on with that!) I was using my phone to help customers track their packages. Please do file your insurance claims. Again I am personally sorry for all the inconveniences you have suffered. Please give us another chance to show you we can and do deliver for you.
    Postal Clerk for 28 years

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    if the purpose of the pre-funding of future retiree health benefits was a legitimate concern it might be possible to excuse the current situation, because there would be an immediate push to correct it by those who created the mess. The fact that years into the "manufactured financial crisis" the problem still remains indicates that there most probably was another agenda at work. The damage to the Postal Service has been immense. The recent change in the service standards and the proposed plant consolidations are devastating mistakes. The sole impetus to make those changes were the overfunding. Where is the White House on this? Where are the Postal Board of Governors? Were is the PRC?
    And where is Congress? If they fail to act soon, it might be concluded that they are serving other interests than what's best for the American people who need and deserve a functioning Postal Service.

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    There is no sensible theory which suggests that the Post Office needs to have its pension and health liabilities fully funded 75 years in advance.

    This was, and continues to be, the primary means of strangling the public Post Office, creating the demand for privatization because the Post Office is not "fiscally viable."

    Fortunately, enough people are seeing through these charades and financial voodoo that this may not come to pass. But continued analysis by the Inspector General is critical to being able to shed light on these attempts to destroy the Postal Service. Continue the good work!

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    I understand the basic idea that the Congress would like for the USPS to prepare for it's ultimate demise (that they are trying their best to cause) by having all it's future expenses pre-paid. Shouldn't all the real estate and other property that the USPS has factor in somewhere? If suddenly the Post Office was somehow magically gone tomorrow, there would be lots of assets to sell off that would help pay those retirement benefits.

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    But fair market value of these properties is estimated as high as $85 billion.

    I doubt this. Most older post offices are in declining inner cities. Please cite sources for high estimates

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    More of a question than a comment. If the USPS were to invest it's "set aside cash assets" instead of parking them in the U S Treasury could it be expected to earn a much greater return that presently possible. And wouldn't such investing solve the problem and perhaps over time even accrue assets instead of liabilities?

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    I definitely believe that the USPS has lost all concerns, as well as commitment, as far as having mail delivered in a timely manner. I 'mailed' a small 2 day Priority box to my youngest son who is away at college for his freshman year. It was just a little something for Valentine's Day so that he knew I really was thinking about him. The 2 day Priority package was sent on February 11, 2015. The expected date of delivery was February 13, 2015. I checked to see if it was delivered on 2/13/15 and it said ''was on way to destination'' with expected delivery date still 2/13/2015. It as at the hub in Miami, FL. I mailed it near Orlando, FL and it was going 2 hours NORTH to Gainesville, FL. After arguing with the 'robot' at the 800# for 63 minutes, I finally got a human in customer service. She told me that she couldn't track anything since her system was down. I provided all of the tracking info and her response was that if it states 2/13/2015 as expected delivery date, then that's when it will arrive. It was already 5:20 PM and she insisted it would be there. I checked first thing on 2/14/2015 and it was 'still in transit' from the Opa Locka hub which is about ''this far'' from Miami with new delivery date of 2/14/2015. I thought ok, fine, he will still get it for Valentine's day. It wasn't there by 3PM so I made the dreaded call to 'roboanswer' and it only took 42 minutes to be connected to ''customer service''. Well, I found out that I didn't know anything about mailing packages with an expected delivery date! I was informed that just because the box and my receipt were both marked 2 day Priority mail, there was no guarantee as far as a delivery date. She then proceeded to tell me that since it had not been delivered by now, it would not get there till ---- FEBRUARY 17, 2015 because the next day was Sunday and Monday was a HOLIDAY. Needless to say that at this point I went completely crazy. I asked why in the world did the package go from Orlando to Miami in the first place and she told me that that was probably his route. I again questioned the 2 day Priority mail and that it made no sense to take it 6 hours south of it's destination. She nonchalantly repeated that there is no guarantee of when a 2 day Priority package will arrive. I asked her if she wanted to call my son and tell him that he wouldn't be receiving anything until 2/17/2015 and she said she couldn't make outgoing calls but that I could give him the tracking # and he could call and they could tell him what the ''reason'' was. I declined her 'offer' and told her that I would not put him through the hassle of getting through only to be told he'd have to wait till 2/17/2015. I had already talked to my son and he told me not to worry, he understood. My sister in law in S. Carolina mailed a 2 day Priority package on 2/11/2015 to her mother in Cleveland, Ohio. Even though that area is battling snow and ice, that 2 day package arrived on 2/13/2015-----2 days!! My package finally arrived in Jacksonville, FL which is 2 hours north of it's destination (they probably drove through Gainesville on their way) on 2/14/2015. It is now sitting in the hub in Gainesville, FL where it arrived at 9:01 AM on 2/15/2015 with a delivery date of 2/17/2015 along with a notation of ON TIME. I honestly do not understand how the USPS can promote 2 day shipping when they can tell you there is no guarantee. There is a notation next to delivery date if you click on it that states ''Expected Delivery Day is the estimated delivery day which is based on ORIGIN and DESTINATION of your package. Delivery on a certain day is not guaranteed''. Whatever happened to the pride that the USPS used to have?? Neither rain or snow or sleet....etc. must only apply if you are mailing something to a different state. My boys sent me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's day and were getting upset that they hadn't arrived by noon. They did get here on delivery date requested BUT the USPS was not involved. If you have even read this far, I'm sure there are some of you rolling your eyes and saying I need to cut the apron ties or he must be a momma's boy or whatever. I will end this by saying that we do have a special bond and Valentine's day is a day filled with hearts and love. It is this son who had seen me not feeling good and passing out and kept telling me to go to the doctor. He was 15 and not driving yet and I had to get him at school for an orthodontist appointment. When he finished he told me now it was my turn to go ti the doctor and he wasn't going back to school until I did. I promised him that I would go but he needed to go to school. At first I headed home but I went to the ER. He texted me about 30 minutes later and asked if I went. I told him that I went to the ER and they were already admitting me. My son saved my life that day----I needed a pacemaker and was told I should have had one months ago and I was lucky I got there when I did. So yes, I am very upset that the USPS couldn't deliver a package on the day it said it would arrive. But I am even more upset about the 'I don't care' attitudes I got from customer service. Also, WHY have and advertise 2 day Priority mail when there really is no such thing. I'm lost and seems like I'll be looking into UPS or FEDEX since they don't seem to have issues with guaranteed delivery.
    I am totally dissatisfied with the (non) service I (have yet to) received as a paying customer of the USPS.

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    How do I advise usps to no longer deliver any mail to a deceased person. I only see options to stop advertising/new mail from being delivered. Is there a way to have all mail returned to sender? I am unable to retrieve the mail to mark it as such myself.

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    Am I supposed to eat the $49.50 return plus the cost of shipping (maybe $7) plus the time and money it cost to package and physically hand them the parcel? The US P.O. gets a grade of D+ and here is my tracking number to prove that I am telling the truth.

    Note that today is feb 14, exactly 12 days from when I handed it to them. Where in the world do companies have open hunting seaon to cheat and rob you?

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    This has already happened. My first class mail used to take a day to arrive from a location about 70 miles away. Now I'm lucky if it arrives in 3 days. It's sad when I could walk my mail to another city faster than the USPS delivers it. While certain kinds of mail has declined, people order items over the internet more than ever. Instead of trying to take advantage of this and keep itself relevant and competitive, it seems like the USPS is actively trying to close itself down by making itself the worst choice for mailing and shipping and giving the customer less for his money. To answer the questions posed above, yes you absolutely need to make adjustments. Yes, I've seen a huge delay in my mail. No, poorer service is not an equal tradeoff for keeping costs down.

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    Since the Grumman LLV is an aluminum body and can out-last the chassis it is attached to, maybe any replacement could utilize a stripped chassis and re-mount the existing fleets' aluminum body to it....

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    I have shipped 4 packages since the 6th of February and three of the 4 were lost. I tried on my own to contact the last post offices on the tracking info to try and track them down myself, you can't get through to a human being if your life depended on it. So I filed a complaint with the Postal Inspector for each package E. Collins was assigned one of them and he was told by the Delivery Supervisor that he believed there was a problem with the address label which made it undeliverable but he would stay on top of it till it was delivered or returned to me. The next morning I got an email from the recipient it was delivered. The second package was a priority mail and was to be delivered two days after it was mailed according to the tracking info the day after it was to be delivered the status changed to package delayed with a delivery date of 2 days later. When the package was finally delivered the box was empty other than a form to be filled out and faxed to the mail recovery department it clearly states on the form the search for your item could take 90 days to complete and there will be no updates and they will only contact you if they need additional information. I refunded the recipient her 540.00 dollars and proceeded to file my claim (which I found out you must wait 15 days to do) I found this out not from the claims page but from the person assigned to the complaint I filed. She offered to contact the mail recovery on my behalf. Why would I want the mishandled item back I'm sure its not in the condition it was shipped. My third package has said out for delivery since the 9th on which I filed a complaint and received an email acknowledgement that they received it and within 3 business days I would either have a response or a resolution, it is the 13th and I have received neither. Yesterday I made the unfortunate mistake of calling customer service to see if I could find out something to tell the recipient who by the way wants their 250.00 refunded. The person I spoke to was making things up and her accent was so strong I couldn't understand a lot of what she was saying I did understand when she said the package will be delivered today. I said oh really so your tracking information is not reliable then, is that correct? She said it is reliable, but it says the package was to be delivered on the 9th and it has been out for delivery ever since. She then tried to back pedal and I asked to speak to a supervisor 1 hour 3 minutes and 54 seconds she came back on the phone trying to act like the supervisor and informed me I would just have to wait to be contacted by whoever is handling the complaint I filed. TODAY still not hearing from anyone I tried calling customer service again and could not get past the automated system so I said I wanted to speak to the Postal Inspector and I was transferred I told whoever answered briefly what was going on and was transferred again to Raul who informed me that all systems had been down since yesterday and to try back later or Monday. My point to this is you should first master what's on your plate now, because clearly there is a huge problem, before you take on more.

    I am not satisfied with my service as a USPS customer
    Eden M Randolph

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    RB021647767MD sitting in NY since December 7, 2014. Why? I have contacted USPS and get no viable answers.

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    I had a package shipped from Lawersonville, GA to Bladenboro, NC priority 2-day delivery the package was right on schedule until its departure from the Fayetteville, NC USPS in which it has been in transit for 2 days now, I have called my local USPS and asked if they had received the package and maybe it was misplaced there is no reason that my package should still be in transit when it left the facility at 4:58 am 2 days ago and it is only a 45 min drive from where I actually live and the local office has had 5 truck deliveries since it's departure, I am getting increasingly upset about this matter if I can receive a package from Japan in 3 days why can't I receive this very important package that was mailed alot closer in a reasonable time frame, I needed the package by today for a business conference and now I am just stuck the local office offers no help in trying to hell me locate the package at all.

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    I voted for Vehicle updating. As somebody that uses a aging FFV almost every day i can tell you one, is that we could use a better design, and two, the safety concerns as our current fleet is aging is scary. Just my $0.02

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    yes i like to pay via email. because it saves lots of trees from cutting for making papers.second thing it very fast. wonderful post.

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    I'm not sure where to post this, but it is an "idea" and potentially revenue-generating. I've had my mail (and now my identity) stolen twice in the last year. They used a method I hadn't thought of - they simply submitted a change of address. After receiving a change notice, the post office sends a postcard to your "old" address to alert you in case it's fraudulent, but USPS automatically starts forwarding mail 7 days after the change notice - that's not enough time for the postcard to get to me (through the mail) and for me to call the post office and the postal inspector and get the forwarding order stopped. For example, bar coded mail (just about everything these days) is pulled for forwarding much earlier in the pipeline, so even if the nice lady at my post office promises she won't forward anything, she can't help me, because machines earlier in the system are forwarding my mail before it even gets to my local post office.

    As I said, this has happened to me twice, and now I deal with fraudulent charges, credit applications, and so on, on a weekly basis and have done so for over a year. I've had to apply for a "freeze" through the credit reporting agencies, which helps a bit, but I still have to deal with the phone calls telling me about the fraudulent applications, go through every credit card statement with a fine-tooth comb (someone recently bought an ipad at Target using one of my credit cards - they ordered it online and simply chose the "pick up at store" option, and walked out with it!), change my credit card numbers every time there's a problem (which is a pain because of all of the 'auto-pay' things we have set up these days), file police reports, and create elaborate and ever-changing passwords for every account I have online.

    Think it's too hard to change your address with the post office? Not at all. You can do it online. If you do it online, the USPS "safety" feature is that they want a credit card number to charge a $1.00 fee to "prove" you are you - you wouldn't have your credit card number if you weren't you, right? Wrong. If someone has my credit card number and my current address, they've just been given the keys to take over my mail. And everyone has your credit card number and address these days - doctor's offices, online retailers, the guy who mows your lawn.

    But enough about the problem. I think there's an easy solution that could also make the post office some money. Offer a service to mail-theft-adverse customers like myself where, for a fee, your address cannot be changed unless you present two forms of photo id (one has to be a passport), a password the consumer set up when they applied for the service, and answer three security questions (also set up when the consumer applied).

    Benefit to consumers - identity thieves are not going to be able to forward your mail. Period.

    Benefit to USPS - First, revenue from a new service offered to consumers. I would gladly pay $1, $5, $25, $50, $100 annually for this service. Second, cost savings from not having to stop fraudulent forwarding orders and not having to investigate the mail theft. I spent hours on the phone and emailing with the local inspectors. At one point, I even asked my representative in Congress to contact the USPS on my behalf. I can only imagine how much time/money the USPS spent on just my two cases.

    Mail theft and identity theft are not going away and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been a victim of fraudulent mail forwarding.

    I hope someone will seriously consider creating either a mandatory or optional, fee-based service that restricts a person's ability to submit an address change through USPS.

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    Hi Gary, I'm hoping that you get notification of my reply. I've been having issues with getting my mail from USPS for the past few years as well, and have learned that it's best to call their general customer service 800 number. When you call in make the very first thing you tell them that you want to file a complaint. If you explain to them your issues first they would very likely just listen to you, offer excuses, subtly deny that there is a problem and MAYBE say 'sorry for the inconvenience' if you're lucky. If you don't make saying you want to file a complaint the first thing that comes out of your mouth, they will NOT offer you that option after telling them what they have been doing to your mail. I have filed many complaints within the past few years, proudly giving my name and information every single time, and I have been noticing a bit of improvement in how they deliver my mail. USPS DOES have in their system which postal worker is sending what packages where - they just do not admit responsibility for the postal workers' laziness. You keep consistently filing complaints every time they give you problems and they will be forced to look why you are having issues. Good luck.

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    This is plain common sense.

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    Post Ofices are a trusted organization that protects the privacy and security of the people... ezmove.in

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    A package that I sent was returned for a better address. It was sent to a small town and the zip code was one digit off. If I were in business an and employee on mine showed such lack of initiative, I would fire them. Don't you think that an astute postal worker should have checked the proper zip for a town that was clearly marked on the address?

    Similarly, a few months ago a letter was returned marked no such address, It was a short street with four houses in a high end neighborhood. Names were on the mailboxes, and the address marked was 56 instead of 58. Not being able to connect the dots would seem to be either stupidity or spite. Probably a little of both.
    Here is a list of some of the problems with postal workers, no pride, no initiative, unwillingness to help customers and refusal to put in the extra effort to make the postal service more efficient. It almost seems as if they find satisfaction out of small errors that allow them to avoid delivering mail.

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    You think that in 2015 that a more cost effective way to deliver mail would be mail boxes at the end of the driveway or sidewalk. This would cut down on mail carrier's getting hurt, from the weather, dog bites or other incidents. All new subdivisions are cost effective today. You would think that in the long run this would save a lot of money.

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    When looking up the postage for square 6"x 6" folded invitation cards, I found the web site unclear, so I called the 800 number for guidance since this was a time sensitive piece, waiting just over 40 minutes to get through to a customer service representative. "Paul" tried to help with the site and was not able to find the answer either. He then turned to his supervisor for help and, another 15 minutes later, confidently told me that it was $0.34 + $0.21 for a total cost of $0.55. So imagine my dismay when a third were returned for insufficient postage from my local Mount Vernon, WA post office. I talked to "Fernando" at this local office who told me "Paul" was wrong and that I should have used the web site. Full circle and now I am REALLY frustrated. Should I physically walk in with a piece? Should I have asked for an employee number of the agent and his supervisor? This has really been a hardship on my small business.

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    I think if the overall customer service was there, you would have more people using USPS. Your rates are better, but some people don't choose the hassel. Always lines at the P.O., and unhappy clerks, with unwillingness to help, also not knowledgable.

    The 800 hotline for USPS, and the email system is less to be desired. The email hardly works, and if it does, the time frame in which someone responds is awful. All the 800 number does is refer the problem via email to your local post office. Why would I want to even go thru the hassle of calling the 800 number if I can just talk to my local post office?

    Also, why do we not answer the phones half the time at the post office locations??????

    Just discussted.