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    maleit,i work for the post office.i can assure you,no carrier working under 40hrs a week makes 80k a year!!a average 40 hour week they make 50k a year,and we put our money in retirement and health care.we get nothing from the post office except a hard time.theres 1 supervisor for every 10 workers,as well as someone in management 1 for every 4 workers.look it up.to many people in management! supervisors make double of a worker,and it keeps going up from there,the avaeage post master makes over 100k a year!!

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    Railroads have enough regulation as is. I think railroads are designed to carry "freight", not information assets.
    I suppose certain classes would work, however I simply can't add
    up the cost to benefit ratio? + - ?
    However, I thought Standard & other were all regionalized origin?
    Packages? Or the mt equipment could be shipped that way??? But, really when it comes to mt equipment, there should be no reason to ship it "regionally" without being full of mail, if it is managed properly.

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    I for one do not want a 5-day delivery. This means that the USPS will outsource the 6th delivery day to a subcontractor, who is not a federal employee. I personally do not want just anyone going into my mailbox or delivering my mail.

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    Is this the same as the finance person who comes to our office and tells us we must sell the products to our customers without taking any extra time. Then continues on how bad see has it by having to visit 7 office in 5 days while where pivoting an hour each day. Less people who touch the mail, the better.

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    USPS is critically behind than competitor like UPS and FED EX.

    I recommend all the upper management to go their and learn from them from the scratch.

    maybe it is good idea to go as a regular worker as undercover is a good start.

    for example, the fed ex headquater located at memphis tennesse.

    I believe they are using most of electiricity for the entire plant from solar panel installed on the top of roof.

    I will say the postal service should do the same thing starting from OIG building first which is gets most of the solar energy from the nevada sun.

    that will set an example for the whole entire nation.

    second, the scanning technology is far behind than fed ex or ups.

    I will say 50 yrs behind!

    The customer wants to know where the package at in time and precisely !!!!!!!!!

    third, alternative vehicle use, this is something the ferderal government should step in and make a strong regulation.

    like "all federal vehicles must be replace with electric or hybrid by such ..date"

    I think the transpotaion cost for the any delivery service is critical point after the labor cost.

    and fed gov and usps far behind for this option.

    fourth, if the PMG wants the smart and lean organization, he should consider cut the chief more than indians.

    the postal service is the only organization 1 out of 7 employee is the supervisor and headquarter employee which is upper managemnet who gets more than $200k plus has been increase 28 % while they were cutting the worker who touch the mail.

    fifth,if they knew they will consolidate mail processing facilities more than a half, why they spend the money to update the facilties and close down after all?

    let's say the facilties will be close by such date 5 yrs from now, why postal service have a contract to install fiber optic cable-1 million , install a new dock for 5 million, install the new restroom $500,000 and so on...

    that is called put the money down to the drain.

    with that kind of money the postal service could get more better
    scanner ,better fuel efficient vehicle,or solar panel for the hub facilities already.

    my point is postal service should look at the doing better for the long run not a shortfall fix because the economy is slowing down.

    thanks for reading my article.

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    The required financial controls are given minimal attention–just enough to stay off the radar. Lauri’s comment is correct for BMEUs, but not for Postal Retail Units. If anything, it’s getting worse.

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    With front line supervisors having more responsibilities thrown at them due to loss of finance, safety, timekeeping, etc. personnel, they are tasked with connecting these functions to their units and relaying the same. With so much to do, very little gets shared with the operations and no real good performance measurements get shared. Therefore, employees don't know from day to day whether they are doing better or worse. For a communications company, we do a poor job of communicating.

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    What on-line buying and social media has done for the post office is reduce the load. I believe the numbers will testify to the fact that with more vertical distribution of mail routes, ie. through a social network, there would be less mail or postcards sent. Please see the graphical data at http://www.triparticles.com and go to the article, Postal Travels. It shows that a message starts off as a communication between two people. What the graph cleary indicates is that all the routes of communications helps the post office reduce workload. Can you imaginge what would happen if suddenly tomorrow there was no such thing as telephones? And we had dreamt the internet up? We would all rely on the snail-mail [hate to call it this as my job at the post office is anything but snail-paced!].

    I think we all should embrace each new diversity when it comes to communications.

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    Rural Carriers may be paid an evaluation and beat that evaluation, but how many people who work if given the same incentive could do the same. We work hard to do this and perform more services for our customers than city carriers. So please don't knock us if you have not been there. We work for years with no benefits and "rights" we have to run routes with no training at all, and are expected to run it as well as the regular carrier and within the evaluation. We are supposed to be available 6 days a week (and years ago it was 7) with no promise of work and no pay if you don't. So we have paid our dues.

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    There seems no reason to have a letter carrier at my front door 6 days a week. It seems to make more sense to reduce the delivery to every other day, and to divide the routes into even and odd, so that alternate days the letter carrier would be on another local route. This way, special deliveries (more$) and box pickups could still be handled. Also, existing boxes and the disabled won't be singled out. Getting mail 3 days a week delivered just as it always has been seems like a great compromise.

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    I agree, the requirement for Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) act compliance has served to help close the gap to a certain extent. SOX has brought to light the importance of ensuring key controls, linked to financial statement assertions such as completeness, within major processes are in place and working. In addition, those charged with the responsibility of determining whether a control is key and those responsible for carrying out the control have most likely been made aware of the risk involved if these key controls are not in place and working. During our review of these controls, while there is still some room for improvement, we see that personnel continue to gain an understanding of the impact of their action or non action on information headed for the financial statements. But I still wonder about those areas not included in our reviews.

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    As the proverb says, "It's hard to drain the swamp when you're up to your a** in alligators." Many mid-size and large Post Offices and Stations lost their Finance Supervisors in the last couple of years. The remaining supervisors are expected to spend all their effort and attention on delivery. The required financial controls are given minimal attention--just enough to stay off the radar. Lauri's comment is correct for BMEUs, but not for Postal Retail Units. If anything, it's getting worse.

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    As a result of SOX, both Finance and Operations are interacting more these days. Both need to ensure the controls related to revenue completeness for accurately identified and implemented.

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    OK, so I rx'd a piece of mail (Pre-Sorted Standard), Credit card offer. Unsealed, and re-handled by a physical body and re-mailed with official USPS "RECEIVED UNSEALED" affixed.
    Fortunately the origin was domestic.....
    Is this standardized mail processing?

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    Sending items with Delivery Confirmation (First and Prioirty) Always shows when it was accepted,and it's trip along the network, to and from the processing center,to the IMC and then out for delivery and delivery.

    Any time you send a package Delivery or Signature confirmation,and that information DOESN'T show up, someone is not properly scanning the package!

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    there are some things that just must be delivered as a document or form and BRM has a place in making that more likley to happen.

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    I support having USPS only operate 5 days a week. Saturday and Sunday off would make sense as they are consecutive. Keep the parcel costs significantly lower than UPS & FedEx, and cut down the fracking junk mail!

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    Lay off everybody in zip code 30518 and replace them with monkeys then maybe i would get my mail on time!!

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    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions related to Standardization topic.

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    Couldn't an amazing amount of money be raised by selling advertising on stamps?
    If done right they could retain the collectible factor.
    I would think Starbucks, Target, Campbell Soup etc. would love it!

    Just a thought.


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    As this blog seems to be more active than the MTE/Pallet blog, I'm reposting something I said over there in the hope that it generates some recovery:

    USPSVet August 23, 2011
    Missing plastic pallets are only part of the MTE problem.
    The USPS provided pallets, sacks, letter and flats trays, as well as APCs/GPS and OTRs to mailers for the transportation of their product to Post Offices and P&DCs.
    But all to often those mailers use *our* equipement for *their* own internal purposes.
    *I’m not talking about a few tubs used for office storage. *I’m talking about our plastic and canvas hampers used by their employees to sort their product before it ever gets to us.
    *I’m talking about using our trays, hampers, OTRs and GPCs to transport their *customers’* product to their facility for sorting.

    This equipment *never* gets back to the USPS. It stays in facilities like UPS for their own use, saving them millions nationwide while we subsidize that cost. Even if some gets back to us, mailers absorb more.

    The OIG need to pay visits to big and little mail consolidators to get our gear back. That cost alone should save the jobs of more than a few clerks and carriers.

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    I thought it was important for me to re-visit this subject based on a recent experience involving coupons & predictive markets.
    I RX'D a groupon "ext" (etext) yesterday for a 1/2 off ticket to a local
    bourbon event. I hesitated on the ticket because I wanted to confirm the availability of a friend to accompany me.
    Bad for me... The tics were sold out at 0030 last night.
    A demonstration of the intensity of competition for discounts,
    and the predictive marketing behind financial and consumer trending. It's called the "moving peg". And if the USPS maintains this pace, the speed of the global market will simply leave them in the wake of a tsunami called competition.......
    Fair warning to those who believe "six bells and all's well"...
    Oh yeah interestingly enough, a also heard on a national radio channel yesterday, a piece on the trend of spirits has recently enjoyed unprecidented increase in consumer popularity.
    Get it......

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    Having spent almost 38 years with the USPS (now retired) and having been involved in many facility design projects it always amazes me that every new project has to start from square one. How much different is mail processing operations from one facility to another ? I would think a basic layout and operation plan would apply to all offices with minor tweaking for volumes and new technologies. It seems as though McDonald's has done well with this concept, as well as Walmart, Home Depot etc. Repetitive facility & operations planning don't need to be reinvented every time a new facility is planned. Standardisation makes sense and successful business's use it all the time !!

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    Well, after a brief review of the consolidation plans, what a great time to execute a robotically integrated GIS footprint to each campus on the processing and mobile equipment.
    Also, sell the legacy equipment to new "Village Branches Processing Network". You know, the ones without Postal Employees.

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    I enjoy different thoughts shared in here!!:-)