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    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions related to Standardization topic.

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    Couldn't an amazing amount of money be raised by selling advertising on stamps?
    If done right they could retain the collectible factor.
    I would think Starbucks, Target, Campbell Soup etc. would love it!

    Just a thought.


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    As this blog seems to be more active than the MTE/Pallet blog, I'm reposting something I said over there in the hope that it generates some recovery:

    USPSVet August 23, 2011
    Missing plastic pallets are only part of the MTE problem.
    The USPS provided pallets, sacks, letter and flats trays, as well as APCs/GPS and OTRs to mailers for the transportation of their product to Post Offices and P&DCs.
    But all to often those mailers use *our* equipement for *their* own internal purposes.
    *I’m not talking about a few tubs used for office storage. *I’m talking about our plastic and canvas hampers used by their employees to sort their product before it ever gets to us.
    *I’m talking about using our trays, hampers, OTRs and GPCs to transport their *customers’* product to their facility for sorting.

    This equipment *never* gets back to the USPS. It stays in facilities like UPS for their own use, saving them millions nationwide while we subsidize that cost. Even if some gets back to us, mailers absorb more.

    The OIG need to pay visits to big and little mail consolidators to get our gear back. That cost alone should save the jobs of more than a few clerks and carriers.

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    I thought it was important for me to re-visit this subject based on a recent experience involving coupons & predictive markets.
    I RX'D a groupon "ext" (etext) yesterday for a 1/2 off ticket to a local
    bourbon event. I hesitated on the ticket because I wanted to confirm the availability of a friend to accompany me.
    Bad for me... The tics were sold out at 0030 last night.
    A demonstration of the intensity of competition for discounts,
    and the predictive marketing behind financial and consumer trending. It's called the "moving peg". And if the USPS maintains this pace, the speed of the global market will simply leave them in the wake of a tsunami called competition.......
    Fair warning to those who believe "six bells and all's well"...
    Oh yeah interestingly enough, a also heard on a national radio channel yesterday, a piece on the trend of spirits has recently enjoyed unprecidented increase in consumer popularity.
    Get it......

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    Having spent almost 38 years with the USPS (now retired) and having been involved in many facility design projects it always amazes me that every new project has to start from square one. How much different is mail processing operations from one facility to another ? I would think a basic layout and operation plan would apply to all offices with minor tweaking for volumes and new technologies. It seems as though McDonald's has done well with this concept, as well as Walmart, Home Depot etc. Repetitive facility & operations planning don't need to be reinvented every time a new facility is planned. Standardisation makes sense and successful business's use it all the time !!

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    Well, after a brief review of the consolidation plans, what a great time to execute a robotically integrated GIS footprint to each campus on the processing and mobile equipment.
    Also, sell the legacy equipment to new "Village Branches Processing Network". You know, the ones without Postal Employees.

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    I enjoy different thoughts shared in here!!:-)

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    redesign workroom floor layouts to improve mail flow and eliminate redundancy or inefficient mail flow routes - WILL BE A SUPERB PLAN

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    I don't know anything about how the post office works, but I have a comment and a suggestion. When deciding how those cuts in service are to be implemented remember there are a lot of little towns who have no carrier, and no mail delivery. Because of work hours and post office hours many people cannot go to the post office and fetch their mail until Saturday. Oh yeah, and why do those poor people need to pay to have a box when they have no choice? Either a late night is needed or these offices need to be open on Saturday. I just went on the web site and "bought" supplies for nothing. No business can have a product made and then give it away. People are using those boxes to store their winter sweaters. Everything should be for a fee.

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    I thought it was for stopping Saturday mail, not Sunday. wasn't aware they delivered mail on Sunday.

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    USPS needs to relax and eliminate policies that inhibit customer service. Clearly the policies are intended to serve only USPS. Several times I have attempted to use Click-n-Ship but my scale measures package weight differently than the post office scale. Instead of shipping my item and allowing me to pay the difference, USPS returns the package, makes me print a new label, makes me request a refund for the "incorrect" label, and makes me waste a lot of time and money kissing their ***. USPS is so caught up on their policies that they cannot provide a practical, efficient, customer oriented service. Get your act together or get out of the shipping business!

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    I was visiting Wichita this summer where they have mostly stamp vendors in the Dillon's grocery store. The lines at their service counter were longer than any I've seen at the po. I drove to another town to but stamps. The security of the mail would also be greatly compromised. Mail theft increases as the # of Christmas casuals increase. They have nothing to lose and know that the inspectors don't prosecute temps often. Several years ago a UPS employee told me that their biggest problem was employee theft. I wonder how secure Fed ex can be when they won't even come and get their mail improperly placed in our boxes!

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    the best idea will be to standardize mail processing equipment based on the volume of mail processed at each plant.

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    Get rid of 65% of management......that would go a long way!!!!!!

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    Is there any kind of accuracy to the map in above? One location in Louisiana is located almost in the Gulf of Mexico in a marsh. It"s far away from any major highways. Another looks like it is located on the Canadian border. I'm afraid it looks like someone threw darts at a map. If you had a real map showing your plan in relations to major roads, rails, and cities I could give a more educated opinion.

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    I'd like to see real Lean Six Sigma. Not POSTAL Lean Six Sigma. Not DRIVE.

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    Instead of shuting down the postal bussiness, just cancel out Sat. mail delevery and shut down the post office's on Saturday.

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    Efficiencies can improve by applying two guidelines:

    - improve asset utilization, and
    - apply economies of scale

    In practical terms this translates into improving the fill rates of bins (on an MPE), trays, containers, and trucks; and consolidating processing as much as possible.

    To accomplish this the following should be considered:

    - simplifying distribution schemes at originating plants (jackpoting mail) - this improves asset utilization
    - consolidating distribution at hubs (e.g., NDCs) where separations (e.g., to SCF levels) can be done more cost effectively - because of increased economies of scale.

    Other measures could be to be more 'opportunistic' in how the mail is run. For instance, if originating outgoing levels of mail are low at Plant A, one may opt to bypass plant A and consolidate volumes with a 'nearby' Plant B (while accounting, of course, on impact on service standards - but as more mix shifts toward Standard vs. FCM mail, plants have more leverage in coordinating the processing of their mail).

    In short, efficiencies can be realized not only from the closure/consolidation of plants, but also from the redesign of the distribution network and the information-driven adaptation of operations with demand. On that note, we have written a concept paper on the 'Adaptable Post'. Please contact me if interested.

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    I would like to suggest that PO split into 2 divisions - one that handles packages with 6 or 7 day deliver.

    The other part handles letters. Eliminate Saturday delivery (even to businesses) but PO should be open to accept letters. Also, start eliminating home delivery. Begin with enclosed communities like gated communites and setup a mail drop station at the entrance or within the community. Similar to apartment buildings. This will cut down on time for door to door, same gas, reduce neessary personnel for home delivery, etc. Eventually each street or community should have a mail station to accept letters and average sized packages. It can also have a place where people can mail their letters.

    For the personnel that would be affected, offer early retirement to anyone that would quality. Keep the most productive and experience staff anc rotate into the package piece. Expand that area and compete with UPS and FEDEX rate and delivery guarantee.

    Run it like a business.

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    - Charge for forwarding mail
    - Charge for package pick-up at businesses
    - Partner with companies to sell goods at Post Offices like tech devices. Older people would buy them vs. going online and there is a good chance at impulse buying (Singapore does this)
    - Raise rates for bulk mail

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    Instead of closing small post offices, why not stop door to door delivery. Isn't door to door delivery the most expensive part of the post office? Instead, everyone would have a P O Box, and most of these small offices could be handled by a clerk instead of a Postmaster. At this point you may not even need to charge for P O Boxes.

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    !st you should take into account the millions if not billiions of dollars spent on grievances, the highest in the country if not the world and maybe combined. next the amounts of money for people on workers compensation because of the postal services cavallier attitude towards the dignity and respect of it's employees, which are of no concern to govt. or the unions. They would not be in this situation if you did'nt have the ratio of 1 supervisor for every 20 employees, a office of 100 to 125 employees requires 1 postmaster and at least 4 supervisors at the sum of around 300 thousand per year salary not including the grievances they generate the post office needs to be sold to a private party it should be able to function with half the employees. ask how much is spent on grievaneces, workers comp claims and lawsuits everyyear their is your answer

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    This website is Very informative. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

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    two stray dogs were in my yard during delivery hours so the usps held my mail HOSTAGE for THREE DAYS until I registered my dog who WAS NOT OUT SIDE AND SIGN A PAPER THAT PUT ME ON NOTICE THAT IF ANY DOG IS IN MY YARD (whether it is my dog or not)THEY WILL DISCONTINUE DELIVERY TO MY HOME PERMENTLY in other words I am being held responsible for every dog in town and they wonder why they have such a bad reputation when 9ic comes to service at the age of 70 I have been a "customer" for
    half a century and there is little good I can say about mail in all of 50 years