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    Hello Liz,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this matter.

    Please try contacting the Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at (803) 926-6387 or (803) 926-6389, they should be able to assist you and look further into this matter for you.

    As well, if you still would like to file a complaint with our offices, you can do so on our hotline at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form and we can forward your issue to the appropriate department.

    Thank you,

    US Postal Service Office of Inspector General

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    My package was delivered to a USPS parcel locker but I don't have one, so I went to the post office and they couldn't find it. That was in January and its May and I still haven't received my package. I have lost almost $200 USD. The supervisor in the post office asked me for the key and I told her I had no key, there was no key delivered to my mailbox either. She took my info twice and said they would look for the key but also they didn't know in which locker it was in.. So far the post office of Oakbrook, in 10070 Dorchester Rd, Summerville, SC 29485 has not bothered in contacting me. EG141717014KR is my tracking numbe, please help me!

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    Email lists now require you to include an address. As a small business owner working from my house, I don't want strangers to know where I live (it's a safety issue). A virtual box would allow me to use the PO box as my address and still receive my mail at home.

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    I believe we have reached the point where there are no more brains to drain, either at USPS or the Postal Inspectors Ofc. Has anyone noticed the the Postal Inspectors have made themselves virtually impossible to contact. Today, when including hold time I spent two (2) hours and forty-six (46) minutes being lied to, passed around like a "cur dog at adoption day at the pound", told that "Supervisors don't have time to bothered by customers, all you are going to do is waste their time", "No, you can't speak to my supervisor, I am the only person you will speak to on the phone", "We don't have to explain to you why your package was shipped another 750 mi. in the wrong direction, that isn't any of the Post Office's business, we put it non a FedEx plane", "It will get to you when it gets to you, if it went in the wrong direction they will get around to sending it back to us and we will then send it to your post office, it will get there within the month". etc. and after finally getting through to the Postal Inspector's Office, a clerk told me that I could not talk to the Inspector in Charge, he wasn't there, the Ass'it OIC wasn't there, and Postal Inspectors don't talk to call ins, and then I was hung up on. Last time any package that I have any control over will ever be sent using the USPS. If the Inspector General were straight up, he would suggest that the USPS either be abolished in its entirety and the work contracted out to a private company, or go back to being the U.S. Post Office, quit pretending it is a business, and treat it like any other governmental department, get rid of all these stupid executive bonuses, while the execs pretend to know what they are doing, rude clerks who know they are invincible as there is no way to complain about them, etc. Bunch of garbage. of course there is no profit in mail. stupid plans like "Smart Post" (perhaps the Oxymoron of the Year" gives away the real profit while the post office does all of the work. etc. Somehow, when I was younger, we had twice a day mail deliveries, polite uniformed post office workers, not men in dangle earrings and women behind the counter with their britches, that were about three (3) sizes too small unbuttoned and held together with twine, probably postal property 're-purposed" for after lunch belt substitutes. Makes one wonder why we have Postal Inspectors if they won't take reports of suspected thefts, have clerks who just hang up on civilians with disdain, etc.It is all a big waste of money, like most other governmental "companies". The government is not a "for-profit business" and these types of organizations are proof of that, they are more like the horse that is brought to the trough for water, and as soon as they are finished drinking they kick a whole in it so no one can prove what had been done/. Fraud, Waste and Abuse seem to be the only thing ignored by the I.G., if the Inspectors were paid for performance, a concept that could well be made universal within the USPS, we could all go back to "Penny Stamps".

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    What a great idea. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed sooner, as the banking industry has lost so much support of everyday people in this country. The banking industry had its chance to serve the public well, to make a good profit, and to engage in good business practices. It chose not to do so, and as a result many, many people were thrown under the bus, all while the CEOs of these big financial corporation still received billions of dollars in benefits. Enough is enough.

    I would *love* to see the USPS move back into the non-financial financial service. I love my post office. I love the carriers, the counter clerks, and the service. The USPS is one of the few large entities not trying to hang me out to dry like all the other predatory corporations out there.

    One other thing I would like to suggest (if anyone actually gets to read this) is the USPS is ignoring a gold-mine with online sellers. I sell through both ebay and etsy. I buy a lot of postage for small packages. I would purchase postage through USPS for ebay and my website labels, but I can't get the discount from USPS Click and Ship. Also, with Click and Ship, if the packages are small (under 13 oz), there's no service available online but Priority. I doesn't make sense for online sellers of small items to pay Priority prices. It would ruin our margins.

    To sum up, please do get into check cashing, gift cards, bill pay, and even savings accounts. Make our lives easier. And please expand online postage to be small-seller friendly. I have a website. Many people I know have websites. We have to go through third party label services when we could go directly to USPS Small Business Solutions (for example).

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.


    Shawn Hanel
    EarthWise Organics
    North Carolina

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    If the vehicle fleet has already served its purpose then time to let it rest. Purchase new delivery trucks that are designed by those who will use it because they know best what will serve them best in their job.

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    Air conditioning, all wheel or four wheel drive, and airbags would be an added improvement over the current piece of crap vehicles that we driving now.

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    Great post! According to me holidays seasons are peak period when package deliveries are bound to get affected with so many shipping orders. In such cases, it really feel it is better to order a bit early if one wants to avoid late arrival of gifts.

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    When I called to make a passport application appointment for my 17 year old daughter, I was told the soonest appointment available at a location that was open past 3:00 p.m. with photo services would be 3 weeks away. The gentleman on the phone was very polite and informative, listing the various documents I must bring copies of and confirming that I indeed did need a passport photo taken of my daughter. Well, we arrived at the Windmill Lakes Post Office for her 3:45 appointment today only to be told that the lady who takes the photo was not present and "besides, we don't have any film for the camera." I was also told at the post office that I needed to provide a photocopy of MY driver's license since my daughter was not yet 18. However, I was not told that this was necessary on the phone when the appointment was schedule. Also, on the US Dept. of State website, it is noted that for 17 year olds, " Children ages 16-17 with their own identification can apply for a passport by themselves. However, it is recommended that at least one parent appear in person with the child to identify him/her and to show parental awareness. Examples of Parental Awareness: Having a parent accompany the child when applying" So being that I was present, I do not understand why the postal worker insisted I provide a copy of my ID as well. Needless to say, I am VERY upset! After waiting 3 weeks for the appointment and taking off work to accompany my daughter to the appointment, we walked away with no passport application submitted ~ because there was no film in the camera and the photographer was not on duty.

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    Never rely on USPS certified mail for any important communication. On May 7, I sent a letter by certified mail. As of yesterday, May 18, the latest tracking entry reported that it left the Kansas City P.O. for delivery on May 11. After I complained, a supervisor at Martin City Post Office advised me by e-mail that he believed the item "may have been forwarded due to incorrect address, I am sure it should have been 9225 Ward Prwy. It only had Parkway." He added that it would take about ten business days to get it back. I have replied as follows: "The mailing used a printed envelope provided by the addressee and stating the address as 9225 Ward Parkway. I know this is so because I have another copy of the envelope. I will resend it by FedEx, and I will never again use USPS for anything that is important."

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    pls help me about this track number still why not delivered ck001024961ke

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    I called up the local post office to have a package re- delivered but not only did he or she not delivered the but he did not the mail at all why ?

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    Not sure what is the site to suggest new service ideas; as the postal mail revenues declining, USPS should explore opportunities for new services. USPS has many locations in local neighborhoods, and big delivery and locally familiar personnel. Taking this as the advantage it should venture into new services -- for example link up craig's-list or amazon or ebay, local newspaper for local merchandise exchange -- thus not requiring packing, shipping, and delivery; a seller brings the article, gets an assigned tag, or POBOX with online key; the buyer gets the electronic ID online through USPS, comes to the location and opens the box with electronic key. Any responsibility for the article is between seller and buyer; USPS is only for Box and Key for a service. I am sure there are a number of other interesting value added service. Which is the place to suggest such ideas?

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    I completed the form, which by the way is very vague. There isn't even enough room to file whole complaint in detail like it requests. It's now been 4 months, I have been contacted by no one, and this woman is still in charge. And I now find out she may possibly have a law suit against her. And I guarantee once they start digging she will be in deeper than she realizes. Karma is what I call it and I hope, and pray to god she gets what's coming and worse for the way I was treated. I still want my job back,I miss it, and I miss the other carriers. She was the only problem in our post office and every single person, every last one I guarantee will not back her, but tell you she is horrible miserable excuse for a person. She should never have been aloud In a position of authority. I know I had valid reasons to report her but the post office, and apparently the OIG all cover for each other. I never got a Phone call or an email. They dont care. And they should start. Pretty soon with all the shut downs, if they all continue to harass, play favorites, and just treat employees and people badly they wont have their precious jobs either. There wont be anything left of it continues. It's all about who you know there, and only one they kept that was hired with me, her dad has been a full time regular for years. Never mind she was dumping mail in every mail box but the correct one and had so many customer complaints during probation. All to get her route finished quickly. Well it worked, they don't care about efficiency which is what I was striving for along with good time which I had. They only care about time, and who you know. I had zero complaints, but I was let go. Only because she didn't like me, because everyone else did. She didn't like that she was hated and I wasn't, it was personal. And everyone else knows it as well.

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    I believe this statement from the article is not factual: "Postal Service Household Diary Study that college graduates consistently send about twice as much mail as people without high school diplomas,". Put the study online so the Voting public can come about there on conclusions. When I was in College one of the courses I took was psychology. In that course I learned that more studies are flawed by many different factors. The main factor was who was paying for the study influenced the out come. The article basically is saying if your not smart ie dumb you don't use the USPS mail system. My first impression if reading a study such as this would also involve critical thinking which would cause me to ask this question: Are College student so inapt at using computers and email they have to sent the communications by letters written in crayon stuffed into an envelope and mailed by the fraternity / dorm secretary?

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    One reason the mail volume falls is because Postal employees refuse to deliver packages and just return them as undeliverable. That way he/she shortens their route and goes home after only working 1/2 to 3/4 of a day and gets paid for the whole day.

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    The problem I am seeing with the VPO's in my area is this. There are no dedicated drivers to pick up the priority, express and other mail to meet the postal trucks in the evening. When I purchase services at a VPO at 8 AM I am already told the mail has been picked up for the day delaying my package by one to two days depending on whether the carrier gets the mail to the office and accepted scans in time to meet the evening trucks. So I am paying for a service that I am not receiving. I can see where the Postal Service wants to save money. However, the Postal Service needs to service these facilities so their customers are getting the same service as if they went to a regular Post Office. The postal service is not showing the priority mail and express mail failures, because the acceptance scan is not made until the carrier gets back to the post office that day and depending on the time he/she gets back he/she either scans with the same days date or dates the acceptance for the next day. This is unacceptable.

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    I currently run an online business and ship out commercial rate usps first class packages. Recently I dropped off 19 packages each weighing 1 ounce into my local post office mailbox directly in front of their building. Not one of these packages have been accounted for and I am out a lot of money. I have tried calling that office and they never answer their phone. I have spoken to a customer rep with upsp online and just told I need to wait to be contacted by that post office's manager. I have not been contacted and these packages are still missing. This is terrible service and nothing more than theft. Until something gets done about this type of situation I do not trust usps for mailing my items any longer. Local offices are under no scrutiny and do not have to answer to anyone. How is this possible?

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    I'm not sure if this is being sent to the right person, but I have not been receiving my mail to my home address for a few months especially my car note which comes every month on the 26th has not seen it for 4 months. I have contacted the dealer and I was informed that my mail has been forward to another address without my permission. I have cam home on a few occasions and has not seen any mail in my mailbox. This is quite suspicious to me. The only other person who receives the mail is my husband who I am currently separated from. I don't want to believe he is removing my mail. I contacted a postal inspector last week to see what steps I needed to take. I have been waiting for the letter which I have not received. I have not put in a change of address neither have I moved been here for over 12 yrs or purchased a postal box. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE HAS MY MAIL BEEN GOING. I would appreciate if this is forward to the correct person that can assist me with this action. I don't have a tracing number due to I don't have any mail to track.

    Thanks Valerie Stewart-Daniels

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    Hello Maureen,

    Thank you for taking the time to notify our offices of this occurrence.

    The role of the USPS Office of Inspector General is to investigate waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS). Unfortunately, this issue falls outside of the jurisdiction of this office.

    However, please contact your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs Office at (305) 470-0890 or (305) 470-0801 , so they can look further into this matter for you.

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    Horrible experience on my only tow shopping occasions. Impossible to get anyone in customer service to do anything on my behalf. Language barrier was also a nightmare.

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    i have been waiting on a package since may 1. my package has sat in atlanta for five fu ing days. how ridiculous is this for the united states postal service. its like they do not care about their job.you go to their customer service sight and it is the biggest runaround i have ever had the displeasure i have had. no wonder nobody is doing business with you! thanks for everything you havent done for me.

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    I recently started running a business out of my home (2 months) and 1 check sent to me with the correct address was sent back to sender, now I have 2 other clients that claimed they sent me a check (more than 10 days ago) and I still have not received them.
    My company name is: BB Design + Printing
    My zip is: 33309
    I am very concerned about this...

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    i have in my companie pallets for returned to post office y need a contact for that. i have 100 pallets more or less